If you are a heavy person, finding the best box spring means you will have a comfortable sleep in addition to preserving your health status. Finding a bed that enhances your health is important because it will help you avoid some of the health issues that heavy people face.

With the many box springs for heavy persons in the market, however, finding the right box spring might prove to be a bit difficult. However, by reading through this review, you will learn how to choose the right box spring for your needs. You will also have a chance to look at our best box spring and mattress combination that you can consider choosing.

Of the Best Box Springs For Higher Weight

HOMUS 9 Inch Box Spring

If you are a heavy person and you are looking for a great box spring and mattress combination, then you should not look further than Homus 9 inch box spring. This standard box spring is designed to reliably support a memory foam mattress and up to 3500 pounds.


It is constructed from a 100 percent premium sturdy steel material that is perfectly covered with a high-quality fabric that is breathable. This allows free flow of air through your mattress as you sleep.

It features a foldable design for most of its main components to allow easy and quick assembly and disassembly in case you want to transport it or move it to another room. It comes with all the assembly hardware and manual instructions that enable you to make a seamless installation within minutes.

The heavy-duty box spring is made from a sturdy steel system that is perfectly welded to ensure stability, durability, and a noise-free night that might otherwise result from the squeaking of the steel metal. Its structure is reinforced to allow a comfortable turning over without any chance of crashing in.


  • Backed with a 5-year limited warranty on quality guarantee as well as a lifetime customer service
  • Easy to assemble with a set up manual instruction
  • Constructed from sturdy steel material for stability and durability


  • Due to the user’s extra weight, the steel material may at time squeak as he or she turns over in bed
  • It is designed with a low profile, which might not be ideal for tall individuals

Zinus 4 Inch Box Spring

This box spring from Zinus is specially designed for heavier persons who prefer not only a low profile but also a bi-folding design. This box spring is split in the middle to fold easily for portability and storage. Traditional standard box springs often prove hard to move through the rooms in your home and doorways. This bi-fold box spring, however, will offer you an easy passage even in narrow doors into your room. Furthermore, the bi-fold design makes it function and support your extra weight effectively.

Its construction features strong steel that not only makes this box spring durable but also reliable in supporting your heavier weight without sagging. As a trendsetter in making comfortable box springs and other home products, Zinus has designed this box spring with these sturdy materials in order to deliver a comfortable sleeping platform for heavy persons. This mattress foundation is definitely designed for maximum support, strength, functionality, as well as mobility.

The box spring requires no assembly. All you need to do is open the box and slide the foundation to unfold out. Once you do this, it will open on its own to a box spring shape ready for use. With a free 5-year limited warranty, you can be sure to enjoy unlimited comfort and support from this Zinus product.


  • It is sturdy and easy to set up
  • It is covered with a high-quality patterned fabric thus no need to cover it with a sheet again
  • It is foldable for easy transportation as well as maximum support for heavyweight individuals


  • The weak wires might not be great for low profile mattresses since they might sink in if you are extra heavy
  • It is expensive

What to Look for when Buying a Box Spring for Heavy Person

If you are a heavy person, you will need to purchase the right box spring. Purchasing the wrong spring box can result in many issues. Apart from experiencing a difficult time sleeping, it might even break down the first time you sleep on it. This means that you will end up wasting money. Before you end up wasting money and developing problems, review the following factors to get the right item.


Although the size of the bed frame doesn’t really play affect the kind of bed a heavy individual can buy, buying a small sized frame might get you struggling and overly uncomfortable when sleeping. However, to be comfortable in a bed, you ought to consider a broader box spring for your mattress. Besides picking a broad box spring, make sure that you also choose a bed frame with the right height, considerably half a foot above your feet.

Standard or Split

Apart from the size and height, you should also consider what type of box will be right for your needs. Usually, a standard box spring features a single unit that offers average stability since they tend to bend when you move frequently. On the other hand, a split box spring comes with two pieces. It is split right at the middle to give support to your mattress as well as flexibility whenever you move. This means that a heavier person would be better off picking a split box spring over the standard ones for reliable stability and support.


Box springs are constructed from different materials. However, the most common materials are wood and metal. Wood provides a homier and a bit of old-school aesthetic. Metal, on the other hand, is lighter and durable. Different woods are used to deliver different features and allow you to enjoy different benefits. Oak, for instance, provides a strong frame but is quite heavy. Mahogany, on the other hand, offers you a naturally dark appealing color in addition to being durable. If you intend to buy a wooden box spring, then consider ones that are made from hardwood like mahogany and Oak.

Metal materials may bend after a period of use since they are hollow and less sturdy as compared to hardwood materials that are better at handling the extra weight. As such, consider purchasing a wooden box spring because it is more durable and looks nicer as compared to a metal one.

Easy to Assemble

A box spring ought to be portable and the setup process should be relatively easy too. However, several aspects of the box spring are likely to determine how easy you can set it up. One such aspect is the number of parts the box spring comes with. The best box spring comes with the least number of parts only ensuring that you have the essential ones. As such, your effort to assemble it will be simplified. As such, you should go for an easy to set up box spring that is also portable.


Finding the right box spring that is designed for heavy person is what will stop you from going to the market over and over. That is why we have decided to spare you the trouble by providing you with the right information and tips on how to narrow down to the best box spring for your mattress. After all, what you need is the right box spring that will meet your demands. By reading through this post, we believe you are now equipped to find the right box spring for heavy persons.

Among the reviewed products, our favorite is HOMUS 9-Inch Box Spring. This product is arguably the best box spring for heavy person because it is constructed from sturdy steel that delivers strong and stable support of up to 3500 pounds. It is also easy to set up since it comes with an instruction manual and assembly tools. Moreover, it is backed by a 5-year limited warranty, which means that in case of any defective part or workmanship, you can have it repaired or replaced right away.