Choosing a mattress is not something that can be taken lightly. If you really want to rest and take care of the health of your back, you can not only look at the price, but also that its properties fit with your morphology and way of sleeping.

In this guide I will reveal to you which are the best quality-price mattresses after having tried dozens of them (yes, I am the closest thing to a professional sleeper you will find), the results of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) and the opinions of experts and users.

But first, let’s remember the rules that you should always keep in mind:

  • If you sleep on your side, avoid harder mattresses.
  • If you’re not exactly [email protected], don’t use a soft mattress
  • If you are cold like me, you need a foam mattress
  • If, on the other hand, you are hot, spring mattresses are much cooler
  • If you are allergic, your best option is latex

I imagine that you have already realized that the keys to choosing your mattress can be summed up in two: the material and its firmness.


Best mattresses material_okThe properties of each material (or the combination of several) will define if the mattress is more suitable for a double or single bed, and also if they will make you feel protected or, on the contrary, they will not envelop your body.

  • For example, latex stands out for its flexibility and is ideal for articulated beds. It is also the only material where mites are unable to nest, so it is the best choice if you suffer from asthma or dust allergies.
  • Pocket spring mattresses have good bed independence and facilitate air circulation, making them an excellent option for double beds and hot people.


Best mattresses visco mano_ok

Depending on the position in which you sleep and your weight, you will need more or less support.

For example, if you usually sleep on your back or have a heavy weight, you should choose a firmer mattress, while thin people will appreciate a low or medium firmness that provides good support without being uncomfortable.

I tell you these points (and much more) in detail in the buying guide that you will find at the end of the article.

The 10 best mattresses of 2023

These are the best value for money mattresses so far this year:

1. EMMA mattress

The best mattress according to experts, designed to adapt to most users.


Chosen as the best mattress by the OCU for 5 consecutive years, the Emma stands out for its ability to adapt to most postures and body morphologies.

Materials: Viscoelastic, Airgocell and high density cold foam

Firmness: medium/other

Right now, this is the mattress I sleep on every day with my partner and the mattress I would recommend to the vast majority of users. It is very breathable, cushions the movements of each one well and has the ideal intermediate hardness for both.

3 layers of different foams

At 25 cm thick, the Emma mattress is made up of successive layers of Airgocell foam (4 cm), viscoelastic memory foam (4 cm) and a cold foam core. Thanks to this, it has a medium firmness that usually satisfies both thin and heavy people, and both those who sleep on their sides and back.

These different layers of foam manage to distribute the pressure of most users quite evenly, which generates a similar feeling of firmness regardless of the weight and position in which you sleep, in addition to a very good independence of beds:

  • The upper layer of Airgocell foam provides comfort thanks to its elasticity, allowing pressure to be exerted on one point of the mattress without deforming the adjacent areas. This is ideal for double beds, as it absorbs the movements of each person separately and prevents your partner from waking you up if he moves a lot.
  • The second layer is viscoelastic, with a memory effect that distributes pressure and adapts to the shape of the body. This increases the feeling of welcome.
  • The layer of high-density cold foam that forms the core of the mattress gives it firmness to prevent us from sinking excessively, and provides the necessary support to ensure the correct position of the back and neck. However, people who weigh more than 90 Kg may find it somewhat soft, especially if they come from a spring mattress.

This order in the materials has a secondary effect, which is that it does not have a summer and a winter side (although, on the other hand, it is not necessary either). Although you can alternate the head and foot part, the mattress should always be placed with the same side up.

Important: the color of the layers may vary depending on the country, but the materials used are the same.

good breathability

The high porosity of its foams improves breathability, resulting in an especially cool mattress for a viscoelastic one. This is complemented by a washable cover made of elastic material that regulates humidity and prevents heat build-up in the bed. We came from another viscoelastic mattress and we have noticed a big change in terms of the sensation of heat.

Therefore, it is a mattress that usually satisfies even hot people or people who live in hot areas. Of course, do not expect it to reach the level of a spring mattress.

Warranty and test at home

One of the main assets of the Emma is that you can try it for 100 nights without obligation. This way you can do a real test to make sure that the mattress meets your needs before deciding if you keep it. In fact, their customer service has been awarded the best service of 2021, something that is appreciated when you have a problem or question.

It also has a 10-year warranty. Remember that you should change your mattress approximately every 10 years, so this guarantee assures you of quality throughout its useful life.

To learn more about this mattress and see it live, here is our unboxing :

Emma Original Mattress 2022: unboxing, test and opinion (updated)
NoteIf you want to see our analysis and the results of the tests to which we have subjected this mattress, take a look at the complete review of the Emma mattress.


