Modern children’s furniture is replete with interesting, thoughtful patterns and designs. Most save space great by performing several functions at once. There are also classic options where there is nothing superfluous. Which one to choose is a difficult question that requires a lot of thought. Of course, the decision of the child is important, but parents also need to know the main indicators of quality and reliability. You will recognize them from our rating, which presents the best children’s beds , their features and reasons for inclusion in the top.

Children’s bed rating 2023

When compiling the list of top products, we consulted with a group of experts from different fields. These are furniture developers with many years of experience, as well as leading orthopedic doctors, pediatricians. The former indicated which designs are currently relevant, the latter gave recommendations which of these are more beneficial for posture and health.

The nominees have been tested for a number of characteristics:

  • Type of construction;
  • Materials used;
  • Age indications;
  • load capacity;
  • Functionality;
  • Bed dimensions, overall dimensions;
  • Safety, environmental friendliness.

The problem areas of many applicants turned out to be: insufficient quality of fittings, as well as the use of raw materials that do not meet environmental standards. Thanks to customer reviews, we were able to weed out such products, and the rest noted the main advantages, minor disadvantages.


The best classic beds for children

The first category of the rating is classic in terms of design features of the bed for children from 3 years old to adolescence . If you don’t want to overpay for additional boxes, add-ons and other features, then we offer 3 nominees. These are leaders in terms of the number of positive reviews and the level of demand this year.

Belmarco Svogen classic

Teenage single bed in a classic design. This is a simple design that can withstand loads up to 200 kg. The manufacturer is Belmarko.

The product is made of environmentally friendly material – solid pine, which is not afraid of moisture. Topped with an odorless, water-based enamel. The quality and safety of raw materials corresponds to GOST. The base type is lamella, which ensures unhindered air circulation and ventilation.

The dimensions are compact – the height of the bed is 30.5 cm, the bed is 58 cm, and the weight is only 8 kg. The parameters of the bed are 160×70 cm. The frame is presented in 6 bright colors. A headboard is provided for a comfortable sleep.Belmarco Svogen classic


  • Simple construction;
  • Environmentally friendly materials;
  • The ability to “breathe”;
  • Good load capacity;
  • Bright colors;
  • Inexpensive.


  • No storage boxes;
  • Sides are bought separately.

The recommended mattress height is 15 cm. Additionally, you can buy boxes for storing bed linen and personal belongings. If you need a baby bed inexpensively and for a long time – this is the best option.

Cilek Flower Bedstead

A teenage bed from the “Flower” series, made in a soft pink style, is a great solution for a girl. The classic design is complemented by two shields at the head and legs. The manufacturer is the Turkish company “Cilek”.

The frame and facades are made of a durable, moisture-resistant chipboard sheet 8-16 mm thick. Unlike the previous nominee, the type of base here is a solid, solid shield. It provides stability and durability. The headboard and footboard are high, without soft elements.

The dimensions here are larger, which means that the bed can be used longer. General 206x124x99 cm, bed 200×120 cm. Shade – pastel pink, decorated with flowers.

Cilek Flower Bedstead


  • Headboard + footboard;
  • Durable frame materials;
  • Good stability;
  • Spacious bed;
  • Nice shade with decor;
  • Additional equipment is possible.


  • The mattress is purchased separately;
  • There is no safety rail.

Such furniture is more suitable for a teenager. If we are talking about preschoolers, it will be necessary to buy and install bumpers in order to increase safety. The recommended mattress height is 17-20 cm.

New Delight

Baby cot for the age group of 3 years in the style of Italian minimalism . It belongs to the premium segment, as it is made of the most practical, durable wood. Producer – the company “Nuovita”, Italy.

Reliability, high quality provides the best grade of wood – beech. On top of it, a coloring water-soluble enamel with a varnish of increased durability is applied. It is environmentally friendly and complies with EU standards. The base is also lamellar, that is, “breathable”, supplemented by a headboard, footboard, removable side-limiters.

The rack design can serve as a crossbar for toys. Bed dimensions 160×80 cm, total height 77 cm, weight 21.6 kg. The catalog presents 8 color options. Stability is provided by the legs expanding to the bottom.New Delight


  • Raw materials of the luxury segment;
  • Removable limiters;
  • Stylish slatted headboard, footboard;
  • stable legs;
  • Minimalist style, 8 colors;
  • High quality fittings.


  • Price;
  • Limiters are small.

