You have the mattress of your dreams, in which you rest so comfortably that every morning you wake up like new. However, haven’t you paid attention to your bed frame? It is an essential piece for the mattress to maintain its firmness and its characteristics for many years.

It also protects the mattress and those who sleep on it from humidity, cold and dust on the floor. It allows the mattress to breathe and to better dry the sweat that we have left on it, which means that it will accumulate less bacteria.

If you have realized that your current bed base is the weak point of your rest, or if you have changed the mattress but it does not fit with the bed base you had, it is time to stop, analyze and change.

5 keys to choose the bed base you need

Among so many varieties of structure and materials, how do you know which is the one that best suits you? We indicate 5 points that you should pay attention to before you start evaluating models:

The mattress-bed base pair. Depending on the material of your mattress, you should choose the base accordingly. For example, if you buy an adjustable bed, it will not work for a spring mattress. The ideal is to buy both pieces at the same time, but if you are only going to buy the bed base now, be very clear if you want it for the current mattress or if you plan to change it soon.

Non-deformable materials. Whether or not it is flexible, it is important that the mattress material does not deform over time. Because it is important that the mattress always remains completely straight and that is one of the functions that the bed base provides: stability.

Size. Of course, your mattress determines the size of the box spring. It has to be exactly the same. Not bigger, not smaller.

extra space. Do you need to take advantage of the space left under the mattress? Then look at the height of the bed base legs. And if you want that space to be isolated from dust, because of what you are going to store in it, consider a sofa with a folding base.

Additional features. Currently there are models with multiple services: folding bed bases, with built-in bed frame, folding ones for reading at night or for convalescent people… A bed base lasts for many years, what if you get one more function out of it?

The 10 best bed bases of 2023

We have searched among this year’s novelties for the ten best options that include a variety of materials, functionalities, assembly and price.

eye! None of the selected models includes a mattress, although in some promotional images you can see it on the bed base.

1. Emma upholstered bed

A quality bed suitable for (almost) all types of mattresses

Type: upholstered bed

Materials: metal, plywood and polyester upholstery

Assembly difficulty: medium (with tools)

Emma new bed

Finding the right mattress-bed base combination is key to your rest. Therefore, if you already have an Emma mattress, you will like this upholstered bed specially designed to fit with it. But does it only work for Emma products? Not at all, we have verified that its characteristics and advantages adapt to other mattresses, both foam and memory foam as well as springs.

However, as it is a solid base, we would not recommend this bed if you have a latex mattress that needs as much breathability as possible. In that case, it is better to use a slatted bed base.


It has a simple and minimalist design that fits well with different styles of bedrooms. Of course, it is only available in dark gray and we would have appreciated a few more options for rooms with lighter tones. Instead, something we like is that you can find it in many sizes, but only for double beds.

To better suit your needs (and budget), you can purchase it with or without a headboard.

Emma bed frame with headboard

The headboard has a firm but comfortable padding that you can lean on to read without sinking too much or feeling pain in the head. Its height reaches 110 cm, so it looks pretty and focuses the attention of the room design on the bed.

This bed is made up of a metal structure that we found to be quite resistant and gives good support. In addition, it includes wooden slats on the bed base that allow better breathability. Its upholstery is 100% polyester, quite soft and resistant to jogging.

A small detail that we have found very useful is its side pocket, in which you can store anything from a book or the television remote if you have it in your bedroom, to your mobile.


It requires more assembly than some simpler models but we found it quite easy if you follow the instructions and watch the summary video.

Still, set aside about 45 minutes and get your tools ready, because you’ll need them to fit all of its parts. If you ask for help, you will be able to assemble it a little faster, although one person can also do it alone.

On the other hand, compared to the first bed model that Emma brought out, this new model seems more practical to us because the legs are somewhat higher (20 cm high), facilitating cleaning under the bed. If you have a robot vacuum cleaner, it will pass without problems.

Shipping and warranty

Camma bed frameShipping is free and you will receive your bed in two packages. As with her mattresses, Emma tries to keep shipping as convenient as possible and keeps space to a minimum, so her boxes are easy to handle even if they weigh a bit.

It gives us confidence that it has been chosen as the best product of 2022 in innovation. In addition, you will be able to test the bed for 100 nights to make sure you have chosen well. And if you are not convinced, you can return it for free. If you finally keep it, you will have a 5-year guarantee.


  • With or without headboard
  • good breathability
  • Suitable for all types of mattresses
  • 5-year warranty and 100-night trial


  • synthetic upholstery
  • Requires some patience for assembly

2. Adapter

An articulated bed frame made in Spain, with dorsal reinforcement and very good value for money

Type: adjustable bed

Materials: steel and beech slats

Assembly difficulty: simple (with tools)


An articulated bed base like this Mattress Sales Adapter is a safe bet if you need extra help to sit up, spend a lot of time in bed for medical reasons, or elevate your legs or torso to rest.

