Growing furniture is one of the best designs for kids. While a regular desk is suitable for a particular age group, a height/tilt desk can be used for up to 10 years or more. Modern manufacturing companies, in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards, have developed many new models that increase the comfort and safety of the learning process. But how to find the right option among the variety of products? You will find the answers among the nominees of our top rating. It includes the best growing desks of 2023.

Rating of growing parties 2023

Our initial task was to compile a list of reliable, trusted manufacturers. In this we were helped by an analysis of the opinions and recommendations of orthopedic doctors, ordinary buyers. Further, taking into account the level of demand for certain models, we selected the leaders and compared them with each other on a number of indicators:

  • Frame materials, working area;
  • Equipment;
  • Age indication;
  • Height, tilt adjustment;
  • Dimensions, weight;
  • Safety, environmental friendliness;
  • Degree of comfort;
  • Guaranteed service life;
  • Design, external design;
  • Price, manufacturer’s reliability.

The result of a comprehensive study was a top list of 7 positions. For convenience, we have divided the rating of growing desks for the home into two categories; in the second, a chair is also attached to the table. Monitoring customer reviews helped to weed out products of dubious quality, identified the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee.

The best growing desks for schoolchildren

The first category of the review presents 4 nominees – growing desks for schoolchildren for the home, leaders in positive customer reviews. These are reliable designs that guarantee the correct formation of posture, the preservation of vision, and a comfortable stay in a sitting position.

BrightKID (T1-001)

Functional desk-transformer for students with an angle of inclination of the lifting part of 45 degrees. The design is complemented by a pedal for adjusting the height, inclination of the tabletop, an add-on for various things. Country of origin: China.

Rectangular structure made of white MDF with blue elements. The tabletop is one-piece, its thickness is 3 cm. The adjustable minimum height is 54 cm, the maximum height is 79 cm, which means that the table can be used by a child for several years in a row. The adjustment mechanism is a pedal.

Desk width 104.5 cm, depth 46 cm. Total weight 35 kg. For the distribution of school supplies, a drawer-pencil case is provided, the dimensions of which are 75×31 cm. Wheels are also attached to the desk for unhindered transportation.BrightKID (T1-001)


  • Adjustable height;
  • Long service life;
  • Comfortable tilt angle;
  • Whole tabletop;
  • Wheels of movement;
  • The presence of an add-on.


  • Price;
  • Mark color.


Such a working area helps the child develop perseverance. Creates a comfortable environment for doing homework. The angle of inclination of the working surface maintains normal posture and vision.

Demi sut-25

The manufacturer “Dami” presented universal work furniture to a student with a height of 120-198 cm. This model is in a variety of colors with an add-on, adjustable table top in height and inclination.

The design is strong, stable, as it is made of metal. The tabletop is made of chipboard 1.8 cm thick. It is divided into 2 parts – stationary 43×55 cm, adjustable 75×55 cm. Behind is a horizontal, fixed superstructure for textbooks, a table lamp. On the side of the case there is a lever for fixing the height from 53 cm to 81.5 cm.

The edges of the table are rounded with plastic overlays, it is safe, and it looks original. A 9-position stepped mechanism is used, which allows you to change the angle of inclination from 0 to 30 degrees.Demi sut-25


  • Separate tabletop;
  • Adjustment of an inclination, height;
  • Sturdy steel frame;
  • The presence of a size scale on the legs;
  • Barrier against slipping;
  • Side protectors.


  • Price;
  • The absence of a pedestal.


The legs are marked with a height scale for quick and precise table setting. If you turn the overhead ruler, you can get a barrier against slipping school items in an elevated position.

Reform 120

Ergonomic school furniture from the Chinese manufacturer “Rifforma” for a student with a height of 110 to 180 cm. The gas lift adjusts the height from 55 to 81 cm, the tilt angle of the table top is up to 55 degrees. Comes with a book stand.

