Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

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Shopping for mattresses can be quite stressful when you’re operating on a tight budget. It’s overwhelming how costly mattresses are. I’ve always wondered about what “magical” experience I’m missing from not being able to sleep on an incredibly expensive upscale mattress. Not much, I suspect.

How well we sleep is directly affected by the quality of our mattress. But a comfortable sleep doesn’t have to cost so much. The challenge is to be able to buy comfort and durability with the funds at your disposal. After all, paying a fortune for a mattress is more likely to be paying more for prestige and luxury than additional comfort.

In picking a comfortable mattress, one made with memory foam is a superior choice for a number of reasons:

  • Usually denser than traditional mattresses, a memory mattress maintains more support and firmness.
  • There’s no motion transfer so that you can sleep uninterrupted even when your partner gets out of bed.
  • It protects against impact.
  • It has the ability to pop right back to its original shape after weight or pressure is removed.


5 Affordable Twin Size Memory Foam Mattresses

Depending on whether you find more comfort in a “soft” feel or a “firm” feel, there are various memory foam mattresses available that would fit your preference. Let’s take a look at five twin size 8-inch memory mattresses within an affordable price range. They mostly get favorable feedback from people who actually bought cheap memory foam mattress online.


Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This multi-layered foam offers a pressure relief system that allows for restful uninterrupted sleep. The base is built with a 4-inch high-density foam. The second layer with a 2-inch ventilated foam that enables air flow and temperature control. And topped with a 2-inch charcoal infused foam to control odor. Firm yet soft, you will be well-supported in your sleep. The cloud-like top layer provides you with comfort to ensure a restful sleep.

If you’re bothered by the smell of the mattress when you open it up, you just need to air it out for at least a day before sleeping on it. Some users complain of a slight chemical smell the first time this mattress is opened up and expanded to its full size. The smell disappears completely after it’s aired out.

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DreamFoam Bedding 8-Inch Memory Foam Bed

Made with 6 inches of high-density base layer topped with 2 inches of comfort layer, this mattress provides just the right firmness for support and comfort. This foam is soft but does not sink.

While it may not be recommended for someone who wants to sink into their mattress while they slumber, this product is the best when it comes to being long-lasting and firm. It absorbs a lot of movement and can accommodate a considerable amount of weight. It also has a very little chemical smell when first opened.

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Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress

This is designed with independently encased coils cushioned with a thick foam layer and a non-woven fabric insulation pad. This mattress is intended to create equal weight distribution by conforming to the curves of your body.

If you’re someone who prefers to sink into your mattress while you snooze, this mattress will bring you optimal comfort. It’s going to retain its normal shape when the pressure is lifted. The softness of this mattress provides a high level of comfort while maintaining just the right firmness for support.

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Brentwood 8″ HD Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is constructed with open cell technology wherein air is allowed to go through the spaces in the foam and released during foam expansion. It’s divided into 2 layers. The 6 inches of the support base and 2 inches of comfort layer. It also comes with a removable and washable cover.

This is recommended for its high quality. This mattress is an excellent firm bed that is both durable and comfortable.

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LUCID® 8″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Made with open-cell foams, this mattress is ideal for those who prefer firm beds. It promises to endure many years of use. Though, it will eventually sink in time which is really expected in most products especially the ones paid at a modest price.

Its 6-inch density foam base provides great support and the 2-inch top layer is designed for maximum comfort. Though it’s very firm, it still contours to body shape giving you better pressure relief.

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A limited budget may give you the feeling like you’re not going to get your hands on anything that’s particularly comfy and long-lasting. To some extent, we get what we pay for. But it’s not always correct to equate cheap with poor quality. We may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a restful, comfortable sleep is not at all dictated by the price of the mattress.

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