  • Adaptability and welcome to the body in all postures
  • Suitable for different weights
  • Material quality
  • Greater freshness thanks to the open pores of its memory foam


  • Not the best option for elderly people with limited mobility or extremely hot people

2. Hypnia Superior Wellness

A high-end mattress, perfect for sleeping with a partner.


Recommended for people who suffer from back pain, due to its ability to adapt to the shape of the spine, eliminating pressure points.

Materials: pocket springs, memory foam, natural latex

Firmness: medium-high

The Hypnia Superior Wellness stands out for its adaptability, a good feeling of welcome and excellent bed independence, which is especially appreciated if two people are going to sleep on the mattress.

Of course, the mattress has a firmness on the high side, so if you like very soft mattresses, this mattress may seem somewhat hard to you, especially the first days of use.

3 layers to adapt to each body

The total thickness of the mattress is 30 cm, formed by the combination of three materials:

interior hypnia

  • High-density memory foam (5 cm). We have verified that the visco of this mattress efficiently distributes the weight, a very suitable quality for people with back problems or overweight. When changing posture, we have observed that it recovers its shape progressively but quickly.
  • Natural latex (2.5 cm). It reinforces the work of memory foam and softens the hardness of the mattress. It also extends its useful life, since it is a very resistant material.
  • Pocket springs. Each one is protected by an individual bag that avoids the typical noises when moving on a spring mattress. It also prevents the spring from coming out (nothing to do with old mattresses that dug into you over time). As they are independent springs, each one works individually, providing good adaptability and avoiding the transmission of movement.

Before testing it, we were a little concerned about the breathability of the mattress due to the high density of the viscoelastic (75 kg/m3). However, the air circulation afforded by the thick layer of pocket springs combined with the wicking properties of the bamboo fiber outer fabric makes up for this point well.

Another point to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to turn the mattress from time to time. Something that is appreciated considering that the mattress is quite heavy: between 26 and 49 kg depending on the measure.

Be careful! Although the thickness of 30 cm is becoming more and more common, you should take it into account when choosing the sheets.

7 rest areas for all tastes

The Hypnia has seven differentiated comfort zones (regardless of the size you choose): head, shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, thighs and legs. You will notice it especially if you tend to load a certain area, such as the cervical or lumbar.

That is why it is a good option if you have or have had some type of injury and also for the rest of overweight people, who will take advantage of the thickness, firmness and resistance of a mattress focused on relieving pressure points.

On the contrary, due to its rather high firmness, it does not seem to us the best option for very thin people, who may find it a bit hard.

Warranty and test at home

This mattress has 120 test nights at home. If when you sleep on it you see that it is not what you need, you can return it and they will refund your money. Of course, we advise you to keep the plastic in which the mattress came during the trial period because if you want to return it, they ask you to pack the mattress.

Another point that gives us confidence in the long-term performance of this mattress is that the manufacturer offers a 15-year guarantee (5 years of full guarantee and a decrease of 10% per year from there until 15 years).

Our final verdict: the mattress has exceeded our expectations both in terms of the quality of the materials, which also have the OEKOTEX Standard 100 certificate, and in performance. Therefore, although the Hypnia represents a considerable outlay, we think that the investment is really worth it.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is my unboxing and evaluation video:

Hypnia Superior Wellness Mattress: unboxing, test and opinion
NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the Complete Hypnia Mattress Guide.


  • High quality of materials
  • Differentiated rest areas
  • You don’t need to turn it around
  • 120-night trial and 15-year warranty


  • Price above average
  • it is quite heavy

3. Groundhog Mattress

For those looking for a model with features backed by scientific studies at a fair price.

Marmot Mattress

Ideal if you are looking for a mattress that adapts to your body without feeling trapped.

Materials: memory foam, Airsoft-Tech foam and HR foam

Firmness: average

Of this mattress, manufactured in Spain, we are especially struck by the combination of its materials. With a total height of 25 cm, it is composed of an exclusive 3 cm Marmota memory foam layer that works in conjunction with the 4 cm layer of Airsoft-Tech foam and the 18 cm layer of high-resilience profiled foam. Let’s see in more detail what each material contributes.

Combination of 3 materials

The upper layer of visco relieves pressure and has a good level of adaptability, creating a pleasant feeling of welcome when lying down. Its rapid recovery facilitates night movements. In addition, its structure with very open cells facilitates air circulation. In this way, the accumulation of heat and humidity and the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms (mites, bacteria and fungi) are avoided.

Next, we find the Airsoft-Tech layer that works as a complement to the upper layer: it has a cushioning effect and makes the qualities of the viscoelastic reach its maximum performance. When testing it, we noticed that it is easy to move freely and we appreciate how the movements of the body are smoothly accompanied.

This layer has perforations that promote adequate breathability.

