A suitable countertop is selected for any kitchen set. This piece of furniture requires special attention, only if it is of good quality it will be able to withstand daily stress, showing resistance to abrasion. Manufacturers of such products offer many options from stone, wood, ceramics, laminated boards, etc. The top rating from our team will tell you which one to choose from – these are the best countertops for the kitchen according to customer reviews.

Rating of countertops for the kitchen 2023

The table top is the surface of the headset, covering the lower part of the facade of the furniture. It can be integral, assembled from several parts, different colors, textures and materials. Our team considered the most popular varieties, giving preference only to trusted manufacturers.

When arranging positions, we were guided by the following criteria:

  • Materials used;
  • Dimensions (width, length, thickness), weight;
  • moisture resistance;
  • impact resistance;
  • Texture, matte or glossy finish;
  • Realistic imitation;
  • Suggested shades;
  • Service life guarantee;
  • Prices based on size, quality;
  • Country, brand, whose production;

The result of testing, comparative analysis, as well as based on customer reviews and video reviews, was a top list of 9 positions. These are 3 nominees in the category of countertops made of artificial stone, 4 – from chipboard, 2 – chipboard. The strengths and weaknesses of each are designed to simplify the choice for the buyer.

Best faux stone kitchen countertops

Models made of natural stone look luxurious, expensive and rich, but they cost exorbitant amounts. Therefore, companies have found a way out of the situation by using artificial stone in production – acrylic, quartz. It imitates the original well, showing stability. According to our site, 3 nominees became the best.

Call 3421575

The first position is opened by the Heggi hypermarket selling furniture and related products. Under the article “3421575” there is an artificial countertop for the kitchen made of liquid granite with high aesthetic and strength parameters.

Size 4.5 × 200 × 60 cm with a weight of 45 kg and a volume of 0.05400 m³. The main material used by the manufacturer for spraying technology is liquid granite with a glossy finish. Its fractions create stains of different shades, imitating natural stone. The main color is beige.

Thanks to this composition, with all the aesthetics and hygiene, strength, resistance to temperature, chemical reagents, shock, acids and alkalis are maintained. Docking is seamless due to sealing, grinding.

Call 3421575


  • No joints;
  • Realistic imitation of granite;
  • Glossy resistant coating;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Good strength;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Purchase only through the online store;
  • Edges with corners.

The manufacturer emphasizes the possibility of cleaning with any detergents against fatty deposits, dyes. The surface is unpretentious to leaving, at any damages it is subject to restoration.

Alphalux R6

The second place is occupied by the young Italian company Alphalux, which has already conquered the market. Model “Azimut” (R6) is a moisture-resistant worktop for a built-in kitchen with nanto stone imitation.

Surface dimensions – 420 × 3.9 × 60 cm with a weight of 54 kg. The main material is moisture-resistant chipboard (emission class E1), reinforced on top with HPL plastic. On the reverse side is a single-layer kraft paper. The manufacturer ideally matched the edge, wall panels, wall boards to match the color of the plastic.

The decor here realistically imitates stone in three classic colors to choose from – white shagreen, bilbao marble, white radiance. The surface is resistant to impacts, high temperatures (up to 180 degrees), it does not absorb odors, grease, liquids.Alphalux R6


  • Interesting collection of decors;
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • Exposure to high temperatures;
  • Ease of care;
  • Minimum formaldehyde content.


  • The price is above average;
  • Young brand.


The company is still at the stage of development, so not everyone has heard about it yet. But the fact that components are produced in Europe already guarantees quality. Testing confirms exposure to steam, condensate, grease, odors, mechanical damage.

Wardek Demazi Marble

In third place is the company “Vardek”, distinguished by original design solutions. The main difference between the product with the article “Demazy dark marble” is a matte surface, a profile with a U hem.

The dimensions of this surface for a kitchen set are 300 × 60 × 2.6 cm with a weight of 31 kg. As in the previous case, chipboard with HPL plastic using postforming technology is used here. The structure of the plastic is matte, imitating marble. The edges are distinguished by a U hem, which excludes sharp corners, which is very convenient for the hostess.

The laminated panel on the table, the basis of which is a chipboard, is made in the color of dark demazi marble. The coating guarantees resistance to moisture, mechanical damage, temperature changes.Wardek Dark Demazi Marble_


  • Design solutions;
  • Matte finish;
  • Dark noble color;
  • U hem at the edges;
  • Long service life;
  • Price.


  • Color for an amateur;
  • Thin layer of plastic.


