Sleeping every night on a high-end mattress equals quality sleep and restful sleep . Something that is achieved thanks to the good combination of premium materials, adaptability and comfort.

If you want to turn your home bedroom into a five-star suite, a high-end mattress is key. But, with so much variety on the market, the choice is not easy.

To help you find the model that best suits what you need, we have prepared this guide that analyzes its most important features and a selection of the 6 best high-end mattresses.

5 keys to a premium mattress

Why pay more for a luxury mattress, when there are cheaper ones on the market? Between a mid-range mattress and a high-end mattress there are differences that directly affect your comfort, for which it is worth paying that extra.

Also, if you have trouble falling asleep or suffer from some kind of joint or muscle pain, this is an investment that you should consider, because your health will thank you for it .

When choosing, keep in mind these 5 keys that tell you that you are facing a superior quality mattress:

  Premium materials : These tend to be more expensive (and therefore the price of a premium mattress is higher) and the manufacturer will have a great interest in letting you know. If you do not indicate the characteristics of your materials, such as if you do not specify if it is natural latex, be wary of the adjectives “premium”, “superior”, “high end”, etc.

  Technology in the interior structure : High-end mattresses usually have the latest technology in rest . Part of the price is explained by the fact that the manufacturer invests in R&D to develop new materials or applications. When it does, it adds to the appeal of your premium mattresses.

  More benefits: Those same R&D departments work to find extras that have a direct impact on the quality of rest, such as: reducing pressure points, heat regulation and anti-mite and anti-allergy treatment, among others.

  Longer duration: High-quality materials maintain their properties for longer, and therefore last longer. That makes a premium mattress a good investment, since its useful life is usually much longer, and it will take longer to change it .

  Extended warranty: If the manufacturer is convinced that they are selling a good mattress, they will offer you a long warranty. Most models are guaranteed for 10 years, which is equivalent to their entire useful life.

Another factor to take into account is the trial period. Most manufacturers allow you to use the mattress for a period of time (3-4 months), so you can make sure it suits the way you sleep.

Best high-end mattresses

1. Kipli

 For those looking for a mattress with adaptable firmness and natural materials

Alta_original gama photo kipli

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Material : 100% natural latex

Height : 21 cm

Firmness : two levels (medium-high and medium)

Kipli is a mattress made entirely from natural latex from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, grown in Sri Lanka without chemicals. Once the latex is collected, it is taken to Italy where it is manufactured by hand .

If you have never tried natural latex, it is an organic, resistant and durable material, which also gives rise to very adaptable mattresses with good support .

The Kipli mattress offers you a different firmness on each side of the mattress , which it achieves thanks to different densities:

  • On one side there is 15 cm of firmer natural latex , with a density of 85 Kg/m³. It has 7 comfort zones to respond independently to each part of your body. If you sleep on your back or stomach , this is your face.
  • In the other, you find 5 cm of latex with a somewhat softer firmness thanks to its density of 65 kg/m³. Here there are no differentiated comfort zones, and it is better if you sleep on your side .

If you are wondering if it is a suitable mattress for double beds , we have verified that the independence of beds is surprisingly good for a latex mattress. Although if one of the two is very overweight, the movements may be a little noticeable.


In addition to being a mattress made only of natural latex -and therefore, a good option for allergy sufferers, since mites do not nest in it-, the Kipli cover is also made with eco-friendly materials , by hand and with a single seam.

The outer part, which is in contact with your skin, is 61% organic cotton and 39% tencel, while the interior is 100% wool, which has surprised us with its comfort.

It is removable and has a practical perimeter zipper. As well as with 4 carrying handles that will come in handy to handle the mattress, which is quite heavy (especially in double bed sizes). Of course, the cover has to be dry cleaned so that it does not get damaged.

Test and guarantee

Once placed on your bed, you can try it for 100 nights , enough time to adapt to it and confirm if it is the mattress you need.

