Choosing a mattress is important because the quality of your sleep and the health of your back will largely depend on it. Unfortunately, we tend to associate price with quality, as was shown in a study by Ikea. In it, by simply adding a zero to one of their cheapest mattresses so that it went from $449 to $4,490, they managed to get many more people to value it as excellent in quality and comfort.

By increasing the price, they radically changed the perception of the product. That’s why a more expensive mattress often seems better when it really isn’t.

In this guide you will find all the necessary information to choose the best cheap mattress regardless of its price, and thus enjoy good quality while saving money.

The 10 best cheap mattresses of 2023

In this list you will find the best cheap mattresses endorsed by the opinion of sleep experts and the opinion of hundreds of users who have already tried them.

Emma One

With the quality and materials of the Emma Original for tight budgets

Material: Airgocell, memory foam and HRX foam

Firmness: another

Emma one

Emma opts for a new cheaper model but that maintains the quality of its materials. How? Thinning the layers of it. And it is that the Emma One measures 18 cm, 7 less than the Emma Original… and it shows.

The reduction in the thickness of the layers of visco and Airgocell translates into a higher firmness and a slight reduction in the sensation of reception compared to the Emma Original. This makes it a good option if you are looking for a firm mattress or if you are a robust person since its firmness will provide you with the necessary support.

We liked the structure of the lower layer of the mattress (the core) made with HRX foam that provides support because it has a series of perforations of different sizes that favor adaptation to the body, distributing its weight evenly.


In addition, these perforations improve its breathability, which is also helped by the upper layer of Airgocell (open-pore foam) and its thin cover. So it will be a good option if you are one of those who gets hot when sleeping.

Due to its thickness and low price, it will also be a good option as an auxiliary mattress (for example in a trundle bed where mattresses of more than 18-20 cm do not usually fit).

practical aspects

It has practical aspects that for us are points in favor:

  • It arrives at home vacuum packed and in a small box that you can transport by yourself.
  • It weighs little and has handles, which make it easy to move it from one side to another or turn it from head to toe.
  • It is removable and the cover can be cleaned in the washing machine at home.

Something that has surprised us is the time it takes to recover its shape after unpacking it. Normally the mattresses that arrive vacuum packed recover their size in a few hours (or even minutes). This is not the case of Emma One which, despite being thin, has taken a whole day to recover. We tell you so that you have patience and do not think that the mattress is defective, it simply needs some time to recover 100% its size.

Confidence and guarantee

In short, we found it to be a good mattress because the materials are good and its design combines good support with the necessary comfort.

Another noteworthy aspect is that the OCU has chosen it among the best mattresses for the second consecutive year and that it has 100 test nights at home and a 10-year guarantee.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is my unboxing video :

Emma One mattress: unboxing, test and opinionNoteIf you want to read an in-depth analysis with all the product features and the opinions of sleep experts and users, you can take a look at the Complete Guide to the Emma One Mattress.


  • quality materials
  • Adjusted Price
  • Correct independence of beds
  • 100-night trial and 10-year warranty
  • trusted brand


  • It can be a bit hard
  • little adaptability
  • Takes time to recover its size when unpacked

What the Sleep Funk

funky mattress

For those looking for high firmness without losing adaptability

Material: visco and bagged springs

Firmness: high (to choose)

What The Sleep is a new brand of affordable mattresses that has drawn our attention to the importance they give to sustainability, using renewable energy and recycled materials. For example, in the case of Funk, 65% of the steel in its pocket springs is recycled.

Although it is very firm, we have verified that it adapts quite well when you stretch on it and it does not feel too hard.

Its firmness makes it suitable for heavy people and a good option for all those who prefer a rather hard resting surface.

As it is a mattress that does not sink or trap, it will be ideal for people who tend to move when sleeping.

However, we would not recommend it for side sleepers who move little, as it may not properly relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders in this position.

When evaluating its independence from beds, the results we have obtained are good, with a low level of movement transmission, being a mattress suitable for sleeping two people.

Its 24 cm thickness are distributed in:

  • A layer of viscoelastic that offers a good feeling of welcome when we lie down, although without becoming too fluffy.
  • A core of pocket springs that promotes breathability and prevents the accumulation of heat and humidity.

Its cover is made of stretch fabric but it is not removable. Therefore, we recommend that you use a cover before the fitted sheet to protect the mattress.

We also miss some handles, which would make it easier to move and turn the mattress.

