Raised beds are in demand due to their roomy design. With the help of special pistons, the slatted bottom can be raised to place bed linen or other things under it. This saves a lot of space in the room. Most buyers do not know what parameters to look for such furniture. Therefore, we offer a fresh top rating, which includes the best beds with a lifting mechanism.

Lift bed rating

Our top includes products that undergo strict control at all stages of production. We examined not only local factories, but also foreign ones that supply high-quality furniture to the market. The level of demand, recommendations of masters with many years of experience determined the list of applicants, evaluation criteria:

  • materials;
  • Base lifting mechanism;
  • headboard features;
  • Dimensions;
  • The capacity of the linen box;
  • Design, color options;
  • Price, factory reputation.

The result of the comparative analysis was the top list of 10 positions. These are the best single, double, budget models and those that include a mattress in the set. Customer reviews, their operating experience determine the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee.

The best single beds with a lifting mechanism

In the first category of the top rating, single models for one owner are presented. They are compact in size, fit into small bedrooms. When selecting nominees, the main emphasis is placed on stability, durability, and appearance. The leaders of positive reviews are 2 nominees from us.


Single bed with original headboard, reminiscent of a chocolate bar. The design is distinguished by a pneumatic lift, a backlight function. The manufacturer is Askona.

The basis of the model is an anatomical metal lattice, the slats are made of durable beech. Rectangular headboard area 120 cm high made of eco-leather, fabric upholstery. Deep drawstrings create a feeling of softness and comfort. The recommended mattress height is up to 25 cm, it is purchased separately.

For safety, all corners are soft without sharp edges. To raise the base, a special loop is provided. There are removable covers on the sides, which makes it easy to care for them. Overall dimensions 93×214×120 cm.Arcadia


  • Anatomical lattice;
  • Transformable base;
  • backlight;
  • Soft headboard;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • No sharp corners.


  • No mattress;
  • Velor wears out quickly.

The manufacturer provides a 10-year service warranty. Modern design in gentle pastel colors will fit into any bedroom interior. All materials are durable and environmentally friendly. The linen box is low, but roomy.

Strawberry Flora

Baby bed with lifting mechanism , headboard, drawer for bed linen or personal belongings. Perfectly fit into the interior of the girl’s bedroom. Materials are environmentally friendly, safe for health. The manufacturer is the Turkish factory “Cilek Flora”.

The frame is made of durable chipboard. The rigid base ensures the correct position of the spine, which is important for the posture of the child. The built-in type lifting mechanism expands the functionality by providing a spacious niche where bedding can be stored.

The dimensions of the bed are 90 × 190 cm with a height of 97 cm. A headboard is provided for a comfortable sleep. All edges, legs have rounded edges in order to prevent injuries. The shades of the catalog are light, pastel, decorated with flowers.

Strawberry Flora


  • Posture support;
  • Roomy niche;
  • Round edges;
  • Delicate design;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Girly design;
  • No mattress.


To raise the base, a convenient handle is provided. A lot of personal items can fit inside the drawer. Robust legs provide a stable position. High quality fittings are durable.

Best Inexpensive Roll Up Beds

In the second category, only budget furniture of various formats is presented for those who are primarily interested in price, and only after – characteristics. We had more than two dozen models under consideration, but only 3 of them showed the best quality along with affordability.

Alba New 1226

Double upholstered bed with lifting mechanism , patented design. A touch of elegance is given by a soft headboard, decorated with decorative stitching. The manufacturer is the German company “Moon”.

The base has orthopedic properties – it is a collapsible metal frame, inside which there are strong birch lamellas. The upholstery is made of eco-leather, premium quality velor. The mechanism is reinforced with gas shock absorbers, allowing you to adjust the ease of lifting, taking into account the weight of the bottom.

The headboard is decorated with geometric lines, in addition, there is a pocket for gadgets, books. The sides do not have sharp edges. The inner section is roomy, without partitions. Dimensions 103×210×168 cm.Alba New 160х200, 1226


  • Functional headboard;
  • Patented design;
  • Hypoallergenic fabric;
  • Adjustment of ease of rise;
  • Rugged construction;
  • Orthopedic base.


  • Plastic supports;
  • Deviations from the stated dimensions.

Laminated wood does not collect dust. All materials comply with European standards, the upholstery is hypoallergenic, wear-resistant. The design withstands dynamic loading. The height of the recess under the mattress is 6 cm.

SleepArt Venice

A bed with a lifting mechanism 160×200 is inexpensive and stylish. It differs from other nominees with a carriage tie not only at the head, but also at the sides. The classic design is soft, safe.

The frame is made of chipboard, timber and plywood. The upholstery consists of eco-leather, velor, matting. Inside the niche there is a divider into 2 zones, where many personal items are placed. Narrow lamellas can be replaced with new ones as they are used. The tie is beautifully decorated with buttons.

Let’s go through the dimensions: the height of the headboard is 110 cm, the width of the drawer side is 30 cm, the general parameters are 160 × 200 cm. Italian design fits perfectly into any interior, especially classics and vintage.SleepArt Venice


  • carriage screed;
  • Various decor options;
  • Upholstery around the perimeter;
  • Safe design;
  • Good stability;
  • Lots of colors.