Lastly, the 17 cm high-density foam sheet ( Support Foam) provides firmness, preventing us from sinking excessively and provides, according to the manufacturer, adequate support to maintain a correct neck and back position. How do you get it? Through the foam profiles located at the different pressure points at the height of the shoulders, lower back and legs, which provide ergonomics and contribute to better breathability.

Good results backed by scientific studies

One of the things that we like the most about this mattress is that the brand has dared to compare it with other mattresses in a study carried out by specialist doctors from the Sleep Units of several hospitals. The results seem to indicate that the quality of sleep of the participants improved when they changed their mattress for a Woodchuck.

In addition, in our tests we have verified that it presents a correct independence of beds, since the movement on one side is not transmitted to the rest of the mattress, being a good option if two people are going to sleep in the bed.

Keep in mind that the Marmota mattress is designed to tolerate a load per person of between 30 kg and 115 kg. However, if you weigh more than 95 kg, we advise you to choose another model of mattress with a higher firmness, as this mattress may seem somewhat soft to you.

As for the cover, it can be easily removed by means of the zipper that completely separates the upper and lower part for washing.

Although it comes vacuum packed, we have found that the mattress recovers its size quickly. Of course, as always, our recommendation is that you leave it for at least 24 hours in a well-ventilated place before using it to help completely dissipate the chemical smell that new mattresses have.

Warranty and trial time

In our opinion, the 10-year guarantee offered by the manufacturer is a good guarantee of the quality of the materials and the good long-term performance of the mattress. We also like that the manufacturer offers a 100-night at-home trial.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is my unboxing and evaluation video:

Marmota mattress: unboxing, test and opinion (updated)
NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, take a look at the complete review of the Marmota mattress.


  • Good balance between adaptability and breathability
  • Performance backed by scientific studies
  • 100-night trial and 10-year warranty


  • Not suitable for people over 115 kg
  • If you are used to a high-firm mattress, it may seem a bit soft to you.

4. Senso G S100 Plus

A very adaptable mattress with good firmness. 

SensoG s100 Plus

For people looking for a soft mattress without losing support.

Materials: visco-gel, high-density viscoelastic and high-resilience foam

Firmness: average

What has caught our attention the most about the Senso G S100 Plus is the generous 8 cm layer of visco, combining 1.5 cm of visco gel and 6.5 cm of high density visco (85 kg/m3). This upper layer provides a pleasant feeling of welcome but, in combination with the foam core, allows the mattress to maintain its support and offer a medium firmness, suitable for sleeping in any position.

For this reason, we think it is a good option for those who want to enjoy the advantages of a thick layer of viscoelastic and do not want a very soft mattress or for those who have just slept on a pocket spring mattress.

The mattress adapts to a wide variety of sleepers since, according to the manufacturer, it is suitable for people between 60 and 120 kg. Although, in our opinion, if you weigh more than 100 kg, it may not give you adequate support.

It is also very flexible, being suitable for articulated beds, and can be used with any type of base.

Due to its layered structure, you will not have to turn it over, but the manufacturer indicates that you turn it from head to toe periodically. In our opinion, we miss some handles to facilitate the process, although between two people you can do it without problems.

Hygiene and breathability

Of course, we believe that it is a great success that it is removable and that you can wash the cover in the washing machine at home, something practical and that facilitates the hygiene of the mattress.

When testing it, we found it to be breathable thanks to its upper layer of open-cell viscoelastic with microgel and its cover with 3D fabric and Argentum+, which facilitate air circulation and prevent the concentration of heat and humidity.

In addition, the Argentum+ technology based on silver ions has antibacterial properties that enhance the hygiene of the mattress.

Test and guarantee

It is appreciated that the manufacturer offers a 30-day trial at home, much better than deciding in 10 minutes lying in a store. Also, if you use the exclusive code for our ENCUENTRA readers, you will have an extension of the trial period to 60 days.

Its 3-year guarantee seems fair to us, although it gives us some confidence that its materials have several quality certificates, such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In addition, we must point out that the core of the mattress does have a 10-year guarantee.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is my unboxing and evaluation video:

Senso G S100 Plus mattress: unboxing, test and opinion
NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the Complete guide to the Senso G S100 Plus mattress.


  • Good welcome feeling
  • Suitable for very different weights
  • Cover suitable for cleaning in a washing machine


  • short warranty
  • does not have handles

5. Be there

For people looking for a hygienic mattress without sacrificing adaptability.

Liroon Original

A mattress with all the benefits of latex combined with the high adaptability of memory foam and the support of high-density foam.

Materials: natural latex, memory foam and high-density foam

Firmness: average

When we thought we had seen everything in mattresses, the Liroon has managed to surprise us by putting a layer of latex on visco that breaks the mold of classic combinations.

