An armchair-bed is a functional and compact device that will help out upon arrival of guests or become an alternative to a bed if you need to save free space in the room. If you know what criteria to choose, the furniture will last for decades. We figured out all these subtleties to help a potential buyer with a decision, after which we made a top rating – the best chair beds .

Chair-bed rating (2023)

When compiling the list of the best products, we consulted with designers, developers and distributors of furniture products. The experience of each specialist exceeded 15 years of work. Their knowledge and skills helped to compile a list of criteria by which we compared products:

  • frame materials;
  • Upholstery, filler;
  • unfolding method;
  • Dimensions in folded, unfolded form;
  • Sleeping options;
  • load capacity;
  • Appearance, style, color options.

The result of the comparative analysis was the top list of 10 positions. For convenience, we have divided it into 4 subsections – budget goods, products with an accordion transformation element, folding beds, options for children to use. Feedback monitoring identified the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee.

Best Inexpensive Chair Beds

If the determining factor in choosing such products for you is the price, we offer the first selection of the rating. These are cheap, but functional, reliable and durable designs in a pleasant design. We consider the best three nominees.

Your sofa Roger

The chair-bed transformer in a minimalist design from the manufacturer “Your sofa” is designed for a load of up to 100 kg. The manufacturer presents several upholstery options: beige, brown, black. There are versions with and without a linen box.

The design consists of a steel frame, which is particularly durable. A hard mattress 8 cm thick made of polyurethane foam will be useful for people with back problems. It is not difficult to unfold, just pull the bottom part and the transformation mechanism of the accordion from 3 folded parts will turn into one even one.

A wide full-fledged berth will fit well into the loft style. Its dimensions: length 200, height 91, width 97, depth 108 cm. All mechanisms work properly, without any complaints.

The upholstery material is dense, velor fabric for Luna furniture is used. For optimal depreciation of the torso, lamellas are installed under the sleeping area. The weight of the mini sofa with a linen box is 50 kg, without it 42 kg.

Your sofa Roger


  • Suitable for any interior;
  • Upholstery in different colors;
  • Hard mattress;
  • Easy exit of the bottom stand;
  • The presence of lamellas under the bed;
  • Inexpensive.


  • The metal frame is visible from the side;
  • Lack of armrests.

The model looks good in the interior of the loft office. It will serve as a sleeping place for those who stay up late at work and do not want to waste time on the way home. It is not recommended to exceed the permissible load.

MnogoMeb Amsterdam

The model with its classic design can complement any interior space. It differs from the first nominee in the presence of armrests, the accordion transformation mechanism.

The framework consists of a bar (solid wood) and high-quality plywood. The upholstery of the armrest is made of artificial leather, the sofa itself is made of soft velor, both options are organically combined with each other. The mattress is filled with the condensed foam rubber giving softness and elasticity.

The material is hypoallergenic, in the manufacture it is treated with an antifungal, antibacterial agent. It has increased wear resistance, due to elasticity instantly restores its original shape.

For comfort, the mattress is equipped with a spring block, which evenly distributes the load, maintains the position of the spine. Dimensions are: width 95, depth 115, height 80, length 155 cm.

MnogoMeb Amsterdam


  • Reliable folding mechanism;
  • The presence of armrests;
  • frame strength;
  • Hypoallergenic mattress;
  • Soft upholstery.


  • There is no box for linen;
  • Short bed length.

The upholstery of the armrests well hides all the folding elements of the frame, making the appearance more accurate. In case of contamination, it is recommended to clean the material with a soapy water solution.

solo latte

The armchair-bed with a box for linen is combined with the classic style of the interior. Designed specifically for long, daily use, suitable for children. Can withstand loads up to 150 kg.

The frame consists of a beam of coniferous and deciduous trees, fastened with a tongue-and-groove joint using PVA glue and natural shrinkage. In the presence of a capacious linen box, the bottom of which is made of fiberboard. The filling of the mattress is expanded polystyrene, which has good thermal insulation properties.

The material is high quality, does not crumble, will last a long time. The principle of assembly / disassembly is a French clamshell. Straight shaped wooden armrests are firmly attached to the sides for increased comfort.