Recommendations for height – up to 140 cm, by weight – 50 kg. As you grow older, the sides can be removed. The mattress is bought separately. All accessories (ties, screws) are made according to Italian technologies.

Best bunk beds for kids

The second category is exclusively bunk beds for families with two children. When selecting top sets, we rely on the quality of materials, design, functionality and compared these indicators with price and availability. The best combination was noted in 3 nominees out of 2 dozen considered.

New Senso Due

Italian model transformer for two children over 6 years old. The strong and reliable design maintains on 70 kg on each berth. If desired, it can be used as separate beds.

The lath design has orthopedic properties, high strength, reliability and environmental friendliness of the solid beech from which it is made. The top of the wood is coated with water-soluble enamel, colorless varnish. The lamella base supports posture, is ventilated, does not interfere with air circulation.

For convenience, there is a headboard, a footboard, an upper tier with sides, a removable ladder is attached. Dimensions – 198x93x182.5 cm with a weight of 52.2 kg. There are 5 designs for boys and girls to choose from.New Senso Due


  • Orthopedic properties of the bottom;
  • Strong materials;
  • collapsible design;
  • Capacity, carrying capacity;
  • Good assembly;
  • Space saving.


  • Heavy weight;
  • No wall mount.

Unlike the previous nominees, here the safety board runs along almost the entire length, leaving room for the installation of a ladder. All corners are rounded to avoid injury.

Mebelson Alice

Bunk bed for children with drawers where you can store bed linen, personal items. It differs from the previous nominee in the type of base, safety elements, and design. 

The frame is made of durable laminated chipboard with a rigid base type. Facade elements – solid high sides made of painted MDF with curves, decor in the form of roses, classic milling. The stairs are sloping, the steps have an anti-slip coating. There are open shelves between the beds.

The matte case is presented in two shades: white, cream. The size of the upper sleeping place is 80×190 cm, the lower one is 120×190 cm. The total height is 176.5 cm. The high quality fittings used are from the brands Boyard, Hettich.Mebelson Alice


  • The presence of boxes;
  • Elegant curtain, print;
  • Reliable limiter;
  • Staircase with anti-slip steps;
  • Pastel shades;
  • Open shelves.


  • overall dimensions;
  • Markiness of the coating.

The Alice series will suit girls with its delicate design and floral print. The lower area with drawers is expanded, it can be used as a sofa for games. The curtain can be easily removed for washing.

Domus Mia Royal Alfa

A two-story bed for children with the possibility of transformation and the original design of the sides. Recommended for the age group 4-14 years old. Maximum load 150 kg per tier.

The body is made of solid solid pine and painted with environmentally friendly bio-oil. There is a possibility of transformation into two separate beds. The upper tier is supplemented with a limiter in the form of an MDF house with windows, the lower one is in the form of a fence. When the children grow up, they can be removed. Rack type provides ventilation.

Fittings and frame can withstand up to 100 assemblies. There are 9 designs to choose from. There are two stairs – on the sides of the beds. Overall dimensions – 201x92x92 cm with a weight of 77 kg, sleeping place 180×80 cm.Domus Mia Royal Alfa


  • Design in the form of a house;
  • two stairs;
  • Possibility of separate use;
  • Environmental friendliness of materials;
  • Good load capacity;
  • Easy assembly.


  • Price;
  • No mattresses.

Even an inexperienced mother in such matters will cope with the assembly here. Initially, it will take 40-45 minutes, 10-15 for the transformation. Mattresses are purchased separately, taking into account the indicated dimensions, the recommended height is 11 cm.

The best bunk beds for kids

In this category, we selected only those nominees that are intended for three children at once. The priority was products made of durable materials with good functionality and reasonable prices. 3 models received the most positive feedback.

Dora 23 BMS

Compact, functional bed for three children, made in a single one-piece design. Its main task is to save the free space of the room. The manufacturer is the Polish trademark “Dora”.

The case is one-piece, but with the function of a transformer. When folded, it can be a bed for one or two owners. For this, roll-out sections are provided. The main material here is a sheet of high-strength chipboard, the thickness of the frame is 16 mm, the side edges are 10 mm.

Safety is guaranteed by limiters, rounded edges. The catalog includes the possibility of self-selection of colors, the facades are decorated with colored overlays. Dimensions – 145x60x65 cm.Dora_23_BMS


  • Compactness;
  • Model transformer;
  • Convenient roll-out sections;
  • Safety;
  • Decor elements;
  • Self-selection of facade colors.


  • No stairs;
  • Requires a level floor.

