Do you have that tug on your back again? Or do you simply not want to give up the pleasure of getting into a warm bed? It is very possible that the solution to your problem is to have an electric blanket at hand.

And not only for muscle aches: the heat will help you with other ailments such as menstrual cramps, or simply help to warm up the body on very cold days, maintaining a comfortable and constant temperature.

In addition, a constant and warm temperature in bed has been shown to promote deeper and more restful sleep.

To make this post, we have dived into the wide variety of electric textiles on the market and we bring you a selection of the models that seem most interesting to us, plus a buying guide to help you choose the electric blanket that best suits you. you.

5 keys to choose an electric blanket

Depending on the use you are going to give it, the main characteristics that you should look at when buying are:

Size: small for local therapeutic applications, or larger if we are going to use it in a bed or to cover ourselves while we watch TV on the sofa. Here what commands is the use that you are going to give it.

Power: the more it has, the faster it will heat up and you will get more temperature, something interesting if you are going to apply it to a specific area of ​​the body.

Temperature: normally, the control of an electric blanket has temperature levels. It is interesting that it offers a good range that allows you to choose according to the day.

Fabric or outer cover: make sure it is pleasant to the touch and, if you use your blanket or pad to relieve muscle pain, it is very possible that you will also use some cream. In that case, check that the cover is washable.

Safety: after all, it is a device connected to the electrical network, so it must protect you from possible accidents, either due to burns or short circuits.

Top 10 electric pads, underblankets and blankets

1. Bedsure Pad

A heating pad to use throughout the year

Size: 30x60cm

Potencia: 100W

Temperature levels: 3

Bedsure min pad

The Bedsure electric blanket can be used throughout the year, thanks to its double fabric. It’s made of flannel on one side for a warmer feel and microfiber on the other.

In addition, for greater comfort, it includes two rubber bands to be able to fix it to the body, something very practical especially when we want to use it for the knees or the belly.

We miss, yes, that it does not have a cover to protect it. And it is that if you use it for muscle pain, it is easy for you to combine it with a cream that can stain it. In any case, you can wash it by hand.

Among its functions we especially like that it heats up in a few minutes. And also that the length of the cable facilitates its use even if you are not attached to a plug.

We also add among its advantages all the security systems it offers us:

  • Auto power off at half hour
  • Various certifications: CE, GS safety certification,ROHS and REACH


  • double weave
  • Certifications and security systems
  • Long cable


  • no timer
  • It cannot be washed in the washing machine

2. Blanket warmerbeds Sinnlein

An oversized electric blanket for cold and temperate climates

Size: 130 x 180 cm (different sizes)

Potencia: 120W

Temperature levels: 9

Sinnlein electric blanket_original

The Sinnlein electric blanket is a model that adapts both to the decoration of your home and to the different uses you want to give it, since it is available in various colors and sizes, from sofa blankets to bed warmers.

The heat spreads evenly and quickly if you turn it to the maximum level when you turn it on, but we have noticed a bit of resistance when sleeping. And it is that, when choosing the measure, keep in mind that the resistance is about 15 cm from the margin of the blanket.

Its thermostat allows us to regulate the temperature between its 9 levels. In addition, it has a timer of up to 9 hours, in case you are one of those who wants to sleep warm throughout the night. Even so, in my opinion, the ideal is to heat the bed a few minutes before going to bed, keep it that way for about 2 hours and then turn it off, since the duvet will maintain comfort.

We also liked that we can wash it at 40ºC that it admits in the washing machine and we have been able to verify that it has not lost any of the original color, nor has it been deformed, nor does it pill.


  • Washable
  • Timer up to 9 hours


  • Resistance is a bit noticeable.

3. Beurer underblanket

A large underblanket with two independent controls

Size: 130x180cm

Potencia: 180 W

Temperature Levels: 10

Beurer underblanket

Sleeping with another person who does not have the same comfort temperature as you can be a problem, which is solved with this Beurer underblanket.

It has an independent control for both sides of the bed. Thus, each one personalizes their temperature to their liking; one side can even be on and the other side off. It is the best way to ensure your rest and that of your partner, without either of you having to give in.

The control is simple, analog and allows you to choose between three temperature levels. The display remains lit while the blanket is on, so even in the dark you know what degree of heat you have on.


So you can rest easy, it has a manufacturer’s own security system, with electrical sensor technology that prevents overheating.