It has a 10-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defect. And it also gives us confidence that it has the CATAS certification that ensures that the mattress remains unchanged for a decade.

Even so, remember to ventilate your Kipli very often, because natural latex is very sensitive to humidity and needs more ventilation than other materials. It will also help you to use it on a slatted bed base.

Do not miss our unboxing video where we analyze it thoroughly and give you our opinion:

Kipli mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

If you want to know more about this natural latex mattress, opinions and best prices, we have a complete guide to the Kipli mattress.


  • 100% natural latex
  • Two levels of firmness
  • Hypoallergenic and chemical free
  • 10 year warranty
  • Durable and washable cover


  • Need regular ventilation
  • it is quite heavy
  • You have to wash the cover in the dry cleaner

2. LoMonaco Gold

 With two firmnesses to choose from, it is ideal whether you are looking for a soft bed or if you prefer a firm sleeping surface

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Materials : memory foam, HR foam and pocket springs

Height : 30+10cm

Firmness : medium-low (with topper) / medium-high (without topper)

The first thing that comes to mind when you try the Gold is versatility .

Thanks to the possibility of adding or removing its viscoelastic topper , it is a mattress capable of adapting to the tastes and needs of a wide range of sleepers.

With the high-density memory foam topper (60 kg/m3), the result is a very soft mattress and its firmness is medium to low, ideal if you are looking for a mattress with a great feeling of welcome and also if you are a thin person or tend to move little while sleeping. .

Without it, its firmness is quite high, being a suitable option if you have a high weight and/or if you move a lot when you sleep and also if you like to rest on a firm surface.

Of course, we have missed that the topper can be attached to the mattress to prevent it from moving with use.

comfort assessment

When evaluating its adaptability, we have verified that it completely avoids overpressure points and adapts very well to the body both when lying on its back, as well as on its side and face down.

Therefore, it is a mattress suitable for sleeping in any position.

In turn, if you are going to sleep two people in it, this combination of materials offers a very high degree of independence of beds. 

And it is that the Gold has gotten one of the best marks we have seen in the movement transmission test , so you will not notice the other’s movements during the night.

Hygiene and maintenance

We like how soft and comfortable its cover is . The quality is noticeable both in the materials and in their finishes, such as the seams.

In addition, both the topper and the mattress have removable covers and can be washed at home, so maintenance is very easy.

Of course, the mattress with the topper is very thick (40 cm with the topper and 30 cm without it), so you may need to buy new bedding.

As it is quite heavy (the double one we have tested weighs 48 kg), we have found it very useful that it has strong handles to be able to move it.

Test at home and long warranty

LoMonaco offers a generous 3-month in-home trial period . As it is a high-priced mattress, we think it is essential that you can try it quietly in your bedroom and with your pajamas on to be sure that it is the mattress with which you will share your dreams for many years.

If you are not convinced, you can return it for free.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty , covering any possible manufacturing defect throughout the life of the mattress.


  • Adaptability to most sleepers
  • High reception feeling (with the topper)
  • Very good bed independence
  • Extensive warranty and test at home


  • Height higher than usual measurements
  • quite heavy
  • Price above average

3. Emma Diamond ME

 For those who usually feel hot when sleeping

Emma Diamond ME_gama alta_original

Materials : graphite foam, conformable foam, pocket springs, and HRX cold foam

Height : 25 cm

Firmness : average

Do you feel hot at night? Then take a look at the Emma Diamond ME, which aims to achieve the optimal temperature for a deep and restful sleep .

To achieve this, it incorporates a new material: foam with graphite particles and it is the only mattress on the market that has this material, normally used in electronic devices with a tendency to heat up.

In its 25 cm it combines:

  • On top is Diamond Degree® graphite foam to dissipate nighttime heat for a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Next, there is an adaptable comfort foam that takes care of evenly distributing the pressure of the body on the mattress.
  • The core is made of pocket springs that improve adaptability to the body and provide ventilation to the whole.
  • The base is a layer of HRX cold foam that supports the whole set, provides stability on the bed frame and helps retain its shape.