Of course, and at a more playful level, it provides a plus of comfort to read or watch TV semi-incorporated.

It is true that a mattress like this is an important investment. But think, that within the articulated, this model has a much lower price than others of its size and characteristics, without losing benefits along the way.

Ventadecolchones manufactures in Spain, using good materials:Articulated adapter detail

  • 60 x 20 mm steel tube, graphite gray anti-rust Epoxy lacquered: discreet and resistant.
  • Non-slip vaporized natural beech wood slats, which prevent the mattress from slipping when it is incorporated. These slats are attached to the frame by non-deformable tilting studs, which give the bed base greater flexibility.
  • Mattress holder on both sides of the bed and a steel arch at the foot part, so that the mattress remains in place in any position.
  • A German motor of the Germany brand, in turn formed by two motors integrated in a single casing. It has a backup battery that acts if the power supply fails. If even the battery fails, the bed automatically lowers to the horizontal position to remain operational. Keep in mind, however, that the mechanism is under the bed, reducing the available storage space.

In addition, all materials have an extended warranty, up to three years.

Remote control

Managing this bed base is as simple as pressing the buttons on the remote control -with or without cable, depending on the option chosen- that controls the entire mechanism.

With it you can articulate up to five independent planes: head, dorsal, lumbar, from the hip to the knee, and from there to the feet. The lower back remains fixed and the other four move.

This fixed lumbar area has a double-layer reinforcement with a firmness regulator.

If you decide on this bed base, you can later customize it with the pieces offered by Ventademattresses, such as wireless controls, adjustable legs, footboards, headboards, dropper holder, dropper holder and folding steel railings, with an automatic locking system.

Bed base_articulated adapterIn this size that we recommend (double bed), it can hold up to 200 kg of weight. And the height of the structure -35 cm- is within the average.

Keep in mind that you are going to fold the mattress, so it must be minimally flexible: spring mattresses, discarded.

In addition, this bed frame is also available as a double bed with two individual units to be able to articulate them independently, which can be very useful when two people sleep in the bed in different positions.

eye! Assembly of the Adaptator adjustable bed is simple, but keep in mind one thing: the whole structure is quite heavy. You can hire the assembly with the manufacturer (at an additional cost) or, if you do it yourself, make sure you have help; for a single person we see it impossible.


  • articulated bed base
  • Robust and durable materials
  • Reinforced lumbar care
  • 3 year warranty
  • Good value for money


  • Little storage space under the bed
  • Not suitable for spring mattresses

3. DHome

A folding sofa available in various sizes and colors to integrate into an already assembled room

Type: collapsible sofa

Materials: beech wood, steel and upholstered in 3D fabric

Assembly difficulty: medium (with tools)


Without going into a high range, the DHome folding sofa offers good value for money, with robust materials and a mechanism that allows you to open and close the structure without effort or sudden knocks.

The metal structure is made of steel tube, very resistant. And the hydraulic mechanism accompanies your movements smoothly and silently: the lid is raised by a handle located on the base, at the foot of the bed.

To prevent the mattress from slipping when the lid is lifted, there is a bow on the fixed end that prevents it from moving.

The mattress part is upholstered in 3D fabric with a 1-centimeter foam reinforcement for better padding.


A rigid and stable structure for your mattress and at the same time very breathable, which also includes four vents in the corners.

Detail roomOne of the advantages of this type of sofa is that the structure is closed and rests completely on the floor: less dirt under the bed, and more storage space.

The total height of the entire bed is 36.5 cm and the part under the mattress is 29 centimeters high for storage. Depending on the size of the bed, this is an interesting space to store bedding, seasonal clothes… anything you want to preserve from dust and, at the same time, have it close at hand, because it is very easy to access.

The sides are made of chipboard and the corners are crescents of solid beech wood (so you don’t have corners to collide with).

Advice Of course, you have to be very careful with the assembly: chipboard tends to scratch or chip if it falls on the floor or if we don’t screw it well. To facilitate assembly, it includes an instruction book… but the tools (screwdriver and Allen key), you have to provide.

custom canapé

DHome allows you to buy the folding sofa with a thickness of 22 or 30 millimeters in the wood of the sofa. The widest size is interesting for overweight people or if you have a particularly high mattress that needs extra stability.

You can also choose models in various size and color options:Canapé room

  • Between 90 and 150 cm wide.
  • Lengths of 180, 190 and 200 cm.
  • Structure in wood tones -cherry, beech, oak, walnut, cambrian, ash or wenge-, or more original colors such as pink, arctic, white or blue. To combine to your liking with any type of bedroom.

