If you like rather hard mattresses, suffer from back problems or have a high weight, a high firmness mattress may be the best option for you.

Possibly you have already realized how many options there are, so we are going to give you a hand to choose the right model according to your needs.

In this guide, we tell you about the best high-firmness mattresses that you can find on the market with their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, and how to choose a high-firmness mattress correctly.

4 key points to choose a good high firmness mattress

  • Mattress core: Pocket springs are the firmest out there. Other high-firmness materials are both foam and high-density latex.
  • Combination of materials: Mattresses with combinations of materials allow offering different characteristics. Thus, for example, if you are looking for high firmness but prefer a soft, welcoming feeling, the mattress should have a soft top layer, such as viscoelastic.
  • Height: The higher a mattress, the more body it will have and the more support it will offer. That is why if you are looking for a high firmness, looking at how many centimeters high it is can guide you in your choice.
  • Type of base: Combine your mattress with a suitable base, since with it you can finish adjusting the firmness. They offer greater firmness bases such as upholstered beds or tatami mats.

Top 5 High Firmness Mattresses of 2023

We have thoroughly analyzed dozens of high firmness mattresses to share with you the best models:

1. Meaning of G S75

To sleep as a couple if one of the two moves a lot

Senso G S75_original

Materials: memory foam with microgel, high-density memory foam and support foam

Height: 21 cm

Bed independence: high

The first thing I noticed when lying on the Senso G S75 was a nice soft feeling (slight, not exaggerated) and progressive reception . In addition, it distributes the body weight correctly and relieves pressure points well.

This is thanks to its 2 memory foam top layers :

  • The first of 1.5 cm is open pore and has thermoregulating gel, reducing the sensation of heat.
  • The second 5.5 cm one is made of high-density viscoelastic (75 kg/m³) and provides very good adaptability.

Finally, and to prevent us from sinking too much, its core is made of support foam, with a density higher than the average in models of this price, which favors a greater durability of the mattress.

bed independence

After subjecting it to several tests, we have verified that it has good bed independence , since the generous viscoelastic layer reduces the transmission of movements from one side of the bed to the other. Therefore, it is recommended for double beds , especially if one of the two people moves when sleeping.

However, although it is suitable for a wide range of weights, we do not recommend it for people over 90 kg, since in those cases it would sink too much and could no longer guarantee good support.


If you are worried about getting hot because it is made of foam, I must tell you that the Senso G S75 has good thermoregulation . We have already talked about the first layer of viscogel that dissipates heat but, in addition, it has a stretch fabric cover with perforations that favors the breathability of the foams.

In addition, the cover is removable by means of a perimeter zipper that separates it into two parts, making it easier both to remove it and to reposition it later. We recommend turning it from head to toe every 3 or 4 months and, for this, you will miss the fact that it does not have handles.


  • Good bed independence
  • It is removable
  • good thermoregulation
  • Suitable for double beds


  • Not recommended for robust people
  • does not have handles

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Senso G S75 mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

2. Aznar Queen

For robust and warm people
Aznar Queen

Materials: supersoft, virgin cotton fiber and pocket springs

Height: 28 cm

Bed independence: medium

If you have already taken a look at this mattress, you may be wondering why we include it in our selection of high firmness when the manufacturer indicates that its firmness is medium . It is that, after trying it, we consider that it is somewhat higher.

And this firmness is given in large part by its core of pocket springs, segmented into 3 different zones, so they offer good adaptability to each part of the body. Its Supersoft foam layer gives you good comfort.

In addition, between both layers it includes another intermediate one of virgin cotton fiber , which covers the core of springs to insulate it and favors the regulation of temperature and humidity inside. As the pocket springs increase ventilation, it makes the Aznar Queen a good option if you tend to get hot when you sleep .

bed independence

Sleeping two people, we have verified that it has a correct independence of beds . But we do not recommend it if one of the two moves a lot when sleeping, especially if he is the person with the highest weight, because in that case the other will notice the movement.