Maintenance and warranty

The mattress arrives rolled and vacuum packed and the manufacturer recommends letting it recover its shape for 24 hours in a well-ventilated room. For best maintenance, turn it from head to toe every 3 months.

We find it interesting that you can try it at home for 100 nights, something unusual for cheap mattresses. What does seem improvable to us is its 3-year guarantee, something scarce for a product whose useful life should be about 10 years.


  • Suitable for heavy people
  • good breathability
  • Quick recovery after unpacking
  • 100 night trial at home


  • It is not removable
  • Basic sin
  • Warranty could be longer

Hypnia Wellness

For those looking for great adaptability in a firm mattress

Material: memory foam and pocket springs

Firmness: medium-high

Hypnia Wellness Mattress

If you have heard of Hypnia, surely two points stand out: the high quality of its products but also its price. With this Bienestar model, the brand wants to offer the best of its mattresses but at a more affordable price.

How? The main difference that you will notice with respect to the Hypnia Superior Wellness, its star mattress, is that it does not have a latex layer, so it is thinner and somewhat firmer.

It is made up of a 20 cm core of pocket springs and a 5 cm top layer of viscoelastic. Of course, the number of springs is the same, so it maintains the quality of the core and its properties.

Another difference is that its cover is not made of natural bamboo, something that we miss, but, in return, we like that it is made of coolsoft, a micro-perforated fabric that favors breathability, ventilation and increases the sensation of freshness, ideal for people hot or hot days.

interior mattress Hypnia Wellness_

In addition, it has the OEKO-Text Standard 100 certificate, which ensures that it does not contain substances that are harmful to health.

Of course, we miss some handles to move the mattress more easily and that the cover was removable to be able to clean it at home.

And how does this mattress feel when lying down? The combination of layers has a good balance between adaptability and medium firmness, on the high side. And it is that the springs offer good support while we notice that the memory foam provides a pleasant feeling of welcome, relieving pressure points.

It has a good independence of beds that, in addition, is reinforced by its two rest areas, one for each sleeper, preventing movement from one to another.

It gives us confidence that it can be tested at home for 120 nights and has a 15-year guarantee, one of the longest we have seen on the market. In addition, both the delivery and the return, if you finally do not decide on it, are free.


  • More affordable price than the brand’s premium models
  • for hot people
  • Extensive test and warranty


  • Cover without natural materials
  • It does not have handles nor is it removable

Dagostino Home Los Angeles

Dagostino florida

For allergy sufferers and those who want to take care of their back

Material: visco and HR foam

Firmness: medium/high (to choose)

What has caught our attention the most about the Los Ángeles model, in addition to its price, is that it has been designed by sleep specialists with 7 different comfort zones so that the mattress adapts to your body and relieves pressure points, avoiding So back pain.

We also liked that it has anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-mould, antistatic and hypoallergenic treatments, making it a good affordable option for allergy sufferers.

This is especially important because the mattress does not have removable covers, so if it did not have these treatments it would be more difficult to maintain its hygiene. In any case, our recommendation is that you use a cover to protect the mattress and always keep it in optimal hygienic conditions.

Its height is 20 cm with 4 cm visco, providing good reception and softening the HR Eliocel foam core. For its part, this provides support and prevents excessive sinking.

Another interesting detail is that you can choose the firmness (medium or high).

It’s suitable for a wide range of weights, including hefty people over 100kg, but we feel that at a light weight it could be hard (even choosing the medium firm option), so we wouldn’t recommend it for very skinny people, especially if you’re looking for sleep on a very soft base.

In principle it is a reversible mattress and, according to the manufacturer, it has a warmer winter side and a cooler summer side. In our opinion, it regulates the temperature quite well with the Jacquard cover, but we have not noticed much difference between the sides.

On the other hand, being a reversible mattress, we miss that it had handles to facilitate turning.

The main downside that we find is the 2-year warranty, which seems quite short to us. Although it is true that it has several certificates (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Sanitized and CertiPUR-US), which guarantee the quality of its materials.


  • Designed by sleep specialists
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Firmness to choose


  • does not have handles
  • Can’t draw
  • Warranty could be longer


Cheap mattresses Lumia general_original

Ideal for extra beds and youth bedrooms.

Materials: foam

Firmness: medium-high

The Lumia is a reversible mattress that adapts well to most types of sleepers thanks to the fact that you can choose between a slightly softer side and a firmer side. Even so, in our opinion its firmness is medium to high on both sides.

