Do you have a great mattress, but still getting up poorly?
Many people are completely unaware of the damage caused by sleeping on the wrong pillow. Some of the most frequent are:

• Chronic neck pain
• Recurrent migraines
• Shoulder rotator cuff injury
• Allergies
• Obstructive sleep apnea
• Snoring

If you have experienced any of these ailments on a recurring basis, you should begin to rethink if its origin can be in bed with you. You may also want to avoid them.

In either case you need to choose a good cervical pillow.

But beware, what is good for someone in particular does not have to be good for another person. The way we sleep, the position, the movements at night or even our age can influence (and in fact they do) how the pillow affects our rest and our health.

There is a wide variety of models on the market made with different materials, technologies, dimensions and firmness.

How to know which one is yours?

So that doubts stop assaulting you and you can enjoy a restorative and pleasant sleep for a long time, we put this guide at your disposal.

The 10 best cervical pillows of 2023

We believe that quality is essential, although this is not the only parameter to consider. The particularities, the user reviews and the price also count to make a correct purchase decision.

1. Liroon Pillow

 Ideal for hot people or side sleepers.

Material: viscocarbono

Sanitizing treatment: hypoallergenic

Breathability enhancer: perforations and 3D mesh lining

liroon cervical pillow

What we liked most about the Liroon pillow is its good feeling of welcome. And it is that she holds her head well without sinking excessively, especially when lying on her side.

This is thanks to its soft ergonomic design, with an opening and hollow in the center to adapt to the shape of the neck and shoulders without forcing the posture too much. This allows the spine to be well aligned and releases tension from the cervicals, which will favor your rest.

We find it interesting that it is compatible with all sleeping positions because, normally, the design of this type of pillow further limits its use. With the Liroon, you can change positions as many times as you like and still feel comfortable. Even so, it is especially suitable for people who sleep on their side or who have back pain.

Is composed of:

  • A hypoallergenic visco-carbon core, in charge of its adaptability, and very perforated, favoring breathability.
  • An outer cover made of very breathable and soft Strech fabric, although I confess that its synthetic touch has not seemed the most pleasant to me (I prefer covers made of organic materials, such as cotton). Of course, its 3D mesh that surrounds the entire side gives it extra ventilation that other models do not have and that is useful, especially if you are hot. Another point in its favor is that it is removable.

It has a single size and is individual (57x38x12 cm), so if there are two of you sleeping in the bed, you will need a pair.

Keep in mind that when unpacked, it gives off a rather strong smell. So I advise you to leave it between 12-24 hours in a well-ventilated place before using it.

One detail that we like is that it includes a bag with a handle to store or transport it, protecting it so that it is always in good condition. And also that it has a guarantee of 3 years.


  • good adaptability
  • Ergonomic design
  • very breathable
  • Unfundable


  • synthetic sling
  • Strong smell when unpacking

2. Kipli ergonomic pillow

For those looking for natural materials to sleep in any position

Material: natural latex

Sanitizing treatment: natural (hypoallergenic and antibacterial)

Breathability enhancer: honeycomb structure and organic cotton and Tencel cover

Kipli ergonomic pillow

If this Kipli pillow stands out for something, it is for its naturalness, both in the origin of its materials and in its ergonomic design.

If we focus on the materials, it is made of 100% natural latex grown without fertilizers or pesticides and no chemicals have been used in its manufacture.

It has a density of 50 kg/m3, offering a firmness that seemed medium to us, correct for sleeping both on your back and on your side. In addition, it has an alveolar structure that improves breathability and thermoregulation.

Its cover combines organic cotton (61%) and Tencel (39%), two breathable materials that favor temperature regulation, a key aspect because latex needs more ventilation to maintain it well.

On the other hand, we have verified that its design respects the natural shape of the neck, shoulders and cervical spine. And it is that it is manufactured using a mold that imitates the shape of the neck, to keep the cervicals aligned and allow the muscles to relax.

It is removable and the cover can be machine washed at home up to 30ºC, which helps to improve hygiene. So that the latex is not unprotected, it includes an internal cover of combed cotton around the core.

It is a pillow suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin, since latex is anti-mite and organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal.

Its 2-year warranty has seemed somewhat short, but it has the EcoInstitut certificates (it does not emit VOCs or toxic emissions), EuroLatex (responsible origin of natural latex) and OEKO-Tex Standard 100 (the organic cotton cover is healthy) It gives us more confidence.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative made from natural materials, the Kipli ergonomic pillow is a good alternative to viscoelastic cervical pillows, although, yes, at a higher price.