The material of the frame is metal painted with white paint with various colors (blue, pink, gray) of the edge. The ends of the support pipes are covered with plastic protectors. The dimensions of the tabletop are made of laminated chipboard 120×70 cm, thickness 1.8 cm, it is not afraid of high temperatures, moisture, mechanical damage. The adjustment mechanism is gas lift.

A retractable pencil case organizer for stationery is located under the tabletop, the size of the detachable part of which is 84.5×50 cm. There is a hook for a briefcase on the side, fastening for a table lamp. Construction weight 31.5 kg.Reform 120


  • Ergonomics;
  • Gas lift setting;
  • Sturdy frame;
  • The presence of a retractable pencil case;
  • Lamp holder;
  • Good angle.


  • Price;
  • Lack of shelves.


To increase the height, a special handle is used. The adjustment takes place in steps. Studying at such a table will reduce the risks of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, spine, and organs of vision.

Aztec-Elara Junior

From the brand “Astek-Elara” a functional growing desk is presented, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of a convenient rack to expand the working surface. Complete set different at the choice of the buyer.

The body and rack are made of metal. The height is adjusted by a screw lock with a spring mechanism from 53 to 78 cm. The tabletop is 80×58 cm and 1.6 cm thick – made of chipboard with a metal structure, rounded edges in white. The sidewall and facades are selected according to the color for girls, boys from 105 to 180 cm tall.

The package includes accessories: a holder, a stand for books, a hanging pencil case, a glass for pencils, an alarm clock. Side hook for briefcase. Tilt tilts up to 45 degrees in 13 positions. The tuning mechanism is “Hettich” stepped.Aztec-Elara Junior


  • Convenient rack;
  • Extended workplace;
  • step adjustment;
  • Leveling uneven floor
  • Accessories included;
  • Impact resistant ends.


  • Price;
  • Marky color of the tabletop.


There are movement rollers on the back side of the support. All growing chairs fit the desk. It can be completed with cabinets that harmoniously match the color of the facades. Class E1 chipboard with a minimum of formaldehyde.

The best sets of growing desks with a chair

The second category includes 3 nominees – these are whole sets of growing desks and chairs for learning at home. They are distinguished by the maximum degree of safety, environmental friendliness, usefulness in comparison with competitors in their niche. This is confirmed by quality certificates, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Fundesk Piccolino III

A transforming desk with a Chinese-made perforated chair in a single color scheme. Recommended for children over 4 years old with a height of 110-170 cm. Streamlined shapes guarantee a comfortable fit and safety.

The tabletop is made of MDF with a plastic edge 1.5 cm thick. It consists of 2 parts. 1 section 78×18 cm for table lamp, book stand. It has recesses for a glass, a pencil case with a lid. Section 2 78×38 cm is directly a working surface that changes the slope up to 40 °, height from 54 to 76 cm. Weight 15.8 kg.

Chair with dimensions 36×34 cm made of metal frame, seat and back made of durable plastic with perforation. The height can be adjusted from 32 to 44 cm. There is a drawer-organizer with various compartments.Fundesk Piccolino III


  • Metal carcass;
  • Split surface;
  • Streamlined shape;
  • Retractable organizer;
  • Easy assembly;
  • perforated chair.


  • Lack of additional shelves;
  • Heaviness.


You can choose the color of the finish – blue, green, gray, pink. A hook is attached to the side, there is a glass for school supplies. Easy to assemble, following the instructions in the pictures, the necessary tools are included.

Cubby Lupin

A compact, ergonomic set of high-quality materials in different colors is offered by an American brand made in China. A good solution for a student from 110 to 170 cm tall, placed in a small nursery.

Solid MDF surface with rounded edges, dimensions 69x48x1.5 cm. It has recesses on the sides for stationery. At the bottom there is a barrier to prevent objects from rolling. The desk is regulated by a stepped mechanism in height 52.5-74.5 cm, at an angle of up to 30 degrees. The coating is non-slip and does not reflect light.