The DHome folding sofa is made in Spain, and they only ship within the country. If you want them to upload it to your home, remember to specify it when purchasing (or they will leave it for you on the portal).


  • Closed storage space
  • breathable mattress
  • Good quality of materials
  • Good value for money
  • Various size and color options


  • Delicate exterior wood
  • Does not include mounting hardware
  • Available only in Spain

4. Bonitex

A good quality multi-slat bed frame, easy to assemble and a lumbar support to take care of your back

Type: slatted bed base

Materials: steel and beech

Assembly difficulty: simple


If you don’t want to complicate yourself with the structure of your bed, the Bonitex bed base is the one for life: four legs and a slatted bed base, a basic combination that works well in any situation.

The square metal tube that makes up the base has a 40 x 30 mm profile, very common in this type of bed base. But in this case it is treated with silver-tone epoxy paint, which resists scratches and humidity.

In addition, an anti-corrosion treatment has been added, very interesting if you live by the sea or in a place with high humidity in the environment, to extend the life of the bed base.

The slats on which your mattress will rest are made of vaporized beech, covered with non-slip paint to prevent movement during the night. They are narrow and grouped three by three, providing firmness and stability, while allowing the mattress to breathe.

Reinforced lumbar area

So that you rest even better, in the lower back, Bonitex has duplicated four sheets -which you will see clearly in red- and placed tensioners on them with which you can reinforce the hardness in that area, improving rest and reducing possible back pain. .

In addition, the ball joints between the frame and the sheets are made of PVC, very durable and discreet, avoiding the typical squeaks when you move in bed. For that, it also incorporates a very simple anti-noise system on the legs: some plastic rings on the joints to prevent the metal from rubbing.


They are the only thing you will have to place if you decide on this Bonitex model. Assembly couldn’t be easier, since you don’t even need tools: the parts are screwed on by hand without difficulty.

Once assembled, the structure without mattress is 25 cm high.

Perhaps, yes, we miss more measures: the Bonitex bed base is only available in widths of 80, 90 and 105.


  • Lumbar support
  • quality materials
  • simplicity of assembly


  • Few sizes to choose from

5. Zinus Joseph

  A minimalist bed base, for people of average weight who want to make a minimum investment

Type: slatted bed base

Materials: steel and wooden slats

Assembly difficulty: simple (with tools)

Zinus Joseph

You are facing a bed base with a careful aesthetic, which is also completely removable and takes up little space, if at any time you want to store it.

The structure that gives stability to the set is made of steel, but keep in mind that this bed base is designed for people of average weight. We believe it is due to the slats, which at first glance seem very simple.

They also come unvarnished, with the wood as is. If it is going to be your main bed, you may be interested in giving it an extra treatment to protect them.

Minimal space and easy assembly

One of the things that has caught our attention the most is that the mattress comes completely disassembled. This allows you to move it comfortably, it can be taken up in the elevator and easily enters through any medium-sized door.

The assembly is not complicated, but you do have to make sure to place the crossbars completely horizontal to the ground, so that it is firm and the wooden slats fit perfectly.

Tip When mounting it, our recommendation is that you make sure to place the anti-slip pads on the corner bars; This way you prevent the floor from being scratched. Next, assemble the metal bars keeping the bumpers against the ground as much as possible. And finally, attach the wooden slats with the Velcro.

If your floor is very delicate, it doesn’t hurt to buy silicone or felt adhesive pads and place them along the frame.

The pack includes the necessary tool for assembly. When finished, keep it in a safe place. It will serve you in the future to tighten a screw or disassemble the mattress.

On top of the box spring, you can place a rigid platform – such as an upholstered base – if the slats are too flexible for your weight or that of your mattress, or use it as supplied by the manufacturer.

Zinus JosephIt has useful space under the bed of 25 centimeters (total height 25.5 cm), to keep the room neat, although it is not easy to clean underneath with a broom due to the bars.

The design of this bed base fits perfectly into a home with a modern, minimalist and even Zen style, because it has an oriental touch that combines with simple homes.

In addition to giving a special touch to the decoration, the Zinus Joseph Modern Studio is a very affordable option for a second residence, student apartment or rental. And it has a 5 year warranty.


  • Price
  • minimalist aesthetic
  • It takes up little to store
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes mounting hardware


  • Not recommended for very robust people
  • unvarnished sheets
  • It’s hard to clean underneath

6. Hansales

A roll-up bed base without legs to fit on fixed structures

Type: slatted bed base

Materials: solid birch

Assembly difficulty: variable, depending on the platform


At first glance, this Hansales bed base seems “strange” to us, since we are used to bed bases with a metal frame. But don’t be fooled: this model gives a lot of play.

