It’s impossible to live a comfortable life without a good bed to sleep. You may have the best cloud-like mattress or a premium memory foam mattress, but how’s your box spring going?

We’ve compiled a list below to review the best queen size low profile box springs your money can buy. Each mini-review contains information that will affect your choice when it comes to buying low profile box springs.

How to Choose a Queen Size Box Spring

The right box spring can make or break a mattress purchase, so it’s important to choose wisely and always take the time to do so. One thing you should know is that low profile box springs aren’t available at Costco, so instead of Googling ‘low profile box spring queen Costco,’ refer to this article instead.

Type of Box Spring

Box springs are generally categorized into two types: the standard box spring and low profile box spring. Mattresses these days are thicker than they used to be, so manufacturers opted to pair these products with low profile box springs. Standard box springs are thick, but that does not mean a low profile box spring can’t provide the same amount of support.

The difference is completely aesthetic: low profile box springs usually come in 4 inches and 5 to 5 1/2 inches, while standard box springs are approximately 9 inches in height. Support-wise, both types deliver.

Choose a Box Spring According to Your Bed Dimensions

Mattresses come in several sizes. Taking queen size beds into consideration, you should buy a queen size low profile box spring as well. This way, you won’t have a bed that’s perfectly matched to provide you with ample support. If you decide a queen size bed frame doesn’t work well, you can check out our post on the best low profile box springs.

Check Out What’s Included in the Package

If you’re buying a queen mattress, check out the box spring that comes with it. Often, manufacturers sell this set as promotional offers or by consumer demand. A packaged deal lessens the worry of having to figure out if a box spring fits your mattress. And there’s a good chance you’ll get the box spring for a significantly lower price, too.

Choose a Material That Suits Your Lifestyle

Like mattresses, box springs are made with different kinds of materials. There are some varieties that are made of natural fillers, organic fabrics, and hypo-allergenic fibers. If somehow you managed to find a box spring that’s affordable but looks very similar to something that’s more expensive, read the label. You will likely find some differences in fibers, spring type, and other components of the product.

Things to Look for in Queen Size Low Profile Box Springs

Many people automatically refer to Costco when buying household products. This includes mattresses and box springs, as well as pillows, comforters, among other things. But can you buy a low profile box spring queen at Costco? Online, no. In select stores, you can try your luck. Having said that, consider the following factors when choosing a low profile box spring.

  • Frame foundation size – If you’re buying a queen size frame foundation (60” X 80” or 152.5cm X 203.5cm), find out if you can get it into your bedroom or every narrow area of your house. If your space is limited, consider other options. There are bi-fold box springs that will make transport easier.
  • Mattress size – Like mattresses, box springs come in California king, king, queen, full, twin XL, and twin sizes. So for queen size box springs, get a queen size mattress as well.
  • Additional features – Box springs are also prone to allergens and dust mites, so make sure to get an allergen cover to reduce triggering your allergies. If you have chronic back pain, choose a box spring that can give you enough support, with the advice of your doctor.
  • Reviews and testimonials – Shopping for box springs is so easy. In fact, a quick Google search will produce items from Amazon, Walmart, and Sears. But before making a choice, know what people have to say about it —  read reviews and customer testimonials. This is how you know if a product is worth your hard-earned money.

When to Replace a Box Spring

Box springs typically need replacements every ten years. However, there are tell-tale signs if your box spring needs to be replaced. For one, it if starts to feel springy, then it’s time for a new one. Check for sagging, broken slats, and other major defects too. As an owner, you can judge by the look and feel of the box spring. Your goal is to own something that can give you adequate support in bed.

Best Low Profile Box Springs

Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile Box Spring

This low profile box spring from Classic Brands can support the heaviest of mattresses, like memory foams and thick latex mattresses. It also helps prevent your mattress from sagging both on the middle and sides. It’s a support base, so keep in mind that it will not contribute to the softness or firmness of your mattress.

The manufacturers created this box spring in solid spruce that is said to have been handcrafted by the Amish of Pennsylvania. This means that this product is made in the USA.


  • 4″ Profile, noise-free
  • Strong and sturdy foundation supports today’s heavier mattresses including Latex beds and Memory Foam
  • Handcrafted of solid spruce


  • Corners may have rough spots that need sanding
  • Needs reinforcement to make sure it lasts long

Zinus Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

The folding design of the Zinus BiFold box spring is what makes it a stand-out from the crowd. It also makes it convenient and easy to carry between bedrooms and if you want to store it. Because of its strong steel foundation, you won’t have to worry about splits in the middle even with heavy movements,

The metal foundation of the product makes it look heavy, but you’d be surprised by how light it is. It can carry any thick mattress on top of it and can hold the weight of a few people too.


  • 4-inch height is perfect for higher profile mattresses
  • Designed to have the look of a traditional box, but made from sturdy steel for longer-lasting durability
  • Folding mattress foundation compresses for easy storage and mobility


  • Some people may find 4 inches a tad too short

Lifetime Sleep Products Low Profile Box Spring

Most box springs can only fit innerspring mattresses, but the Lifetime Sleep Products box spring is suitable for all mattress types. It works well for both light latex mattresses and heavy memory foam mattresses and is best combined with innerspring buttresses.

Although you’ll have to spend time assembling the product, it wouldn’t take more than hour to do so. Some people want to do away with the assembly, but unlike ready to use box springs, you won’t have such a hard time carrying the whole box spring between places since you can break it into several parts. As for its construction, you’re guaranteed of premium quality materials.


  • Quick 15-minute assembly
  • American-made 4-inch low profile box spring
  • Includes a cover that can be tightened over the beams


  • There’s too much space in between wooden slats
  • The 79×75 dimension that this box spring has is not standard

Continental Sleep Fully Assembled Box Spring

At five inches, the Continental Sleep box spring is higher than the other box springs in this list, but it is still considered a low profile box spring. The taller height will benefit people who don’t want to a bed that sits too low from the floor.

This product is sturdy in itself, but one issue that may turn people off is that it doesn’t last as long as other box springs and it can only carry people under 60 lbs. However, this box spring is really affordable, so if you are in need of an extra box spring, this could be the ideal solution.


  • Ideal prince range for queen size box springs
  • Damask fabric-class B
  • No assembly required


  • There are other products that easily exceed the quality of this box spring


You can only call it the best queen size low profile box spring if it addresses your needs when it comes to support, comfort, construction, materials, and price. Before anything else, you should set a budget first and determine the features that you want. Only then can you compromise so you can buy the one that really suits your needs.

All the products listed above are highly recommended, but if we have to choose, the winner for this round is the Zinus BiFold box spring. With its metal slats and frame, you won’t have a hard time assembling the product. What’s more, if you pair this box spring with a metal frame bed, the sturdiness becomes unreal — it can carry 2,400 lbs of weight without hassle.

So forget Googling ‘low profile box spring queen Costco.’ Get the Zinus or any of the box springs we’ve chosen for you above. What’s important is to care for it properly and have it replaced when the need arises. The same is true with mattresses. If your mattress is already sagging, then a box spring won’t properly deliver its purpose. So if you want to achieve the best kind of sleep each night, make sure to check on them both.