However, we are surprised that it does not have an automatic shutdown. It’s too easy to fall asleep with the blanket on all night.


The texture of the underblanket is non-woven fabric on both sides, so it is reversible and, very importantly, breathable to maintain hygiene. It has the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification that ensures an ecological treatment of the textile material.

When you need to wash it, simply unplug the two controls and put the blanket in the washing machine at a maximum of 30⁰C.

If all the features of this underblanket convince you, but you need a model for a single bed, then choose the Beurer TS15. It offers you the same but with a single control, and incorporates fastening strips to fix it to the mattress.


  • Independent temperature on two sides
  • good security system
  • Eco-certified microfiber textile


  • Does not have auto power off

4. Dagger Pad N

An electric pad with digital control and various regulation options

Size: 27x38cm

Potencia: 100W

Temperature levels: 4

dagger pad

The Daga brand is a classic of electric blankets. This is noticeable (a little) in the price but also in the quality: it is the typical pad that stays at home for a lifetime.

Daga is the first Spanish manufacturer of textile heat, since 1921. And they have had time to refine the product: it shows as soon as we take the blanket out of the box and begin to see its details.

  • Removable cover with hypoallergenic and washable textile
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Intelligent temperature regulation, which distributes heat evenly
  • heats up very fast
  • Multifunction control: 4 heat levels and 3 off programming times
  • Automatic shutdown at 8 hours

The control is digital, very simple to use: you choose the heat and select the time between 45, 60 or 90 minutes. And you can control the chosen option thanks to its indicator lights.

One of the problems with these types of heating pads is that we tend to turn them on too hot, especially if it is to treat muscle discomfort. The Dagger automatically lowers the heat level after an hour and a half of use to prevent burns.

Being a Spanish brand, if you buy this Dagger in Europe you have good, efficient and fast customer service. One more point in favor of this heating pad.


  • Control with selection of time and temperature
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous heat


  • Price
  • Non-washable pad

5. Dr.Watson comfort & style

An electric blanket as a quilt

  • Size: 130x180cm
  • Potencia: 120W
  • Temperature levels: 6

Softness and warmth to the touch are important in an electric blanket, and in this Dr. Watson have taken special care on this point.

As for maintenance, you can easily remove the control panel and put the blanket itself in the washing machine at a temperature of 30°C.

In this blanket you can snuggle up to two people, although you must bear in mind that the heat is in the center and does not reach the edges.

The Dr. Watson will provide you with gentle heat for up to 12 hours, and you can find your comfort level by trying to raise and lower its six temperature levels.


If you are one of those who leaves the electric blanket on by mistake and you are worried about safety, don’t worry, you can program it to turn off in a period between 1 and 12 hours.

More designed for a bed than for a sofa, Dr. Watson helps you rest without cold and relax your muscles at night or at nap time.


  • machine washable
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous heat


  • The edges of the blanket do not get hot

6. Medisana underblanket

An individual underblanket to facilitate rest at night

  • Size: 150x80cm
  • Potencia: 60W
  • Temperature levels: 3

Medisana underbed heating

If you want to install a fixed electric blanket on the bed, always opt for a semi-rigid blanket, like this one from Medisana.

The reason is very simple: you are going to place it between the mattress and the sheet, and you do not want it to move or wrinkle so that it does not bother you when you sleep.

You can also place it on the bottom sheet, but it is not ideal. Although this blanket is washable, you want to protect it a little so you don’t have to unmake the bed very often.


As usual, this underblanket has three temperature levels -although it can be purchased with four and six-, which do not reach too many degrees.

Its objective is to provide you with a soft and warm temperature for a long time, which is maintained all night. Perfect so you can rest comfortably without upsetting yourself, even when the outside temperature drops, for example at dawn.

In return, if what you want is a punctual and more intense heat stroke, better opt for an electric heating pad, like the ones you have seen on this list.

In return, the advantage of this type of blanket is that as they are attached to the body, the heat reaches you directly, more than if you choose a heating blanket as a quilt.

The temperature is regulated up to three levels. Of course, it is a pity that it does not have a timer. In return, it has an automatic shutdown after 180 minutes. If you want more time, you will have to turn it back on manually.


It also prevents overheating, which is especially important in a underblanket. If we are sleeping and the temperature rises too high, we may not know it, so it is better to have this protection.

