While some people think that the mattress that you rest your body on at night is the most important part of your bed, your box spring mattress is equally as important!

Your box spring mattress supports the mattress that you sleep on. It helps you sleep better and reduces wear and tear on your top mattress. This doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase though. Especially if you have a full-size bed, there are plenty of places where you can get full-size box springs for cheap!

At a Glance: Purchasing the Cheapest Full Size Box Spring Mattress

There are so many mattresses on the market right now. Do you buy one with a well-known brand, like Serta? Or can you go with a lesser-known brand that is less expensive? Below we’ll give you tips on how to pick the best full-size box spring mattress and we’ll make sure you’re getting a fantastic deal!

Why Do I Need a Box Spring for my Full-Size Mattress?

Regardless of the size of your bed, you need a box spring mattress. The box spring determines the quality of the mattress that rests on top of it. It helps you get in and out of bed much easier, provides sturdy support for your top mattress and ensures that you’re not slipping into the center of your bed while you sleep.

Pick Your Bed’s Frame Before Picking the Box Spring

While most frames are a pretty standard size, if you have an older bed frame, you might have some issues getting it to fit into the frame. The box spring should fit tightly in the frame. You shouldn’t be able to move it around once you slide or place it into the frame.

That being said, the frame size should fit the box spring and mattress size. If you have a king frame, a full-size bed will fit in it, however, it will not fit well and is actually dangerous to sleep in due to how much it will slip around.

If you don’t have a bed frame, don’t fret. You can place a box spring mattress right on your floor and then place your mattress on top of it.

Decide How Tall You Want Your Bed to Be

Some people prefer a taller bed, some prefer a shorter bed. It all depends on your height and the ease with which you want to get into your bed. Box springs are usually between 5-9 inches tall and whichever one you choose should be based on your personal preferences and how you want the bed to look. The height of the box spring doesn’t impact the comfort of the bed.

So, a shorter person might want to choose a shorter box spring. Or conversely, a person with a tall bedframe might want a shorter box spring so it is easier to access their bed.

Are there different styles of Box Spring Mattresses?

There are tons of options to choose from when shopping for a box spring mattress. If you are someone with back problems or other health problems, there are options for that will help you sleep more comfortably. If you are someone who has allergies there are options that specifically fight against dust mites and other pollutants in your home.

I’ve seen foundations made completely of steel. Is that the way to go?

A quick look online and you’ll see many manufacturers have come out with foundations for your mattress that are made entirely of steel. While these are often far less expensive than your traditional box spring (think $40 versus $200), know that they are also far less comfortable and noisier than a foundation that’s built from wood and steel. They’re great as a temporary fix or perhaps if you’re using them only when guests stay with an inflatable mattress for more support. However, they’re not great as a long-term solution as they’ll give even the healthiest person quite a bit of back pain and soreness. If steel isn’t the right fit, some other low profile mattress foundations might be better for you. It’s worth looking into the different benefits of the different materials.

How Much Will a Good Box Spring Cost Me?

The good news is you can get a full size box springs for cheap! A good box spring for a full-size mattress should cost between $80-$300. You’ll pay more for some of the well-known brands out there, but you can find some incredible deals on Amazon.

Below, we’ll review the top box spring mattresses for your full-size bed that won’t break the bank.

Cheapest Full-Size Box Spring Review

Zinus Justina Quick Snap Standing Mattress Foundation

The Zinus Justina mattress foundation is the perfect combination of a box spring mattress and a bed frame! It’s no wonder that this product is a best-seller. It’s yet another way to achieve cost savings for your new bed; this box spring eliminates your need to purchase a bed frame!

First, this “Standing Smart Box Spring” by Zinus is relatively lightweight and comes in compact packaging. This is extremely convenient if you live in an apartment or need to get the box spring up a tight space, like a curving stairway. Don’t think that this is a flimsy box spring though; this product is made of steel and weighs nearly 60 pounds.

This box spring uses Zinus’ “Quick Snap” installation process. They say it is easy to install, and those who have put the foundation together claim that it takes less than 20 minutes to construct. Plus, they even send you the tools you need!

The final product, once full constructed stands 16 inches tall. The foundation is 9 inches thick and each of the support legs is 7 inches long. The frame is extremely sturdy as it is made of steel and comes with a durable slipcover that is also really stylish. That slipcover comes in three different colors, so don’t worry about buying a bed skirt!

Most importantly, if you’re not satisfied, this mattress comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.