On the other hand, if you sleep alone and are robust, the core of pocket springs gives you good support and ensures that your back rests in the correct position. It will also be useful if you tend to move a lot during the night because, as it does not sink much, it gives you more freedom of movement.

We are not convinced, however, that it is not removable , so you will have to be a little more careful with it. The ideal is to place a protective cover between the mattress and the bottom sheet to maintain its hygiene.

And finally, as a disadvantage compared to other mattresses, the Aznar Queen has a fairly reduced guarantee of only 2 years .


  • Good support and adaptability
  • correct breathability
  • Suitable for robust people


  • It is not removable
  • Not recommended for couples with very different weights
  • short warranty

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Aznar Queen mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

3. Emma One

Suitable for tight budgets and a very good option for trundle beds
Emma one

Materials: Airgocell foam, memory foam and HRX support foam

Height: 18 cm

Bed independence: high

If something draws the attention of the Emma One, it is its thin thickness, which makes it a cheaper mattress even with good quality materials (it has the same layers as the Emma Original, but thinner ).

On its surface, the Airgocell foam (2 cm) provides flexibility and, together with the viscoelastic layer (1 cm), gives a correct feeling of welcome , without being an excessively soft mattress.

The core is made of high-resilience polyurethane support foam (15 cm) that prevents you from sinking too much when you lie down and allows your back to stay in a correct position.

This layer also has a series of perforations of different sizes to give the proper support to each area of ​​the body . This distributes the weight evenly and relieves pressure points (mainly hips and shoulders).


Another advantage is that it is quite breathable , thanks to the open pores of the Airgocell foam, the perforations in the core and the fine micro-perforated fabric of the cover that help the mattress to ventilate properly, preventing heat from accumulating and humidity. That is why it is an option to consider if you are a warm person .

The feeling of welcome of the Emma One is not very pronounced. Since you don’t sink much, it makes it easier to move, in case you turn a lot during the night. After testing it, we have also verified that it has a fairly good independence of beds, so it is a good option for double beds .

Easy maintenance

It is a fairly light mattress and, as it has handles , it is easy to handle and turn from head to toe every 3 or 4 months (it is not necessary to turn it), to keep it in good condition.

In addition, its cover is removable and can be washed at home, facilitating its hygiene. An advantage of its fabric being synthetic is that it dries quickly.

We found its 10-year guarantee interesting and the manufacturer offers you the possibility of trying it at home for 100 nights.

Finally, given its reasonable price, we believe it is a good option for guest beds or second homes . Due to its thin thickness, it is ideal for trundle beds . However, it is not the most recommended for heavy people because it would not offer adequate support.


  • Affordable price
  • Good bed independence
  • Easy maintenance
  • Offers 100 trial nights and 10-year warranty


  • Not recommended for robust people
  • little feeling of welcome

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Emma One mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

4. I sleep with Zafiro

An affordable mattress ideal for heavy people
I'm sleeping Zafiro_ok

Materials: Viscoelastic + Eliocel foam

Height: 21 and 24 cm

Bed independence: medium

One of the things we like most about this mattress is its Eliocel core: a high-density foam responsible for the firmness and support provided by the Dormio Zafiro and that favors its durability, since it reduces its deformation over time, even if robust people rest on it.

On the other hand, its top layer of 2 cm of thermosensitive viscoelastic is too thin. Keep in mind that, in order to take advantage of the benefits of visco, this layer must be at least 3 cm. Still, it helps somewhat to have a slightly more fluffy feel.

Is it a good option as a double bed?

Yes, as long as neither of you moves a lot when you sleep or have a big difference in weight , since in those cases you will notice the movements of the other person because their independence of beds is quite fair.

On the other hand, if you sleep alone, nothing happens if you move, since one of the advantages of this mattress is that it allows you to do it easily because it does not trap you . In addition to the fact that if you have a high weight, it will provide adequate support for your back without harming its alignment.