Although the size of the Medisana is for a single bed, you can also use it horizontally in a double bed, focusing the heat on the back area.


  • semi-rigid structure
  • Auto power off
  • Washable


  • no timer
  • Only three hours of heat in a row
  • for single bed

7. Manta Cosi Home

9 hours of continuous heat in an electric blanket designed for the bed

  • Size: 180x130cm
  • Potencia: 100-120W
  • Temperature levels: 9

electric blankets_cosi home

The electric blanket from Cosi Home is what you imagine when you think of spending a winter afternoon on the sofa. But also, with a size of 180 x 130 cm, the same goes for that use as for using it as a heating blanket in bed.

That’s probably its most logical use, because it allows up to 9 hours of continuous heat, perfect for a night’s sleep. If you choose this option, remember to leave the thermometer at a minimum to avoid burns.

Temperature and time are controlled on its digital control, very intuitive. On the LED screen we see the temperature with a red number and the selected time in green.


At the end of the chosen time, the automatic shutdown is activated. This is also important at bedtime, without having to worry about security.

In addition, the Cosi Home brand integrates an overheating protection into all its models that is activated from the moment you turn on the blanket.


Here we get up to nine levels of heat. To get the blanket to heat up quickly –something very useful, due to its size- we will choose level H ( Hot ), where it can stay for an hour.

If before that time we do not select another temperature, it will automatically go to level L (Low, low in English). Again, it is a security measure so that there are no accidents.

Keep in mind, however, that these types of blankets do not have much power, even at the maximum level. Rather, they are designed to gently heat, accompanying rest and preventing you from getting cold while you sleep.

The fabric is machine washable microfleece at a maximum of 40ºC. If it does not fit comfortably in the washing machine at home, it is better to take it to an industrial one, to avoid squeezing it too much in the drum. Especially since the fabric is very thin (perhaps too thin) and you can damage the inner cables when bending it. .

In summary, the Cosi Home is a safe and effective electric blanket that will allow you to save on heating, especially at night.


  • Very secure
  • Up to 9 hours of continuous heat
  • heats up very fast


  • little power
  • Very fine fabric, the cables are noticeable to the touch

8.TM Electron Pad 

  A heating pad designed for the lower back and abdominal area

  • Size: 29*69cm
  • Potencia: 100W
  • Temperature levels: 3

Tm Electron electric pad

If the lower back is your weak point or if you suffer from menstrual cramps, this TM Electron may be the solution you are looking for.

It is actually like a belt, which you adjust using a Velcro strap, which gives us a certain freedom of movement (as long as you are close to a plug). We have found it at the right point of flexibility so that it covers the body and at the same time remains firm.

It’s made of soft, breathable material and can be hand or machine washed once the detachable cord has been removed.

The control is manual and extremely simple: it only allows you to choose between three temperature levels. It is so small that it heats up very quickly but, as a downside, it does not allow you to program the shutdown (it only has an on/off button). In return, it disconnects itself after 90 minutes of use.

It also has protection against overheating, something that is always interesting.

The bad thing is that if you want to give it another use, for example for the shoulders, its shape is not going to make it easy for you. Take this TM Electron only if you are very clear that you are going to use it in the waist area.


  • Specific design for the belt area
  • good fit
  • simple operation
  • Washable


  • Not intended for use on other areas of the body
  • No auto power off

9. Renpho Pad

  The heating pad that adapts to the shape of your back and shoulders

  • Size: 60x90cm
  • Potencia: 100W
  • Temperature levels: 3

renpho electric blanket

Instead of the typical square blanket, Renpho offers you a structure that adapts perfectly to your back without moving, also protecting your shoulders as a shawl.

It is, therefore, clearly designed for a therapeutic function: if you have discomfort or back injuries, it is a great option.

Note, however, that it does not have thermal resistance in the neck area. That is, it heats because it keeps the blanket from moving, but there is no electrical heat there.

This heating pad is fixed around the neck with hooks that allow two adjustment positions, and on the hip with straps, similar to those of a gown.


In any case, it is very comfortable to work sitting down, for example. If you open it completely, it also serves as an electric blanket if you are lying down, reaching from the middle of the back to the middle of the thigh, or heating the area of ​​the legs.

We must also mention that the cable has a length of 2 meters, which is appreciated so as not to have to be aware, at all times, of looking for a plug. In addition, it has an automatic shutdown after 90 minutes, for your safety.

