Choosing a mattress for a good sleep of a child is a responsible task. It is not only about the comfort of the baby, but also about his health in principle. Therefore, there should be no errors here, as well as savings. Our team has deeply studied this issue, and then compiled a fresh top rating. It includes the best children’s mattresses according to experts , customer reviews.

Rating of children’s mattresses

When compiling the top rating , leading pediatricians and orthopedists made an indispensable contribution to the study of the question of how to choose a mattress for a child . It was the doctors who emphasized which criteria it is important to pay attention to in the first place, and which is secondary. As a result, we compared the nominees on a number of indicators:

  • Design features (springs, their absence);
  • Bed size, height;
  • Hardness level (from 1 to 5);
  • Age recommendations;
  • Type of filler;
  • Upholstery, its practicality, ventilation;
  • Cover, fabric, wear resistance;
  • Environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity;
  • Carrying capacity, allowable weight of the child;
  • Price, manufacturer’s reliability.

The result of a comprehensive study and comparison of characteristics was a top list of 10 positions. For the convenience of the search, we have divided the list into 3 categories according to design features – these are models with independent, dependent springs, springless products. Customer reviews have determined the pros and cons.

The best mattresses for children with independent springs

The first category of the top rating represents children’s orthopedic mattresses with independent springs. They work autonomously, which means that the load is distributed evenly, ensuring the correct position of the spine. These are silent, steady models with good orthopedic effect.

Ormatek Kids Smart

The rating opens with a high-stiffness mattress, which is based on the unique technology of the 4D Smart spring block. Recommended for ages 3-16. Producer – the company “Ormatek”.

Each block of springs is autonomous, it is located inside the longitudinal pouches, fastened with a small seam in the center (4 cm). Elasticity, increased rigidity provides coconut latex coir.

The product consists of 5 layers. First comes coconut for rigidity, then spunbond, which protects against early wear. In the center is a block with springs, characterized by flexibility, endurance. The final layer is again coconut, on which strength, the correct position of the body depends.

Overall dimensions – 140×70 cm, height 17 cm. There are 512 springs per place, load capacity up to 100 kg. The product is completed with a soft cover made of cotton. The declared service life is up to 10 years.Ormatek Kids Smart


  • Bilateral high rigidity;
  • Naturalness of materials;
  • Universal sizes;
  • Good load capacity;
  • Sufficient height;
  • Convenient cover.


  • Price;
  • Smell upon first opening.


The nominee is in demand due to good orthopedic properties on both sides. Despite the declared service life of 10 years, it will boldly last the same amount. To extend shelf life, the manufacturer recommends turning every 3 months.

Dreamline Baby Dream 6

Children’s coconut mattress with high orthopedic properties . Moreover, the maximum level of rigidity is observed on both sides. The manufacturer is the DreamLine company.

If you are looking for a model of small height, but high strength – this is exactly the option. It is designed for children of any age group, it is important that the load capacity does not exceed 70 kg.

Coconut fiber 3 cm is used as a filler. This is an environmentally friendly, natural material that guarantees durability of service, optimal elasticity. Coconut coir 3 cm has a special structure that can pass air well without absorbing moisture.

The nominee is approved for use from the first days of life. It is completed with a removable cover “Cotton Baby” made of natural calico quilted on both sides on a hypoallergenic hallcon. The dimensions of the sleeping place are 120×60 cm with a height of 7 cm.

Dreamline Baby Dream 6


  • natural materials;
  • High orthopedic properties;
  • Ventilation;
  • Compactness, light weight;
  • Low height saves space;
  • Beautiful drawings.


  • Short service life;
  • One side is softer than the other.


This product comes with a 2 year warranty. To increase this figure, the manufacturer recommends using a protective waterproof mattress cover. Every 3 months it is important to turn over, change the location.

Perrino Schoolboy

In third place is an independent type spring mattress, where both sides of it are distinguished by high orthopedic properties. This is a multi-layer combined filler – the best solution for a student.

There are 500 springs per bed. The main difference from the previous nominees is the height of 22 cm. Accordingly, this is a more practical, durable, comfortable model. Warranty period – 1.5 years.