  • Its softest face is made of cold foam and has a 3 cm wave-shaped profile to better adapt to the body.
  • The firmer face is made of a foam that offers little resistance to movement, allowing you to turn effortlessly while you sleep. So if you are one of those who move a lot when sleeping, the Lumia will prevent you from waking up every time you turn around.

Suitable sleeper profiles

Its 17 cm thickness makes it ideal for use in trundle beds, bunk beds and youth bedrooms in general.

In addition, the relationship between the quality and versatility of the mattress and its ultra-adjusted price make it a very good option for beds of sporadic use, such as a guest room.

However, being a fairly thin mattress, we would not recommend it for very robust adults, as it may not offer adequate support.

Nor will it be your ideal mattress if you like soft and very soft beds.

Cover Features

The touch of the cover has seemed soft to us and it is quite padded.

According to the manufacturer, its materials have a thermoregulatory function, promoting breathability to prevent you from overheating in bed and moisture from accumulating (which would encourage the growth of fungi, bacteria, etc.).

And it has the extra point of being removable. You can put it in the washing machine to maintain the hygiene of the mattress and remove any stain without complications.

Quality of materials and warranty

It gives us confidence that it meets the highest level of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate – which means that its materials do not contain substances harmful to your health.

With a 5-year guarantee that, although it is not one of the longest we have seen, ensures you a mattress in perfect condition for a long time.

In addition, Lumia offers 100 trial nights, so you can try it at home and assess whether you sleep well or not.

If you are not convinced, the return is free so you only have to worry about trying it and deciding.


  • 100 night trial
  • Possibility to choose the firmness
  • Easy maintenance
  • Free delivery and return


  • Insufficient support for robust people
  • Warranty could be longer
  • Basic sin

I sleep with Zafiro

I sleep with Zafiro

See price

Ideal if you have a tight budget and are looking for a memory foam mattress.

Material: memory foam and Eliocel HR foam

Firmness: medium/other

Undoubtedly one of the most successful mattresses sold online, Dormio Zafiro features a 30 kg/m3 density high-resistance (HR) Eliocel foam core that provides good firmness and prevents the mattress from deforming excessively under high weights.

The core is covered on top by a 2 cm layer of viscoelastic that offers a light feeling of welcome and adaptability, although if you like very soft mattresses, this one will seem quite hard.

If you like softer mattresses or frequently suffer from back pain, the Esmeralda model may be a better option since it has a thicker layer of viscosoft.

The viscoelastic presents open pores, favoring, together with the breathable outer fabric, the adequate ventilation of the mattress. In this way, it prevents the accumulation of humidity and heat, preventing you from sweating in bed, even in summer.

It is also important to note that the materials are hypoallergenic since they have an anti-mite, bacteria and mold treatment, while maximizing the hygiene of the mattress. In addition, all materials have the OEKO-TEX quality certificate.

Having memory foam only on one side, you should not turn the mattress. Just turn it (head-toe) every 4-6 months to extend its lifespan and maintain its properties.

NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the complete guide to the Dormio Zafiro mattress.


  • Good support without losing reception
  • You can choose between 2 heights
  • Suitable for people with a high weight (+100 kg)


  • Viscoelastic on one side
  • If you are very thin you can feel it somewhat hard

Sweet Dreams Visco Premium

Sweet Dreams Visco ok

Ideal if you are looking for a memory foam mattress and you are [email protected] or you usually move in bed at night

Material: memory foam injected with thermoregulatory gel

Firmness: medium/other

This mattress seeks comfort from two basic points: the adaptability and feeling of welcome provided by the viscoelastic and the optimal temperature for your rest that it achieves with the thermoregulatory gel.

And the result could not be better. You just need to take a look at the more than 100 outstanding opinions left by users who have bought it on platforms like Amazon. If you want to see what users think of this mattress, click here.

With a total thickness of 27 cm, it is made up of a core of high-density Eliocel foam that provides firmness and is covered by a generous 3 cm layer of visco injected with thermoregulating gel on both sides to ensure that it adapts specifically to the pressure exerted by each area of ​​your body and thus achieve optimal adaptation and a pleasant sensation of weightlessness.

In addition, the mattress has a cooler and more breathable summer side and a warmer winter side so that you have an optimal temperature in bed that guarantees a good rest all year round.