  • natural materials
  • Suitable for sleeping in any position
  • Two heights to choose
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Unfundable


  • Slightly higher price than visco pillows
  • Warranty could be longer

3. Senso G Relax Premium

With bone transmission speaker for people who have trouble sleeping or suffer from tinnitus.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: none

Breathability enhancer: removable cover in Drytex technical fabric

Pillow Senso G S75

We like its ergonomic “C”-shaped design that makes it comfortable to sleep on your side, something that not all of the ones we have tried achieve. Its shape allows the weight to be distributed, while the memory foam adapts to the contour of the neck and head, reducing pressure.

But the most interesting thing about this pillow is that it has a built-in bone transmission speaker that allows you to listen to music to help you fall asleep and rest better.

As it does? The loudspeaker placed in the occipital area of ​​the head transforms the electrical signal into vibration.

Since the sound does not use the ear canal, there is no risk of it affecting the eardrum and it is also audible to people with some type of deafness without damage to the auditory nerve.

It seems incredible, but you can see for yourself by covering your ears while resting your head on the pillow. You’ll hear music louder and clearer with your ears covered than without.

It is also effective in relieving tinnitus because it allows you to use sound therapy to help retrain the brain by making tinnitus go unnoticed and less bothersome.

In addition, we have verified that the music is not audible to the person resting next to it. An important point to avoid disturbing your bed[email protected] company.

And when it comes to practical matters:

  • It is removable and the cover is made of Drytex, a material resistant to washing and breathable.
  • You can connect music from any device that has a 3.5mm jack input. But keep in mind that it does not have Bluetooth, so if you use a mobile model without a jack connector, you will need an adapter.


  • Helps to fall asleep and relieves tinnitus
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Ergonomic design
  • The person sleeping next to you will not hear the sound


  • Price above average
  • Only connects via 3.5mm jack

4. Almohada Supportiback

 The best cervical pillow for people with health problems.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: hypoallergenic and resistant to mites

Breathability enhancer: heat dissipating gel


This model has been designed by orthopedic doctors. This explains why its form is therapeutically proven, which is why it is especially indicated for headache, neck, shoulder and upper back pain; recovering from surgeries, disc problems and snoring.

High-density memory foam is responsible for distributing the weight of the head and neck evenly. Additionally, it does not wear out or deform.

The thermal sensation is usually one of the most frequent concerns when choosing a pillow. Because of this, the surface of this model contains a gel sheet that dissipates heat and keeps night sweats away.
More extras: its cover is removable, washable, hypoallergenic and resistant to mites.

We must not forget that health always comes first, which is why this pillow has been made without phthalates, latex, lead or BPA (Bisphenol A) and is CE certified.

We like that the manufacturer offers the option of trying the pillow at home for 30 nights without obligation and the detail of the gift of an ebook on the treatment of back pain valued at €19. The latter is only available in English, although its content is very graphic.

Although it is true that it is not one of the cheapest pillows, its many features compensate for the price.


  • orthopedic
  • Therapy
  • 30 night trial
  • Regalo de ebook «Back Pain»


  • price above average
  • The ebook is sent in English

5. Pillow Levesolls

 Four different and adjustable heights capable of adapting to any type of sleeping position.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: antibacterial and dust resistant

Breathability enhancer: heat dissipating gel


The first thing that stands out in its design is that the height can be adjusted by removing or adding an intermediate layer. In this way, four different thicknesses are obtained: 7, 9, 10 and 12 cm.

The padding is mainly composed of viscoelastic foam with heat dissipating gel particles. This material is very elastic, which is why it offers good support for the head and neck. The foam slowly recovers its shape ensuring an adequate level of adaptability.

Its curved and ergonomic design is designed to relieve stiffness in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back.
In addition, this pillow has a couple of extras that we consider interesting:

  • It has two covers instead of one.
  • Its fabric is washable (must be done before first use) and contains 40% bamboo fiber and 60% polyester (250 gr/m2). Bamboo is a natural fiber that absorbs excess moisture, allows air to circulate, repels dust, is anti-allergic and odourless. The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees the healthiness of this fabric.