In short, the Renpho is a specific blanket for the back and shoulder area, which you can get more out of on specific occasions. And if you want to wash it, you just need to disassemble the controller and the washing machine.


  • Specific design for back and shoulders
  • 2 meter cable
  • overheat protection


  • No heat in the cervical area
  • little power

10. Hausprofi pad

A good sized heating pad for applying moist and dry heat

Size: 30x60cm

Potencia: 75W

Temperature levels: 6

Huofeike electric pad

The fabric of this Hausprofi pad allows us to use moist heat apart from the typical dry heat of electric blankets; For that alone, it’s worth a look.

To use the wet version, the recommended system is very simple: use a spray to mist the blanket, without soaking it, with the peace of mind that your fabric will not suffer from it.

Let’s see other features:

  • Timer and 6 temperature levels, between 40⁰ and 60⁰
  • Quick reach of the desired temperature
  • Good size to be used in any area of ​​the body

We like the Hausprofi a lot for its versatility to be used with any type of injury or discomfort: two types of heat, good size, ease of use and adequate safety measures.


  • To use with wet or dry heat
  • Good size
  • Washable


  • Only two hours of continuous heat
  • without removable cover

recommended models

The best quality-price electric blanket: Sinnlein

Sinnlein electric blanket_original

We like this electric blanket because of the wide variety of sizes it has, which is suitable for both the sofa and the bed, even a double one.

In addition, it allows us to choose between many temperature levels and includes an automatic shutdown with its timer of up to 9 hours.

We also liked that it can be washed in the washing machine, something that makes its maintenance and hygiene much easier.

Well priced for its size and features, the Sinnlein blanket and underblanket is our winner in this category.

Best electric underblanket: Beurer TS26

Beurer underblanket

An electric underblanket like this Beurer is the best option if all you want is to find a comfortable bed to protect yourself from the outside.

The microfiber with which the underblanket is woven is fresh, soft and breathes well, and it has a good security system, something that is highly valued since we spend the night lying on it.

But let’s go to what interests us the most, and what makes this our recommended one: the possibility of regulating the temperature independently on both sides of the bed.

With the Beurer underblanket you will save yourself a lot of arguments, and everyone will sleep comfortably, at their ideal temperature.

Best Lumbar Pad: TM Electron

Tm Electron electric pad

The lower back is one of the most affected areas of the entire back. If you usually have pain there, this TM Electron model is what you need.

And if the problem is not the back but the abdomen (for example, if you suffer from menstrual cramps), you will also take advantage of it.

Its wide belt shape and velcro adjustment allow you to maintain a constant heat source, while maintaining a certain amount of mobility.

The overheating and auto-off protection is also appreciated in case we get lost, since by remaining so close to the body all the time, this type of pad hardly ventilates.

The TM Electron provides a specific solution to a specific problem: relax the lower back to prevent muscle discomfort.

Best cervical pad: Mobiclinic 


The Mobiclinic heating pad is designed to cover shoulders and neck, with click button adjustment so you can move freely, within the margins of the cable. The touch is very soft and padded to make it even more comfortable.

By centralizing the heat so much, it’s great if you tend to overload the muscles in that area, for example if you spend many hours sitting in front of the computer.

It will also do you good to relieve contractures or cervical whiplash, especially if you combine it with a cream. If this is the case, keep in mind that it is washable, you just have to unplug the regulator knob.

In addition, if you open it, it helps you to place it on the lower back or belly.

The control only allows you to regulate the heat levels (from zero to three), and has an automatic shutdown after 90 minutes.

If you want the typical “just in case” electric blanket, the Mobiclinic may not be what you are looking for. But if your weak point is the upper part of the back and the neck, you can get a lot of use out of it.

Best Heating Pad: Bedsure

Bedsure min pad

We stayed with the Bedsure for several reasons:

  • Good value for money
  • Very pleasant and reversible touch to use throughout the year
  • Quite long cable that facilitates mobility

It is true that it does not have a timer, but it does have an automatic shutdown. In general, for a small electric blanket, it more than fulfills its function… and gives us a little more than others.

The Bedsure is our pick for best heating pad.

Comparison of the best electric blankets

In the following table you will find a complete comparison of the best electric pads and blankets analyzed in this guide.