It is also appreciated that they have added handles on the sides of the mattress, which will make it easier for you to handle, especially if you buy a queen size.

To guarantee the hygiene of the mattress and prevent unwanted guests from proliferating, the mattress materials undergo a Sanitized treatment against mites and bacteria.


  • Visco injected with thermoregulatory gel on both sides
  • winter and summer face
  • Excellent thermal regulation
  • Good welcome feeling


  • Not suitable for adjustable beds

I sleep Esmeralda

I sleep Esmeralda

Ideal if you are looking for a rather soft mattress with great adaptability.

Material: Viscosoft and Eliocel HR foam

Firmness: average

The Spanish brand Dormio has specialized in manufacturing affordable mattresses for all pockets that stand out for their comfort and adaptability. In addition, all the materials they use have an OEKO-TEX quality certificate.

Dormio Esmeralda is made up of an Eliocel HR foam core -which provides resistance- and covered on both sides with a generous 3 cm layer of Viscosoft. This thermo-adaptable memory foam ensures that the mattress optimally molds to your body, generating a very good feeling of welcome and comfort.

Due to its characteristics, it is a mattress that adapts very well to different body profiles, giving the appropriate support to each area of ​​your body. This translates into a feeling of great comfort, especially in people with muscle ailments.

Thanks to the open pores in the viscosoft structure, it has good ventilation. In addition, it has a warmer winter side and a summer side finished with breathable 3D fabric that facilitates air circulation, increasing the sensation of freshness.

The result is an economical mattress with a good quality/price ratio that manages to adapt optimally in practically all situations.


  • Viscosoft layer of 3 cm on both sides
  • Reversible mattress with summer and winter sides
  • Great value for the price
  • High adaptability


  • If you have a high weight (+100 kg) you may notice it too soft
  • Sometimes the thickness is somewhat less than the theoretical 24 cm

Imperial Comfort Oslo

Imperial Comfort Oslo

Ideal for people with a high weight (over 100 kg) or who usually sleep on their backs.

Material: viscosoft and HR Sensopur foam

Firmness: another

This mattress is designed for those who are looking for a rather hard bed, offering very good results if you are one of those who like firm beds.

Its characteristics prevent the mattress from sinking too much if you have a high weight, offering adequate support for overweight people.

With a thickness that you can choose between 21, 24 or 29 cm, it has a high-density foam core that is covered on both sides with a thin layer of visco fiber that provides a light feeling of welcome.

The outer layer is made of Strech fabric with Aloe Vera that favors perspiration and helps with correct thermoregulation so that you do not get overheated during the warmer months.

However, we have verified that it has a limited capacity to absorb movement. So if you are thinking of buying a double mattress and one of the two moves a lot in bed, the Imperial Comfort will not be the best option.

Its materials have a long-lasting anti-mite treatment that will prevent the proliferation of these tiny unwanted squatters. It is especially useful because the mattress does not have a removable cover and this treatment will help you keep it in good hygiene conditions.

Due to its characteristics and price, it can also be a good option for beds for sporadic use, such as a second home.


  • Good results for people with high weight
  • Firm but with a good feeling of welcome
  • Long-lasting anti-mite treatment


  • Some skinny people comment that they feel it too hard
  • If two people sleep and someone moves a lot, it can be somewhat uncomfortable

Duérmete Iron Pro

sleep iron pro

For those looking for a high feeling of welcome

Material: memory foam and pocket springs

Firmness: medium/other

What we liked most about the Iron Pro, from the Spanish brand Duérmete, is its generous memory foam layer, something unusual in mattresses at these prices.

Keep in mind that it is an expensive material and that, to truly appreciate the benefits of visco, this layer must be at least 3 cm, so many manufacturers put as little as possible. Here you will enjoy 6 cm and, in addition, a high density of 75 kg/m3, which we especially appreciate when lying on it with a very good feeling of welcome.

But it is not a soft mattress. Its core of reinforced pocket springs is highly firm. Of course, thanks to the combination of the springs and the memory foam, together with the 7 differentiated rest areas, it adapts correctly to the body and you will not notice it hard. For us, its firmness is medium to high.

Another point that surprises us for its price is its thickness, 27 cm, since it is usually much smaller in this type of range.

Its stretch synthetic fabric cover is quite soft, fluffy and of quality. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and incorporates the apicell treatment with beeswax, which favors the elimination of both humidity and static electricity. It also gives it an extra point of freshness, something that is appreciated by having the upper layer of viscoelastic, a rather warm material. Both the side and the bottom fabric are breathable and favor better ventilation.

