Many people use their beds for activities aside from sleep and sex, like reading, talking on the phone, checking emails and watching TV. Some have breakfast in bed and some work from their beds. The thing is, most of us probably spend a large part of our lives in bed, asleep or awake so that our beds have evolved into a multi-functional piece of furniture.

If you intend to utilize your bed for other purposes other than sleeping, a queen bed with storage drawers may be the item of choice.

Benefits of Choosing:

• A queen size bed gives you more space to sleep on. A bigger bed can significantly improve the quality of your good night’s sleep.

• Ideal for small apartments and bedrooms, it’s a great solution for storage problems. It also allows you to manage clutter effectively.

• Aesthetics is not compromised for practicality. There’s a variety of available queen size bed with storage that looks cool and at the same time comfortable and functional.

Discover affordable queen bed with storage drawers in this review post.

Reviews of 5 Exceptional Queen Size Storage Beds

Phoenix Queen Bed Storage by Coaster Furniture

A well-built queen bed frame with storage made from quality wood, this item provides you with additional storage options. It comes with a bookcase headboard with two shelves and eight drawers in the bed frame. It is ideal for someone who has a seemingly endless supply of things to organize and store. This bed’s durability, not to mention its classy Cappuccino finish, makes it an outstanding selection.

Since it’s constructed of hardwood, it can be very heavy, so two people working at the same time will definitely lighten the load.

Baxton Studio Armeena Linen Modern Storage Bed

This stylish queen platform storage bed with headboard blends with the modern lifestyle perfectly. It’s simple, sturdy, neat and convenient. Designed with 3 drawers on one side of the bed, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to put it together. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and does not require so much effort.

Once the parts are put together completely, it’s simply awesome.

South Shore Grace Collection Queen Storage Platform Bed

Designed with a pure white finish to blend with any interior design, this queen bed with storage underneath is an affordable option for a nice-looking and comfortable place to sleep. It has 2 large drawers on the bottom of each side. You will need extra effort to reach to the drawers and they don’t have handles. It’s advisable to use the drawers for out-of-season clothes or items you rarely use.

The instructional manual is in pictures and can be a bit confusing. Though there are manageable downsides that could still be improved by the manufacturer, this platform bed brings superior value for a decent price.

Prepac Sonoma Maple Queen Platform Storage Bed

Prepac’s solid queen platform bed with storage drawers is an excellent option for elegance and durability. It has a total of 6 drawers, 3 on each side, and run on metal roller glides. They roll really smoothly.

Despite the fact that the instruction manual is straightforward, assembling this bed can be quite a challenge. It requires time and effort so get additional useful hands for assistance.

Overall, this item is a worthy addition to your furniture and it comes with a reasonable price.

Prepac Sonoma Black Queen Storage Headboard

If you’re someone who takes delight in reading while lying or sitting comfortably in bed, you may find Prepac’s gorgeous bookcase style headboard handy. It is pretty easy to assemble. It can stand on its own so it doesn’t need to be attached to the bed frame. However, if you want added stability, you may anchor the headboard to the wall or to your bed frame. The downside is that it does not come with any tool or hardware to attach it to the bed frame.

Queen size storage beds come in various styles and designs. Choose the one that serves your needs and taste, and makes your bed one of the best places on Earth because you are likely to find yourself in it most of the time.