A computer desk is a multifunctional piece of furniture. Initially, it is intended for the installation of computer equipment, but it can be used by a student, an adult as a working area. How to approach the choice in order to find a comfortable model worthy of its price? What to pay special attention to? You will find the answers to these questions in the latest top ranking. These are the best computer tables of 2023 according to our team.

Computer Desk Rating (2023)

When compiling the top rating, we were guided by the recommendations of experts in the field of furniture production. These are not only leading manufacturers, but also interior designers. The level of demand helped to narrow the search circle, according to which we singled out the most purchased models of the current year.

Next, we compared them on a number of indicators:

  • materials;
  • The thickness of the facades, countertops;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Dimensions, weight;
  • The shape of the working area;
  • The presence of shelves, drawers, superstructures;
  • Functionality;
  • Design, color scheme;
  • Declared service life;
  • Price, manufacturer’s reliability.

The result of a comprehensive study was a top list of 10 positions. For ease of reading, we have divided them into 4 categories according to design features. These are inexpensive budget sets, corner models, tables with drawers, as well as with cabinets in the form of an add-on. Customer reviews have identified their strengths, weaknesses.

Best Inexpensive Computer Desks

If price is the determining factor for you when looking for such products, the first category of the top presents the best computer tables for the home from the budget line. These are inexpensive simplified designs that perform a standard set of tasks. Of the two dozen applicants, we approved 3 nominees.

Bitel SK-7

Inexpensive computer desk . This is due to the presence of an additional section – a pencil case, open and closed shelves. The manufacturer is Bitel.

The base and tabletop are made of chipboard. Metal fittings (chrome pipe). The design is complemented by a superstructure, it includes several shelves, three cabinets. There is no separate place for the keyboard, but there are plenty of areas for storing books, notebooks, decor items. Installation method – wall-mounted, direct.

Overall dimensions 160x120x50 cm with a weight of 47 kg. The thickness of the tabletop is 1.6 cm, the dimensions are 90×50 cm. The base is made in dark brown, the facades of the closed shelves are light beige. The specified shade is wenge / ash.

Bitel SK-7


  • Penalty;
  • Open + closed shelves;
  • Chrome fittings;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Two colors;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Smell from a new set;
  • Small work area.


A small height allows installation in a room with a small footage. The rectangular shape of the body can be used as room zoning. The lower shelf under the tabletop allows the installation of an audio system, additional equipment.

Tex Greta-4

Another simple, small computer desk with a functional add-on. Unlike the previous nominee, there is a sliding panel for the keyboard here. 

The base of the rectangular case is made of laminated chipboard. It is complemented by a sliding shelf from below, which functions with the help of roller guides. Next to it is a closed box. On top of the working area is a superstructure with open and closed shelves. Below there is a special compartment for the system unit.

The overall dimensions of the product are 90x60x158 cm, niches for a monitor are 88×45 cm. The support is equipped with plastic glides to prevent floor scratching. There are 2 color options – wenge oak / milk, shimo dark ash / sonoma oak.

Tex Greta-4


  • Pull-out shelf on rollers;
  • Area for the system unit;
  • different colors;
  • Plastic pads.


  • Insufficient stability;
  • Actual color may differ from what is shown.


If you are looking for a simple, comfortable desk from a budget series, this is a worthy offer. But be prepared that the manufacturer may send a different color scheme from the declared one. The support requires a flat floor surface.

Skyland CD 1059

Affordable standard desk for office, study or home use. Model with a two-section curbstone. The manufacturer is Skyland.

The rectangular base is made of chipboard with a thickness of 1.6 cm. Good stability and protection of the flooring is provided by the thrust bearings, which are included in the kit. The front corners of the tabletop have rounded edges for safety. For storage of personal belongings there is a cabinet, consisting of two compartments.

Overall dimensions 100x60x75 cm with a weight of 22 kg. The performance style is presented in two versions – country, Scandinavian. Permissible load limit – up to 50 kg. On top of the wood, a laminated coating is provided.

Skyland CD 1059


  • Rounded edges;
  • Heel pads included;
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Nice colors;
  • Inexpensive.


  • The locker has no shelves inside;
  • There is no space for a keyboard.