It is of medium firmness , and we have found it adaptable for both thin and robust people (even above 100 kg).

In addition, it offers correct ergonomics for the back in any posture (something that is not usual).

If you share a bed, you will be interested to know that in our movement transmission tests we have observed that it has high bed independence , so it will be a good option if either of you move when you sleep or have different rest schedules.

Cover and maintenance

The cover is made of polyester and can be washed in the washing machine.

However, the textile is not endorsed with any certification , nor does it add an extra hypoallergenic or anti-mite treatment.

Of course, it has built-in handles to move it, something useful since it is quite heavy.

100-night trial and 10-year warranty

The Emma Diamond ME is part of an exclusive collection created for El Corte Inglés and it shows that they have taken great care in these to the height of the most demanding customers.

Like the rest of the Emma mattresses, it has a 10-year guarantee and 100 nights so you can try it calmly at home in your pajamas. If you are not convinced, they will return your money and come to collect the mattress at no cost to you.


  • for hot people
  • State-of-the-art materials
  • Handles to move it better


  • Sheath without treatment
  • Quite heavy

4. Hypnia Superior Wellness

For those who prefer to sleep on firm mattresses

Hypnia Wellness Sup_original

Material : viscoelastic, natural latex and bagged muelles

Height : 30 cm

Firmness : medium- high

If you are looking for high-end in a fairly firm mattress , Hypnia Superior Wellness is a good candidate. To achieve medium-high firmness, the brand combines three layers of different materials that are up to 30 cm thick: high-density viscoelastic, natural latex and pocket springs.

All three working at the same time ensure that, when you lie down, the weight is distributed efficiently , sinking evenly where you need it in its 7 differentiated comfort zones , relieving the pressure points of the body such as the hips or shoulders. So you can maintain your posture naturally.

This is why we recommend this mattress if you suffer from joint or muscle pain, or if you are overweight . On the other hand, if you weigh little and are used to very soft mattresses, it can be hard for you.

It also absorbs the transmission of movements well, offering a good independence of beds , so we recommend it if you are going to sleep two in it.


Both high-density viscoelastic and natural latex are materials with less breathability. For this reason, in this case they are micro-perforated. In addition, the thick layer of springs allows more air intake and ventilates the interior .

The cover is made of hypoallergenic bamboo fiber fabric and has absorbent properties that cool the bed and prevent the accumulation of moisture.

However, the cover is not removable , so it cannot be washed. So for greater hygiene, we recommend that you put a protective cover.

Test and guarantee – your strengths

Both its 120 trial nights and the 15-year guarantee are other remarkable points of Hypnia Superior Wellness. This way you ensure that you have made the right investment for your rest and that you will have a mattress in optimal conditions throughout its useful life.

If you want to know more about Hypnia Superior Wellness, take a look at the unboxing video where we put it to the test:

Hypnia Superior Wellness Mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

To find out all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at our complete guide to the Hypnia mattress.


  • good ventilation
  • 7 differentiated pressure points
  • The most extensive warranty and test


  • Hard for skinny people
  • Not removable

5. Marmota Hybrid Gold

 For light sleepers and couples who move when sleeping

Marmota Hybrid Gold_original

Materials : memory foam, micro pocket springs, Airsoft-Tech foam and pocket springs

Height : 29 cm

Firmness : average

The high range of the Spanish brand Marmota is the Hybrid Gold mattress. And in it, various materials are combined to achieve a very adaptable mattress:

  • The upper layer is 3 cm of memory foam Marmota , with great reception and good relief of the pressure points of the body such as shoulders and hips, something that we have noticed both in thin people and more robust.
  • It is followed by a layer of micro pocket springs which is quite an innovation because until now we had not tested any mattress with two separate layers of springs-, which manages to convey a greater sensation of weightlessness and comfort.
  • Another 4 cm of Airsoft-Tech foam that enhance the benefits of visco and provide greater adaptation to your body.
  • The core is pocket springs . They adapt well to the body and help to ventilate even more, since, while you sleep, each movement circulates air inside.