  • When ordering additional items, an additional charge is required;
  • No mattress.

The manufacturer does not give recommendations on the height of the mattress, but specifies that the height of the recess is 4 cm. The catalog offers more than a dozen color options. You can choose in absentia legs, molding, decor.

Dominica New 1223

The lorry model in a laconic gray-pink shade will fit into the modern bedroom interior. Differs in a decorative volumetric coupler in the form of rhombuses. 

The design is made of durable, moisture resistant laminated chipboard. The frame is metal, inside it are elastic lamellas with orthopedic properties. The inner box for linen is one-piece, has no dividers, its capacity is 319 liters. Quick access to it is provided by a lifting mechanism with gas shock absorbers .

Upholstery velor practical, hypoallergenic. Dimensions – 100 × 210 × 148 cm. There are 6 color options, among them there are dark shades. Box panels are removable, laminated wood does not accumulate dust.Dominica_New_140х200


  • Geometric screed;
  • Roomy linen box;
  • Practical velor;
  • Variety of colors;
  • Nice design;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Most shades are pale;
  • The matting fabric is rough.


A mattress 30 cm high can be placed in the recess. The diamond-shaped line looks harmonious both near a plain wall and next to textured wallpaper. In order to minimize injuries, the legs are hidden deeper.

The best double beds with lifting mechanism and upholstered headboard

In the third category of the rating are beds with a soft headboard and a lifting mechanism with a sleeping place for two. These are the most spacious, comfortable sets with good load capacity and stability. An analysis of reviews showed that 3 nominees became the leaders in sales in 2021.

Ormatek Vederi 15120222

Spectacular double bed, characterized by a curved body shape, quilted headboard, natural leather footboard. The manufacturer is the leading company of goods for sleep “Ormatek”.

The frame is made of MDF, strength and durability are provided by metal crossbars. The upholstery is hypoallergenic polyurethane foam, the finish is hygroscopic high-strength leather. Rhinestones are an element of decor. The mechanism raises the base to a height of up to 20 cm. The depth of the inner niche is 30 cm.

Let’s go through the dimensions: back height 85 cm, footboard 33 cm. Width and length 190 × 240 cm. There is a gap of 2-13 cm between the floor and the base. There are 3 skin tones to choose from – snow-white, black, silver.Ormatek_Vederi


  • Curved shape;
  • Leather;
  • Hypoallergenic upholstery;
  • Decoration with rhinestones;
  • Lack of straight lines, angles;
  • Design.


  • Price;
  • Few flowers.


In the summer the skin keeps a cool, in the winter does not accumulate pile from plaids, blankets. The inside is eco-leather. Mattress base sold separately. This design fits especially into the art deco interior.

Perrino Alaska

A soft double bed with a lifting mechanism, which differs from the previous nominees by a high headboard of 125 cm with a dense square stitch. The manufacturer is the largest furniture factory from Kaliningrad.

The base is made of all-welded metal. It is complemented by birch lamellas, rubber holders. The case combines pine, chipboard, chipboard, reinforced with furniture foam. Thanks to such materials, the carrying capacity of each bed is increased to 270 kg. Covers on the kings are non-removable.

Overall dimensions: 138×214×125 cm. For greater stability, to protect the floor from scratches, the legs are reinforced with silicone glides, the height is adjustable. The side parts of the upholstery are with Velcro, they are removable for cleaning.

Perrino Alaska 120x190


  • High back;
  • Dense padding;
  • load capacity;
  • Adjustable leg height;
  • Silicone pads;
  • Solid foundation.


  • overall dimensions;
  • Requires a high mattress.


Here you can pick up a mattress up to 35 cm high. Even with many years of operation, the model retains the strength, novelty of the upholstery. It can be chosen at will – eco-leather, micro-velor, velor, chenille.

Sonum Olivia

The difference of this model is a rectangular back with a voluminous overlay – a deep pick, decorated with buttons. The carriage coupler will perfectly fit into a modern interior.

The frame is made of metal, complemented by wide lamellas made of solid birch. Side edges made of durable chipboard. Subject to the correct selection of the base, the design provides orthopedic properties. Under it is a spacious linen box. The bottom can be moved to clean the floor.

Overall dimensions: 174 × 227 × 39 cm, back height 107 cm. Upholstery and filler materials, shades are selected by the buyer at the time of order. It can be velor, eco-leather, glasgow, as well as various decor options with rhinestones, buttons.Sonum Olivia 160x200


  • Modern style;
  • Soft peaking on the back;
  • Various ideas for design, decor;
  • Sliding bottom;
  • Quality fittings;
  • Wide reliable slats.


  • corners;
  • Surcharge for decor, other items.


The height of the recess under the mattress is 9 cm, the clearance above the floor is 6 cm. The quality of the fittings is excellent, the assembly is clear, reliable at the attachment points, without distortions. The box capacity is good.

