Best Bed Frames for Sex

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Our Top 3 Bed Frames For Sex to Enjoy an Intense Night

The most common place for sex is in the bedroom. This is mainly due to the fact that beds are spacious enough to roll around and explore different positions. If you prefer having sex on your bed, then it is important that both your bed frame and the mattress on top can handle your weight and can survive the beating that it has to endure during your passionate session.

Not all the bed frames are built sturdy. Also, since these frames can be expensive you should make a calculated wise choice before spending your money and buying one. You should also take into consideration the number of times you engage in sexual intercourse. If you have sex regularly, you should choose a bed frame that is built strong and sturdy and has proven durability over long term use.

Here are our recommendations for the best bed frames for sex (heavy duty).

  1. Zinus Shawn SmartBase Bed Frame (Budget Choice)

The Zinus Shawn smartBase bed frame is a budget friendly bed frame featuring a simplistic design. This foldable bed is 14 inches tall and therefore provides ample storage space for your sex toys underneath the bed. This is an easy to assemble bed frame which requires no tools, buy only a few screws to fasten the frame together. The instruction manual has pictures and easy instructions so you can immediately put the bed frame together without any hassle.

Opt for a queen size Zinus Shawn smartbase bed frame. This bed is will provide enough space for you to roll around and make love to your partner. This frame can take some beating as well as there are sturdy metal slats to handle the weight and stress of intense love making.

A queen size Zinus Shawn smartbase bed frame can handle up to 500 pounds of weight. If you want to have a tad bit more fun while having sex with your partner you can attach a headboard and footboard to the frame. The metal slats make it squeak free and therefore you have a noise free bed which is a pre requisite for an intense love making session.

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  • Relatively Noise Free
  • Simplistic Yet Modern Design
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Supports only 500 pounds


  1. Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Designed and manufactured by Zinus, a renowned mattress brand, this bed frame sports an elegant design. Complete with deep espresso faux leather upholstery and a padded headboard with vertical stitching, this bed frame is stylish and will give your bedroom  modern look. The padded head board and low profile foot board give the bed frame an expensive look at the price point.

The frame is made mostly of wood and secured with steel. The  steel interior framework and sturdy wood slats can effectively support your weight along with the weight of the mattress  The steel framework is wrapped in foam padding to add comfort and durability. The frame is 10 inches tall leaving enough space for underbed storage.

The wooden slats reinforced with steel can handle all the intense activity on the bed frame. But, make sure you get a sturdy mattress as well. The slats are flush with the edges of the frame and hold strong, hence don’t creak and groan.

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  • Super Sturdy
  • Durable to Motion
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Plastic Legs


  1. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat

The Olee sleep steel slat is a compact bed that can fit in any bedroom. However, since you intend to have sex on it always buy queen size and above. Painted in black and reinforced with metal bars, it features heavy duty steel construction apt for passionate nights of love making.

Instead of the regular four legs, this bed frame has nine leg to provide ample support while you have sex. The additional legs delivers extra support capable of handling intense weight, also making it perfect for your rough sex nights. The steel slats connecting the sides are not flush with the edges therefore can enclose your mattress to prevent slipping during your sex session.

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Pros & Cons

  • Supports all mattress sizes
  • Can handle heavy weight
  • Anti slip technology
  • Space between slats is large


Buyer’s Guide

  • Durability

Since you are buying a bed with sex as your first priority, durability counts, especially if you are planning to put your bed under a lot of pressure. Regular sex making can sag your mattress and gradually decrease the sturdiness of your bed frame. Therefore, always read user reviews and find out whether the bed is durable and is able to withstand strenuous activities.

  • Size

Sex requires a spacious bed because this adds to the comfort factor as well as the fun factor. Yes, you can have sex on you sofa, but definitely love making is a more comfortable experience on the bed. Always choose a queen sized bed frame and mattress. This can give you ample space to have sex as well as rest after the intense activity.

  • Noise free

Beds are known to be creaky and noisy. This is a hassle when you are in the middle of a steamy moment. All you can hear is the bed creaking despite your love making sounds. Therefore, buy bed frames that are noise free and has strong reinforcements to prevent it from creaking during all of the motion.

  • Anti slip mattress protection

We would all have experienced the mattress slipping while we are enjoying sex. Some vigourous sex positions require a firm mattress and a bed frame that can hold the mattress steady while you have your fun. So choose the mattress with raised edges that can enclose tour mattress or pick a bed frame that boasts anti slip mattress feature.


If you are a sexually active person or a couple, you need to get the right bed frame that is noise free and durable. A squeaky and creaky bed is uncomfortable and can cause a lot of noise while you are having sex. Also, a creaky bed tends to loose its sturdiness fast. Therefore getting a heavy duty and long lasting bed with superior support is essential to handle all the strenuous activities that are done on the bed, especially sex.




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