Resting on a comfortable mattress that fits our physiognomy is important for our health and our spirits, in all circumstances. But if, in addition, it is for someone who has to spend long hours in bed, it becomes essential.

All mattresses are sold promoting their comfort and ability to improve your rest, but most are not suitable for people who spend a long period of time lying down, with reduced or no mobility. Not even all health range mattresses prevent injuries and muscle pain.

Anti-decubitus mattresses have been created specifically for this type of person: their shape, structure and movement promote good blood circulation and the balanced and intelligent distribution of pressure on the recumbent body to prevent and/or cure bedsores.

After evaluating dozens of mattresses, taking into account their characteristics and the opinion of hundreds of users, here is the selection of the best anti-decubitus mattresses of the moment. In addition, we tell you how to choose a suitable sanitary range mattress according to your specific needs.

5 key features of a good anti-decubitus mattress

Keys to choose the correct anti-decubitus mattress:

It combines an air mattress on an articulated visco sanitary mattress.

Choose a mattress that supports the user’s weight with enough margin.

If the patient is seriously ill, invest in a mattress without skimping on price and performance range. Mid-range and tubular mattress when in doubt.

Choose mattress models with a guarantee, spare parts or other repair solutions that can increase the durability of the mattress

Accompany the choice of a good PVC mattress with efficient hygiene measures: clean the mattress frequently to avoid fungi or infections

The 5 best anti-decubitus mattresses of 2023

1. Mobiclinic Mobi 1

The mattress with the best value for money.

Maximum weight: 135kg

Number of cells: 130

Type of inflation: alternated and every 6 minutes

Mobiclinic mobi 1b

This is one of the best mattresses that you can choose at a low price, as long as the gravity and weight of the person who is going to use it are moderate.

It’s also a great option if you need a replacement or travel mattress, as it’s easy to transport, set up and clean.

It has numerous support cells that guarantee its comfort, although they are not firm enough to support high weights or act against level II and III injuries (according to the manufacturer it supports up to 135 kg but users affirm that the pressure of the cells is adjusts better to serve lower weights).

In addition, the Mobi 1 has a repair kit consisting of patches that help a lot in the event of a puncture.

Trick It adapts well to beds, but according to buyers it can be used in an armchair without any problem, since the mattress is quite flexible.


  • Comfortable, firm and smooth
  • Sencility of use and installation
  • Low price


  • Its efficacy limited to low-weight patients

2. Aerocare with Tx compressor

The quietest on the market.

Maximum weight: 100kg

Number of cells: 130

Inflation Type: Alternate Information Not Specified

TX compressor

This mattress is another of the economic options. It stands out for its comfort and low noise level, helping to improve the user’s rest.

It is a basic purchase as it consists of a mattress, a compressor with hooks and inflation tubes… and nothing else. In this way, its use and transport is very simple. To improve comfort and durability we recommend the purchase of extra patches and a nice cotton cover.

Trick The price is low because it does not have spare parts but, if it breaks, you can buy the mat without the compressor, or the compressor alone, for a very affordable price.


  • imperceptible noise
  • Convenient
  • Easy use and transport
  • Low price


  • it’s fine
  • Its material is somewhat stiff and uncomfortable

3. Apex Domus 2 Plus

Ideal for serious cases due to its great comfort.

Maximum weight: 140kg

Number of cells: 18

Type of inflation: alternated and every 9.6 minutes

Apex Domus

This mattress is a great option for people who spend many hours in bed and have type II ulcers, as its cells have good support and smooth alternating pressure changes every 9.6 minutes.

It has fixed support on the head, and due to its design, the ventilation of the mattress favors hygiene.

Due to its independent cell structure, in addition to hygiene and support, the mattress is very resistant and long-lasting. Each of the tubes are individual and are attached autonomously to a special base.

You can change the valves if they break or temporarily reposition them in case you don’t have a spare at the moment, putting them in the place of the fixed head pillows, for example.