In total, the product includes 7 layers. This is a double-sided cover, after it comes a layer of artificial latex “HR” 2 cm on each side. Coconut latex coir 1 cm thick provides an anatomical effect. It covers the “S1000” spring block. All materials are breathable, resistant to moisture, dust.

The dimensions of the rectangular structure are 80×190 cm. The permissible weight limit is 90 kg. The mattress cover is removable, which is very convenient, in addition, it has a stitch, antibacterial impregnation “Aloe Vera”.Perrino_Schoolboy


  • Layering;
  • Construction height;
  • Combined materials;
  • Antibacterial impregnation;
  • Uniform weight distribution;
  • Durability.


  • Massive;
  • Cover with children’s coloring for kids.


Buyers highly appreciate the strength, performance characteristics of this mattress. Materials do not cause allergies, and impregnation with aloe vera protects against irritation. Is that the schoolchildren are not quite impressed by the children’s print.

The best children’s mattresses with dependent springs

The second category continues the rating of children’s mattresses , in which standard spring models of a dependent type are collected. The height usually does not exceed 6-9 cm, fillers are placed on top of the block for an anatomical effect. Having considered more than two dozen applicants, we selected 2 nominees.

Correct Ultra Child

Spring mattress for a child in a crib with a medium degree of rigidity. It provides comfortable conditions due to orthopedic characteristics. The manufacturer is the St. Petersburg company Corretto.

Block of springs of dependent type – “Bonnel”. The maximum weight load limit is 120 kg. Several layers of construction form a height of 18 cm. A large selection of sizes allows you to select different options according to the age and height of the child.

The composition includes a “Pocket Spring” block with reinforcement in the form of zigzag springs around the entire perimeter. Between them there is an insulating layer of spunbond. Polyurethane foam on both sides with a thickness of 2 cm provides an anatomical effect, repeating the shape of the body.

The dimensions presented to choose from are width from 60 to 120 cm, length from 120 to 200 cm. Additionally, the product is completed with quilted natural calico, the fabric supports air circulation.Correct Ultra Child


  • Good load capacity;
  • Reinforced spring block;
  • Different sizes;
  • Anatomical effect;
  • The symmetry of the sides;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Life time;
  • More for kids than teenagers.


The elasticity of this mattress will be quite enough for a preschooler, schoolchild. An older user may not have enough stiffness, due to which the service life will be less than stated. Otherwise, it is a budget, but worthy nominee.

Beautyson Baby Queen

Children’s mattress, the spring block of which is also of the “Bonnel” type. The difference from the previous nominee is a hypoallergenic filler, glue-free technology, environmental friendliness.

The height of the structure is 13 cm. The degree of rigidity on both sides indicated by the manufacturer is high. A maximum weight load of 50 kg is allowed per bed. Therefore, the model is recommended for newborns, preschoolers.

The basis of the composition is the Bonnel block – these are 240 springs per berth. As a filler, cotton non-woven fiber and thermal felt are used, they are hypoallergenic, soft, but quite elastic. Combined materials pass air through themselves, do not accumulate moisture.

Dimensions – 170×60 cm. When creating the structure, no glue was used, which is important for people prone to allergies. Mounting technology – mechanical sighting. The mattress cover is made of polycotton with natural cotton.

Beautyson Baby Queen


  • Glueless technology;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Removable cover;
  • Safety, environmental friendliness;
  • Design;
  • Price.


  • Weight restrictions;
  • Up to 7 years.


We recommend this nominee for young children and allergy sufferers. To maintain the elasticity of the springs, it is important to regularly change the side, the direction of the structure in order to avoid punching.

The best springless children’s mattresses

The third category of the top rating represents modern modifications – springless children’s mattresses . Which one to choose depends on age, weight category. The main difference is comfort, long service life, high orthopedic effect. We approved 5 nominees, leaders of positive reviews.

Violight Leopold

Springless type of mattress with a combined filler and a degree of rigidity above average. Intended for the age group from 1 to 14 years. The manufacturer is Violait.

The maximum weight limit acceptable by this model is 80 kg. In terms of height, this is an average option – 10 cm. Orthopedic properties are high, which guarantees the correct support of the spine during sleep.