In terms of functionality, it is more of a writing desk than a computer desk. But due to its availability, it is more often bought in stores than other analogues. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty.

Best Corner Computer Desks

The second category of the top rating offers only corner models that differ in configuration, functionality, and prices. Our team considered several designs of a diagonal, diagonal-perpendicular configuration, but 3 nominees became the best according to reviews.

Naya M-KS1

An oversized corner table with enhanced functionality thanks to a cabinet, a spacious superstructure, a large number of open and closed shelves.

The body, countertop and additional elements are made of high-strength chipboard. One side is complemented by a superstructure, where closed, open shelves are attached to chrome-plated metal pipes, turning into a pencil case. Drawers with stylish handles are provided for the office.

Overall dimensions – 140x120x165 cm, weight 86 kg. The manufacturer offers 5 color options to choose from. High-quality laminate flooring is resistant to moisture and chemical influences. Execution – right-hand, left-side.



  • Advanced functionality;
  • Many open, closed shelves;
  • Durable material with a moisture resistant coating;
  • Choice of color of facades, handles.


  • massiveness;
  • Inaccuracy of some holes during assembly.


The manufacturer offers customers an independent choice of the angular direction, design of facades, handles. It is also possible to order a different size. All shades are modern, materials are durable, drawer mechanisms are smooth and work well.

Merdes Domino Nelson SR-500M

Corner computer table with shelves and a large working area made of combined materials. This model will harmoniously fit into a modern interior. Production – furniture factory “Merdes”.

Made from a combination of chipboard with chipboard, metal fittings. There is a possibility of installation on the right-hand, left-side direction. A stable cabinet includes both open (3 pcs.) And closed shelves (4 pcs.), And drawers (3 pcs.) From the bottom. Geometric lines look stylish, original.

The overall dimensions are 130x140x198 cm. The thickness of the chipboard is 2.5 cm. In total, there are 6 color options to choose from. Plastic tips on the legs and support ensure that the floor is protected from scratches and damage.
Merdes Domino Nelson SR-500M


  • Stylish design;
  • Left, right direction;
  • geometric lines;
  • Protection of the floor from damage;
  • Modern shades of facades.


  • Missing parts for assembly;
  • Price.


The uniqueness lies in the fact that the table and the superstructure are not combined. So, there can be a lot of installation options – at the request of the buyer. Additionally, you can buy a shelf under the keyboard.

Sokol KST-109

Low white computer desk with an extended work area without an add-on. The design has lower drawers, thereby saving space. Production – Moscow factory “Sokol”.

Material – high-strength chipboard. The spacious area allows you to install a printer, a second monitor. These are 2 tabletops at once, 140 and 120 cm each. Where there are drawers on roller guides, there is a small canopy for a snug fit against the wall. There are also open shelves, a niche for the system unit.

Top impact-resistant coating protects against moisture, scratches, chips. Height – 75 cm, tabletop thickness 2.2 cm, body 1.6 mm. The railing handles are made of metal. There are 3 colors of facades to choose from, not only white.Sokol KST-109


  • Immediately two countertops;
  • Stylish accessories;
  • Convenient compartment for the system unit;
  • Strong chipboard;
  • Protective covering;
  • Fits well in corners.


  • No keyboard stand
  • There is no hole for wires.


This nominee can also be right- or left-handed. This is determined by the location of the cabinet. The design is in harmony with the modern interior of the premises. The table top is reinforced. On request, a rack, an add-on can be purchased.

The best computer desks with lockers

The third category of the top rating is functional, but compact furniture, where, in addition to the working area for the computer, there are drawers, closed lockers for storing personal items. According to the results of the comparative analysis, 2 nominees became leaders.

Mebelson Manhattan

Classic writing desk with 6 closed drawers. The matte body looks modern, as well as the pleasant shades presented to choose from.

The assembly of the structure is universal. When creating it, the E1 chipboard material was used, the thickness of the facades is 1.6 cm, the countertops are 2.5 cm. A PVC film is applied on top, it makes the laminated coating matte. There are 6 full extension drawers for stationery and personal belongings.