3 layers that break schemes

In its 25 cm thickness, the Liroon combines:

  • Natural latex: this is something that we liked because most of the mattresses in their range usually use the synthetic option. Being of the perforated type, it enhances air circulation and ventilation of the mattress. It is hypoallergenic and, for a better rest, it has waves designed to relieve pressure points.
  • Viscoelastic: with a density of 50 kg/m3, we have verified that it has a good memory effect. It reinforces the characteristics of the latex although, as it is not located in the upper layer, it loses a little the sensation of welcome that is so characteristic of this material. Still, the mattress is still comfortable.
  • High-density foam core: this layer is what supports the mattress, so you don’t sink too much when you lie down. In addition, it has lateral profiles that divide the rest areas to provide the necessary firmness to each area of ​​the body.

Bed firmness and independence

Its medium firmness suits those who like a soft, welcoming sensation without losing support. It is a mattress that we would recommend for both young people and adults between 40 and 110 kg, because it distributes the weight well and distributes it evenly, and also for those who usually sleep on their backs or on their sides.

It is suitable for any type of base, so you can finish adjusting its firmness using a softer or harder support depending on what you prefer. And you can also use it with articulated bed bases.

If you are going to sleep two in it, you will be interested to know that its independence of beds is quite good. Even so, it transmits movement a bit, so if you have very different weights or someone moves a lot when sleeping, our advice is to look for a mattress with a good top layer of visco.

If you are allergic to mites…

It is an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mite mattress both for its materials and for the treatment that has been given to them during its manufacture. For this reason, it is suitable for people with allergies and for those who seek maximum cleanliness in this type of product.

In addition, we liked that it is removable, something that makes hygiene much easier, but keep in mind that you will have to take the cover to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.

And even though latex is at the top of the mattress (and it’s not exactly the coolest material of all), it’s not very warm. And it is that it has perforations in the latex and, in addition, its visco is open cell so that it breathes better and does not accumulate moisture.

Test at home and guarantee

You can try it at home for 100 nights and it has a 10-year guarantee. And, for greater confidence, all its materials have quality certificates such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Certipur.

If you want to know more about the Liroon mattress and see it live, here is the unboxing and evaluation video that we have made:

Liroon mattress: unboxing, test and opinion
NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the Complete Liroon Mattress Guide.


  • Natural latex top cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unfundable


  • Independence of beds somewhat fair
  • Only washable cover in dry cleaning

6. Kipli

A 100% natural latex mattress of high quality and versatility

Kipli mattress detail new_original

Made of 100% natural latex and organic cotton and tencel cover, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin or back pain.

Materials: 100% natural latex

Firmness: two levels (medium and medium-high)

Extracted in Sri Lanka, Kipli latex is 100% natural, grown without pesticides or chemicals and with a very careful manufacturing process carried out entirely in Italy. It has the EUROLATEX and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificates that reaffirm the quality of this mattress.

Natural latex provides a durable mattress due to its high resistance. In addition, it offers a good balance between support and comfort, avoiding pressure points when sleeping.

Two levels of firmness

The Kipli mattress is double-sided with different firmnesses so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. This versatility allows it to fit the needs of most sleepers.

In our case, we are two using the same mattress with very different weights and different postures and even so, we have both slept very well on it. Its good independence of beds also helps this, since we have not noticed the movement of the other throughout the night.

Its 2 layers are:

  • 5 cm layer of 65kg/m3 latex: It is soft and flexible and we recommend it for people with little weight, who sleep on their side or want a more fluffy feeling.
  • 15 cm layer of 85kg/m3 high-density latex: It is the firm side and is suitable for people with more weight due to its support, avoiding the boat effect.


Following its ecological philosophy, the layers of the Kipli are joined with natural glue made of water and liquid latex, avoiding the addition of toxic products.

Hygiene and maintenance

If you are allergic or have asthma, 100% natural latex is a good option for you because mites cannot nest in it. In addition, the Kipli is free of chemicals and substances that are harmful to your health.

We like its cover made of organic cotton, tencel and filled with wool, which is soft to the touch, fluffy and provides a pleasant thermal sensation. In addition, it has a removable cover and although it cannot be machine washed (so it does not shrink), you can take it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.

To turn it over, you can use its 4 side handles.

Delivery and packaging

Keep in mind that latex mattresses are heavy and it is best that you have some help handling it, especially if you have to carry it up the stairs.

Recovers to its natural shape within a few hours after unpacking. You may notice a bit of a smell when you open it, but you will see that it disappears quickly when you let it sit for a few hours in a well-ventilated room.

Test and guarantee

You can test the mattress at home for 100 nights, before deciding if it is the most suitable.

If you decide to keep it, you will have a 10-year guarantee, although in our opinion, the quality of its materials ensures a mattress for well over 10 years.