In principle, it is to screw it into a bed base that you already have, such as the typical melamine structure of a trundle bed. It only increases the height of the frame by 1.8 cm and includes 12 screws to attach it to frames of this style.

In this way, you can extend the life of an old bed that, a priori, does not conform to any standard bed base. Even if you are a handyman, you can make the bed to measure.

Other use? Reinforce a lighter mattress. In this case, you won’t even have to screw; by unrolling it above it will be ready to change the course of your rest.


They are so convinced of the quality of the product that the Hansales brand offers you a 10-year guarantee. You will have to change the base before this set of slats.

Its slats are narrow, thick and totally straight. And they are placed very close together, with 3.6 centimeters of separation between them. You know what that means? A very interesting firmness. In fact, it supports 300 kg on it.

In return, you can count on the fact that the structure is totally rigid and the slats do not adapt to your weight, so we only recommend it if you like to sleep on a hard surface.


material hansalsThe material is solid birch wood with FSC certification, with the slats joined by a strip of cotton, which is what allows you to roll up the structure.

When you no longer want the mattress, you can leave it at a recycling point with a clear conscience, since its materials are biodegradable. Or you can give wood a second life by taking advantage of the slats for a balle, a small piece of furniture, a picture frame…

To top it off, if you have any allergies, you can rest assured: the wood is not treated with chemicals. But it is polished, so there are no splinters to catch on your mattress.

Since there are a large number of sizes and materials, it fits almost any base. So you don’t get confused, see how easy it is to install it:

Quick installation guide

In summary, Hansales is a good bed base option to reinforce any structure you already have and ensure optimal rest.


  • Recyclable
  • Different sizes
  • Fits on any base
  • 10 year warranty


  • has no legs
  • Stiff wood slats
  • It can be very hard

7. Hogar24

A slatted bed base with lumbar regulators, designed for those who need reinforcement in that area

Type: slatted bed base

Materials: steel and beech

Assembly difficulty: very simple


Hogar24’s slatted bed base has convinced us for its simplicity: a steel structure that supports the mattress on wooden slats. However, it adds an extra support for the back that rounds off the product.

The structure has four legs (plus a central reinforcement in the larger sizes), which are screwed on manually, so assembly is super simple.

The slats are made of beech wood, one of the most used materials in this type of bed base, due to its elasticity and resistance. They are treated with an anti-humidity and non-slip finish.


Finally, they have paid attention to the ball joints, those pieces that are responsible for joining the sheets to the metal structure and that in this case are made of high-resistance hytrel and allow the sheets to bend without emitting a single noise.

If you notice any squeaking, it may be due to the lumbar struts, which tend to move with use. Reposition them at the same distance on both sides and problem solved.

extra lumbar support

What is striking at first glance is the configuration of the slats: they are narrow and grouped three by three. What do we gain from it? Well, that your mattress molds more easily to your body and, in turn, remains completely straight.

Somier_hogar24You already know that several narrow sheets are better than few wide ones, since, if not, they provide rigidity to the whole. In addition, it also favors the breathability of the mattress.

This benefit has a but that you should value: it does not support much weight. So it is not suitable for very large people or for extra thick mattresses.

You don’t need the latter either, because the bed frame is quite high: 37.5 cm

The most interesting thing about this bed base is in the central slats, which are duplicated and held together by firmness-regulating pieces, which help you customize the way you rest. They slide to give more rigidity or flexibility to the lower back.

If you don’t want to invest a lot in the bed, the Hogar24 slatted bed base is a good solution to achieve a simple structure that solves your rest.


  • Good price
  • Adaptation in the lower back
  • High quality foils
  • very simple assembly


  • The pieces of the lumbar reinforcements move if we move a lot
  • Not suitable for very heavy people

8. Zinus Shawn

A folding box spring that takes up very little space, even for queen-size mattresses

Type: metal bed frame

Materials: steel

Assembly difficulty: simple

Zinus Shawn

The bed base that Zinus offers us is a very good option to assemble a bed for guests, even if they are going to stay at home for a long time. Because it is very resistant and stores well.

Its height of 35.5 cm leaves 33 cm free under the bed, ideal for storing suitcases or whatever you need, allowing you to maintain order in the room.

In addition, it can support the weight of a large mattress.

Assembly and storage

The strong point of this bed base is its size and that it folds easily. It comes to your home in a box that you can use to put it back when you don’t have it in use.

Look how simple the assembly is:

ZINUS | Tales from the Box : Stargazer

It is folded in four: you unfold it, put on the wing nuts, and make sure that its six sets of double legs are stretched out to the maximum to avoid unwanted shocks while you sleep. At that moment you already appreciate that it has a lot of stability.

It is all steel and the legs come with plastic bumpers to protect the floor. As it does not have wooden slats, we recommend that you do not use it with a very thin mattress, because it can be noticeable when you lie down.