This brand has been holding a stable position in the furniture market since 1996. Buyers praise the free warranty on all products. This product is considered the best value for money, quality, aesthetics.

The best chipboard kitchen countertops

Inexpensive countertops for the kitchen are made mainly of chipboard, namely chipboard. It is characterized by a loose composition, compressed by substances of mineral origin. According to our version, 4 nominees became the best in this top category.

Stolline C-15

On the fourth position of the top list is a product from the Stolline furniture factory. This is a surface made of chipboard with the article “C-15” of a rectangular shape with rounded edges and a delicate white color.

One of the most important parameters of such products is the dimensions, here it is 60 × 2.6 × 15 cm. A narrow, moderately long, but at the same time compact model will fit into a set for a small kitchen. Rounded edges on the outer edge will be more than ever useful when there is a shortage of free space.

Precise, high-quality processing of parts guarantees resistance to moisture, high temperatures, and any mechanical damage. At the same time, the price is significantly lower than that of the previously described analogues.

Stolline 15×60 cm (С-15)


  • Compactness;
  • A light weight;
  • Rounded edges;
  • light shade;
  • operational characteristics;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Non-standard dimensions;
  • Markost.


We recommend this model to owners of a small headset. The thickness is small, so do not reload the stove with heavy objects. With careful use, it will last a long time.

Mebelson L1450

The fifth expert rating represents the postforming countertop from a modern furniture factory. Equipment from Germany, Italy is involved in the production, the quality of raw materials meets European standards.

The size of this surface is 140 × 2.6 × 60 cm, but the manufacturer offers a custom sawing service, where the minimum length is 20 cm, the maximum length is 305 cm in 5 cm increments. .

The choice of the buyer is presented with 8 color options – 5 pastel light, 3 dark. The lining is thin laminated plastic. The performance characteristics are good.

"Mebelson" L1450


  • Postforming technology;
  • Possibility of cutting to order;
  • Variety of textures and colors;
  • operational characteristics;
  • Raw materials according to European standards;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Complaints about durability;
  • Piece products are more expensive than in-line products.


This is a great offer for those who have to save money. The option is budget, but at the same time worthy both in terms of aesthetics and performance.

MDOK 2047 Country

The sixth position is occupied by a matte chipboard tabletop. The article “Country” speaks of the color performance – this is the most realistic imitation of gray wood.

Surface dimensions – 300 × 3.8 × 60 cm with a weight of 43 kg. The main material here is chipboard with a matte finish, imitating natural wood. Another difference of the nominee lies in the rounded shape of the butt, which avoids incidents with sharp corners.

In general, the manufacturer offers a rich palette of textures for a naturalistic atmosphere in the kitchen. The seamlessness of the design makes the joints invisible. All goods sent for sale comply with GOST standards and norms.MDOK 2047 Country


  • original invoice;
  • Seamless construction;
  • Rich palette;
  • Compliance with GOST;
  • Strength;
  • Price.


  • Moisture resistance parameter not specified;
  • Thin coating.


This texture is used not only to complement the kitchen set, but also instead of an apron in the working area of ​​the hostess. The manufacturer offers the service of individual cutting according to the required parameters, which is very convenient.


The seventh place in the ranking is occupied by the goods of the Estel factory. This is a rectangular shaped top for a kitchen set, decorated with a touch of vintage matte pine.

The parameters of this tabletop are 160×3.8×60 cm. It is a perfectly flat rectangle made of postforming materials. The finish is matte, it realistically imitates natural wood in a pastel gray shade, the manufacturer indicated it as vintage pine.

The docking bar here is angular. The official website offers a lot of different sizes in length, thickness to choose from, depending on the needs of the buyer. Modern design will fit into the interior of the headset and the room.Estelle 1600x600x38


  • original color;
  • standard form;
  • Matte finish;
  • Good compatibility with other textures;
  • Various sizes to choose from;
  • Price.


  • Not enough information from the manufacturer;
  • Moisture resistance not listed.


The texture of natural wood is a real trend, so this product is used not only as an addition to the kitchen work area, but also as an apron instead of the usual tiles. It looks stylish and at the same time inexpensive.

The best countertops for the kitchen from chipboard

The last category of the rating is models from chipboard. This is a laminated chipboard with increased operational capabilities. Unlike chipboard, here several layers of paper plastic are applied on top, which guarantees its strong adhesion to the base. The main advantages of laminated chipboard are moisture resistance, preservation of the original color, impact resistance. Our site marked 2 nominees.

Egger postforming 300/3

The eighth position is occupied by the Austrian manufacturer of wooden products “Egger”. From him, a countertop made using postforming technology based on high-quality laminated chipboard with a seamless veneer was proposed.