  • adjustable height
  • two slings
  • bamboo fiber fabric


  • It is necessary to wash the covers before the first use

6. Emma Pillow

 Designed for those who want to fully adjust their own height and firmness.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: fiber upper lining and breathable cover


Chosen product of the year 2021 by consumers, what has caught our attention most about this product made in Germany is that it is a fully customizable pillow.

How do they get it? Allowing you to decide for yourself what layers you want the pillow to have.

Let’s explain it in more detail: the structure is made up of three interchangeable layers of different foams (Airgocel, viscoelastic and HRX support). In this way, you can adjust the height of the pillow by removing, putting or inserting the layers depending on your tastes or your sleeping position.

In addition, the level of firmness can also be adapted depending on the side you use. One of them is soft and moldable; the other, harder and firmer. However, if you are someone who is looking for a very soft pillow, this may not be the best option. Therefore, I would not recommend this pillow if you usually sleep on your stomach.

This versatility allows any user to find their perfect match.

The tests carried out indicate that, regardless of the layers used for sleeping, good support is achieved at the cervical level and pressure relief is achieved.

On the other hand, the cover – made with a mixture of polyester and elastane – has a good level of breathability and is washable.

What we miss in this pillow is some anti-allergenic or sanitizing treatment. However, by having good breathability, the possibility of proliferation of microbes is reduced. Still, remember to wash the cover regularly.

An important detail: all the materials that the pillow is made of have the Oeko-Tex quality certificate (and are suitable for children).

We also positively highlight the 100 trial nights and the 10-year guarantee that the brand offers.


  • adjustable height
  • adjustable firmness
  • Breathable and washable cover
  • Extensive trial and warranty period


  • Does not have anti-allergy treatment

7. NuMoon Pillow

 For all sleeping positions and with hypoallergenic natural materials.

Material: viscoelastic

Sanitizing treatment: anti-mite and anti-allergenic

Breathability enhancer: bamboo charcoal

The NuMoon is a pillow that adapts well to all types of sleepers and that takes great care of the quality of its materials, putting special care in the use of natural products so that people with allergies can also use it.

You can use it in 4 different positions with specific designs for each way of sleeping: side, fetal position, back or stomach.

Despite its size (56x40x12 cm), you can easily roll it up and it is so small and takes up so little space that it will be a good pillow to take on a trip.

The combination of visco with active bamboo carbon gives it greater breathability and prevents the accumulation of moisture and heat.

Its cover is 100% cotton and contains aloe vera extracts which, according to the manufacturer, have anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties that take care of your skin during rest. In addition, it has been treated with Greenfirst, a combination of natural and organic extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. It is removable and easily removed to wash it at home.

We have found it a good detail that it includes an extra free cover because it makes it easier to change between washes and thus the pillow is always protected.

Of course, its price is higher and, although we believe that both the quality of the pillow and the rest deserve it, you should take it into account if you are looking for a more affordable option.


  • hypoallergenic material
  • 4 sleeping positions
  • Unfundable
  • free extra sling


  • Price slightly above average
  • Aloe vera smell can be intense at first

8. Dreamzie Pillow

 The option for those who require an orthopedic pillow and do not move much when sleeping.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: bamboo viscose cover


The wavy, ergonomic shape of this pillow distributes pressure evenly across your upper body. At the same time, it ensures that the trunk and lower extremities are also positioned correctly throughout the night.

Its measurements of 60 x 40 cm with a height of 9-11 cm are suitable for individual use.

Another noteworthy aspect is that it has an interior and exterior cover. This provides full protection to the high-density memory foam (40D) with which it is made. The outer cover is made of natural bamboo fiber, which has the property of evacuating moisture and repelling allergens. No worries about cleaning: both one cover and the other can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 40°.

Now, it is advisable to keep in mind that the base of the outer cover is non-slip, it does not slide easily down the bottom sheet. This could be an inconvenience for those who like to change the position of the pillow or hold on to it, but an advantage for those who prefer immobility.

Certificates? Yes, its reputation is accredited by both Certi Pur and Oeko-Tex, so toxic products are not part of its composition. The slight odor that it gives off disappears in a maximum of three days if it is properly aired.

Another point that we like is that you can try it at home for 30 nights and, if you are not convinced, return it.