One of our concerns was noise, in case the metal joints squeak. It’s totally silent though, at least in our tests for the first few weeks.

If you doubt the quality of the material, expect the Zinus brand to give you a 5-year limited warranty on this model. If you use it as the instructions indicate, you have the support of the brand for its return or replacement in case the materials give you problems.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • 100% foldable
  • It takes up little storage
  • Ample storage space
  • 5 year warranty


  • Designed for auxiliary use
  • Without sheets, with thin metal bars

9. Home24 upholstered

A mid-range upholstered base for tight budgets

Type: upholstered base

Materials: steel and upholstered chipboard

Assembly difficulty: simple

Home24 upholstered

If you are not sure which bed base can go best with the characteristics of your mattress, this upholstered base from Hogar24 is an all-rounder.

Its price is not going to turn you back and it goes perfectly with all types of mattresses: it gives stability to a pocket spring mattress, good breathability to a foam one and enough breathability to a latex or viscoelastic one.

And if what you value is firmness over flexibility, this upholstered base will certainly give it to you. Totally straight, to keep the mattress in a stable position.

Let’s see the Hogar24 bed base by parts:Home24 upholstered breathability

  • The pack includes seven cylindrical metal legs. They are 5 centimeters in diameter and 26 high, and as soon as you place them, the base will be completely straight and balanced because the legs can be adjusted if the floor is uneven.
  • The base consists of a metallic structure of 3×3 mm steel tube, with three transverse reinforcement bars.
  • On it rests a chipboard board that is upholstered in breathable mesh to more easily evacuate moisture. This is important, because upholstery perspires much less than sheets.
  • In addition, the board incorporates four extra circular ventilation valves in the center.
  • The upholstery is non-slip. Your mattress will not move during the night, something that usually happens when it rests on wooden or metal slats.

The height of the entire sofa is 31 cm, suitable for sitting on the bed comfortably.

The total thickness of the upholstered base is 5 centimeters, and you can choose it in beige, if you want it to match your mattress, or black if you are looking for something long.

To finish making it easy for you, you do not need tools to install this bed base: the legs are placed on the base by means of a screw system, turning by hand.

Tip Before turning the assembly over, check that the plastic stops are in place at each end, so as not to scratch the floor.

The Hogar24 bed base is a simple, economical and effective solution to dress any bedroom.


  • Suitable for all types of mattresses
  • non-slip upholstery
  • Good value for money
  • Tool-free mounting


  • Less perspiration than sheets

10. Nature

The slatted bed base of a lifetime, with a plus of resistance

Type: slatted bed base

Materials: steel and poplar sheets

Assembly difficulty: simple


Naturalia brings us the classic bed base in a renewed version. If you don’t need anything special to sleep, beyond a firm base, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, look at the details of this model.


On the one hand, a 30 x 30 mm steel square structure with a central bar to give strength to the whole -in larger sizes it has two bars-. The total height, once assembled, is 33 cm.

Embedded in the structure are the varnished poplar wood sheets. Poplar is quite flexible and not as resistant as treated beech, but these slats are 10 centimeters wide. This prevents them from sagging with the weight.


Being made of slats, you have guaranteed mattress ventilation. If you live in a hot climate, or tend to sweat on your mattress, this is an interesting option.

Perhaps the price is noticeable in the finish (the welds are not very delicate) and in the fact that the coupling between the sheets and the structure does not have ball joints, but are fitted directly. We have not noticed it in a first use, but it may make noise over time.

Also included in the package are four square metal legs, which fit perfectly on this bed base. Two of them are fixed and the other two have built-in wheels, to easily move your bed from place to place just by holding it at one end.

eye! The tool you need to attach the legs is not included, so keep that in mind when installing the bed base.

Perhaps this Naturalia is not the prettiest bed base on our list, but for that price, it is a very effective and simple solution for a bedroom.


  • Price
  • wheels on two legs
  • For any type of mattress
  • good ventilation


  • Without ball joints, the sheets are embedded directly in the metal base
  • Does not include mounting hardware

recommended models

The best cheap bed frame: Zinus Joseph

Zinus Joseph

Getting a bed base and an attractive aesthetic structure for the same price is not an easy task. That’s why we like this Zinus, named Joseph Modern Studio, which fits perfectly in any bedroom.

Not only is it very affordable and suitable for any type of bedroom. Also, if you are only going to use it temporarily, its size will not be a problem: it is completely detachable into bars and slats, and you can store it upright in a small space.


Its metallic structure is very firm, and the lower corners have protective studs so that the floor is not scratched. The wooden slats are quite flexible, so it is recommended for people of medium weight.