The design is based on a hypoallergenic, durable filler – artificial latex “Natural Form”. It is popular not only because of the safety for the child’s body, but also because of the lack of a pronounced smell, water-repellent properties. On top of it on both sides is coconut coir, fiber.

Overall dimensions – 60×120 cm, there are other sizes. The package includes a jacquard quilted cover. It is not electrified, passes air, does not provoke skin irritation.Violight Leopold


  • Comfortable stiffness;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Lack of smell;
  • Orthopedic effect;
  • Good mattress pad;
  • Inexpensive.


  • No memory effect;
  • The cover is not removable.

For the price, this is one of the best deals this year. Along with good quality materials, anatomical effect, it is also a model that can be used until adolescence. Is it important to turn it over regularly.

Plitex Comfort Elite

Popular by reviews children’s mattress of premium quality. It is based on a combined natural filler. Recommended age range is 0 to 3 years old. The manufacturer is Plitex.

The double-sided base does not exceed 10 cm in height. On the one hand, the rigidity is felt as much as possible (5 out of 5), on the other hand, it is slightly softer (3.5-4 out of 5). Permissible load limit per berth – 20 kg.

The composition includes a top layer of 100% hypoallergenic cotton “Airotek”. Next comes a layer of coconut coir 6 cm thick, it gives elasticity. After it, 2.5 cm latex is elastic, durable, providing air ventilation. Removable cover made of innovative “StressFree” fabric preventing static charge.

The bed size is 120×60 cm. The model is recommended by pediatricians as a safe option for newborns. The warranty period from the manufacturer is 3 years. The layers are fastened with eco-friendly Swiss material “Simalfa”.Plitex Comfort Elite


  • Naturalness of the filler;
  • Different rigidity of the sides;
  • Maximum orthopedic effect;
  • High quality certificate;
  • Environmental friendliness of the adhesive base;
  • Elimination of static electricity.


  • Weight restrictions;
  • For toddlers only.


The goods are accompanied by the German quality certificate “Oeko-Texstandard 100 class 1”. Comfortable sleep provides antistatic coating, quilted mattress topper. To extend the shelf life, it is important to change the position of the parties.

Sweet Baby Cocos Comfort

Hypoallergenic design with adaptation to the anatomical features of the baby. This is a different stiffness of the sides, recommended for the age group from 0 to 5 years.

The springless design is 7 cm high. The high stiff side will be useful for younger children, the second is slightly softer, it can be used as they grow up. Permissible load – up to 20 kg.

The design includes several materials. This is a coconut coir, which provides elasticity, allows air to pass through, does not rot, does not absorb moisture, odors. Next comes the elastic filler synthetic winterizer with thermal insulation properties. On top of the warp springy non-woven fiber “Hollcon”.

The overall dimensions are 119×59 cm. The product is equipped with a removable mattress cover made of wear-resistant microfiber. The fabric is eco-friendly, it retains heat, lets air through. Does not cause static stress.Sweet Baby Cocos Comfort


  • Bilateral rigidity;
  • Combined filler;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Long service life;
  • Wear-resistant cover.


  • Only in one size;
  • Can be shipped folded.


The product is sold in vacuum packaging. The mattress cover comes with a zipper, it can be easily washed from stains of any complexity. Despite the fact that the product may arrive to the buyer in a folded state, it quickly returns to its original shape.

Lonax Baby Lard

A budget option that combines elasticity and the ability to adapt to the anatomical features of the body. The manufacturer is Lonax.

A low mattress of 9 cm does not contain springs in its design. Differs in monofilling, the condensed edges. The maximum available weight load is up to 60 kg. By age, these are preschoolers, schoolchildren.

The basis of such a model is a rigid, elastic strut-fiber. It is an innovative material with effective ventilation. Hallcon polyester fiber does not accumulate moisture, static stress, does not rot. The level of rigidity of such a synthetic, but hypoallergenic filler is medium.

The size of the bed is 120×60 cm. It comes with a removable cover made of polycotton, the fabric is pleasant to the touch and easily cleaned from various contaminants. There is a choice of colors.Lonax_Baby_Strutto


  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Monofiller;
  • Good ventilation;
  • Reinforced edges;
  • Wear-resistant mattress cover;
  • Price.