【APEX DOMUS 2】How to install Tubular Mattress


  • Extra head support
  • It has spare cells


  • The headboard is somewhat rigid for delicate patients
  • Fair mattress measurements

4. Mobiclinic Mobi 2

Helps heal sores from day one.

Maximum weight: 140kg

Number of cells: 20

Type of inflation: alternated and every 6-8 minutes

Mobiclinic mobi 2

This mattress responds to the needs of long stays in bed with small or medium bedsores and provides a lot of comfort due to the fact that it has more alternation valves than other similar models. This makes pressure changes less abrupt and the body better supported. Also for this reason, it comfortably supports people weighing up to 140 kg.

Within its range, it is one of those that offer greater firmness and resistance.

Maintaining, replenishing and cleaning the cells is very easy thanks to its independent hook-and-button system. In other mattresses, rubbers are used that tend to give of themselves.

Along these same lines and for the most serious cases of illness, the Mobi 3 model supports up to 190 kg and its cells swell with an alternation that helps to change not only the pressure but also the position of the patient to further reduce the impact. It motivates a certain lateralization of the bedding that changes the pressure points.


  • Rapid improvement of the bedridden
  • Spare included
  • Low price


  • narrow measurements
  • Noisy material during the inflation cycle

5. House 1

A basic mattress for simple cases and short recovery.

Maximum weight: 100kg

Number of cells: 130

Type of inflation: alternated and every 9.6 minutes


The Domus 1 is a fairly quiet and comfortable air mattress for patients with type I bedsores or with a low risk of developing pressure ulcers who need a punctual solution or for a short period of time.

It is a basic model with a 130-cell honeycomb design that correctly fulfills its function and for which you will not have to make a large investment.

It has alternating pressure therapy and it seems to us that the change every little more than 9 minutes is done at a good pace. With it relieves pressure, reducing friction, and improves blood circulation.

We like that its compressor is quiet and not too disturbing when sleeping.

It regulates quite well depending on the patient’s weight, although the maximum it supports is 100 kg. If you need more support, you should look for, at a minimum, a mid-range mattress.

We have been able to install it easily, although perhaps the compressor tube is somewhat short and you must find a good place for it so that it is not too tight.

It is a good option to use on a sanitary mattress, since its sanitary PVC favors its hygiene and minimizes the risk of allergies.

It gives us confidence that it complies with the standards of sealing and protection against electrical risks. But its guarantee of only 6 months has seemed short.


  • quite silent
  • Value for money
  • Easy installation
  • alternating pressure therapy


  • Not suitable for serious patients
  • short warranty

Comparison of the best anti-decubitus mattresses

In the following table you will find a complete comparison of the best anti-decubitus mattresses analyzed in this guide.

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

ModelPriceCellsAir flowMeasuresWeight supportedSpare parts

Mobiclinic mobi 1b
See price 130
Bubble or honeycomb
6 min. 200 x 90 x 7cm 135 kg Compressor and two patches
TX compressor
See price Bubble Information not provided 198 x 86 x 6.4cm 100 kg Not specified
Apex Domus
Apex Domus
See price 18
Almohadilla tubular
9.6 min. 200 x 80 x 10.2cm 140 kg Compressor and a Nylon PU sleeve
Mobiclinic mobi 2
See price 20
Almohadilla tubular
6 – 8 min. 200 x 86 x 9.5cm 140 kg Compressor and a spare cell
See price 130
9.6 min. 198 x 86 x 6.4cm 100 kg Not specified

Guide to buying the best anti-decubitus mattress

Why choose an anti-decubitus mattress?

Mobiclinic mobi 1The purchase of the geriatric mattress or the anti-decubitus range is intended for people with limited mobility, especially the sick or elderly.

We have already told you how pressure ulcers arise. The evolution of the same without putting measures leads to tissue loss, necrosis and gangrene. These three damages cannot be reversed. Luckily, bedsores and ulcers can be cured and avoided if care and hygiene are acted on time.

