It is very normal that, when talking about noise, we generally think of annoying sounds that can affect our daily activities.

But the truth is that there are many types of noise that, when used correctly, can be highly beneficial for optimal rest.

One of them is pink noise, a powerful ally that can help improve our physical and emotional health thanks to its ability to help us reconcile and maintain quality sleep.

What is pink noise and what benefits does it have?

Pink noise relaxed girl dim light_minPink noise is very deep and balanced. It gets its name because the characteristics of white noise and red noise are mixed in it.

To understand what the color of noise is, we must start by talking about the frequency of the sound (the number of times a wave is repeated during one second). Well, the colors of the noise are determined by its spectral density, that is, by how the energy is distributed during this period of time.

We all know that the color pink is a mixture of red and white. If we apply the color theory to sound, we obtain that white noise has all the frequencies that the human being is capable of perceiving (between 20 and 20,000 Hertz) while red noise is mainly composed of low and medium frequencies. In the color pink, both characteristics come together.

Did you know that… In our daily lives we can find numerous examples of pink noise, among them: the waves of the sea, heavy rain, the rustling of leaves, the beating of the heart or a fan at its slowest speed.

The benefits of this noise color are directly related to a notable improvement in sleep quality, since the balance between its high and low frequencies produces a harmonious sound that facilitates falling asleep and meditation.

How can pink noise help us sleep?

Pink noise_adult woman listening to music_minIn most cases, night awakenings are caused by a sudden change in the volume or frequency of the ambient sound that interrupts sleep. This situation can be solved by using pink noise since, due to its characteristics, it has the ability to create a constant ambient sound that cancels out those sounds that can affect sleep.

According to a study, pink noise has an effect on the complexity, synchronization of brain activity and the consolidation of deep sleep, significantly improving sleep stability and quality.

That is why, when we wake up, we feel revitalized and energetic to face a new day. And it is that deep sleep is the moment in which the improvement of immune and cognitive functions, muscle repair and cell regeneration occurs.

Baby pink noise

Almost all parents have heard of white noise to induce babies to sleep, but the fact that pink noise eliminates their high frequencies seems more effective in calming and relaxing them.

In addition, some studies investigate how these types of sounds affect newborns. The similarity of pink noise with the sounds that the fetus hears inside the womb could be the explanation of why it manages to induce sleep or, failing that, calm babies.

Differences between pink noise and white noise

Pink noise girl resting_minWhite noise has a mixture of all the high and low frequencies distributed equally and creates a kind of buzz that can be hard to tell apart from pink noise.

Pink noise, although it also has all the frequencies, its distribution is uneven. It is as if it had passed through a filter to make the sound flatter and where the force of the low frequencies is stronger. As a result, the sound is lower and deeper.

Examples of pink noise

We already know how pink noise can help us relax and fall asleep. So that you can check its beneficial effects for both adults and newborns, we suggest the following videos:

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It is widely corroborated how sonotherapy or sound therapy can become a fantastic alternative to help us achieve better rest and fall asleep.

Fortunately, we have tools available at our fingertips to achieve this goal. We just have to create the ideal environment and try some of our previous proposals to see first-hand the effects of pink noise. We encourage you to discover it!