Since it is a foam core mattress, it is not the most breathable . However, as its viscoelastic is open pore , it favors its ventilation, preventing heat and humidity from accumulating. Besides that it has anti-mold treatments and other allergens .

One of the negative points, however, is that it is not removable , so you will have to protect it with a cover to keep it in good condition.

In addition, although it is now common for manufacturers to offer us a trial period at home, this one does not. But its price is quite affordable , so it might interest you if you do not want to invest a high budget.


  • Good price
  • correct ergonomics
  • Hypoallergenic


  • It is not removable
  • Not recommended for couples with disparate weights
  • No trial period

5. Go to sleep Great Comfort

For those who seek firmness accompanied by a good feeling of welcome
Go to sleep Great comfort

Materials: High-density memory foam and pocket springs

Height: 27 cm

Bed independence: high

The high firmness of the Duérmete Gran Confort is due to its core of pocket springs, which also offer good support . In addition, it has 7 different rest areas that correctly relieve pressure points.

However, if there is one thing that stands out, it is the combination of that core with a generous top layer of 6 cm of high-density viscoelastic (75 kg/m3, which exceeds the average of 50 kg/m3 that is usually found on the market ), which provides a good feeling of welcome and high litter independence .


Duérmete Great comfort apicellThe pocket springs help the correct ventilation of the mattress , so it does not accumulate moisture or heat. In addition, its stretch fabric cover with Apicell natural treatment is both soft and cool, so if you are hot or live in a hot climate you will like it. And for allergic people, it has antibacterial and anti-mite treatment .

However, it is not removable , so you will have to be more careful when it comes to hygiene, it is even a good option to put a protective cover on it.

Finally, and as a negative point, we would like to mention its guarantee of only 2 years (only the mandatory legal period), which we consider short compared to those that other brands usually offer, which are over 10 years.


  • Great thickness of its layer of visco
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Good welcome feeling


  • It is not removable
  • Your warranty is short

Recommended models

The best quality-price high firmness mattress: Sleep Great Comfort

Go to sleep Great comfort

It is a mattress that combines good materials , pocket springs with differentiated rest areas and a thick layer of high-density viscoelastic that offers a welcoming feeling, for a price that is not exorbitant. That is why we consider it the best value for money.

When lying on it, you notice a good relief of pressure points , while the weight is well distributed and the support is the most appropriate.

On the other hand, it is also a fairly breathable mattress, so it is a good option if you tend to get hot at night. In addition, it carries treatments that make it suitable for allergy sufferers .

The best high-firm mattress for sleeping with a partner: Senso G S75

Senso G S75_original

Thanks to its thick layer of high-density viscoelastic foam, the Senso G S75 manages to offer high bed independence .

In our tests we have verified that the transmission of movements is very low , making it an ideal mattress to sleep with as a couple , especially in cases where one of the two moves a lot when sleeping or if the difference in weight between the two it is very disparate.

It is also a mattress that provides adequate and ergonomic support in all postures and that has good thermoregulation , so you will not get hot.

The best cheap mattress with high firmness: Emma One

Emma one

The Emma One mattress, recommended by the OCU and which already has some awards to its credit, stands out for the quality of its materials . In fact, it has the same layers as its big brother, the famous Emma Original, but they are thinner.

This high – firmness mattress provides good support , has good breathability and offers correct independence from the beds . In addition to that it has a price suitable for tight budgets .

Comparison of the best high firmness mattresses

In this table you will find the comparison of the best high firmness mattresses that we have analyzed.