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

ModelPrecioSizePowerTemperature LevelsTimerAutomatic off

Bedsure min pad
See price 30 x 60 cm 100 W. 3 1 ½ hours
Sinnlein electric blanket_original
See price 130 x 180 cm 120 W. 9 19 hours 9 hours
Beurer underblanket
See price 140 x 150 cm 2 x 60 W 3 Unspecified
dagger pad
From N
See price 34 x 46 cm 110 W. four 45′, 60′ and 90′ 8 hours
Dr Watson comfort & style
Dr.Watson Comfort&style
See price 130 x 180 cm 120 W. 6 1 – 12 hours Unspecified
Medisana underbed heating
See price 150 x 80 cm 60 W. 3 3 hours
electric blankets_cosi home
So Home
See price 130 x 180 cm 100-120W 9 19 hours 9 hours
Tm Electron electric pad
TM Electron
See price 29 x 69 cm 100 W. 3 1 ½ hours
renpho electric blanket
See price 60 x 90 cm 100 W. 3 1 ½ hours
Huofeike electric pad
house pro
See price 30 x 60 cm 75 W. 6 (40-60⁰) 30′ and 120′ Unspecified

Guide to buying the best electric blanket

Heat produces a vasodilator and analgesic effect in our body, and also reduces blood pressure. Therefore, the function of an electric blanket ranges from generating heat to using it for therapeutic use. Depending on its use, we will choose one model or another.

Did you know that… If your electric blanket is more than ten years old, it is recommended that you renew it. A study in the United Kingdom states that in 99% of the fires caused by an electric blanket, this was an old model
Whether it is because you want to renew your electric blanket or because you do not have one at home, we have created this buying guide so that you can choose the most suitable one for you, and then take care of it so that it lasts a long time.

Types of electric blankets

Depending on what you are looking for, you have several electrical textile options:

electric pads

Bedsure electric pad detail_originalThey are also called electric blankets and it is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of buying one: with less surface area than a bed blanket, they are usually rectangular in shape and are designed to heat a specific area, usually the back. , abdomen or legs.

electric blankets

The typical bed blanket, but with an internal resistance to provide even more warmth. You can use it as a cover at night or to cover yourself on the sofa.

Electric underblankets

They are placed between the mattress and the bottom sheet, creating a warm surface that surrounds you when you get into bed. They tend to heat less than blankets, because their purpose is to provide a low heat source, simply to maintain the temperature while you rest.

They are fluffy, but also more rigid than other electric blankets, to prevent them from moving or creating annoying wrinkles when lying on them.

Lumbar or cervical pads

Electric blanket Renpho detail_originalFor specific injuries or ailments. They adapt to the area of ​​the body you want to heat, and are fixed with adjustable straps to prevent them from moving.

Three types are normally seen:

  • Lumbar, belt-shaped. They are also suitable if you want warmth in the abdomen area.
  • Cervical, in the shape of a scarf, to adapt to the neck and shoulders.
  • Lumbar and cervical, they adapt to the shape of the back and cover it from the shoulders to the lower part.

What should you look for when buying an electric blanket?

There are several essential factors:


The electric blanket is only effective if it is attached to the body and can spend many hours on, so it is essential to choose it with the maximum number of elements that guarantee our safety.

At a minimum, it should have protection against overheating and automatic disconnection that makes it turn off by itself, in case you fall asleep with it on.

Some models include a timer that allows for shorter run times; important if your skin tolerates heat poorly, for example.

The cable should also be more reinforced (there are some that have a layer of PVC insulation), especially if you need moist heat. You already know that electricity and water are not a good combination.


Normally it ranges between 60 and 180 W. Think of an electric blanket as a low-power heat source: you don’t need more, unless you want to risk burning yourself.

The power is noticeable, yes, when it comes to achieving the desired temperature faster, when you turn on the blanket.

In any case, an electric blanket uses very little (like a traditional light bulb) so choose freely without worrying about the electricity bill.


Electric blankets_temperatureWe insist on the previous argument: you do not need a very intense heat. In fact, it can harm you if you apply it to your body for a long time at a time.

Some pads go as high as 65⁰, while larger blankets typically range from 20⁰ to 45⁰. Do not be guided so much by the number as by the feeling of use: try to be comfortable without forcing.

In fact, most models do not give you the option to regulate the degrees, but simply offer several levels.

Note, yes, that the resistance is distributed over the entire surface of the blanket; simple models only do it in the center.