The best beds with a lifting mechanism and a mattress

The last category of the top represents beds with a lifting mechanism and a mattress included . This is very convenient, since the buyer will not need to look for a suitable option for height and other dimensions, the manufacturer has already taken everything into account. We approved 2 nominees, comparing functionality with quality and price.

Unica Sonte

An interior bed with a high upholstered back, on which there are no figured elements of the screed, only 3 buttons with small recesses. The difference is that the finish is only eco-leather without textiles. The manufacturer is the Promtex-Orient brand.

The frame is made from a combination of wood and metal. Lamels and tsargi are chipboard, birch plywood. From above, everything is covered with eco-leather of the 1st category. The design stands on metal legs 5 cm high, the back at the head – on 2 plastic legs 3.5 cm. The side covers are removable, they are attached with adhesive tape.

The dimensions of the bed are 200 × 200 cm with a height from the floor to the tsargi 33 cm. The manufacturer offers more than 10 color options. The rounded edges of the frame prevent injuries.Unika_Sonte_200x200


  • Comfortable back;
  • Minimalist style;
  • Removable cover;
  • stable legs;
  • Round body shape;
  • Wide palette.


  • Base not included
  • Overall.

Such furniture is intended for those who care about the comfort and spaciousness of the bed. The catalog presents different shades – a line of pastel and bright saturated colors, among them wood imitation.

Elva Mace 20030641

Reasonable price-quality ratio among the presented upholstered beds with a lifting mechanism. But here the upholstery is present only at the back, the rest of the parts are wooden.

The side faces, the frame are made of chipboard, durable and hardy. The laminated coating is resistant to moisture and dust. The width of the slats can be ordered before the purchase. The headboard in the shape of a semicircle, 110 cm high, is covered with eco-leather. Buttons serve as an element of decor.

Model dimensions – 179 × 74 cm with a height of 33 cm on the sides. The linen box has no dividing edges, therefore it is as roomy as possible. The stability of the position is guaranteed by metal legs with an expanded base.Elva_Mays


  • Rounded back;
  • Possibility to choose the width of the lamellas;
  • Different sizes;
  • Wide palette;
  • Solid base;
  • Price.


  • corners;
  • The side panels are not soft.

This is an advantageous offer for those who want to choose all the details on their own – the base, the lifting mechanism, the dimensions, the color of the back and the frame (you can even combine the two options).

How to choose a bed with a lifting mechanism

The presented nominees have many differences in the type of lifting mechanism, size, materials, mattress, headboard. Design is not really the most important selection criterion, but rather an addition to the listed characteristics. Let’s consider each item in more detail.

Lift type

The ease of access to the linen drawer depends on this indicator. Manufacturers offer 3 types:

  • gas lift – complements the pneumatic type, it is a cylinder, a retractable rod and a piston, air acts as a spring;
  • springs – a simple version of a twisted steel spring that works independently after the first impulse;
  • manual lifting – the simplest lever design that works only under the condition of applying effort.

The first option is the most popular, it works independently, smoothly. The maximum allowable weight is 100 kg. The second requires a push, designed for less weight, working life – up to 20,000 lifts. The third budget, but expensive in strength.

The size

Dimensions – one of the defining criteria. The height, width and length indicated by the manufacturer are compared with the body parameters (height, weight), as well as with the free space of the bedroom. The load capacity indicates how many people the model can support at the same time.


The reliability and load capacity of furniture depend on the quality and reliability of the materials used. Cheap options are MDF, fine wood. Chipboard or chipboard is a little more expensive. This is a compressed chip with an adhesive composition. The most durable, but expensive – solid birch, oak, beech, ash, etc.

Metal is the leader in terms of carrying capacity, durability, but it also weighs decently. Sheathing is done using natural or eco-leather, which affects the price tag, as well as from velor, velvet and other soft but durable fabrics – jacquard, glasgow, velveteen.


For most of the presented nominees, this important element is excluded from the package, which means that it must be purchased separately. The manufacturer only specifies the depth of the niche, the recommended height.


The headboard determines not only the appearance of the furniture, but also affects the overall interior of the bedroom. It must have the correct shape, fit in color and decor in the design. Important indicators are height, degree of softness, screed format.

Which bed with a lifting mechanism is better

After getting acquainted with the top ten products of the current year and the evaluation criteria, it will not be difficult for you to make a final decision on which of these to buy. We do not give unambiguous recommendations, but we recommend paying attention to several nominations once again:

  • Cilek Flora – children’s single bed, thoughtful design to maintain posture, gentle girly design;
  • Alba New 1226 – furniture for two, patented corporate design, gas shock absorber, original and functional headboard;
  • Ormatek Vederi, 15120222 – spectacular design of a curved orthopedic structure, genuine leather, rhinestone decor, hypoallergenic padding;
  • Perrino Alaska – the best indicator of load capacity, high back with dense padding, adjustable legs with silicone glides;
  • Elva Mays, 20030641 – the best combination of price / quality, wooden frame with a rounded headboard, many shades and decor options.

Remember that buying furniture is always an individual decision. Consider the features of the interior of the room, your age, physique and physical parameters, compare desires with financial capabilities.