Note: If you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

ModelPriceMaterialCoverHeightRemovablecoverIndependence of beds

Senso G S75_original
Meaning of G S75
See price Viscoelastic and backing foam Stretch synthetic fabric and 3D mesh 21 cm high
Aznar Queen
Aznar Queen
See price Pocket springs, virgin cotton fiber and Supersoft Stretch synthetic fabric 28 cm Media
Mattress Emma One
Emma One
See price Airgocell foam, memory foam and HRX backing foam Polyester and polypropylene 18 cm high
I sleep with a sapphire
I sleep with Zafiro
See price Viscoelastic and Eliocel foam 3-layer padding and 3D placket 21 y 24 cm Media
Go to sleep Great comfort
Go to sleep Great Comfort
See price High-density memory foam and pocket springs Stretch synthetic fabric 27 cm Media

Guide to buying the best high firmness mattress

The mattress must ensure a correct position of the spine when you are sleeping. Therefore, it is important that it has the firmness that best suits you. To do this, you must take into account:

  • Your preferences: if you like to sleep on a hard mattress or prefer a soft surface.
  • Your body weight: since it depends on the pressure exerted by your body. If you are a light person, you will find a medium or medium-high firmness mattress firm enough. While if you have more weight, the high firmness will suit you better.
  • Sleeping position: the high firmness will be suitable for sleeping on your back or even on your stomach. But it will not be able to offer you a correct posture if you sleep on your side, unless it has a top layer of a soft material such as viscoelastic, since it is not the same if you sleep on your side as on your back, for example.
  • According to your nocturnal activity: if you move a lot or wake up as you go to bed. In the first case, you need a mattress that allows you to change position easily, in which you do not sink.

So, in what cases are high firmness mattresses recommended?

sleeping coupleThe high firmness mattress is ideal for you if:

  • Do you like to sleep on hard mattresses?
  • you sleep on your back
  • You move a lot during the night
  • you have a high weight
  • You are an elderly person or suffer from back pain

On the other hand, it is not advisable to choose a mattress with a high firmness if you suffer from joint pain, bursitis or osteoporosis.

Nor if you weigh less than 65 kg, since in this case it would be too hard and the body would not be able to exert the minimum pressure so that the spine is correctly aligned.

How do the materials have to be?

If you are looking for a high firmness mattress, you should pay attention mainly to the characteristics of its materials.

In the case of pocket springs , the smaller the diameter they have and, therefore, the greater the number of springs distributed in the core of the mattress, the higher the degree of firmness. The thickness of the steel of the springs also influences (the thicker the firmer).

On the other hand, in foam, latex or viscoelastic mattresses , the firmness will be conditioned by the density of the material (kg per m³), ​​the number of layers and their thickness. It is the foam of the core that determines the hardness although the upper layers can soften it.

Adaptability is important

Best mattresses quality priceAdaptability is the ability of the mattress to adapt to your body and the movements you make during the night.

If you are a restless person when sleeping, you have to choose a mattress whose materials guarantee good adaptability so that, even if you change position frequently, your body receives adequate support at all times, without certain points, such as shoulders or hips, suffering. excessive pressure.

Mattresses with differentiated comfort zones or those with a layer of viscoelastic that is at least 3 cm thick and with a density greater than 50 kg/m³, for example, are some of those that offer better adaptability.

feeling of welcome

The welcoming feeling is the first thing you notice when lying on the mattress. This is determined by the upper layers, the padding of the mattress.

High firmness and a pleasant feeling of welcome are compatible , since the first depends above all on the core of the mattress and the second on the material of the upper layer. A good combination to achieve this is a core of pocket springs and a thick layer of visco on top.

You may notice a more pronounced reception, what some call a “cloud effect” or a lighter effect, which gives you comfort, but you don’t feel trapped by the mattress.

Good breathability is a must

breathableWhile we sleep, the body generates steam and this moisture can be absorbed by the mattress. If it is retained in the mattress, it not only produces heat, but it can deteriorate the material , generate mold or cause bacteria to proliferate, among other things.

For this reason, the breathability of the mattress is not only a necessary condition if we are hot people or live in hot climates, but it also helps us maintain the hygiene of the mattress and prolong its useful life .