It is not strictly a folding bed… but it does solve, for example, visits of a certain duration.

In three quarters of an hour you have it ready to use, using the appropriate tool (it is included). So if you are looking for something with the three b’s: good, nice and cheap, this Zinus bed base is the option that has convinced us the most.

The best slatted bed frame: Bonitex


Slatted bed bases are the most abundant on the market and, when you have seen many, they may all seem the same to you. So let’s remember the most interesting requirements: firm frame, treated beech slats, flexible ball joints, and strong and easy to put on legs. Well, you have all this, and at a good price, with the Bonitex bed base.

The square tube of the frame is not only thick but also treated with epoxy paint and anti-corrosion treatment, an unusual finish in this price range. You are especially interested if you live in a climate with some humidity.

The beech slats are painted non-slip and are doubled at the lumbar height, with tensioners so you can adjust the tension in that area and personalize your rest.


If you choose it in double size, it includes a central leg to improve stability. And, in any measure, it includes an anti-noise system that you will appreciate at night, when the bed does not squeak.

In general, the Bonitex bed base is very simple and nothing else is needed: a good base of slats and a stable structure to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

The best box spring for a single bed: DHome


If you want a box spring for a single bed, perhaps it is because you want to make the most of the space in the room. That is why our recommendation is a folding sofa like this DHome.

This way you have a firm base for the mattress, but you also gain great storage space under the bed. It is perfect for you, for example, to keep a youth room tidy.

In addition, you reduce cleaning time because dust does not sneak under the bed.

The hydraulic mechanism of the DHome causes the bed to open smoothly, by pushing the handle located at the foot of the bed. And it closes just as smoothly, without pulling or hitting.

The sides of the sofa are made of melamine and the corners are rounded to avoid uncomfortable bumps

This DHome bed base offers good value for money, and is available in different sizes, both for a single, double or queen size bed.

The best mattress for a double bed (150×190): Adapter


If you are going to pay a lot of attention to rest (and you should), perhaps the time has come to buy an adjustable bed like this Adapter.

Because if you’ve never slept in one… you don’t know what you’re missing. It is not just for watching TV lying down or reading comfortably, but this type of bed base greatly improves rest if you suffer from back pain, respiratory or circulatory problems, or gastric reflux.

This type of bed is also very interesting for convalescence and, in general, people who tend to spend a lot of time lying down.

How? Well, with a motor that allows you to control the inclination, independently for different parts of the body: correct the position of the head, get up to a sitting position, raise the legs to two levels…

This particular model only has one control to control the position of the bed, but the manufacturer gives you the possibility to design it to your liking. You can, for example, choose the structure with two controls so that each member of the couple chooses their own position without disturbing the one next to them.

You can also buy adjustable legs instead of fixed ones or a wireless controller.

And if you are worried about the life of the bed base with so much up and down, forget it: the entire Adapter bed has a 3-year guarantee.

Comparison of the best bed bases

Still not sure which is the best mattress for you? Take a look at this table to compare features more easily.

Note: If you see the table on mobile, scroll it with your finger to see all the columns.

ModelPriceTotal heightMaterialsTypeAssembly difficultyNeeds toolsFolding or removable

Upholstered bed Emma_min
See price 35 cm Metal, plywood and polyester upholstery upholstered Simple
See price 35 cm steel and beech articulated Simple
See price 36,5 cm Steel and upholstered wood Foldable sofa Media
See price 25 cm steel and beech sheets Simple
Zinus Joseph
Zinus Joseph
See price 25,5 cm steel and wood sheets Simple
See price 1.8cm (without legs) solid birch sheets Variable, depending on platform
See price 37,5 cm steel and beech sheets Simple
Zinus Shawn
Zinus Shawn
See price 35,5 cm Steel Metallic Simple
Home24 upholstered
Home24 Upholstered
See price 31 cm Steel and upholstered wood Sofa Simple
See price 33 cm Steel and poplar sheets Simple (with tools)

Guide to buying the right bed frame

Guide mattressInterestingly, everyone pays attention to mattress quality when thinking about restful sleep. But if the mattress does not accompany, it can ruin a good night’s sleep.

But when you decide to buy it, you are surprised by the variety that exists in the market. Because there are many materials, structures, extras… and, of course, as it is a durable element that you buy very few times in life, you have to choose with good judgment.

Before buying, let yourself be advised by this guide that we have prepared for you. We trust that it will help you choose a bed base that gives you extra rest and functionality.

Which box spring makes a good match with my mattress?

Since you are going to renew, the recommendation is to buy the mattress and the box spring at the same time, so that they are compatible with each other. But what happens when you already have the mattress? This is how you should pair it:

latex mattress

latex mattressWith a latex mattress, yes or yes, you need a wooden slatted base. With what the mattress has cost you, if you can buy one with treated beech slats, you will get the most out of it.