Each bed looks like a box, as it has limiters on all sides. The back part, which becomes against the wall, is a solid sheet of chipboard. Legs are not provided here, so the flooring requires a flat surface.

Legend 25 equipment 3 White

Bunk, but triple bed with two berths located in parallel and one below. The best solution for a small room. The manufacturer is the company “Legend”.

The frame and additional elements are made of chipboard 16 mm thick. The kit includes two compact wall-mounted shelves, a pair of pine ladders to the upper tiers with a comfortable slope, and a drawer. Below there is a free space with a three-level rack (8 sections), where you can arrange a play area.

Unlike other nominees, here the side rails are complemented by a soft shockproof piping. The model completely eliminates sharp corners. The total height is 135 cm, the size of each bed is 180×80 cm.

Legend 25 equipment 3 White


  • Installation in any direction;
  • Functionality (drawers, rack, shelves);
  • Shockproof edge;
  • Stable stairs;
  • Convenient sizes;
  • Game Zone.


  • Price;
  • High mattresses will not work.

In addition to the limiters, small shelves are installed on the sides. The box is equipped with wheels to make it easy to roll out. The overall height corresponds to the height of an adult, this allows parents to watch children.

EasyMarket Trio 1

Corner modular set for three children with advanced features – not just a bed, but an entire bedroom. Unlike the previous nominees, there is an add-on in the form of a closet.

The corner design is universal, it can be installed anywhere. The frame and facade are made of chipboard 16 mm. Two beds are located below, the third – on the upper tier. Additionally included are shelves, a closet for personal belongings, a stable staircase with wide steps, lower drawers.

The dimensions of each bed are 190×80 cm. It is possible to order with mattresses. At the top there are side safety restraints. So, the model is suitable for all age groups. Overall dimensions – 200x281x239 cm.

EasyMarket Trio 1


  • A whole bedroom set;
  • Universal corner design;
  • Ergonomics;
  • For all age groups;
  • Good load capacity;
  • Multicolor.


  • overall dimensions;
  • Price.

The maximum allowable weight is 100 kg. Metal fittings, reliable. The design is two-color, there are 9 options to choose from. Pre-installed closet inside mezzanine. Shelves are different – both open and closed.

The best loft beds for kids

The fourth category includes beds for children in a small room, made in the attic format. They allow the child to sleep almost under the ceiling, which is interesting and convenient. When selecting nominees, the emphasis here is on reliability, stability, safety and design.

Pyramid Roxy

The original single set in the form of an attic is stylish and multifunctional. The developer has relied on practicality, safety. 

Materials – chipboard 16 mm with impact-resistant edge. The main “trick” here is a retractable table on wheels, which from the end offers 2 built-in open shelves. The lower area consists of 3 spacious drawers, a wardrobe where you can store school supplies, toys, clothes and linen.

Capacity 180×70 cm. Safe sleep is guaranteed by a high side of a rounded shape. At the end there is a static built-in ladder. The base is rigid, which is good for posture. The total height of the furniture is 110 cm, weight 132.8 kg.
Pyramid Roxy


  • Universal installation;
  • Retractable table;
  • Wardrobe, shelves;
  • Safe lift;
  • capacity;
  • Price.


  • massiveness;
  • Life time.

The height of the mattress should not exceed 20 cm. Despite the apparent size, the set is assembled quickly – no longer than 45-50 minutes. Used fittings of European quality.

4 Seasons Amsterdam

A heavy-duty, reliable metal frame with a full bed in the upper part is an ideal solution for a teenager, a student. Withstands loads up to 120 kg. 

The lamellar basis guarantees durability, support of a back and posture, ventilation. Facade elements are made of laminated chipboard. The lower zone offers free space where you can install a desk, shelving, chest of drawers, etc. The upper tier is equipped with sides, a headboard, and a footboard that protect against falling.

The capacity will be quite enough even for an adult – 198×96 cm. The total height is 186 cm. In total, the catalog offers 4 design options. The minimalist style will fit perfectly into any interior of the room.4 Seasons Amsterdam


  • Metal carcass;
  • Capacity for any age;
  • Free space of the lower zone;
  • Restrained style;
  • Base with orthopedic properties;
  • Price.


  • More for an adult;
  • Angles.

Here the main purpose is the most rational organization of free space. The mattress is purchased separately. For a small user, this option is not entirely suitable because of the iron angular edges, the height of the location.