It is not the cheapest option, but after having tried it, I assure you that it is a good investment for your health and rest.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is my  unboxing  and evaluation video:

Kipli mattress: unboxing, test and opinion
NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the Complete Kipli Mattress Guide.


  • 100% natural latex
  • Adaptability and versatility (two levels of firmness to choose from)
  • Good bed independence
  • 100-night trial and 10-year warranty


  • Price above average
  • It is heavy to handle
  • You have to wash the cover in dry cleaning

7. Visco Cloud Flex

The best mattress for those who sleep on their side or move around a lot.

Flex Cloud Visco_ok

Ideal for people with a slim/medium build, if you usually sleep on your side or frequently change your position during the night.

Materials: memory foam + pocket springs

Firmness: medium-low

The Visco Gel Flex Cloud, chosen for several years by the OCU as one of the best mattresses, combines the characteristics of pocket spring mattresses, with their independence of beds and movement absorption, and the adaptability and memory effect of memory foam. , which provides comfort and a feeling of welcome.

In addition, the gel particles it contains act as a thermoregulatory agent that absorbs heat, increasing the sensation of freshness, which is especially appreciated during the summer.

Sensitive skin and frequent night movements

Under the cover there is a layer of hypoallergenic fabric designed for people with sensitive skin. In total, it has a thickness of 33 cm, and it is a good option if you frequently change your position in bed, thanks to its good adaptability and the speed with which its materials adapt to changes in posture. This makes it especially recommended for double beds.

Another detail is that it has handles. It may seem silly, but it is quite appreciated when you have to move or rotate it.

However, if you have a high weight (body mass index above 30), it is not the most recommended option. You will get a better rest with a firmer mattress, such as the Gaudi model from Sonpura.

What is and how is the body mass index or BMI calculated? This standardized index is frequently used in general and sports medicine to assess whether you are in your optimal weight range, or if you have a few extra – or missing – quills.

It is very easy to calculate: you just have to divide your weight (in Kg) by your height (in meters) squared.

Weight (kg) / height2 (m)

TipSince it is rather soft, it is best to support it on a rigid base, such as a sofa or an upholstered base.

It is also recommended that you turn it over every 3-4 months and rotate it a couple of times a year to extend its useful life and enjoy maximum comfort at all times.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is my  unboxing video :

Flex Nube Visco Mattress: unboxing, test and opinion


  • great durability
  • Good bed independence
  • Adaptable and with memory effect
  • Memory foam layer on both sides


  • It can be too soft for people with a lot of weight (BMI over 30)
  • It’s kind of heavy

8. Sonpura Gaudi

Perfect for couples with sensitive skin.

Sonpura Gaudi_ok

Ideal for double beds and/or people with sensitive skin.

Materials: memory foam and pocket springs

Firmness: medium/other

Several mattresses of the Sonpura brand have been chosen by the OCU among the best pocket springs in recent years, including this model.

Sonpura Gaudi capas_okPocket springs and combination of foams

When opening the mattress, we find a core of Multisac Micro pocket springs, covered on both sides with consecutive layers of high-resistance memory foam and Purotex anti-allergenic fabric. In this way, Sonpura has achieved a spring mattress that provides a good feeling of welcome and adaptability:

  • The core of pocket springs, developed with Multisac Micro technology, adapts to the differential pressure of each part of the body to provide each area with the right support. It also improves the independence of beds, so it absorbs movement well and is ideal for double beds.
  • The layers of HR Densitech foam (30kg/m3) and Sofconfort viscoelastic foam insulate the springs and allow the mattress to gently adapt to the body, achieving a good enveloping effect without us noticing that too much heat accumulates.
  • The exterior upholstery with Purotex fabric prevents the appearance of mites, minimizing the risk of allergy and asthma attacks in sensitive people.

Thanks to its spring core and the thermoregulatory capacity of its foams, the mattress stands out for the sensation of freshness it provides, preventing the accumulation of moisture. Therefore, we believe that it is ideal for people who usually sweat during the night.

Adequate firmness for people with high weight

In addition, its characteristics make it a good option for people with a high weight (over 100 kg or BMI over 30) and couples with large differences in weight, since the independent pocket springs adapt very well to uneven pressure on the mattress. .

The tests carried out with this mattress seem to indicate that its composition facilitates blood circulation during hours of rest. And, thanks to the quality of its materials (especially the spring core, which is what we like the most), its useful life is also above average.

Tip To extend the life of the mattress, rotate it every 3-4 months.


  • excellent durability
  • quite fresh
  • Good bed independence
  • Anti-mite and anti-allergy treatment


  • Heavy mattress, which makes it difficult to turn it

9. I sleep with Zafiro

A low-cost memory foam mattress with high hardness.

I'm sleeping Zafiro_ok

See price

Ideal for those who prefer hard mattresses and have a tight budget.