Upholstered in brown fabric. The top pillow is removable, has a soft filling, can be used for sleeping. Total weight 35 kg, dimensions: height 93, depth 94, length 199, width 82 cm (bed 62 cm).

solo latte


  • For daily use;
  • frame strength;
  • closed design;
  • The presence of a linen department;
  • Comfortable armrests;
  • Laconic design.


  • Narrow bed width
  • Solid armrests.

The design is closed, so the entire frame with the unfolding element is disguised inside. Vacuum cleaning recommended. If the surface is treated with an antistatic agent, then the dust will not stick so actively.

The best accordion chair-beds

The second category of the top rating is the best designs with a folding accordion mechanism. This is a transformation in just one simple movement, where special efforts and skills are not required. Approval and users, judging by the reviews, this year received three nominees.

Corfu charm beige and eco-leather chocolate

Orthopedic transformer from the Moscow factory “Charm Design” for daily and intensive use. Withstands loads up to 120 kg. Features a combination of upholstery. It unfolds like an accordion.

Comfortable and versatile model is fully consistent with the anatomical shape, which gives maximum comfort while relaxing. The frame is made of wood, the filler material is multilayer polyurethane foam. The upholstery of the sidewalls of the sofa is made of chocolate-colored eco-leather successfully harmonizes with different interior styles.

The set includes a cushion in beige upholstery fabric. During operation, the material does not deform, does not stretch, does not wear out quickly. It is breathable, facilitates air circulation, does not provoke excessive sweating.

The height of the seat fits under the level of the knees and is 95 cm, which is important for relaxing in a sitting position, depth 101, width 80 cm. Bed parameters: length 194, width 60, height 47 cm. There is a box for linen at the base of the structure.

Corfu charm beige and eco-leather chocolate


  • Withstands heavy loads;
  • Linen box of a good size;
  • Convenient design;
  • Nice design;
  • The quality of materials.


  • Marky color of upholstery of pillows;
  • Narrow sleeping area.

The mini sofa is equipped with hard wooden armrests that are firmly attached to the sidewalls. Over time, they are not overwritten, so even after many years the furniture will look good. Soft pillows are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a clothes brush.

Relax Rio

Folding mini-sofa without armrests from the factory of upholstered furniture “Relax”. It draws attention with its modern design, successfully combined with the interior of the room in the Art Nouveau style. The transformation mechanism is an accordion.

The frame is made of 2 metal segments. There are support legs made of durable plastic at the end with nickels, which increase the stability of the structure, and also protect the floor from scratches. Upholstery in soft furniture velor with a velvety texture that is pleasant to the body.

The material retains its original appearance for a long time, undemanding in care. Hypoallergenic, does not fade in the sun, keeps its shape well. The mattress filler is high-quality polyurethane foam, which is characterized by high elasticity and resilience.

Polyurethane foam has air cavities, thanks to which it passes air well, which means it allows the body to breathe. Piping on eco-leather upholstery in contrasting colour. Dimensions: height 90, width 95, depth 107 cm. Sleeping place 87×200 cm.

Relax Rio


  • Modern design;
  • Legs do not scratch the floor;
  • Spacious sleeping area;
  • frame strength;
  • Long service life;
  • Practicality.


  • Grease stains are difficult to remove from the surface;
  • Price.

The product is practical in that when folded it frees up the space of the room, when unfolded it acts as a full-fledged sleeping area for one person. It is recommended to clean the pile with a microfiber cloth moistened with a soapy water solution.

Volli Tolli Milena

Furniture with armrests from the domestic furniture factory “Volly Tolly” looks cozy and comfortable. Differs in the average level of rigidity, is issued in modern style, will be suitable for rooms with any interior.

The transformation mechanism is simple and convenient – an accordion. To use the furniture, just lift the seat, and then pull it towards you. The layout will take a minimum of time. Strong and wear-resistant fittings provide the mechanism with high-quality work even with intensive use.

The frame is made of metal, its non-separable parts are firmly welded together, which makes the product more stable. The material does not deform, does not rust, has a long service life. Filler – polyurethane foam with high supporting properties.

The upholstery of the mini-sofa is a light-colored furniture fabric that retains its shape for a long time, and is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Dimensions are: 97x91x105 cm, bed 200×80 cm.