For all of this, we’d recommend the Marmota Gold for people who are light sleepers or tend to wake up at night .

The good reception and its adaptation to the body without excessive pressure points mean that you can maintain the position throughout the night or, if you move, there is no annoying impact.

The Marmota Hybrid Gold has a medium firmness , similar to that of the Marmota Original, although with a greater “cloud effect”, and is designed for a wide range of weights.

Its excellent independence of beds makes it ideal for sleeping as a couple , even if one of the two moves a lot when sleeping.

Maintenance and hygiene

This mattress has a single position of use, so you will not need to turn it over. And luckily, because it is a heavy mattress that does not have handles.

As for the cover , it is one of the softest we have tried and quite pleasant to the touch.

The counterpoint of it being so thick is that it can give you some heat if you are a person who usually sweats in bed.

The mattress is removable and the part that is in contact with your body (the white one) can be put in the washing machine.

Test and guarantee

You have 100 trial nights and, if you change your mind, the return is free .

We like that it has a 10-year guarantee as well as several European certifications that guarantee its quality (such as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate).


  • For a wide range of weights
  • Great feeling of welcome
  • Very good bed independence
  • Unfundable
  • Extensive warranty and test at home


  • Cover without handles or hypoallergenic treatment
  • something hot
  • You can only wash the upper part of the cover at home

6. Senso G S100 Plus

For those who sleep on their back or side and want a thick layer of visco

SensoG S100_original


Material : viscogel, viscoelastic and HR foam

Height : 24 cm

Firmness : medium- high

The S100 Plus is the high-end of the Spanish brand Senso G, a mattress with a generous layer of viscoelastic that combines 3 materials to offer medium firmness , adapting to different types of sleepers and weights up to 100 kg :

  • The generous upper layer consists of 8 cm of viscoelastic made up of: 1.5 cm of viscogel , with thermoregulating gel particles to make it fresher and more breathable, and 6.5 cm of high-density viscoelastic foam (85 kg/m³) with memory effect and that achieves a good distribution of the pressure of your body, as well as a pleasant feeling of welcome.
  • In contact with the base there is a 15.5 cm core of high-density polyurethane foam (35 kg/m³). It supports your weight and is very durable.
  • Lastly, the cover is padded and made of 100% synthetic stretch fabric. It is treated with silver ions to make it antibacterial. It is removable and can be machine washed at home.

Due to its distribution of layers, you do not need to turn it over, although we do recommend that you turn it from head to toe 3 or 4 times a year.

what kind of sleeper is it for

We recommend it for sleeping on your back and on your side , but not on your stomach, as the head sinks too deep into the mattress. It is also not the most suitable if you have significant back problems.

If you are going to sleep two people in it, the Senso G S100 Plus provides good independence of beds , as long as both sleepers do not have very different weights.

Test and guarantee

Its trial period is 30 nights , somewhat less than usual (there are models that offer up to 120) and that seems a bit fair for the body to finish adapting to it.

The mattress is guaranteed for 3 years and it is something that has surprised us in a high-end model like this, since it is a fairly short period. This is offset by the fact that the core is guaranteed for 10 years .

If you want to know more about the Senso G S100 Plus mattress and see it live, here is my unboxing video :

Senso G S100 Plus mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

If you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, here you will find a complete guide to the Senso G S100 Plus mattress.


