Office desks have to be multifunctional, but space-saving. With so many people working from home, the office desk becomes like a bubble in which work is done amidst the usual chaos of the typical home. Most, if not all, home offices also need to accommodate lots of cords for their computers and other peripherals, which is not a standard feature for traditional office desks.

This particular one, Ameriwood Office L-Shaped Desk with 2 Shelves 9354303PCOM, Dark Cherry, appears to fit the bill for an all-in-one home office desk for a small space. This Ameriwood L shaped desk is self-contained as well as space saving. There are two grommet holes on the top of the desk to keep electrical and communication cords out of sight. The open construction of the desk allows for leg room, although it may have been a good idea to maximize the L shaped desk with hutch features. At any rate, it has two open shelves on the side so there is enough storage space.

There is no denying that it is an attractive piece of furniture. The Dark Russet Cherry finish will go with almost any interior, and at a cost of below 100, it is a good buy. It does require some assembly, though. The Ameriwood L shaped desk assembly is simple if you follow Ameriwood L shaped desk instructions.

However, it should be noted that it is not made of solid wood or plywood, and may be too small to fit a full-sized desktop computer. It is constructed from compressed wood, which is basically small wood chips and sawdust bound by glue and “compressed” into a solid mass. While it is lighter and more affordable than solid or plywood, it is less durable and does not hold up well in damp conditions. It can also split easily so be careful when screwing the components together.

Once it is assembled, it should not be disassembled for the purpose of reassembly, as the holes made from the previous assembly will probably be too loose for a firm hold. As to size, it may have been better if it had been an Ameriwood l shaped desk with hutch to accommodate the CPU or a printer over the monitor, but that may have had productive of more issues in terms of durability.

Those who bought this item had numerous complaints about damage to the components due to poor packaging and shipment. It is uncertain is the problem is with the manufacturer or the shipper. When ordering this product, make sure to inspect the package before accepting it to avoid the hassle of returning it. Overall, this is a nice little desk for your home office if you work from a laptop and do not expect it to become a heritage piece. For just a bit more than 100, one should not really expect more. For a more durable doppelganger, you can go for more solid options that will cost you more, certainly, but it is always a case of you get what you pay for.

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