It is because of its cover and its core of pocket springs that we recommend this mattress to those who are hot or who live in hot climates if they want a good layer of visco. But keep in mind that it is not removable, so you must take special care with its hygiene and maintenance.

It has the CertiPUR and OKEO-Text Standard 100 certificates, which guarantees the quality of this mattress and its materials.


  • Gruesa viscoelastic cover
  • Good adaptation to the body
  • For hot people or hot climates
  • Correct independence of beds


  • It is not removable
  • It can be a bit hard for thin people

Comparison of the best cheap mattresses

Here you have a comparative table of the best cheap mattresses on the market. They all have anti-allergenic treatment, so they are suitable for people with allergies.

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.


Emma one
Emma One
See price high Airgocell + viscoelastic + HRX foam 18 cm
See price high Mistletoe + bagged muelles 24 cm
Hypnia Wellness
Hypnia Wellness
See price High average Viscoelastic + bagged muelles 25 cm
Dagostino florida
The Angels
See price To choose Visco (4 cm) + HR foam 20 cm
Cheap mattresses Lumia general_original
See price High average Foam 17 cm
I sleep with Zafiro
I sleep with Zafiro
See price High average Visco (2 cm) + Eliocel foam 21/24 cm
Sweet Dreams Visco ok
Sweet Dreams Visco
See price High average Visco (3 cm) with gel + Eliocel foam 26 cm
I sleep Esmeralda
I sleep Esmeralda
See price Media Viscosoft (3 cm) + Eliocel foam 24 cm
Imperial Comfort Oslo
Imperial Comfort Oslo
See price high Viscosoft (1,5 cm) + espuma HR 20 cm
sleep iron pro
Duérmete Iron Pro
See price High average Mistletoe (6 cm) + bagged muelles 27 cm

Test to choose your ideal mattress

If you are still not sure which mattress to buy, with this test we will help you choose according to your body characteristics and preferences.

How to choose your mattress without paying more?

Most of us have in our heads the maxim that “more expensive is better”. But this is also known by mattress manufacturers -and sellers-, who will try to take advantage of your fear and endorse you a more expensive mattress than you should pay.

When choosing a new mattress, your budget shouldn’t be the determining factor. The really important thing is to make sure that you are going to rest well in it, regardless of what it costs you.

Now, this is very easy to say… if you have unlimited balance in the account. But in practice price is something we all look at. We want a good mattress, yes, but also a cheap one. Or at least good value for money.

In this guide you will find the key information to correctly choose a mattress with a competitive price.

Here you have a practical questionnaire that will recommend your ideal mattress according to your needs and budget.
It will take less than 30 seconds to answer!

Keys to choose a good cheap mattress

When buying, you have to learn to choose not only a good cheap mattress, but the one that best suits you.

For that you will have to take into account, at least, the following factors:


Before you scare yourself with super modern materials or overly technical terms, let’s review the most common materials:


visco mattressIt is a very flexible and soft material, so it is combined with other materials (foam and even springs) in mattresses that combine firmness and adaptability.

These mattresses are especially recommended for recurrent back pain.

Mattresses with this material have an average price, it will be higher or lower depending on the thickness of the layer of viscoelastic that the mattress has. Discover the best models and the keys to choosing the viscoelastic mattress in this complete guide.

TipThe thickness of the viscous layer of a good mattress should be greater than 3 cm. If it is thinner, it will not fulfill its function. And, with equal thickness, the denser the layer of visco, the better.


latex mattressVery flexible, cozy, moldable and soft. It is an excellent option for people with allergies, especially to dust mites, since it is the only material in which they cannot nest. In addition, there are two types, the Dunlop and the Talalay.

Its main drawback is that you have to take care of ventilation, because they perspire rather little. That is why manufacturers apply special treatments, micro-perforate them and/or recommend placing them on slatted bed bases.

If the price is going to condition your purchase, forget about latex, because it is an expensive material: a double synthetic latex mattress costs around $450, natural latex goes up to $600 and even much more.

If you want to know the best latex mattresses and the keys to not make a mistake when choosing yours, take a look at this guide.


Today’s spring mattresses are no longer that uncomfortable nightmare from your grandmother’s house. Now it will be difficult for you to find a spring-only mattress, because they are usually placed in the central part and the rest is covered with visco or latex to be more comfortable.