  • Orthopedic and ergonomic
  • Outer cover with non-slip base
  • Inner and outer protective cover
  • 30 day trial at home


  • Gives off odor the first days
  • Outer cover with non-slip base
  • Does not carry any anti-allergy treatment

9. Seasons – Pack of 2 pillows

 Competitive price for those looking for a good quality double pack.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: no


When wanting to change the traditional pillow for a viscoelastic cervical one, a common fear is finding the new material uncomfortable by sinking in too much.

Seasons has gone to great lengths to improve on this point: the soft cushioning of these pillows provides a comfortable degree of adaptation that keeps your head at the ideal height. This is how the cervicals are released from tension.

Not in vain, its viscoelastic is of high density and durability: 50 kg/m3. Its flat design is the answer for those who do not like the “wave” format. The measurements are 70 x 35 x 13 cm, a single height equals greater simplicity.

The set of two units is very convenient if you want to buy two pillows, since it is considerably cheaper.

To be noted: the price for the pack is practically the same as that of any other individual model on this list.

Those who worry about dirt and sweat getting on the pillow can breathe easy. Both the outer and inner sheath have the function of preserving the core.

The first is made of stretch fabric and is treated with aloe vera to provide softness and comfort during sleep. The second one does not have removable covers, since it is heat-sealed to prevent it from moving during night movements.

In general, users indicate that they do not perceive a heating sensation during use.


  • Two pillows instead of one
  • Competitive price
  • very adaptable
  • Inner and outer protective cover


  • The inner cover cannot be machine washed.
  • No allergy treatment
  • It does not have a system to improve breathability

10. Sabanalia Pillow

 Complete wave-shaped design for those looking for a reasonable price.

Material: memory foam with aloe vera

Sanitizing treatment: anti-allergy, anti-mite and bactericide

Breathability enhancer: no


This Sabanalia cervical pillow is made entirely in Spain and quality viscoelastic foam with a density of 45-50 kg/m3 has been used for its composition.

This means that the adaptation to the neck and nape is good and that, in addition, the pillow is non-deformable and has a certain degree of breathability.

It is available in two sizes: 50 x 33 x 8-11 cm and 70 x 33 x 8-11 cm.

eye! Due to the flex-form viscoelastic mold, these dimensions may vary by 3%, although always respecting the announced quality standards.

Considering that it is treated against allergies, mites and bacteria, concerns in this regard are ruled out. In the same hygienic line, the outer cover is washable, made of 320 g/m2 stretch fabric and contains aloe vera. The interior, meanwhile, is made of cotton and polyester.

It should be emphasized that this is a recyclable model, a good choice if you care that your purchase is eco-friendly.


  • Available in two sizes: 50 and 70 cm long
  • cheap price
  • Recyclable


  • It does not have a system to improve breathability
  • Measurements may vary slightly

recommended models

Still not clear? Take a look at the most outstanding models in the ranking.

The best viscoelastic cervical pillow: Supportiback


We already told you about it in the analysis section: when we talk about viscoelastic, the Supportiback cervical pillow is a highly recommended orthopedic choice. If this is your favorite material and you want it in your bed, then it is convenient that you know a little more about this model.

But what is it that makes it special?

To begin with, the structure has been developed by healthcare personnel. Orthopedic professionals know better than anyone the needs of patients suffering from cervical and dorsal ailments.

But this therapeutically proven pillow can benefit all kinds of people: those who want to alleviate their health problems and those who want to avoid them. That is, both cure and prevent.

Its gel sheet makes the heat disperse and disappear effectively.

With breathability covered, we turn to hygiene. The removable cover incorporates a hypoallergenic and anti-mite treatment to ensure a healthy rest free of irritating elements. It can also be machine washed to periodically reinforce its disinfection.

In addition, it does not contain phthalates, latex, lead or BPA and is CE certified. The high-density memory foam with which it has been manufactured does not wear out or deform. This is a strong and durable pillow.

If we add to all these advantages the fact that the brand offers us a 30-night trial and gives us an ebook about back pain, its higher-than-average price is probably more than justified.

The best travel neck pillow: Pikolin Home

Travel cervical pillow Pikolin Home_original

This travel cushion is ideal for those who cannot fall asleep when traveling, for example by plane.


On the one hand, it is breathable and reduces heat. Its cover is also soft and can be easily removed to wash it in the washing machine at home and it will look like new. On the other hand, its U shape and the memory foam adapt well to the neck and allow the neck to rest in a good posture, as well as having a special design for the shoulder area.

In addition, it has a design that helps the body relieve blood pressure, a fact that reduces some pain in localized areas of the body.