Breathable mattresses are those whose materials allow that moisture to be easily evacuated and the mattress remains ventilated.

So that you know how to identify them, some of the characteristics of this type of mattress are the following:

  • Its core is usually pocket springs.
  • If the core is foam, it is open pore or perforated.
  • They have covers made of organic fabrics, strech or with a 3D mesh design.
  • They include a top layer of viscogel or viscographene or their material has microperforations.

Choose the height well

Choose mattress heightYou might think it’s obvious, but while we tend to pay attention to the width of the mattress, sometimes we forget to take into account its height.

And it is that the higher a mattress, the more body it will have and the better support it will offer . On the other hand, if a mattress is too thin, it will be hard because, in reality, it will not be protecting your back from the firmness of the box spring.

For a mattress to offer you the benefits of its materials, it must be about 15 cm, although we recommend that it be at least 21 cm.

Are you going to use it as a double bed?

If you are choosing a mattress to sleep with as a couple, something you cannot stop paying attention to is the independence of the beds.

In order for both people to rest comfortably, it is necessary that the transmission of movements is low from one side of the bed to the other, especially if one of the two tends to move a lot or if there is a large difference in weight between them.

An upper layer of viscous will help to increase bed independence.

base type

Choose mattress baseThe type of base is another thing to take into account when choosing a high firmness mattress for two reasons:

  • On the one hand, because depending on the type of base, the firmness of the mattress will be slightly modified. For example, an upholstered base or a tatami mat add firmness, while a slatted base softens it.
  • The second issue is that not all foundations are suitable for all types of mattresses . If you have chosen a spring mattress, it is not recommended to use it on a slatted base because it can damage the mattress. This type of base, on the other hand, is more advisable for latex or foam mattresses, as it helps to promote breathability.


Good maintenance of the mattress helps to prolong its useful life, but it is not always carried out.

These are simple steps such as, for example, airing it daily (15 minutes in winter and 30 minutes in summer) and vacuuming it once a month to remove any dust that may have accumulated and get rid of any mites it may have.

On the other hand, although there are fewer and fewer mattresses that have to be turned seasonally (only those with a winter side and a summer side), since most have a layer structure with only one useful side, it is advisable to turn them from head to toe every 3 or 4 months .

And, some manufacturers also advise, once a year, to leave it in a vertical position for 12 hours to homogenize its structure.

Taking this into account, the reality is that there are some mattresses that are easier to maintain than others:

  • That it be removable , otherwise we recommend that you place a cover between the mattress and the bottom sheet to protect it.
  • That it has handles , so that it is easier to move, especially if it is a heavy mattress.

Warranty and test at home

The legal guarantee is 2 years, so this is the minimum that all manufacturers have to offer. However, there are brands that trust the quality of their manufacture and the materials of their mattresses, adding a few more years. There are guarantees of 10 and up to 15 years that cover the entire life of the mattress.

Some mattress brands also offer a trial period at home . In this type of high-firm mattress, this option is ideal, since it may be difficult for you to adapt if you have not slept on a similar one before. During that time (usually 100 nights) you have time to adapt and really check if the mattress is for you or not.

Frequent questions

What are the hardest mattresses?

The firmest mattresses are those with a core of pocket springs or high-density foam. If, in addition, the upper layers are very fine foams, the feeling of reception is reduced, so they will be harder as well.

What is the difference between a firm mattress and a soft mattress?

You will feel the main difference when lying on the mattress, sinking in the softer models and staying on the surface in the firmer ones. Choosing models that have these characteristics in a very exaggerated way would be harmful to the body because they would not respect its ergonomics and would force us to sleep in positions that are harmful to our back and our health.

What happens if you sleep on a mattress that is too hard?

Sleeping on a mattress that is too hard is not good for your body, as it will not adapt well to your posture and will make it difficult for your blood to circulate properly. Therefore, if you choose a high firmness, make sure that your mattress is ergonomic and adapts well to your body.