Materials: viscoelastic + high-resistance Eliocel foam

Firmness: another

The Sapphire from the Spanish brand Dormio is made up of a high-resistance ELIOCEL foam core with a density of 30 kg/m3 that offers firmness, and a small layer of thermosensitive viscoelastic 2 cm thick that provides a slight adaptability and a feeling of comfort. comfort.

The open pore viscoelastic and the breathable outer fabric reduce the accumulation of heat and humidity, something that you will appreciate if you are one of those who usually sweat in bed.

High level of hygiene

Quilted Dormio Sapphire_originalIn addition, the materials have an anti-mite, antibacterial and anti-mould treatment that increases the hygiene of the mattress and makes it hypoallergenic. This is especially important if you suffer from allergies and for children, who have more sensitive skin.

However, if you like a rather soft mattress or have back problems, the Esmeralda model, which has a thicker layer of viscoelastic, may be a better option.

By the way, since this mattress only has memory foam on one side, you don’t need to flip it. It will be enough for you to turn it (head-to-toe) from time to time to maintain its properties and guarantee a long useful life.

NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the complete guide to the Dormio Zafiro mattress.


  • very affordable price
  • Good support without losing adaptability
  • Suitable for people with high weight (+100 kg or BMI over 30)


  • It only has viscoelastic on one side
  • Not recommended for couples with very different weight
  • May be too hard for skinny people

10. Imperial Comfort Oslo

The cheapest alternative if you prefer a hard mattress or sleep on your back.

Imperial Comfort Oslo_ok

See price

Ideal for people who are overweight (BMI over 30) or who usually sleep on their backs.

Materials: Viscosoft and Sensopur high-density foam

Firmness: another

The Imperial Confort Oslo model provides the firmness and support for the back that those who prefer rather hard beds are looking for. Thanks to its ergonomics, it also ensures a correct posture if you are one of those who usually sleep on your back.

It is made up of a high-density Sensopur foam core covered on both sides with a 1.5 cm layer of viscosoft and fibers that provide comfort, for a total height of 20 cm.

The surface layer, made of Strech fabric, seemed to us to be soft and of good resistance. It also contains Aloe Vera, which according to the manufacturer provides natural properties to the mattress and promotes perspiration.

Designed for sporadic use beds

Thanks to its (surprisingly low) price and the resistance of its materials, it can also be a good option for beds that are used infrequently, such as the guest room or a second residence, in which you do not want to invest so much money or have to change the mattress frequently.

In addition, the materials have a long-lasting anti-mite treatment, so if you give it good maintenance you will avoid those tiny and undesirable guests.

To take into account This mattress has a medium capacity for absorbing movement and rebound effect, so if you are thinking of buying a double bed and one of the two moves a lot, it may not be the most suitable option.


  • Good option for people with high weight (body mass index greater than 30)
  • Very cheap price
  • Quickly returns to its original shape


  • It can be hard for thin people
  • Medium movement absorption capacity, so it is uncomfortable in double beds if you move a lot

Comparison of the best mattresses

This is the comparative table of the best quality-price mattresses analyzed. They all have anti-allergenic treatment, so they are suitable for people with allergies.

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Model Price Firmness Material Outer fabric Height

See price High average · Viscoelastic
· Airgocell
· High density cold foam
Breathable stretch fabric 25 cm
Hypnia Wellness
See price High average · Viscoelastic
· Natural latex
· Bagged muelles
Stretch fabric with bamboo 30 cm
Marmot Mattress
See price Media · Viscoelastic
· Foam
Breathable stretch fabric 25 cm
Senso G S100 Plus
See price High average · Viscogel
· Viscoelastic
· High resilience foam
3D tissue and Argentum+ 24 cm
Be there
Be there
See price Media · Natural latex
· Viscoelastic
· High density foam
stretch fabric 25 cm
Kipli mattress detail new_original
See price Medium and medium-high · 100% natural latex Cotton, tencel and wool 22 cm
Flex Cloud Visco_ok
Visco Cloud Flex
See price low/medium · Viscoelastic
· Bagged muelles
Hypoallergenic and breathable stretch fabric 31 cm
Sonpura Gaudi_ok
Sonpura Gaudi
See price High average · Viscoelastic
· Bagged muelles
Purotex hypoallergenic fabric 29 cm
I'm sleeping Zafiro_ok
I sleep with Zafiro
See price High average · Viscoelastic
· Eliocel Foam
stretch fabric 21/24 cm
Imperial Comfort Oslo_ok
Imperial Comfort Oslo
See price high Viscosoft
Sensopur foam
Stretch fabric with Aloe Vera 20 cm

Test to choose your ideal mattress

If you are still not sure which mattress to buy, with this test we will help you choose according to your body characteristics and preferences.