Volli Tolli Milena


  • Easily unfolds;
  • Ergonomic armrests;
  • Footrests do not scratch the floor;
  • metal frame;
  • Good bed width
  • There is a cushion.


  • Marky upholstery color.

The model is complemented by a pillow in the form of a roller. It is made from the same material as the main upholstery. It is conveniently located under the lower back, during sleep it can be used as the main pillow.

The best folding bed chairs

The clamshell mechanism is a double folding, when a structure with a frame and legs is pulled out from under the seat to create a sleeping area. It differs in reliability of the basis, compactness in folded form. Two nominees were recognized as the best in the context of the review.


A folding chair-bed with a drawer and armrests from the manufacturer can withstand an increased load of up to 150 kg per bed during prolonged use. The way of transformation is a French folding bed.

The frame is made of a wooden beam (6×4 cm), fastened with a tongue-and-groove joint using PVA glue and natural shrinkage. Coniferous timber is complemented by high-quality plywood, environmentally friendly and safe. The raw materials have good operational qualities: resistance to mechanical stress, moisture.

The structure is highly durable and has a long service life. Styrofoam filling, sleep comfortable. The mattress provides the necessary support for the body of a sleeping person.

Upholstery made of gunny in a purple hue fits the classic style of the interior. The material is environmentally friendly, does not cause an allergic reaction, and is not demanding in care. Dimensions 93x94x82 cm with a weight of 35 kg, bed 62×199 cm.

solo purple


  • Reliable layout method;
  • Hard back;
  • Hypoallergenic upholstery material;
  • Functional armrests;
  • Spacious linen box;
  • Bright colors in the catalog.


  • Hooks, puffs may appear on the upholstery;
  • Narrow bed.

Armrests of a straight form made of wood are not overwritten. The manufacturer has provided a box for linen, which is very convenient to use. The loft style looks elegant and strict. There are several color options to choose from.

Charm-Design classic M velor Paris

Model with armrests from the Moscow company “Charm-Design”, which can withstand loads up to 120 kg. It will be relevant in use for recreation in small apartments. The way of transformation is a French folding bed.

The frame is strong and reliable, made of pine timber (4x6cm), PVA glue + natural laying. Plywood and furniture wood have a positive effect on the microclimate of the house, release biologically active nutrients, and have improved performance.

Styrofoam filler. This is a hypoallergenic material that is not a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. Does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture, sufficiently resistant to it.

The upholstery is combined: the sides and soft armrests are trimmed with brown eco-leather. The velor mattress is painted with a Parisian theme. Mini sofa dimensions: height 101, depth 83, width 87 cm with a weight of 35 kg. Sleeping place 190×62 cm.

Charm-Design classic M velor Paris


  • Convenient design for rest;
  • Soft armrests;
  • capacious box;
  • Hypoallergenic filler;
  • Printed design;
  • Practical eco-leather upholstery.


  • You can not stand on a disassembled bed;
  • Low for the elderly.

A mini sofa with a closed design, so the entire unfolding element is hidden inside, which is aesthetically pleasing. The presence of a roomy compartment provides a compact arrangement of bedding.

The best chair beds for children

The last subsection presents transformers for use by children. When selecting nominees, the emphasis was placed on the environmental friendliness of raw materials, comfort, compactness and visual appeal. As part of the top, two products of the current year were recognized as leaders.

Mobi Nice

Children’s copy with a transformation method – roll out. The technology is simple, the design is not heavy, but more free space is needed for comfort. The maximum load is 60 kg.

The frame consists of combined materials such as plywood and 1.6 cm fiberboard, which is strong and light. Chipboard with impregnation, which protects the structure from the effects of fungi and bacteria, as well as from harmful insects. LDPE resistant to moisture. There is a wardrobe for bed linen with dimensions of 75×64.5×100 cm.

Mattress filling: polyurethane foam on the base of bent glued battens. The set includes 2 decorative pillows made of contrasting fabric, inside of which are polyester fiber “balls”. Legs made of plastic. As a decor, a decorative edging is used.

