My friends and family all know it. I’m pretty much an expert on futons because I’ve been using mine for years now and I know how to fix a futon. What I like the most is that a futon gives me so much versatility. It’s easy to move from one apartment to the next. It’s a cost-effective way to come up with sleeping space for me or for one of my guests. All in all, futons are a pretty convenient thing to have. The one downside? It’s true that my futon gets pretty saggy from time to time.

Saggy Futon? Try This

I’ve used futons from my dorm room days and in my apartment now. I’ve owned a few of them, so there are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. I’m going let you know these are things that you can try if you’re trying to make that sagging old futon last a little while longer. Try these tips to fix a sagging futon.

  • Add a board or plywood underneath your futon.

In terms of what tools to fix a futon you may need, consider that you may need to get a new foundation. It might surprise you that your problem may not even be your futon mattress. Maybe your problem is really what’s going on underneath. A lot of people use the metal-slat futon frames, and then the metal can add to the problem. When you place your weight on the futon, you can feel the metal jabbing you in the back.



Simple solution? Try adding a lightweight piece of plywood or bunkie board. You’ll get 2 advantages from this solution. First, the futon will be much more comfortable for you when you’re sleeping on it. Second? The futon’s going to last much longer if you add this layer of support.

Strong Foundations Help

It’s a great idea if you make the foundation stronger. After all, a strong foundation will make your futon fuller. Try this Split Foundation Bunkie Board by Continental Sleep. It comes in 2 separate pieces for queen size, which makes it easier to ship and for you to handle. It costs only $124 and has free shipping.

Give Under-Futon Support

Maybe you want to try something softer to make your futon stronger and fuller. Try this

Mattress Helper Under Mattress Support. It goes underneath your futon to give it more fullness. The best thing? You can control where you put this extra support. Let’s say you want to make a queen-sized futon fuller. Then you’ll want to buy 2 of these and put one on each side. The good news is that each single side of coverage costs you only $64.99 and offers free shipping. You’ll have a better night’s sleep in just a few days.

So if you’ve already tried strengthening your futon’s foundation, you can also try putting something into the frame to stop your futon from sliding. You can stop the “futon slide” by checking the slats in your futon frame. Over time, they can be moved around, which leads to your futon mattress sliding.

As a result? You find yourself sitting or lying in an uncomfortable position on the futon. If you or your significant other keep laying in the exact same spot, night after night, you can actually cause an indentation in your futon. Prevent that from happening by adjusting the slats. Stick something in between the slats to stop your futon from sliding around, and that just may do the trick.

  • Try adding pillows

Something a really simple solution works the best. You may be putting your weight in the same place, each time you sit and lay on your futon. If you plump up your futon by adding some pillows, especially on the end — it can lead to a much more comfortable experience.

  • Add another layer

I remember once I had a futon that was getting pretty old and saggy. I was lucky to have an easy way to solve it. You can stack 2 older futons together, and guess what? It works by giving you a much-needed boost in thickness. Remember that adding that little air cushion in between 2 sagging futons really does add to the comfort level. The downside to this? You can bet the futons will slip around — a lot. While this isn’t a permanent solution, it will help you out for a little while until you can figure out your next step.

Think Outside the Box

  • Flip and rotate your futon

It may help you to think outside the box. Maybe you’ll do better if you try to plump up the futon mattress. Keep in mind that families have used futons in places like Japan for years, and they get a comfortable night sleep from a futon. The key to their success is that they do 2 things: they buy a really high-quality futon, and they take care of them.

Make sure that you rotate your futon regularly, to prevent any uneven spots from forming. Like any mattress, your futon will start to have divots or indentations in it if you always sit in the same spot. You should flip your futon over once a month at a minimum. Besides flipping it, you also need to actually rotate the top and bottom. When you rotate and flip your mattress, you’re giving yourself the chance to keep it comfortable. You’ll help to increase the longevity of the mattress at the same time.

  • Keep it clean

You have to air out your futon mattress to ensure the highest quality experience. You should refold your mattress differently every few weeks so that you’re not always putting the center fold or trifold in the same place. You want to air out your futon and even use an old fashioned carpet cleaner on it. If you don’t have one of those, you can use a broom. You want to fold your futon over a fence and hit it several times. That will get it clean and air it out. Leave your futon in the fresh air and sunshine for 30 minutes or more. That will help keep your futon cleaner and also help fluff up the futon’s stuffing. The result? Your futon will be fresher and last better.

Make Your Futon Last

Save Space and Money

You may find yourself in a situation where you have to be careful about space as much as money. If you’re serious about saving space and money at the same time, you could really appreciate the Bali Futon Sofa Sleeper. It looks better than a lot of futon frames because it really does look like a sofa. Because it holds the futon higher off the ground, it has the look of a more traditional couch. You can have it in your living room or dorm room — and be confident that it looks just fine. At only $206.49 plus free shipping, you’ll get a lot of furniture without having to spend much money. Remember, though, that this is only the frame. You can put your old futon onto this sofa to give your futon a new lease on life.

Invest in Quality

You know this, and I know this. The truth of the matter is that the quality of your futon is the number one factor that determines if you’re futon’s gonna last. If you can afford to splurge on a higher quality futon, get the Rocky Mountain 8-inch sleeper sofa. The price is $598.39 and they throw in the shipping for you, which is nice. This Rocky Mountain futon more than twice as thick as most futons out there, so it will last you for a long time. You should remember that you are using this furniture in 2 different ways. Right? It’s your couch and a bed. Even when you buy a higher quality futon like this, you’re still saving a lot of money compared to having to purchase 2 different things. What’s nicest about this futon? It has the look of wood for the sofa arms, so it’s more attractive than most futon sofas out there.

Forget Your Futon

Sometimes, you just have to decide. It’s for you to decide what’s best for you, but I know that sometimes in the past? I’ve tried to hard to save money, that I end up spending more. If you’re tired of trying to make a sagging futon work, it could be time for you to make a leap to something nicer. This Brentwood Mission-Style Sleeper Sofa doesn’t even have a futon. It’s the real deal. If you think you’re ready to look like a “real” grown-up, this sofa looks really nice in an apartment, family room or guest bedroom. It’s made of solid construction, so there’s nothing flimsy about it. The price is a very reasonable $570 and the shipping is free. It’s pretty comparable to a standard sofa in terms of price, but it has the added bonus of being a sleeper bed, too. For a sleeper sofa, this is a great value.

Pillow-Top Sleeper Sofa

The Rocky Mountain look is pretty popular. If that’s something you go for, then you can consider this Rocky Mountain Sit & Sleep Sofabed. Like the other sofa right above, this one is also not a futon at all. It’s made of a great, wood look. It’s going to complement your space, for sure. The quality is surprisingly high; it even has a pillow-top. The price is $559.99 plus free shipping. This is an affordable option for you if you’re looking to get a quality piece.

You Have Futon Options

Now that you’ve had a chance to review all your choices, you should feel good about yourself. It’s nice to know you have options. Determine whether you are just trying to make your current futon last a few more months, or if you’re ready to make the move to a stronger piece of furniture. You also have to figure out how much space you have to spare for this futon sofa. If you can manage it, you’ll be happy with a sturdier-looking futon. Whatever you decide, you’re going to enjoy your futon for a long time to come.