Chair made of metal supports that change height from 30 to 44 cm. Seat and back made of durable plastic in the color of the desk. Below is a smoothly retractable shelf, divided into sections where school items can be stored.Cubby Lupin


  • High build quality;
  • 4 colors;
  • Convenient system of step adjustment;
  • Good equipment;
  • Compactness;
  • Long term operation.


  • Plastic;
  • Inconvenient chair height adjustment.


On both sides there are hooks for a backpack, a glass. The total weight is 17.1 kg, the goods are packed in a cardboard box, all metal products do not touch each other, they are stacked in foam cells.

Anatomical Vitera

A compact growing desk and chair made in China for a child from 3.5 to 11 years old, 110-170 cm tall. The anti-reflective coating protects the eyes and is easy to clean from dirt. This is a large useful area among other nominees.

MDF work area measuring 69.5x55x1.8cm consists of 2 parts. The first fixed part with a recess for a lamp, a glass, complete with a book stand. The second one changes the angle of inclination up to 45. The metal frame is stable with mechanical adjustment of the thrust bearings. Changes height from 51 to 76 cm.

Metal chair support with seat, back made of perforated plastic. It can also grow with the desk, change the height from 34 to 44 cm. Additionally, there is a drawer-organizer where you can store things. Total weight 15 kg.Anatomical Vitera


  • Large usable area;
  • Anti-reflective coating;
  • Drawer organizer;
  • Bookend;
  • Compactness;
  • Inexpensive.


  • The weight;
  • Small selection of colors.


The desk has a barrier against slipping of objects on the floor. On the sides there are grooves for pens, pencils. Under the table is a hook for a briefcase. Edges without sharp corners will protect from possible injuries.

How to choose a growing desk

In addition to comfort and appearance, there are many criteria by which you can remotely determine which growing desks are best . Having studied in detail the features of such furniture, we recommend paying attention to materials, height / tilt adjustment, dimensions, as well as safety, environmental friendliness.


The frame is made mainly of metal, which guarantees long-term service, endurance of significant loads. The working area, superstructures are made mainly from:

  • natural wood – eco-friendly material, long service life and attractive appearance;
  • MDF – wear-resistant material before scratches, damage, expensive, containing adhesives;
  • Chipboard is a lightweight, affordable material, but with a loose structure, which means that the service life will be shorter.

In this case, it is worth choosing materials both in terms of quality characteristics and financial capabilities.

Height, tilt adjustment

The height of the desk is adjusted according to the age of the child, his height. There are generally accepted norms according to which the parameters are adjusted:

Older teenagers need to add 5-6 cm of height to every 15 cm of height. If you do not adhere to these norms, there are risks of harming posture and vision.

The angle of inclination is another important parameter, according to doctors. An angle of 15° is recommended during written work and 30° when reading a book. Manufacturers of growing desks for the home provide a setting from 0 to 45-55 °.

The size

The width of a classic school desk should be from one meter or a little more. This will be enough to place personal items in the work area. Height is directly proportional to the height of the student, as discussed above.

Safety and environmental friendliness

Children’s growing desk and chair must comply with sanitary and hygienic standards. Ideally, these will be products made of chipboard and MDF, especially when it comes to young children. Plastic is capable of releasing harmful substances. For safety, the absence of sharp edges, corners, the degree of comfort of the sitting position is responsible.

Which growing desk is better

The growing transformer desks presented by the rating are efficient, multifunctional, durable in terms of service life. What to buy from this, we do not give unambiguous recommendations, since everything is purely individual. But he has several nominations:

  • Rifforma 120 is a functional product with a gas lift, the best angle of our top;
  • Astek-Elara Junior – furniture with different configurations, in our case, a table with a rack, an extended work surface, leveling an uneven floor;
  • Fundesk Piccolino III – streamlined furniture set with perforated chair, pull-out organizer;
  • Anatomica Vitera – compact table with chair, anti-reflective coating, large usable area, book stand + pull-out organizer.

The generated rating of the best products and the criteria for competent evaluation are aimed at simplifying your choice. Do not forget to compare prices with equipment, materials, environmental friendliness and safety. But the main thing is the reliability of the height adjustment mechanism.