The best transforming bed for children

Transformers are folding, sliding beds for children , adapting to the increasing growth of the owner. They are relevant from 3 years old and up to adulthood. There were about a dozen applicants of this format under consideration, but one nominee became the leader of the current year.

Merdes KTD transforming bed

Expandable model that will grow with the child, extending its lifespan. Reliable, stylish, made in the classic version, but with the option of folding. The manufacturer is the furniture factory “Merdes”.

The base of the rigid type is made of a solid sheet of high-strength chipboard, thickness 25 mm. The main difference of this product is three levels of fixed length: 138.5, 173 and 207.5 cm. Therefore, it can be used from 3 years to adolescence. The headboard has sides, it is higher than the footboard.

The width of the bed is 80 cm. An additional niche is provided in the head area where you can store bed linen, a thin mattress, and pillows. In total, the manufacturer presents 5 color options.

Merdes KTD transforming bed


  • Sliding type;
  • Adjustable length;
  • Chipboard thickness;
  • Niche for storage;
  • Modern style;
  • Price.


  • Mattress, pillows need to be purchased;
  • Small niche capacity.

A classic option that will satisfy the needs of any age group. The design is compatible with any room interior. The manufacturer separately offers a special mattress, pillows, taking into account the functional features of such a model.

How to choose a bed for children

In the course of a detailed study of such products and their features, we were able to determine the main parameters by which it is fashionable to decide in absentia which bed to choose for a child . This is the type of construction, materials used, functionality, dimensions, safety.

Bed type

Furniture for a child can be made according to different technologies and design features. The following types are considered the most popular:

  • classic – a modular type that needs to be selected taking into account height, weight, age;
  • bunk – two children can be accommodated here, while the space in the room will be occupied exactly as much as the classic version requires;
  • three-tiered – a set designed for three users at the same time, it can be corner, wall-mounted, universal in terms of installation method;
  • transformer – a retractable or folding design that increases the size of the bed as it grows and matures.

It is obvious here how to choose – according to the number of children, personal preferences and financial capabilities.


Durability, quality directly depend on materials. Most often, factories use the following raw materials:

  • solid wood – valuable breeds can withstand a lot of weight, last longer, look expensive, textured;
  • metal – usually a frame that provides strength, maximum load capacity;
  • Chipboard is a budget option, the service life of which is shorter, which is relevant when buying for several years;
  • Chipboard is a material of average strength and quality, it withstands loads better, and is resistant to moisture.

The most expensive options are metal and solid wood. Chipboard and chipboard are much lower in cost, so they are bought more often. They also pay attention to the coating, its environmental friendliness.


This parameter determines the practicality, ease of use, the presence of additional niches. For example:

  • storage boxes for bed linen, mattresses, blankets, pillows and other accessories;
  • open and / or closed shelves for books, photos, toys and other small things;
  • mezzanine cabinets or with shelves where you can place clothes, stationery, and other things;
  • pencil cases, which are most often equipped with doors with handles, inside them you can place educational supplies.

Whether these personalized storage places are needed is a purely individual question. In our top there is furniture that completely excludes them and one that is equipped with all of the above.


When looking for a suitable set, be sure to compare the size of the bed with height, physique. Also pay attention to the width, height, so that, for example, a pull-out bed for two children can fully open up, and a two- or three-tier one does not rest against the ceiling.


Reliability and safety of operation is determined by side restraints, thanks to which the child will not be able to fall out during sleep. It is good if the edges have rounded edges to prevent injury. Several tiers require good ladder stability, non-slip steps.

Which bed is best for children

So, you just got acquainted with the 12 best products of the current year and the criteria by which you should choose one option. We do not give unambiguous recommendations on what to buy from this, but we advise you to pay attention once again to several nominations:

  • Nuovita Delizia – a classic version of eco-friendly solid wood, original slatted headboard, footboard, removable sides, minimalist style;
  • Domus Mia Royal Alfa – an original set in the form of a house with the possibility of separate use, designed for two owners;
  • Dora 23 BMS – a compact version for one / two / three users thanks to the roll-out system;
  • EasyMarket Trio 1 – a corner set of advanced functionality designed for all age groups, has many storage areas;
  • 4 Seasons Amsterdam – metal frame, attic format, intended more for a teenager or a student;
  • Merdes KTD transforming bed is a growing folding option that extends the service life by several times, the maximum strength of chipboard, a comfortable niche.

Pediatricians recommend giving preference to furniture with orthopedic properties, environmentally friendly materials and reliable stability. In this case, it will provide its owner with a comfortable sleep, good health, and safety.