The size of the model is 410×60×3.8 cm, the shape of the surface is rectangular with a rounded shape of the outer edge. The main material is chipboard “Eurospan E1E05 TSCA”. Top glossy finish provides durability against impact, moisture, dirt, high temperatures, abrasion.

The panel in question is presented in two shades – light, dark brown, the texture imitates natural wood. The manufacturer emphasizes hygiene, antibacterial properties in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801).Egger postforming 300-3 410x60x3.8 cm


  • Seamless lining;
  • Rounded edges;
  • Antibacterial properties;
  • Resistance to chemical reagents;
  • Realistic decor;
  • Compliance with GOST.


  • Only two shades;
  • Price.


The cost of a chipboard plate is higher than for similar chipboard options. But this is due to its increased durability, safety, and extended service life. Application is possible also in bathrooms, workshops, trading floors.


Ninth place is a panel from the company in the shade of Greek marble, article “2384”. This is a compact rectangular surface in a snow-white shade with the best water resistance parameter in our top.

The presented model is made in the size of 38 × 150 × 60 cm. The basis is chipboard using postforming technology with high performance parameters, reinforced with a plastic coating. The surface is glossy, the decor imitates the texture of natural marble, which makes it look expensive, elite.

In general, the company offers an extended catalog of decors. The guarantor is long-term service, high density, resistance to moisture, mechanical damage. The size range offers different lengths from 40 to 300 cm.

Horizon 38x1500 mm


  • Original decor;
  • Large selection of sizes;
  • Gloss;
  • High resistance to moisture;
  • Edged on all sides;
  • Purpose versatility.


  • It is necessary to avoid constant moisture at the joints;
  • Price.


The manufacturer recommends the panel not only for decorating the working area in the kitchen, but also for laying out an apron, using it in other rooms, even with high humidity. Especially with such a variety of decors and dimensions in the catalog.

How to choose a countertop for the kitchen

After getting acquainted with all the nominees of 2021, it remains only to make the final decision which countertop to choose for the kitchen . We recommend taking into account several factors – materials, stability, water resistance, ease of care and appearance.


The construction market is full of a variety of materials from which kitchen furniture and accessories are made. We looked at the 3 most popular options:

  • artificial stone is the best that you can buy due to its strength, environmental safety, increased endurance;
  • Chipboard – compressed sawdust in conjunction with minerals, the best prices, attractive design, different textures, maintainability;
  • Chipboard – the same chipboard, but with a plastic coating, which increases endurance and service life.

If you like the texture of the stone, choose the first option. Chipboard looks original if it imitates matte wood, and chipboard looks win-win in a glossy format.


Of the 3 foundations discussed above, artificial stone guarantees the highest strength. Next in terms of durability, moisture endurance, impacts, and pollution is laminated chipboard with a plastic layer. Less seasoned, and therefore, the most affordable – chipboard.

Water resistance

As for the ability to repel liquid, not to absorb it into oneself, here two options show themselves approximately equally equally – working plates made of artificial stone and laminated chipboard. Chipboard is somewhat inferior to them, since it does not provide for such enhanced protection with plastic.

Ease of care

The easiest to clean panels are light matte, they were presented in our top. Remember that a glossy surface, especially if it is a dark shade, will have to be repeatedly rubbed, because prints, drops, touch marks, and scratches remain on it.


Before you order one thing for an existing kitchen set, please note that the price range between the countertop and the furniture should not differ much. It is important to maintain a common style here. The same applies to design, texture, dimensions, shades – the kitchen should have a single composition.

What is the best countertop for the kitchen

In our top, only manufacturers of kitchen countertops verified by experts and buyers are represented . Which ones are better will be prompted by the indicated selection criteria, as well as recommendations, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee:

  • Heggi 3421575 – granite imitation, a combination of strength, aesthetics and hygiene;
  • Alphalux R6 – stone abrasion resistance, minimum formaldehyde, interesting catalog offers;
  • Stolline 15 × 60 cm (S-15) – light, compact worktop for a white kitchen in a small space;
  • Mebelson L1450 – European quality, a variety of wooden textures and colors;
  • Mdoc 2047 Country – seamless construction, texture, compliance with GOST standards;
  • Horizon 38×1500 mm – the best endurance parameters, beautiful gloss.

Only after getting acquainted in detail with popular manufacturers, their range, characteristics of materials and selection criteria, you will be able to give preference to the desired model of kitchen worktop. Be sure to compare two factors before buying – quality and price.