If it also has a good suspension system in the ball joint (the union between the wood and the rigid structure) and a lumbar reinforcement, much better.

These types of mattresses are also great for articulated beds.

If you want to choose an upholstered base, at least make sure that it breathes very well.

Memory foam or memory foam mattress

They are the ones that are most easily attached to any surface. It really depends on what you’re looking for: flexibility? Well, a multi-layer bed frame. Firmness? An upholstered base.

The viscoelastic mattress can also be placed on an articulated bed base, without its structure suffering.

Pocket spring mattress

The best thing for a pocket spring mattress is a rigid base, which will achieve its maximum firmness and give it durability. It can be an upholstered base or a base with a wooden or micro-perforated board.

Do not use it on an articulated bed because its structure is not made to bend. And the sheets, unless they are very hard and very close together, are not the most recommended either: better, as we say, a rigid base.

Finally, if the structure of your bed base has metal bars instead of wood, make sure the mattress is thick or you will notice them when you lie down.

Bed base types

It’s time to make decisions. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Fixed or articulated bed base

articulated adapterThe fixed bed base is the one of all life: a base, four or more legs and, on it, a mattress always horizontal.

The other option is the articulated one, which includes a motor that allows you to raise or recline the bed to your liking. Thus, you are looking for the most comfortable position to sleep or sit up to read or watch TV without the need for extra cushions.

These types of beds are highly recommended to provide quality of life to patients who have to spend a long time in bed, or who are temporarily convalescing.

It helps older people sit up and is generally suitable for certain back, circulatory or respiratory problems (such as sleep apnea).

But we insist: do not associate this bed with illness, but with comfort. They are the most expensive but, if you try it, you may not want another.

Bed frame with fixed or folding legs

The fixed legs allow you to have extra space to store material in boxes and drawers, helping to maintain order. If you are interested in this, look for the legs to be as high as possible.

The folding ones are essential if you want to store that bed under another larger one.

bed frame without legs

hansale detailIf you already have a bed frame, you can give it a second life by changing only the part that is in contact with the mattress.

Or, if you only want it for specific occasions, such as a visit, there are roll-up slats so you can store them more easily.

Bed base with two bodies

They are twin bed bases of 75, 80 or 90 centimeters, joined to form a large bed. With it, each occupant has their own personalized area.

Upholstered base or sofa

The structure is with legs and the base is a rigid board, made of wood of variable quality (normally it is chipboard).

However, this wood is upholstered and slightly padded, to reduce the rigidity of the board.

If this is your option, make sure that the fabric is as breathable as possible, especially if your mattress is viscoelastic or latex. That is why they usually have small perforations or even some include ventilation valves on the sides.

Counting on this, this type of bed base goes well with any mattress.

Sofa with lift top

Canapé roomIn this case, the bed base rests on a closed structure that can store material inside, such as pillows, bedding… or whatever you need.

The bed frame acts, in turn, as the lid of the box and can be raised by means of two hydraulic pistons, with enough force to also raise the mattress.

It is a good option, not only to store clothes and the like, but also to avoid the dust that accumulates under the beds, since they are at ground level, blocking the entry of dirt.

slatted bed base

Like the divan, a slatted bed base works well with (almost) any type of mattress. The only type we do not recommend it for is pocket springs.

Normally the base is a set of wooden slats, which have a minimum flexibility, just enough to accompany your movements in bed. The thicker and closer together the boards are, the more rigid the base will be.

Some bed bases -especially folding ones- have bars instead of wood. If this is the case, try not to make the mattress too thin or they may dig into you when you sleep.

Elevating bed base

It has a foot-operated pedal at the bottom, and gas springs raise the bed to hip height.

This horizontal lifting system was created to improve the working conditions of hotel employees, and now it is sold in its domestic version.

In this case, the beneficiary is the person who makes the bed, who does not have to bend down to put the sheets or blankets under the mattress. If you suffer from back pain and the task of making the bed every day is a hassle, discover this system.

It is an optional system in most articulated beds: you will appreciate it if you have to attend or clean a sick person.

Basic elements of a good bed

Here are the basics you should keep in mind:

the frame

Adapter frame detailIt is the framework that supports and gives firmness to the entire structure.

Look at its material: wood (expensive, robust and resistant) or metal (cheaper and flimsy).

Analyze the thickness, which must be a minimum of 1.5 mm.

And, of course, see if it has any intermediate crossbar that further strengthens the whole.

In the case of an upholstered base, you won’t be able to see the frame, but the manufacturer’s specifications will tell you what material it is made of (usually particleboard).