Hence, you have to be careful with these sores and use an anti-decubitus mattress.

Types of anti-decubitus mattresses

There are many mattresses in the healthcare or geriatric range that are not anti-decubitus.

Anti-decubitus mattresses are essentially of 2 types:

Polyurethane and viscoelastic

Viscoelastic mattress

The visco adapts to the shapes of the body and has memory. These mattresses have a structure with small ducts that allow the mattress to aerate.

There are different shapes, designed to cushion pressure and prevent bedsores: with channels at the feet to create a heel relief area, with barriers to prevent slips and falls, and with slits to be able to move on articulated bases or bed bases.

They are not the most effective, but they are the most comfortable.

air mattresses

BubblesThey are inflatable PVC mattresses. They have different zones or cells that inflate and deflate at intervals to reduce and distribute the pressure. They are best for immobile people. The changes in pressure and contact promote blood circulation, reduce friction and thus help heal and prevent bedsores.

Within this type there are:

  • Basic: they hold up to 100 kg of weight, they are thin -mattress type- to put on another sanitary mattress. For type 1 ulcers
  • Mid-range: thicker and more resistant, with better alternation of airflow and pressure and that can be used alone or in combination. For heavier and more severe patients (type 1 and 2 ulcers). They support between 100 and 200 kg.
  • High-end: thicker and more stable than the mid-range ones and with advanced options such as movements to change the user’s posture or lateralization. These more dynamic mattresses are the most effective in combating the formation of type 1,2,3 sores.

In turn, the air cells can be of three types:Mobiclinic Mobi 2 hitch

  • Bubble or honeycomb type cell: They are basic type mats.
  • Horizontal tubular pillow cell. They are mats or mattresses of medium and high range.
  • Tubular cells plus pneumatic mattress. Its design is mid-range and high-end and allows, in addition to alternating weight support, repositioning or lateralization, at least of the bedding.

Essential criteria for the purchase of the anti-decubitus mattress

We should not only look for the best value for money when we buy an anti-decubitus mattress. The gravity of the patient is one of the key points to take into account when choosing your bed, as well as the following qualities of the mattress.

The firmness of the mattress: adapted to each user

The hardness of the mattress is important, as it must support the weight of the sleeper without creating discomfort.

CompressorNormally the compressor has a regulator to adapt the air flow to the weight of the user and, in this way, choose the hardness of the mattress. That is, if a person weighs a lot, he needs a greater pressure to support the body. This means more air. A slimmer person will need less airflow as they don’t need as much ‘force’ to support their weight.

The pressure must be just right since going too firm or falling short means muscle pain and pressure sores.

Hardness also depends on the inflation cycle time: if the cycles are long, the changes in the inflation and deflation phases are more gradual and smooth, thus increasing the feeling of comfort for the patient. We recommend choosing mattresses with longer cycles for cases of greater gravity and weight, where stability is more complicated.

The material of the mat also provides hardness to the whole. PVC is the most used material in this type of mattress and it is quite rigid (in some cases it is mixed with nylon to give it greater elasticity). For this reason, it is a good idea to use soft and hypoallergenic sheets or covers that cushion this feeling of hard plastic.

Breathability and hygiene: a good mattress is easy to clean and maintain

So that sores do not occur or that those that exist do not worsen, we must take into account the breathability of the mattress and that it be easy to clean to avoid infection or worsening of wounds.

If the mattress is disassembled it is washed faster and better. That’s why independent cells are a good idea. If during use they are separated, without going over, but connected to a base, the structure allows air circulation and the elimination of sweat. So cleaning is easier.

In any case, PVC can be cleaned with a quick wipe with a mild detergent. The covers in many cases can be put in the washing machine.

Important We recommend that you make sure that the PVC has a medical grade certificate.