  • Good temperature regulation
  • Nice welcoming feeling
  • High bed independence
  • Machine washable cover


  • Not suitable if you weigh +100 kg
  • Guarantee of “only” 3 years
  • 30 night short trial

Comparison of the best high-end mattresses

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Model Price Firmness Height Padding Core material Sling

Alta_original gama photo kipli
See price medium/high and medium 21 cm natural latex natural latex Organic cotton and tencel
Lomonaco Gold
LoMonaco Gold
See price Medium-low / medium-high 30 + 10 cm Memory foam and HR foam bagged muelles Damascus and Supersoft fabric
Emma Diamond ME_gama alta_original
Emma Diamond ME
See price Media 25 cm foam with graphite bagged muelles Polyester, lyocell, elastane and polypropylene
Hypnia Superior Wellness
Hypnia Superior Wellness
See price High average 30 cm Visco and natural latex bagged muelles Stretch fabric with bamboo
Marmota Hybrid Gold_original
Marmota Hybrid Gold
See price Media 29 cm Visco, micro springs and Airsoft-Tech foam bagged muelles Polyester and viscose
SensoG S100
SensoG S100
See price Media 24 cm Visco HR foam Stretch synthetic fabric

Guide to buying a high-quality mattress

When you are looking for a high-end mattress, it is easy to get lost in the amount of benefits that the manufacturer is selling you, which is going to promise you the gold and the Moorish.

Do not be blinded by the innovations of each brand, nor by the great offers. You are going to sleep on it for many years and it requires you to pay attention to the purchase.

So here are some clues that can guide you when making the decision.

What do you ask of your high-end mattress?

High-end mattresses adapt well to your body, but each one does so differently.

Decide what you want to prioritize and choose accordingly:

temperature regulation

If you sweat a lot at night or live in a hot climate, you need a mattress whose materials do not make you sweat. A high-end mattress will take care of this, adding extra ventilation if the materials are not breathable, for example with micro-perforations or undulations in the layers.

Many also include layers of cooling gel, foams treated to prevent overheating or memory foam with thermoregulatory additives. In addition, the covers are usually made of natural, fresher materials.

deep rest

How long has it been since you slept through the night in a row? Sometimes that’s because the mattress is uncomfortable and you move to adjust your posture. If this is your case, look at mattresses that have a good reception and memory effect, that is, that give in to the weight of your body but recover their shape quickly if you move.

idyllic placeThis is given by a high-end mattress combining different layers, among which there is usually a thick viscoelastic or high-density HR foam. Latex also recovers its shape quickly, although it is usually softer than other materials.

care of your health

If you suffer from any allergies, and especially to dust mites, the materials of a high-end mattress are usually hypoallergenic or have anti-mite treatments.

Also pay attention to the cover: that it is removable and can be washed at high temperatures. If you have an extra treatment for allergies (many mattresses in this range include it), even better.

Ecological materials

Look for a high-end mattress with the maximum of natural materials, or at least that include certifications that ensure that its production is not polluting. Especially if you choose a latex mattress, don’t skimp: the high-end ones are made of natural latex.


When you suffer from muscle or joint pain, or are recovering from an injury, you should opt for mattresses that respond well to pressure points. Most high-end mattresses distinguish up to 7 body zones to help you maintain correct posture at night. Some even have a medical endorsement.

What material interests you the most?

Most luxury mattresses combine several materials , in search of the right point of rest that allows you to sleep in one go all night.

The materials of the upper layers are what you feel when you lie down, while the core of the mattress provides the necessary consistency for your body to rest throughout the night. When buying, also look at the latter: it is not visible but it is very important.

This is how each of them behaves:


In high-end mattresses, it is usually natural, that is, it contains a minimum of 85% rubber resin extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

TreeIt is durable, very flexible and adaptable , so it is recommended if you have back or neck pain. It is also naturally hypoallergenic because mites do not nest in it.

In the market you can find 100% natural latex mattresses and there are two types, Dunlop and Talalay. It is also common for you to find this material as a layer that takes advantage of its characteristics to combine it with others. If it is a premium mattress, this layer will be thick, more than 3 cm .