The most advanced option is pocket spring mattresses, which are normally covered with materials that provide comfort. These mattresses provide good breathability and excellent bed independence, so they are ideal for double beds. If you want to know more, don’t miss this guide with the best models and the keys to choosing the right pocket spring mattress.

Did you know that…Pocket spring mattresses would be the midpoint between foam mattresses and those made of more expensive materials of natural origin, such as latex.

High density foams

These mattresses are made with improved foams with various technologies patented by the different commercial houses that are used to manufacture light, soft mattresses that are perfect for insulating the heat well.

There are foams of different densities and firmness, and therefore of different prices, but you can find cheap and decent mattresses from $100.

Other materials

There are other cheap mattresses on the market, but be careful with their characteristics because they are not suitable for everyone.

  • Futon: they are Japanese mattresses made with layers of cotton. They are suitable for those looking for a very hard base, but must be renewed frequently. Not suitable for people with back problems or heavy weight.
  • Wool mattress: inherited from grandmother, they are heavy, difficult to maintain well and unsuitable for people with respiratory allergies.
  • Water mattress: they are heavy and uncomfortable, especially if you move a lot or sleep on your stomach. The positive note is that the body adapts well to the mattress.

mattress hardness

So that you have no doubt, there are mainly four types of mattress hardness:


It is not the most recommended, in fact they are only recommended for “light weights”. Also for special cases, for example, an articulated bed for geriatric use or also if the doctor prescribes it for some therapeutic reason.

The reason is that prolonged use can lead to back problems, so avoid it if you don’t have a good reason.

mattress hardness  Media

The most common due to its greater range of adaptability, they are recommended for most physical constitutions. If the mattress is of good quality, it should support the weight in the different areas of the body, ensuring the correct position of the spine and hips.


In principle, they would only be recommended for quite bulky people, since the pressure on the shoulders and hips can end up being counterproductive for your rest and your health.


These mattresses have a high degree of adaptability and can be used by people of any weight. Some brands have developed technologies that regulate the sinking of the body progressively and, therefore, can be comfortable for any user regardless of their physical constitution.


Among the lesser-known functions of sleep is that of cooling us down. This means that the human body takes temperature with daily activities, and while sleeping, it drops between 1.5 and 2°C.

The objective of this body mechanism is to help you fall asleep, sleep well and regulate body temperature, so that the next day the body works correctly.

heat in bedAs is logical, if your mattress does not allow you to perspire efficiently, this decrease in your body temperature is difficult, which increases the time it takes to fall asleep and increases micro-arousals. That’s why in summer it usually costs you more to sleep.

So when choosing keep in mind that, unless you live in Antarctica, it is not winter all year round and during the warmer months you will appreciate that your mattress has adequate breathability.

What type of mattress suits you?

  • If you tend to get hot while you sleep, a spring mattress may be better for you, because they tend to provide better ventilation
  • If you live in a cold area, choose a latex, viscoelastic or foam mattress, which lose less temperature.

ImportantAt this point, it is also key to consider whether you need an anti-allergic mattress (for allergies to dust or mites, they are usually made of natural materials such as latex) or hypoallergenic (to reduce the risk of allergies or reduce their symptoms; they are usually made of the same materials, but also with springs or memory foam and a natural coating)

the way you sleep

…and also the company. Sleeping habits can vary greatly from one person to another, and there are details that are important to take into account before buying a mattress that will last for many years.

Do you sleep alone or accompanied?

When a mattress is shared, it should prevent the difference in weight from becoming evident and minimize, as far as possible, the movements of your company. A system with central reinforcements will reduce the effect of different weights and will be adequate to maintain the independence of the beds.

In general, the mattresses that best cushion movement are those with pocket springs, followed by those with a good layer of visco.

What position do you usually sleep in?

Sleep in the position you sleep, your mattress must ensure a correct position of the spine. That is why it is important that it has the firmness that best suits you, allows you to relax your shoulders and hips and distribute your body weight evenly.

If you sleep on your back you need a mattress with a certain firmness, but if you do it on your side, the firmness must be less, so that the shoulders mold to the mattress.

Do you move a lot during the night?

If you are one of those who breaks the Olympic record for turning in bed when sleeping, you will need a rather firm mattress that allows you to move without effort. In addition, you will need it to be a mattress that adapts a lot, since you will sleep in several different positions throughout the night.

eye! Something too hard, like a futon, will also not be suitable, as it could cause you to cringe when you change position.