You will find it available in white (natural) and blue.

Comparative table of the best cervical pillows

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

ModelPriceMaterialTreatmenthygienizerPotenciador detranspirabilidadFunda

liroon cervical pillow
Be there
See price Viscocarbon hypoallergenic Perforations + 3D mesh cover stretch fabric
Almohada kipli
See price natural latex Hypoallergenic and antibacterial honeycomb structure Organic cotton and Tencel
Pillow Senso G S75
Meaning of G
See price viscoelastic removable cover Drytex technical fabric
See price viscoelastic Hypoallergenic and anti-mite Heat sink gel Polyester
See price viscoelastic Antibacterial and
dust resistant
Heat sink gel bamboo and polyester
See price viscoelastic breathable cover Polyester and elastane
See price viscoelastic Anti-mite and anti-allergenic bamboo charcoal 100% cotton
See price viscoelastic Viscose and bamboo cover viscose and bamboo
See price viscoelastic Aloe vera
See price viscoelastic mites Aloe vera

Live test of the best pillows of the year

Do you have any doubts about which pillow to choose? In our video we reveal the 5 best pillows along with their most outstanding features and our opinion after trying them.

Guide to buying the best cervical pillow

You’ve been tossing and turning in bed and you’ve already made up your mind: you need to change your pillow. Congratulations, we believe that you are going to make a great investment that is worth evaluating quite carefully.

For that very reason we have created this guide, here you have all the information you need to choose well!

The 7 benefits of cervical pillows

Their design is generally ergonomic, in some cases even orthopedic or therapeutic. Thus:lying woman

  • Reduces neck and back pain, thanks to the correct support of the spine and cervical vertebrae.
  • Improved circulation due to the elimination of pressure.
  • Provides a natural sleeping position (unlike conventional pillows).
  • Relieves back stiffness and relaxes joints, promoting proper spinal alignment.
  • Eliminates stress and muscular tension accumulated during the day.
  • Effectively prevents snoring.
  • They are more resistant and, therefore, also end up being more profitable.

Who can use a cervical pillow?

The quick answer is almost everyone.

There are some exceptions such as cases in which, due to medical contraindication, this or any type of pillow should not be used. Children under two and a half years old should not use any.

If you are fortunately in good health, you will love trying the benefits of the cervical pillow.

It is not like this? Well then, all the more reason you need one, since it is specifically indicated for various conditions and ailments such as trauma or contractures, surgical recovery, chronic pain and sleep apnea.

In any case and when in doubt, before making the purchase consult your GP or orthopedic surgeon. No one better than a health professional to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

What should you take into account when selecting a cervical pillow?


recovery pillowViscoelastic is a viscous and elastic material that is therapeutic in itself. Hygienic, indeformable and tremendously adaptable, it adapts fluidly to the body structure.

Its molecular structure and its thermosensitive qualities are responsible for the fact that the parts of the body that are in contact with it do not feel any type of pressure.

It is also called memory foam, since it has the virtue of recovering its shape immediately (it can be more or less quickly, this quality is known as «rebound»). The different manufacturers usually choose one of the two ways to refer to this material, but in reality they talk about the same thing.

Less commonly, cervical pillows are also made from latex. It is a firm material as well as adaptable, it repels dust and, since it does not deform either, it has good durability.

To make it truly breathable, always select latex with the highest percentage of natural. You just have to remember to ventilate it frequently.

Memory foam or latex cervical pillows have a shelf life of at least 4 years if used and cared for properly.


It is a variable that is rather used in the case of visco or latex toppers and mattresses. The density of cervical pillows is usually always the same, which is why it is usual for the firmness to be medium.

You don’t need to dwell too much on this aspect. By default, all cervical pillows have the appropriate density to keep the neck and head in line with the spine.


UUQThe wave shape is very common, although it is not the only one. It has the advantage of having one side a little higher than the other, so it can be placed in the most convenient position for each user. It is also indicated for all those who suffer from pain or discomfort in the neck.

There are also flat formats on the market, more similar to the shape of a conventional pillow.

Some models incorporate a really innovative design, including extra support for the dorsal or even armrests. Others incorporate reliefs and die-cuts that offer a surprising massaging effect.


Surely this worries you. You may have heard great things about memory foam and latex, but also some complaints about the heat they supposedly generate.