Live test of the best mattresses of the year

And if you still have any doubts about which mattress to choose, we have prepared this video in which we reveal the 5 best models in value for money along with their most outstanding features and our opinion after trying them.

Mattresses: how to choose without making mistakes?

Best mattresses rest_okIt is one thing to sleep and another to rest well. We all know what it’s like to wake up with the feeling that a bus has run over us: with a sore back, in a bad mood, recovering from a bad posture…

Other health problems aside, it’s quite possible that your difficulty recovering at night is due to an unsuitable mattress: old and misshapen, with unhealthy upholstery (i.e., a battalion of mites), or uneven firmness .

To choose your new mattress, we recommend that you do not foolishly buy the first offer you see online, however tempting it may be. Choose carefully and, above all, look for what best suits you.

Your mattress is going to be your “bed companion” for the next ten years, so trust us, you’d better get it right!

This practical questionnaire will recommend your ideal mattress according to your needs and budget. It will take less than 30 seconds to answer!

Firmness: were you a fakir or the princess of the pea?

On the one hand it is a matter of taste; on the other it is a matter of health. Let’s see…

The mattress must ensure a correct position of the spine when you are sleeping. That is why it is important that it has the firmness that best suits you.

Best mattresses firmness_okThe position of the hips and shoulders is the key. They are the most prominent parts and therefore the ones that will exert the most pressure on the mattress.

If it is too hard, you will end up noticing numbness due to excessive pressure and poor blood circulation. The mattress will not be able to adapt to the curves of your body and the spine will rest in a forced position. Result: a more than likely back pain.

On the contrary, if it is too soft, your body will not have the support it needs. It may seem very comfortable at first, but you will sink too much, the spine will curve in an unnatural way and… yes, exactly, you will wake up with back pain.

To decide on a certain firmness you have to take into account, on the one hand, what you like the most: simplifying a lot, if you like to sleep on hard or soft.

But you have to go further. Most manufacturers recommend taking body weight into account. Because a body of 55 kilos does not exert the same pressure as one of more than one hundred.

If you are a light person you could go towards the less firm ones. While if you have more weight, higher firmness will suit you better.

Roughly speaking, we can establish four types of hardness:


They are recommended for very thin people or for special cases, for example, an articulated bed for geriatric use or also if the doctor prescribes it for some therapeutic reason. They are not usually, therefore, recommended if there is no reason. The reason is that its prolonged use, when it is not necessary, can lead to back problems.


As its name indicates, they are the firmnesses with the greatest range of adaptability. For a weight in a wide range, recommended for most physical constitutions. If the mattress is of good quality, it should support the weight in the different areas of the body, ensuring the correct position of the spine.


In principle, they would only be recommended for people with a high weight (more than 90-100 kg), since otherwise the pressure on the shoulders and hips can end up taking its toll.


We include a section for mattresses with a high degree of adaptability and that can be used by people of any weight. Some brands have developed technologies that regulate the sinking of the body progressively and, therefore, can be comfortable for any user regardless of their physical constitution.

With springs or without springs

To begin with, it must be said that the spring mattress in your great-aunt’s house, the one in which when you lie down you notice which one has moved out of place and you intuitively dodge it, belongs to another generation.

Best mattresses material_ok

Spring mattresses today are very sophisticated. They are protected and assembled in different ways to ensure a long life without deformation.

In addition, it is rare to find a “only” spring mattress. The normal thing is that they give structure to the mattress in its central part and are covered with different layers of foam for greater comfort.

What to choose, with or without? First of all, if your bed base is articulated (you like to elevate your head a little to sleep, or your feet, or both) discard the springs. They are not the right mattresses.

The rest depends on what makes you feel most comfortable. If anything, the spring ones have a little more stability than the foam ones and tend to perspire somewhat better.


The most normal today is that a mattress is made with several layers of different materials, whose combination determines the final result and is in some way what differentiates some houses from others and some qualities from others.


Best latex mattresses_okIt is very flexible, which is why it is very common in articulated beds. There are mainly two types, the Dunlop and Talalay.

It has a nice touch and good adaptability. If you prefer natural materials, it may be your option (as long as you choose one made of natural latex!).

Its main drawback is its low breathability, which some manufacturers solve by giving the material specific treatments.

Good ventilation is essential, which is why it is recommended to use them in beds with slatted bases that allow air to circulate.


It is a material developed in the 70s by NASA and widely used today in different sectors. Applied to rest, it offers very good adaptability.

There are no mattresses made entirely of this material, because they would be too soft. The normal thing is that it has a layer of viscoelastic in the upper part combined with foams of different densities, or even springs, in the center.

We must look at the thickness of that layer and also the density. A good quality mattress should have a thickness of at least 2-3 cm of visco.