On the other hand, if you move little, the choice of material and hardness will be governed mainly by the position in which you usually sleep.

How tall are you?

Tiny bedIt may seem like a platitude question, but since we are used to choosing according to the width of the mattress, we often forget to also consider the length of the mattress.

Although today almost all beds are 1.90m long, it is quite easy to find 2m and even 2.20m long beds on the market.

It is advisable that the bed is at least 10 cm longer than the height of the sleeper. She No more sleeping with her feet out of bed just because!

How old you?

You do not need to tell it, just think about it and take it into account when choosing the mattress.

For example, a child or young person, in the process of growth, will need a firm mattress to avoid problems in their development. An adult can choose a high, medium or low hardness depending on her tastes and weight. A person over 50 years of age or with back ailments will need a somewhat firmer and more adaptable mattress…


In other words, the famous 10 years that you have to last. With use, both the material and the structural elements of the mattress lose effectiveness.

clean mattressThat is why it is vital to carry out basic maintenance on any mattress, be it cheap or expensive, to prolong its useful life: air it daily for 15 minutes in winter and 30 in summer.

Many manufacturers also recommend placing it for at least 12 hours in a vertical position near a window at least once a year to homogenize its structure.

It is also interesting to vacuum it once a month to remove dust and mites that accumulate with regular use.

What is becoming less frequent is finding mattresses with a winter side and a summer side. With today’s technology, the different layers of a mattress are meant to be used in one position, so no more flipping.

Keys to choose your mattress

If you still have doubts about which is the best mattress for you, we have prepared this video in which we tell you what you should take into account when deciding.

5 keys to choose your mattress and buy without making a mistake

Where to buy your cheap mattress

Now that you know what mattress you need, what material you prefer, how you want to rest and how much you want to spend, we hope you are more or less clear about how to choose it.

However, there is still an important question to be resolved, where do I buy it?

If you are going to go to a physical store, take all the time in the world to test the mattress. Ask for a pillow, lie down, change your posture, check that your spine rests correctly…

Remember that your mattress will accompany you for many years and only with its use in the medium term will you be able to assess your choice.

TipIf you really want to buy a cheap mattress, appreciate that one of the ways to save costs is to choose to buy it online.

If you buy it online, many manufacturers give you the option to try it for several days, even weeks, with free return costs. In this way, you eliminate the uncertainty of spending money on something that you do not know how it will turn out.

You buy, they send it to your house, you try it for a few days and, if you don’t like it, you send it back.

It is an increasingly common possibility. However, if the seller does not give you the option to try it, specialized websites usually provide very detailed descriptions.

Also, it is a good idea to take a look at what other users who have bought it say about the mattress.

ImportantAlthough by law (article 120 of Royal Decree-Law 7/2021) mattresses have a 3-year guarantee, beware of sellers who do not indicate the guarantee anywhere. We know cases of users who have had great problems to recover their money.

One last tip: save on shipping costs

If you buy a mattress online, take a good look at the shipping and return costs, because it is something that can condition the purchase.

transportation savings

Many manufacturers include these expenses in the final price; come on, they send you the mattress for free… and it’s appreciated when you want to buy cheap.

Also look at the format of the mattress when it is brought to you. Before, very, very cheap mattresses (low-density foam, for example) were transported rolled up in a bag. It was a quick and easy solution if you couldn’t spend too much money.

However, today this transport system does not mean that the mattress is of poor quality: it is simply a way of saving costs. The mattress is rolled up and vacuum packed, so it takes up less space to transport and is easier to handle.

Once you have it at home, you open the bag, stretch the mattress and wait a few hours for it to recover its shape. You won’t even know it came rolled up.

If the manufacturer gives you that option, don’t hold back: it’s cheap and doesn’t damage the structure, which in the end is what you’re looking for.

Now it’s your turn

We have already given you the guidelines to know how to choose a mattress without your economy paying the price.

Remember that choosing a well-known mattress does not guarantee success, but the price will be higher, because you will have to pay the brand.

Looking at the factors that we have mentioned, a lesser-known brand can provide you with a cheap, comfortable mattress that is completely adapted to the needs of your rest.

So now set your budget and from there, search for mattresses that meet your own requirements, so you can buy the most suitable mattress without losing sleep.