Mat upholstery has over 25,000 abrasion cycles. It has high wear resistance and is easy to clean. Folded dimensions 111x80x84 cm. Sleeper 195x77cm. Height of the armrest from the seat 12 cm. Weight with packaging 47 kg.

Mobi Nice


  • Modern style;
  • Pillows in a set;
  • The frame is protected from fungi and bacteria;
  • Simple unfolding;
  • There is a spacious linen box;
  • Wide bed.


  • Load capacity restrictions.

For additional tightening of the material, buttons are provided on the back, resembling a coupler. The assembly is simple, an inexperienced user will be able to cope with it even without instructions.

Colombo BP

Chair-bed without armrests with a load capacity of up to 120 kg from the factory “Charm-Design”. Suitable for a loft-style children’s room. The transformation mechanism is an accordion, when unfolded, it forms a surface adapted for healthy sleep.

The frame is strong and reliable, made of a wooden beam, fastened together with a tongue and groove joint using PVA glue. Filler – medium hardness polyurethane foam, the advantage of which is elasticity and elasticity. Its breathability gives the furniture good hygienic properties.

The upholstery is made of chenille fabric, durable and pleasant to the touch. If you properly care for it, then an attractive appearance will remain for a long time. Legs made of durable plastic are low, do not scratch the floor.

All mechanisms work properly for a long period. For convenient extension of the front part, roller wheels are provided. Product dimensions are 95x101x76 cm. Bed 194×70 cm. Weight with packaging 40 kg.

Colombo bp latte


  • Laconic design;
  • Frame reliability;
  • Nice upholstery;
  • Compactness;
  • There is a box for storing things;
  • Good hygienic filling properties.


  • Low legs, inconvenient to clean under the bottom;
  • There are no armrests.

The mechanism for unfolding is well balanced, does not stick and does not allow distortions. It can be used even by children, since minimal effort will be required to change the format.

How to choose a chair-bed

The transformers presented in the top differ in several parameters and appearance. Only with a thorough approach to the choice can you get the desired and functional piece of furniture. We recommend taking into account the dimensions, the way of unfolding, the materials, the composition of the filler and the upholstery.


The comfort of operation and the possibility of installation in the right place in the room depend on this parameter. For example, in a small room, a large product with wide armrests would be inappropriate. And in a spacious living room, a miniature sofa will look sparse.

Be sure to compare the space with the dimensions of the product when unfolded. Specify the length and width of the bed so that there is enough space for a comfortable sleep. Compare these characteristics with the age of the user, its configuration and weight (it must not exceed the load limit).

Transformation mechanism

When creating functional transformers, manufacturers use different folding methods. The most popular and easy-to-use are the accordion, the book / eurobook, the roll-out method, the clamshell, etc. It’s good if you have the opportunity to try it in action.


The reliability and durability of a product of such a plan will depend on the material of the frame. Affordable – these are products from chipboard. Wooden timber is environmentally friendly and safe for health, but it costs more. Metal pipes are a compact and not so heavy option, but at the price of the “golden mean”.

Filler and upholstery

Which filler option to choose depends on the conditions and frequency of use of the furniture. For daily sleep, the preferred option with orthopedic properties is polyurethane foam, a spring block.

As for the upholstery, it’s more of a matter of aesthetics. The coating of matting, velor, flock looks attractive. Practical and easy to care for – these are products sheathed in eco-leather. The color scheme also decides a lot in the selection process.

Which chair-bed is better

After getting acquainted with the ten nominees and the evaluation criteria, it remains for you to make the final decision which of these to buy. We do not give specific recommendations, since everything is individual, but we advise you to pay attention to several interesting proposals this year:

  • MnogoMeb Amsterdam – a product with a mattress in the kit, hypoallergenic, treated with an agent against fungi, bacteria;
  • Solo – a chair-bed for daily use, a universal option for both an adult and a child;
  • Charm Corfu beige and eco-leather chocolate – orthopedic chair-bed with combined upholstery, providing anatomically correct body position;
  • Colombo BP is a small-sized children’s chair-bed in a modern design , pleasant soft upholstery, reliable frame.

An ideal transformer is furniture that saves space without sacrificing human comfort and performance. It can easily move indoors, quickly turn from a compact seating area into a spacious and comfortable place to sleep.