Best visco_ok mattressesIn any case, the viscoelastic foam is responsible for that enveloping sensation when lying on a mattress, because it reacts to body heat, softening, and recovers its shape when it cools down.

If you like to “sink” a little to sleep, and that the surface adapts to your body, pay attention to this material, which also hardly exerts pressure on the skin and is very comfortable.

Some people “tune” their mattress with a viscoelastic topper to make it more comfortable. Is another option.

High Resilience (HR) foams

They are high quality foams, prepared to receive pressure and recover their original shape. There are different densities and firmness.

Don’t be put off by the terms. The big brands patent names with which they try to differentiate themselves from the competition, highlighting a particular treatment they give to the materials or adding some extra feature. But beyond the terminologies, the basic materials are what they are.

the upholstery

We are not referring to aesthetics, but to composition. Make sure it ensures good breathability and some thermal regulation. That is to say, that it expels the heat accumulated by the contact between the body and the mattress, especially if you rest on a thick layer of viscoelastic foam in which you sleep a bit sunken.

If not, you may feel like you’re cooking while you sleep, which is especially unpleasant when temperatures start to rise.

Ideally, it should be made of natural materials, such as cotton or wool, although this is obviously something that will affect the price of the mattress.

Do you have to rotate it according to the season?

Mature couple are setting up their bed in their new home.This is becoming less common, but is still found. These are mattresses with a winter and summer face. There are even those that rotate longitudinally so that the pressure varies and ages in a balanced way.

We say that in many mattresses this is no longer seen because the different layers are designed to be used in only one position. Some, the highest quality ones, even have reinforcements on the hips and shoulders, so they have only one position of use.

In any case, keep it in mind to look at the time of purchase. If you are not a methodical person forget about this, because you will have to put a reminder on the calendar to remember to flip or rotate the mattress every season.

Size Matters

Note that this seems obvious but it is not. We usually have a good control over the width we need, because it is also conditioned by the available space, whether we sleep alone or as a couple, or the type of bed base we have.

Best mattresses família_ok

But don’t forget to look at the length. The most common measure is 1.90 cm, but you can find mattresses of two meters and up to 2.20.

If you are a tall person this is essential and, oddly enough, sometimes you don’t even look at it and it goes by default. No, you really don’t have to sleep with your feet out of bed.

Another thing is that you like to sleep big for pure pleasure. Take a look at the XL sizes. Do you have room in the room? A 200×200 mattress can be a luxury within your reach.

His is praised

One of two: either you buy it in a store or you buy it online.

If you go to a store, we recommend a specialized one in which the person who attends to you knows what he is talking about and can advise you well.

Best mattresses kids_ok

Once he gives you the information you need to go a bit on a fixed shot (there is also no need to look at all the mattresses in the store) ask for time.

We imagine that you will have planned to go with comfortable clothes because what you have to do is try. And there, no rush. Lie down and taste the sensations. Tour. Spin again. Get into your most comfortable sleeping position. Give yourself at least ten minutes. Without complex.

Another option that we use more and more is online shopping. Is it possible to hit a mattress without having seen it? Of course. The descriptions are usually very reliable, the opinions of the users give you clues and if you go to a brand that gives you confidence… Well, you have many ballots to hit.

Even so, you should know that some manufacturers, not all, offer a trial time at home. This already gives you total security: after sleeping a few nights, if you are not convinced, you return it without charge and continue looking.


Yes, mattresses have it too, or should have it. Check it. Some manufacturers are so confident in their product that they will offer you up to 10 years, which is the average lifespan of a mattress or at least the industry standard.

Without going so far, we do not recommend buying a product that does not indicate what guarantee it offers.

Although currently all consumer goods have a 3-year legal guarantee (article 120 of Royal Decree-Law 7/2021), beware of mattress brands that do not mention a guarantee anywhere because there is a possibility that they may try avoid responsibility in case of defects and it can become very tedious to enter into a legal battle to recover what belongs to you.

Keys to choose your mattress

If you still have doubts about which is the best mattress for you, we have prepared this video in which we tell you what you should take into account when deciding.

5 keys to choose your mattress and buy without making a mistake

Sleeping well is priceless

Best mattresses dreams_ok

It is not that choosing a mattress from a top brand on the market guarantees you one hundred percent that you are going to get it right, but it is true that quality is paid for.

On the other hand, a lesser brand is not necessarily going to offer a bad product. By choosing the variables that we have mentioned well, you can ensure that you choose a comfortable mattress and be very satisfied with your purchase.

Just set your budget and see what you find in that band. The only thing that is irrefutable is that a restorative rest… that really is priceless.

If you still have doubts, you can take a look at this complete guide on how to choose your mattress where you will find a detailed explanation of the characteristics of each material and the keys to making the right choice.