Overall dimensions – 120x70x76 cm with a weight of 61 kg. There are 2 color options to choose from – ash shimo, cappuccino. The housing is mounted on plastic supports to protect the floor from damage. The handles are plastic.Mebelson Manhattan


  • Matte finish;
  • Pleasant combination of colors;
  • plastic supports;
  • The location of the boxes on any side;
  • Compactness;
  • Price.


  • The drawers do not fully slide out;
  • Plain edges.


The side of the drawers is chosen by the customer, it can be either on the left or on the right. The opening mechanism works smoothly. Hardware imported from Europe. Buyers note that the colors are more contrasting than in the store catalog.

MfMaster Renco-2

A compact model in a minimalist style, where there is nothing superfluous, only a work area, an internal shelf, as well as 3 closed cabinets. The manufacturer is MfMaster.

The main advantage here is a large stationary worktop made of high-strength chipboard. Additionally, under it is an open shelf, but it is almost hidden from view. On the side there are 3 drawers with ball metal guides, they can be on the left or right as desired.

Overall dimensions – 120x78x60 cm with a weight of 39.4 kg. There are 5 color options to choose from, only a trendy design that matches the modern interior. Decorative plugs that hide the holes are made to match the furniture.MfMaster Renco-2


  • Large working area;
  • Durable coating;
  • Compactness;
  • trendy colors;
  • Quality fittings;
  • Price.


  • Narrow drawers in the cabinet;
  • No pens.


On top of the laminated chipboard, a protective coating is applied against moisture, dirt, chips and scratches. Easy to assemble, easy to follow instructions and all parts needed are included. Visually, the model looks easy. There are no handles, the drawers open with edge gaps.

The best computer desks with add-on and lockers

The review is completed by the category of products with extended functionality. These are computer tables with drawers , add-ons for games, entertainment, workflows. We are talking about a full-fledged furniture corner, where you can store a lot of things compactly.

TetChair ST-S-240

A computer desk on wheels with an ergonomic and thoughtful design. These are combined materials, the possibility of transportation. Country – China.

The base is metal, the facades are made of MDF. Tempered glass table top, no scratching edges, easy to clean surface. It is complemented by a superstructure in silver, where you can install acoustics. There is a zone for the system unit, a sliding shelf for the keyboard. Small items can be stored in a closed drawer.

The support is complemented by plastic wheels, so that the furniture can be easily moved. Maximum load – up to 25 kg. General dimensions – 140x101x66 cm with a weight of 34 kg. Chipboard is pasted over with a film to protect it from moisture and dirt.TetChair ST-S240


  • Strained glass;
  • Support on wheels;
  • Keyboard area;
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Stylish appearance.


  • Load weight restrictions;
  • The mouse does not walk well on glass.

In total, this model offers 5 shelves of different sizes, which is very convenient for arranging computer equipment and additional devices. All fasteners are included in the kit, it is marked, which simplifies assembly.

Furniture-Complex Denver 12

Mini-office for those who have to work with a large amount of stationery, papers, books. There is everything here – a superstructure, a closed case, drawers, open shelves. Production – Russia.

The furniture is made of chipboard. The left side offers a spacious closet-pencil case, lower retractable shelves. Above the work area is a superstructure consisting of a closed and open niche for books. On the right is a separate place for the system unit. Facades are equipped with elongated metal handles.

Dimensions – 186x60x159 cm with a weight of 75 kg. There are several design options, the color of the frames is different from the facades. Despite the visual compactness, this set is actually roomy. Chipboard thickness 1.6 cm.

Furniture-Complex Denver 12


  • mini office;
  • Good capacity;
  • Functionality;
  • Nice colors;
  • Extended workspace;
  • Price.


  • Sharp edges;
  • Some of the holes don’t fit.


The load capacity of the upper shelves is up to 10 kg. With advanced features, this is a budget option. It is precisely because of the best ratio of price to quality, compactness and multitasking that this nominee closes the review.

How to choose a computer desk

After getting acquainted with the nominees, the top products of the current year, you just have to make a choice. Before you buy something, evaluate the models in question on a number of criteria – materials, how environmentally friendly they are, dimensions, whether there are shelves and add-ons. Make sure that the shape of the structure will fit into the interior.