This synthetic material is very adaptable to the body . It is used in the top layer to give a good feeling of welcome and relieve pressure points in the body, but you will never find a mattress made entirely of this material because it would be very soft.

This material tends to give off a bit of heat . Therefore, when it is high-end, it is enhanced with refreshing elements.

Like latex, high-quality memory foam is an expensive material. In a luxury mattress the thickness of this layer is usually 4 cm or more.

But don’t just look at that: look at the technical sheet to find out what the density is. The older, the better. A good mattress will have a viscous density greater than 50 kg/m3.

Another interesting aspect is that it is athermal. That means that it maintains its memory effect properties no matter what the temperature is in the room (normal memory foam loses its properties and becomes harder as the temperature drops).

High resilience foams

Also called HR for its acronym in English High Resilience , they are the top of the foams . They are used in high-end mattresses and reach different firmness and densities, to adjust to all types of physiognomies.

Their great advantages are that they respond well to pressure, recover their original shape and ventilate well .

How to recognize that the foam of your mattress is HR? Look at the density: from 30 kg/m³ you are already in the right range.


High-end mattresses only use pocket springs: small springs individually packaged in cloth bags.

As each spring works independently, they adapt very well to the weight exerted by the different parts of the body regardless of your morphology or the position in which you sleep.

Another characteristic of pocket spring mattresses is that they isolate movement well and that is why they are a recommended option if two people are going to sleep together .

spring mattressesIn addition, they are usually fresh mattresses because the air circulates easily inside the mattress, preventing heat and humidity from accumulating.

That is why they are an interesting option if you feel hot when you sleep or live in a very hot climate.

The more springs it has, the better , because it will have greater adaptability. And, if a spring is damaged, you won’t even notice it because the rest compensates for the effect.

The recommended minimum for a good quality mattress is around 220 springs per m².

Do you have doubts about which is the best material for you? Check out our calculator to see the best combination for you.

Keys to choose your mattress

If you still have doubts about which is the best mattress for you, we have prepared this video in which we tell you what you should take into account when deciding.

5 keys to choose your mattress and buy without making a mistake

How to combine the mattress with the base?

The base on which your mattress is going to rest has to be the right one… or you will miss out on many of the great qualities of the mattress (you can even damage it). It doesn’t make sense to invest heavily in one thing and then be stingy in another.

In fact, it is common for both items to be purchased at the same time. In case you have a base that you want to take advantage of, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Broadly speaking, these are the most common bases and the mattresses that you can use with each one:

slatted bed base

SellerSuitable for all foams: viscoelastic, viscogel , HR foam and natural or synthetic latex. The sheets give consistency to the mattress and allow it to transpire.

And although it is not the best option, you could also use it with pocket springs, as long as the sheets are firm and have little separation between them: no more than 5 cm.

upholstered base

This is what spring mattresses ask for , which can be on a base supported by legs or a folding sofa. Also, mattresses with HR foam support this support.

Is it good for a latex or viscoelastic mattress? Yes, if you have a very breathable upholstered base thanks to the fabric and the vents. In that case, better without a canapé underneath so that it breathes better. Still, it’s not the type of foundation we’d recommend.

Articulating bed base

Place high-end natural or synthetic latex mattresses on it , or viscoelastic with a HR foam core if it is very soft. Also a mixture of both, viscolatex.

The elasticity of these materials allows them to return to their original shape, even if you bend them.

In this case, it is not suitable for springs. And it is that they do not bend enough to take advantage of the articulating bed base… and you can load the mattress by forcing it.

variety of sizes

Choose mattress baseLuxury mattresses usually have all the standard sizes , plus the so-called special sizes or XXL, which are becoming more and more common.

Of the latter, the most popular are the Queen Size (1.50/1.60 x 2 m) and King Size (2×2 m) measurements: king-size beds for literally sleeping soundly.

If you deviate from the standard measurements, it is very possible that a high-end manufacturer can make your mattress to measure . Account, yes, that the price can rise quite a bit.