If the patient has little mobility but is not bedridden, an anti-decubitus mattress without a compressor is sufficient. In this case, we recommend the viscoelastic ones, since they have an approved system of layers and internal channels with ventilation, which allows the maximum hygiene of the mattress.

Noise: the best mattress is silent

If you are looking for an air anti-decubitus mattress, it is important that the mattress is as quiet as possible in order to rest well.

The compressor motor makes a certain noise and will be on as long as the person remains lying down. That is why we advise you to opt for a model with a compressor that does not exceed 33-34 dB. To give you an idea, it would be the equivalent of the noise of a refrigerator on.

Advice If the person is not in bed all day, it is better to inflate it 15-20 minutes before use.

Durability: the mattress must last as long as the user needs it

woman reading hospitalIf the use you are going to give it is punctual (for a few weeks), it is not necessary to make a large outlay. There are decent options for less than €50.

However, if it is a patient or elderly person who will have to stay in bed for long periods, our recommendation is that you invest in a quality product that will last you a long time.

One would think that its duration will depend on how hard and expensive the mattress is, but according to the experiences of buyers, this is not the case.

The durability of the mattress should be assessed based on whether the manufacturer offers a good purchase guarantee, good buyer opinions, that it has a repair kit (patches or replacement) and that it is resistant to moisture and heat.

The mattress must also be hygienic: being easy to wash and anti-mold helps the mattress not to break down and last longer.

Efficacy for different types of ulcers/eschars: tailored care

The severity of our patient is another of the most relevant aspects when choosing the mattress, since each one is recommended for a different situation.

All types of mattresses are designed to prevent, but their technical designs will make them suitable for different stages of ulcers or UPP wounds (pressure ulcers).

Stage or PU type I It includes mild erythema with hot or cold area, damage without loss of tissue thickness, with redness or discoloration. You may feel pain or hardening.
Stage or type II PU You can start talking about sores with a certain loss of tissue thickness, pinkish or red color, or open blister, with serum or broken. It is more serious if you also see a bruise in the area.
Stage or UPP type III Loss of tissue thickness to disappearance of subcutaneous tissue, dermis and epidermis or death of superficial tissue and necrosis/infection.
Stage or type IV PU Total loss of tissue with or without necrosis of muscle, bone or tendon, with cavern or tunneling

Important The most effective anti-decubitus mattresses work in UPP stages I and II, in other cases they will be mere complements to cleaning and healing treatments.

Keep in mind that in levels III and IV with necrosis it can be cured but tissue cannot be recovered, so prevention will be essential.

Frequent questions

Can I fit it to regular beds? What sizes are there?

Anti-decubitus mattress hookMattress sizes are designed for 90×200 beds and tend to vary more in thickness. If they are a little longer, it is to hook them to the mattress below.

Can they be used on sofas or armchairs?

No. The designs of these mattresses are for normal or articulated beds, so that the air flows better, so they are not recommended on sofas since they cannot be adjusted and are vertical.

At this point, horizontality is important for emergencies: air mattresses have a rapid deflation system in case the recumbent has to be revived or moved quickly.

However, some mattresses, according to buyers, the lightest and most flexible can be used for large armchairs. The manufacturers do not recommend it or guarantee its effectiveness because of the above. For these cases it is better to use anti-decubitus cushions.

Do you have to have the air mattress always working?

 Yes, while the user is prostrate. Its effectiveness depends on the air alternation cycle.

Do they make a lot of noise?

According to users, the noise is the most annoying if it is continuous. You have to make sure that in the technical specifications the decibels do not exceed the 33-38 range. However, most current mattresses are fairly quiet.

Are they effective in relieving pain?

Most of them look uncomfortable, but they are not. Although it may seem shocking to you, we have verified that, according to the opinions of the buyers, these inflatable mattresses are much more comfortable for patients than normal ones from day one of use. They help to rest and prevent and cure bedsores.

In fact, all of these mattresses serve both private buyers and hospitals and other medical/healthcare facilities.