The primary indicator of quality is the materials of manufacture. Most often, PC tables are made of:

  • solid wood – an eco-friendly, aesthetic material with a protective layer of varnish that requires careful maintenance (minus – expensive);
  • veneer – aesthetic products, as an alternative to the first option, they are available, without differing from solid wood (minus – cheap base material);
  • metal (steel) – the best indicator of strength, aesthetic, products that can withstand heavy loads (minus – heavy weight);
  • glass is an eco-friendly material that looks beautiful in the interior, in addition, it visually expands the space, does not deteriorate from moisture, scratches (minus injury risk);
  • plastic – a table top can be made from it, which is lightweight, presented in a wide variety of colors, easy to clean, affordable (minus – weakness before load, damage);
  • Chipboard – a budget option that imitates wood due to a special coating (minus – poor resistance to moisture, damage);
  • Fiberboard – the bottom, rear facades are usually made from such material;
  • MDF is an expensive solution, a countertop is made from it, it is more environmentally friendly than chipboard, fiberboard.

Which one to choose depends on financial capabilities and personal preferences. The more expensive the furniture, the higher the indicators of environmental friendliness, service life, aesthetics.

Environmental friendliness

Be sure to check the environmental class with the seller before buying a kit. He talks about the level of toxicity, safety for human health. The higher it is, the less glue, formaldehyde, varnishes, protective coatings are involved in the design. The best indicator is E-0.5 and E-1.

The size

Compare the dimensions of the structure declared by the manufacturer with the possibilities of the space of your room. The generally accepted sizing guidelines are as follows:

  • the average length of the countertop is from 90 to 160 cm;
  • the optimal width of the working area is from 60 to 90 cm;
  • table height for medium height – from 70 to 80 cm.

And you can calculate the ideal indicator, taking into account your height. The man takes his height, multiplies it by the constant 75, and then divides it by the average parameter of 175. The woman does the same, but divides by 162.

The presence of a superstructure and shelves

You should also choose a kit by the presence of shelves, drawers, add-ons. Shelves can be:

  • open for the location of decor items, quick access to things;
  • closed on rollers, with a door, without it;
  • built-in, where you can place acoustics and other equipment for PC;
  • stationary, autonomous under the system unit and other items;
  • retractable, usually used to accommodate the keyboard.

Pay attention to the design features of the boxes. They can be retractable or open through the door. Well, if they work silently, smoothly.

The form

An equally important indicator is the shape of the countertop. It can be of several versions:

  • rectangular (linear) – a classic, like a simple and stable desk for a student;
  • rectangular with a notch in the middle – a convenient model for long work, here you can put your elbows on the table, reducing the load on your hands;
  • corner – a triangular shape of the tabletop for installation in a corner, one elbow can be placed on it when working;
  • L-shaped – an angular design, where one side is longer than the other, it requires more space, can be used for zoning;
  • U-, T-shaped – a combined version of different modules of linear tables or a stationary design, as the best solution for collective gatherings;
  • L-, U-shaped – a model with an enlarged working area, where you can install several monitors, computers.

You can also distinguish products in shape with straight, rounded edges, corners. Safety and comfort depend on this parameter.

Which computer desk is better

Which option to choose from the named 10 nominees is a purely individual question. If appearance is important to someone, durability and quality are more priority for others. Therefore, we do not give specific recommendations, but taking into account the advantages and disadvantages, we highlight the following positions:

  • Tex Greta-4 – a small-sized model with a pull-out shelf for the keyboard, an area for the system unit, plastic thrust pads;
  • Skyland CD 1059 – comfortable design with a two-section pedestal, edges with rounded edges, support with thrust bearings;
  • Merdes Domino Nelson SR-500M – a stylish modern design with geometric lines, the presence of a superstructure, a stable pedestal;
  • Sokol KST-109 – two high-strength countertops at once, a convenient compartment for the system unit;
  • MfMaster Renzo-2 – large working area, trendy colors, durable coating that extends the service life;
  • TetChair ST-S-240 is a glass gaming computer table on wheels that can be easily transported indoors, all the necessary shelves and compartments for computer peripherals and equipment.

Once you get to know the top products of 2021 and the criteria for their evaluation, the task of finding the right model no longer seems so difficult. The main thing is to decide on the purpose of the kit, the location (home, office), and also indicate in advance the possibilities of your budget. Comfort, posture, vision will depend on the correct purchase.