  • Thin base;
  • Not enough rigidity for a newborn.


Orthopedic properties are provided by a special interweaving of the warp fibers. Due to the springiness, the product quickly takes its original shape. The manufacturer emphasizes the importance of frequent side switching.

Sontelle Kinni Gloria

The review is completed by a model with a combined filler and a different degree of rigidity on both sides. So, it is suitable for both newborns and children of preschool, school age.

In terms of height, this is the best option – 9 cm. The maximum allowable weight load limit is 105 kg. Elasticity, flexibility of the design are given by helical threads of polyester fibers. The rigidity of one side is high, the other is above average.

A multilayer composition is a combination of several materials. It is based on latex coconut coir 1 cm thick. On one side of it there is thermal felt to increase comfort, on the other side there is a 8 cm struttofiber monolith. All 3 options are environmentally friendly, they do not cause allergies, strong, durable.

Overall dimensions 120×60 cm. All layers are packed in a soft polycotton case with a pattern. The stitch on all surface provides comfort, good ventilation.Sontelle Kinni Gloria


  • Combined filler;
  • Versatile;
  • Lush quilted cover;
  • Good load capacity;
  • Lack of smell;
  • Price.


  • uneven seams;
  • Delivery only in expanded form.


This product comes with a 5 year warranty. From 0 to 3 years, it is better to use the side of high rigidity, older – the one that is softer. The cleaning process involves washing the mattress cover, pulling dust with a vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a children’s mattress

There are several defining criteria by which you can choose in absentia which mattress is best for a child. This is the size of the product, the design features of the spring block, the level of rigidity, as well as the type of filler. The rest of the criteria are secondary.

The size

Take measurements of your bed ahead of time. It is important that the mattress meets these indicators. If it is less, then during operation shifts in different directions are possible. If more, wrinkles may appear on it, and this already threatens the child with a curvature of the spine.

spring block

If you are considering models with a spring block, give preference to those that differ in independent springs. They guarantee anatomically correct body support, which means that sleep will be comfortable and healthy.

If you are more inclined towards products without springs, in this case, carefully choose the internal filling. The best option is anatomical foam, which is suitable for both newborns and schoolchildren and adolescents.


The level of optimal rigidity of the product is selected taking into account the age of the child. For babies from 0 to 3 years old, its maximum indicator is recommended due to insufficient strength of the spine, vulnerability.

The next group is from 4 to 7 years old. Mattresses of moderate or medium hardness are recommended here. The musculoskeletal system has grown stronger, but the risks of problems with posture remain. For children over 8 years old, the average is suitable.


Modern manufacturers of mattresses filler use both natural and artificial materials. Air permeability, elasticity, softness directly depend on their operational characteristics. The priority is coconut fiber, cotton, latex, linen, seaweed, but all this cannot be inexpensive.

The budget alternative is still artificial fillers. Experts consider holofiber, artificial latex, polyurethane foam to be the best in terms of practicality, hypoallergenicity, and durability. To extend their service life, it is important to adhere to the rules of operation and maintenance.

Which children’s mattress is better

So, after reading the materials, you now know the evaluation criteria, which means you can independently choose what to buy from the top 10. Our site does not give specific instructions and recommendations, since purchases are always an individual decision. But a few suggestions will be win-win:

  • Ormatek Kids Smart – good load capacity, natural layers, universal sizes;
  • Perrino Shkolnik – a high multilayer mattress with combined filling, a mattress pad with antibacterial impregnation;
  • Beautyson Baby Queen – environmentally friendly, glueless technology, the best option for newborns and allergy sufferers;
  • Plitex Comfort-Elite – high orthopedic properties, different rigidity of the sides, environmental friendliness of the adhesive technology;
  • Sontelle Kinni Gloria – best value for money, good load capacity, versatile option for all ages.

It is desirable to choose the appropriate option with a focus on the physiological characteristics of the child’s body, its age category. The pediatrician will tell you which mattress is better. Remember that the right decision is not just healthy sleep, but also disease prevention.