Best Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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The Best Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame

The Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame actually comes in a full range of sizes from twin to California king, but we will be reviewing the queen size in this article, currently available on Amazon. The advantage of any metal bed frame is portability. Most bed frames and box spring beds are bulky and heavy, so they are hard to move and store. However, metal bed frames are typically not as durable as a solid frame, which is why most people prefer to spend more on a box spring or solid bed frame. Let us see if this metal bed frame is the exception or runs true to form.

This particular queen size metal bed frame requires no tools to assemble, weighs less than 40 lb., and is elevated to 14 inches, providing a convenient storage space. The manufacturer claims it can support as much as 2,400 lb. if the weight is evenly distributed. This is due to the 12 points of contact in its patented Smart Base design and may be used with a memory foam mattress without a need for a bunkie board or any other solid support. It can be attached to an existing headboard and footboard using the optional brackets.

The manufacturer specified a weight capacity that is “evenly distributed” for good reason. If a heavier person habitually sleeps on one side of this queen size platform bed frame, one side will start to dip more than the side of the lighter person. This can cause some rolling in during sleep, which can be annoying. It also means that too much weight on any one area on the frame can break the supports. The slimmer frame sections also tend to bend easily. The leg supports are not as sturdy as they should be for long-term use for any one person weighing more than 200 lb.

The metal construction also makes more noise than the traditional solid bed frame or box spring. Some users also find that the mattress has a tendency to slide around, although a mattress cover may solve that problem. Some frames arrive with sharp surfaces that can seriously damage mattresses by snagging and ripping into them. This is not good, especially if you have a good-quality mattress. There have also been issues with alignment, which makes assembly more difficult.

This is a good queen metal bed frame for occasional use, such as for a guest bedroom. Because it is easy to move, assemble, and store, it would be an excellent emergency bed that is only taken out when needed. It may also be an affordable frame for small children. The price is attractive and provided the product is inspected carefully upon purchase, there should be no major issues on assembly and mattress damage.

However, this sleep master platform metal bed frame is not recommended for people who do not have time to send back a defective purchase, because quality control appears to be an issue with this manufacturer. Overall, it is not a product recommended for adults for regular use, especially if a squeaky bed is an issue.

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