Some users may experience a rise in temperature using these pillows, but they will most likely be using visco-moulded rather than foamed, or synthetic rather than natural latex.

All the models presented in this guide are breathable as they are made with open cell memory foam (foamed) or 100% natural latex.

We recommend that you check the composition and always choose one of these two variants.

Remember that many models also have covers with textiles configured with the aim of absorbing moisture and providing good ventilation.


adaptabilityThe adaptability, or anatomical reception, refers to the sensation of collection that can be experienced with memory foam or latex. When it is excessive, it can cause an unwanted “trapping” effect.

So that this does not happen, once again we recommend that you opt for memory foam or natural latex. They have good adaptability without sacrificing firmness (or, as you know, breathability).


There is no standard size of cervical pillows as there is with conventional pillows. Manufacturers decide the dimensions of their products based on the ergonomic design they are going to work on.

However, many of them offer several sizes of the same model so you can choose the one that best suits you.

At the moment there are no double cervical pillows, as they would be very impractical. If you want to buy two, take a look at the brands that offer double packs , which are usually cheaper than buying them separately.

The correct way to use a cervical pillow

You have already seen that these types of pillows are available in different materials, densities, designs and sizes. All this influences the way to correctly position your cervical pillow.

A very simple and helpful trick for those who sleep on their side: when lying on your side, your neck and head should be completely aligned with the entire spine, just as it happens when standing.

For those who sleep on their backs, it is enough to make sure that the back of the head is well supported on the cervical pillow. The neck must maintain contact with the curve or bottom at all times. Watch out for the shoulders! They will always have to rest on the mattress.

Some corrugated cervical pillows are not recommended for sleeping on your stomach. This makes sense because the curvature that normally supports the cervicals would put pressure on the throat, making us flex the neck in the opposite position. Other pillows with a less pronounced curve, or directly with a flat design and low height, can be used face down.

Practical recommendations for a good choice

You already know the features you should look at when choosing your cervical pillow. But there are other issues that you should consider. Pay attention:

The relationship between density, breathability and adaptability

Always keep this maxim in mind: the higher the density, the greater the adaptability but the less breathability.

Knowing this, carefully review the properties of each material before opting for one or another model. This will determine to a large extent the degree of reception and the thermal sensation that you experience during rest.

Attention to measurements

cervical pillowCervical pillows usually have a very particular diversity of measures, which, as we have commented in the previous point, do not correspond to the standard measures of traditional pillows (at least in Spain).

Therefore, it is essential that before deciding on a specific model, take the tape measure and go to your bed. Take a good measurement of the pillow you use now and calculate the dimensions that would be acceptable for your new pillow. With that information it will be easier for you to decide.

Use it together with a good mattress and box spring

A cervical pillow is capable of doing wonders and making a big difference, but it does not work miracles. There is little point in buying the best you can find if you are going to use it on a bad mattress or a terrible box spring later.  

All your rest equipment must be up to the task! Only then will you get results.                     

Two better than one

two cervical pillowsDo you sleep with someone? The most normal thing is that you do not have the same predilections in terms of pillows. Everyone knows if he moves a lot during the night, the position he adopts or if he is usually hot or cold.

That is why it is important that each person in the bed sleeps with their own pillow. The two of you will gain in quality of sleep and you will not bother each other.

Take care of her

We strongly discourage you from removing the cover(s) from your pillow. These protect and care for its interior, which is never machine washable (for memory foam or latex).

Your pillow sheet is not enough. The sweat, the natural fat of the skin, the dust, the mites, the droppings of the latter… everything passes through the fabric from which the sheets are made. However, the cover or covers that come with your pillow are made of special fabrics that are much less permeable.

Take note: to prevent dirt from penetrating, wash the cover at least once a month and change the sheets every ten days at the most. Always respect the machine wash temperature and try to use biodegradable detergent. Your skin will thank you!

Your health is a priority

As animals that we human beings are, the physical and mental state with which we live conditions us. A good rest increases creativity and memory, helps lose weight, protects the heart, reduces depression and strengthens the immune system.

These are more than enough reasons to take one more step towards increasing comfort and relaxation during your nighttime hours and, also why not?, whenever you feel like taking a nap.

Now you know how to choose the most suitable cervical pillow for you. Weigh the features, compare brands and models and review the different advantages of each before making your purchase.

Do not lose another minute of sleep, it is part of healthy living. Sleeping well makes you happy.