The base of the mattress

It is the surface that is in contact with the mattress, so you should stand at this point. There are several features you should look out for:

Material that goes on the rack

Normally it will be a chipboard (upholstered or not), or sheets of wood or metal. See what each material brings you:

  • Wood: Achieves greater adaptability, elasticity and durability. If you want quality, look for them to be made of treated beech wood. And, of course, they are very aesthetic.
  • Metal: Cheaper, lighter and also generally less resistant. They do not mold as well and can generate static electricity that makes it difficult to rest.

Material Flexibility

Trasnpirabilidad roomEach material has specific flexibility, which pairs better with one or another mattress. Logically, a wooden board is very rigid, and the sheets are much more adaptable.

Material thickness and width

The wood or metal of the slats can adopt different thicknesses, which will determine the duration of the bed base and its flexibility.

The wider the slats, the less often there are and the stiffer the bed base will be, as it more closely resembles a compact surface.

Layout and number of sheets

Bonitex bladesHere both the number of bars or sheets influences, as well as the way in which they are grouped. In general, the more number of sheets, the more adaptation of the mattress to the weight and shape of our body.

There are manufacturers that offer the option of duplicate sheets in the center, usually in the lower back. Sometimes tensors are added that allow the slats to be grouped or separated depending on whether you want more or less resistance.

The paws

That they are stable, of course, and, if possible, that they have some type of regulation to avoid the unevenness of the ground. If not, you’ll have to “shim” them the old-fashioned way with cardboard or a small piece of wood.

If the bed is large, it is recommended that it have some extra legs in the center for greater stability.

Lastly, make sure they don’t scratch the floor. Especially if your floors are parquet, which is prone to scratches, check that the legs of your future bed base have good leg protectors, or get some made of felt before installing it.

The heel or patella

It is the union of the sheets or bars to the frame. In this section, you should take into account two aspects:

System for fixing the slats to the patella:

  • Fixed, in which case the sheets will remain stable. This is what happens in bed bases that are entirely made of metal.
  • Tilting capsules, which better adapt to the weight and movement of the body.
  • Ball joints with special shock absorbers to increase elasticity. Important if you are overweight or have back problems.


  • Plastic. Gives firmness, recommended for spring mattresses.
  • Rubber. Provides flexibility, just what memory foam or latex mattresses need.
  • Hytrel. A combination of plastic and rubber. It is the most resistant option, suitable for all types of mattresses.

Other aspects that influence the choice of your mattress

supported weight

WeightIn general, bed bases between 80 and 105 centimeters are designed for a weight of 120 kg. It does not matter if one or more people sleep.

The twin bed frames can support those 120 kg in each piece.

In bed bases with one body and sizes from 135 to 150 cm, the sum of the weight of the occupants cannot exceed 180 kg.

This is the standard. Of course, if you need more, there are manufacturers specializing in ultra-strong bed bases.

Keep in mind that the weight on the box spring includes the mattress, not just the people. This is especially important on large, heavy mattresses. Do the calculations well to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Silence is especially valued at night and is one of the reasons that sometimes leads to changing the mattress. So check that your new purchase is not going to fill the night with unwanted squeaks, especially because the ball joint is not of quality.

Breathable textiles and ventilation valves

This is one of the features you should pay attention to if you choose a rigid upholstered base. Especially if the mattress is latex or viscoelastic, make sure that the fabric allows some ventilation.

hydraulic springs

If you decide on a sofa with a folding base, check that the springs are of good quality. Think that, if they fail, you will have to lift the cover and the mattress freehand.

folded size

Zinus Shawn TransportMost bed bases are a rigid and fixed base, but what if you need a removable bed? You can always opt for an inflatable mattress or have a sofa bed for those last minute visits, but if you want to offer comfort to your guests, do not rule out getting a folding bed base.

Evaluate whether the new bed base will only be used at certain times of the year and how much it occupies when folded, because that way you can have the room free the rest of the time.

Assembly and transport

Especially if you buy online, there are many carriers that deliver the merchandise on the portal. It is the most common and economical way of contracting the delivery, but here you are interested in evaluating other factors.

Keep in mind that if the bed base is rigid, it almost certainly won’t fit in the elevator… and you won’t be able to carry it up the stairs without help.

Here you have two options:

  • Hire home delivery. Make sure you do it during the purchase process, because you may not be able to add it later.
  • Buy a mattress that requires assembly. It arrives in a much more manageable box and is usually quite easy to assemble. See if it includes the necessary tools or you must have them at home.

If you are not very handy, it is best to choose a mattress that is already assembled. At most, that you have to screw the legs without the need for tools.

Are you already clear about the mattress you are going to buy?

As you can see, there are options for all tastes and pockets. The important thing is that you look for the best option for your rest because the mattress, although it is not very visible, influences much more than you imagine.

Choose wisely and sweet dreams!