Tip If you notice that your electric blanket no longer heats evenly, it’s time to change it.

Control and programming

Electric blankets usually have a very simple control: on/off button, temperature levels and, if anything, shutdown programming.

You can choose, yes, between digital and analog.

If it is for a double bed, you have the option of buying the blanket with two independent controls, one on each side. Thus each person regulates the temperature to their liking.

Outer fabric

electric blankets_coversCurrently, only some small electric pads come with a case, the ones you use when you have some discomfort at a specific time.

This is because they are usually combined with the use of creams that stain the fabric. If it is the usual use that you are going to give it, whatever the size, it is better to find one with a washable cover. It is usually fine to let the heat pass well and with a pleasant touch.

If it does not have a cover, the most normal thing is that you can put it in the washing machine (removing the electrical cable first), although if you want it to last for years, it is better to limit the number of washes.

If what you want is a traditional sofa or bed blanket, but with electrical resistance, it is rare that you find one with a removable cover. It makes sense: the more elements you place between the blanket and your body, the more heat you are losing.

For this reason, large blankets use warm and pleasant to the touch textiles, sheepskin or peach skin style. Some have a double texture: more aesthetic on the outside and warmer on the inside.

These types of large blankets heat on their own, even when turned off.

When looking at the textile, it is good to confirm that it is breathable, that it does not pill with use, that it is easy to maintain and that it does not deform or discolor.

We should also take into account that the edges are rounded and that the seams are well finished.

In any case, we are interested in the blanket being washable yes or yes. At least by hand, but better in the washing machine. Almost all models give this option. If the blanket is very large, it pays you to take it to an industrial washing machine, so that it is not too tight in the drum. This will extend its useful life.

If you are looking for a blanket, aesthetics are not important, so having a warm fabric on top is enough. Think that there you will have a sheet in between.

Other details to consider when choosing your electric blanket

Instructions in Spanish

electric blanket_instructionsThe instructions for an electric blanket are not complicated, but it is always good to take a look at them for correct use.

They often tell you to turn the temperature level to the maximum for a while and then turn it down to the desired temperature.

If you don’t follow the instructions, you may think that the blanket is not working well or is taking a long time to heat up.

Cable Coupler Location

The cable attaches to a small adapter that is sewn into the blanket – take a good look at where it is. Some returns are due to discomfort when lying down.

If the blanket is double and with double control, there should be a lace at the ends of each side of the bed.

cable length

An average of two meters is reasonable, if we want to avoid putting an extension cord. It seems like a lot, but if we take it to a sofa we will immediately realize that the plug is not as close as we think.

Size to weight ratio

This is especially important on large blankets. There are those who like to sleep with a little weight on them and who highly value lightness.

For semi-rigid electric blankets that go under the mattress, the criterion is usually the opposite. A little weight will make it more stable and it will move less.


electric blankets

Normally electric blankets are associated with rest, and silence is appreciated.

Some controls incorporate beeps when turning on, when you change the temperature or program the timer. If so, they must be very soft: check that they are not annoying.

hand pocket

It is not very common, but some blankets have it.

It is especially interesting for older people, who often find it difficult to regulate their body temperature.

How to take care of your electric blanket

Although a thermal blanket is very simple to use, it is advisable to follow some tips to make the most of it and extend its useful life. These are some:

Turn it on high for ten minutes to get it to heat up fast, then keep it on a low setting.

Do not repeatedly change the temperature selection. Firstly because the remote is not a toy and secondly because the controls will last longer. Also, you don’t force the heat resistors.

Prevents the remote from being under the blanket. That way it doesn’t overheat. Keep in mind that if you get rid of it, it is very difficult to get replacements: you will probably have to change the entire blanket.

Do not sit on the folded electric blanket. If you do, you risk damaging the inner heating cable, triggering overheat protection and causing the blanket to stop working…sometimes forever.

Hold both connecting pieces with your fingers when loosening or fitting the power regulator. Above all, avoid pulling the cable with force, so you don’t damage the connection port.

Wash it as little as possible, and with few spin revolutions. This way it will last much longer.

Don’t use the dryer. After washing your blanket, take it out of the washing machine as soon as possible and hang it in the air, as stretched as possible (not hanging). Wait until it is completely dry to plug it in.

Store it folded or rolled up in the closet. Try to use the original packaging and without anything crushing it on top. The less wrinkled it is, the more the interior resistances will appreciate it.