Another measure to take into account is the thickness: premium mattresses are usually thicker than normal (some are up to 30 cm) so you may have to renew the bedding or, at least, the bottom sheet trousseau.


The guarantee of a high-end mattress is usually longer than the 3 years required by law (article 120 of Royal Decree-Law 7/2021). They usually offer guarantees between 10 and 15 years .

The standard recommendation is to change your mattress every ten years, so you will have your mattress covered against defects in its materials for its entire useful life.

This not only generates more confidence in the manufacturer and the model, but also ensures that the mattress will be durable and you will be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

One piece of advice: look at the exact conditions of the guarantee (some brands only offer the extended guarantee for the core) and treat your mattress well in order to justify any possible manufacturing defect, which is not attributable to lack of care.


They are usually very durable mattresses thanks to the high quality of their materials.

Just in case, investigate well the certifications they have and the duration of the guarantee to make sure.

For example, a mattress with the CATAS certification indicates the resistance and durability of the material, with little wear due to aging.

The most relevant certifications regarding the quality of your mattress are:

Catals label_original It recognizes the quality of the product’s materials in terms of strength, durability, safety and environmental protection.
Certipur Label_original Analyzes and certifies the properties of polyurethane foam to determine if they affect the safety of the environment and health, as well as determine which substances should not be used in the manufacture of this material and establish strict maximum limits for some components.
Eurolatex label_original Recognized by the European Commission, this certification establishes the maximum acceptable limits of substances harmful to health (such as heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, volatile organic compounds, etc.) in the manufacture of latex blocks for rest products such as mattresses or pillows
OEKOTEX label_original It independently verifies that the product does not contain harmful substances either in textiles or in the phases of its manufacture.
Sanitized_original Hygienic treatment that protects the mattress from the formation of mold, minimizes the presence of mites, as well as reduces bad odours.

Cleaning and maintenance

To begin with, the ideal way to keep your mattress in optimal condition is to get a cover that protects the surface from daily use. So you can wash it often and maintain good hygiene.

Also, depending on the material of your mattress, keep these tips in mind:

  • If you have natural latex , pay close attention to ventilation. Avoid making the bed as soon as you get up and air the room for a few minutes every morning. It is very important that it does not pick up moisture to maintain all its properties.
  • Memory foam doesn’t do well with humidity either, so air out your mattress regularly. Of course: avoid direct sun. Sudden changes in temperature do not sit well with this material.
  • HR foam is quite resistant, so it does not need special care, beyond logical hygiene and airing from time to time. The only thing to keep in mind is to turn it from time to time, as long as the manufacturer specifies it.
  • Pocket springs are combined with other materials, so check out our guidelines above. To protect the springs, the most important thing is not to deform the mattress, so place it on a straight and firm base.
  • Other materials : if your mattress includes a cooling gel, for example, check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to care for it. In general, you will only have to turn (not flip) the mattress from time to time.

ensure your rest

Best mattresses dreams_ok

If you can afford it, a high-end mattress is one of the best investments you can make: a good night’s sleep is priceless.

Choose yours and rest!

Frequent questions

What should a mattress have to be considered high-end?

Basically top quality materials . Or totally natural and organic, or very technological and resistant.

In addition, in the practical part, it has that they are usually thicker mattresses; Keep this in mind because you still have to renew all the bedding (at least the bottom sheets).

Does a high-end mattress last longer than a mid- or low-end one?

Yes. Its materials not only provide extra features that help you rest or respond better to the pressure of your body, but they are also more resistant .

That is why the usual guarantee is 10 years . It is the minimum time that the materials and the structure will last in perfect condition.

How to distinguish a high-quality mattress from one that is not?

The quickest indicator is the price: high-end mattresses are usually more expensive than the rest.

If you have doubts about whether the outlay is justified, go to the composition . The materials must be of high quality: natural latex, viscoelastic, high resilience HR foam…