  • Comes in three different colors: beige, navy, and grey
  • Extremely easy to install, less than 20 minutes total
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty if you experience any issues
  • Inexpensive and provides cost savings as you don’t have to purchase a bed frame if you use this product
  • Stylish, modern look
  • Extremely sturdy product that’s made of high-quality steel and wood
  • Includes technology that prevents the box spring mattress from squeaking and creaking even after prolonged use
  • Eliminates any worries that the box spring won’t fit your bed frame


  • If you don’t notice the zipper up top, the slipcover can be a little difficult to get on at first
  • Zinus brand’s customer service is not very responsive

Zinus Edgar 8-inch Profile Wood Box Spring

Yet another great choice from Zinus, this box spring is not only sturdy, but it provides your family with options (choose between two sizes). It also ensures that you can easily get this box spring into your home or apartment, even if you have tight spaces. That’s because this box spring ships in pieces and is easily constructed in just minutes with Zinus’ “quick snap” technology. You can put this box spring together in literally minutes!

This wood and steel box spring is so sturdy, it will support your mattress for years to come. Sometimes box springs with a wooden base can start squeaking over time, but not this box spring! Zinus uses innovative technology to keep your mattress supported and includes a padded foam tape to the areas where the wood and steel pieces meet for noise-free use! It’s also extremely lightweight yet very sturdy as it mimics the traditional box spring construction. It comes with a very durable top surface that will provide great support to your mattress and is comfortable and tight fitting.


  • Choose from 4-inch or 8-inch profile based on your likes
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • Squeak-free technology ensures that your box spring stays quiet over time
  • Lightweight; is just 26 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for people who live in small places or who have a difficult time moving large things in their doorways
  • Easily moved into other spaces
  • Made of high-quality wood and steel


  • The tight-fitting cover is sometimes difficult to install
  • Doesn’t have as much support in the middle as other box springs
  • Some issues reported with the box spring fitting into traditional full-size bed frames
  • Might have issues holding a heavier person

Vecelo Mattress Foundation/ Box Spring Replacement with Headboard

If you want a beautiful bed, complete with a headboard and all, but you’re on a budget, Vecelo’s mattress foundation is a great choice for you. For just more than $100, this product provides you with a bed frame, mattress foundation and headboard all in one.

This product works as a mattress foundation and a bed frame is fully usable without a traditional box spring mattress. Because of that, the foundation sits relatively high, offering great storage space under the bed. This product also uses a foam lining on the base so there’s little noise when someone moves on the bed.


  • Comes with a limited 5-year warranty
  • Saves you money: no need to buy a bed frame, headboard or footboard!
  • More than one foot of storage space under the bed
  • Uses noise-reducing technology
  • The manufacturer is very responsive to complaints


  • Installation takes quite a bit of time
  • Shipping takes a long time; can take up to two weeks for product to arrive
  • Only comes in black color, no other options available

Zinus Jayanna Folding Mattress Foundation

If you frequently have guests and want to provide a bed for them, but don’t want to commit to giving them a dedicated space in your home, consider Zinus’ Jayanna folding mattress foundation.

This product is made out of sturdy steel that will not only support your mattress but also provide comfort for your guests. It has a 7.5-inch profile that is very sturdy and provides a nice mid-size bed when coupled with your mattress.

Plus, if you live in a tight space, you can rest easy knowing that this box spring will absolutely fit in your door, up your stairs or anywhere else you need to put it!


  • No assembly required
  • Folds for easy storage
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Looks like a traditional box spring


  • Somewhat cumbersome to store
  • Won’t support very heavy customers

Here’s The Top Choice For The Cheapest Box Spring for Full-Size Beds

While each of the options above is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality box spring that won’t break the bank, there’s a clear winner out of all of these options.

The Zinus Justina Quick-Snap mattress is fantastic. First, it eliminates any worries you might have about the box spring not fitting the frame you already purchased. If you didn’t already purchase a frame, this box spring also saves you even more money because it eliminates your need to purchase the frame!

The Justina comes in tight, compact packaging. Even if you live in an apartment or have to move the box spring up a stairway or through tight hallways, this box spring will work. You don’t have to worry about buying a custom-sized box spring to get it into your home. Plus, it is so easy to install, you won’t need to pay someone else to put it together!

It is made of wood and sturdy steel so it is not only comfortable but long-lasting. You won’t hear creaks and squeaks as this product ages. It also will last you a long time, compared to other box spring mattresses of the same price. It is light enough to easily maneuver through your house as you move it in, but it is heavy enough to support the weight of two people. You can feel confident knowing that it will support your mattress and provide you with the utmost comfort.

Besides all of that, the Justina box spring is a clean, modern looking foundation for your bed. You won’t regret purchasing this foundation!