The mattress cover not only protects the mattress from dirt, but also increases the life of the latter. Models are divided into several varieties and solve different problems. Sometimes they simply perform protective functions, but they can also provide an orthopedic effect. We have collected in the review the best mattress covers.

Mattress top rating

When compiling the rating, the team studied many reviews left by buyers. The responses were used not only to select the nominees, but also to determine the leading characteristics of the product.

More often than others, the following criteria appeared in the reviews:

  • Type – classic, orthopedic, antibacterial, special;
  • Filler – natural, synthetic, combined;
  • Cover material – natural or synthetic fabric;
  • Fastening type – corner, around the perimeter, zippers, buttons, buttons;
  • Size – children’s, teenage, one and a half, double.

The studied reviews also formed the basis of the positive and negative qualities of the nominated models.

The best waterproof mattress covers

The products have a special waterproof “stuffing”, thanks to which they effectively protect the surface and “insides” of the mattress from getting wet. The outer layer is pleasant to the touch, made of hygroscopic terry or cotton fabric. Determined three nominees.

Dream Time Mouleton waterproof DT-NMR-180

Dream Time is a well established brand. Engaged in the production of high-quality bed linen and related products.

Model DT-HMP-180 belongs to the group of waterproof and effectively protects the bed from moisture accidentally falling on its surface. Size – 180 by 200 cm – allows you to completely close a large bed.

As a method of fastening, the manufacturer used elastic bands sewn into the corners. To fix it, you just need to pull the elastic bands and hook on the corners. The advantage of the method is simplicity and versatility. The model is suitable for both low and high – up to 30 centimeters – sides.

Waterproof. The upper surface, which is in direct contact with the skin, is made of soft-touch cotton fabric. The reverse (inner) side is polyester, which is responsible for waterproof properties. Color – white, universal.

Dream Time Mouleton waterproof DT-NMR-180


  • Waterproof;
  • White;
  • Cotton surface;
  • Lets air through without creating a greenhouse effect;
  • Double;
  • Mounting on rubber bands;
  • The model is relevant if there is a small child in the house.


  • According to reviews, it moves out a little.


Oltex AquaStop, ОННК-180

Also belongs to the category of waterproof. Perfectly protects the surface of the bed from any type of contamination, including spilled liquid. Hypoallergenic, soft. Suitable for children and people with sensitive skin.

Size 180 by 200 centimeters (width 180 cm, length – 200 cm). These are the dimensions of a full double bed. OLTEX AquaStop completely closes the bed, creating a complete protective layer.

In the manufacture of the manufacturer used two types of fabrics. For the top surface, which is in contact with the sheet, a cotton terry cloth was chosen. It has good hygroscopic properties. The bottom protective layer is a porous membrane responsible for moisture regulation. The material does not allow moisture to pass through, but does not interfere with air exchange.

Thanks to the skin-friendly terry surface, Oltex AquaStop, ONNK-180 can be used as a separate sheet. Even in this design format, the sleeping place is comfortable due to the free circulation of air and the creation of a healthy microclimate.

It is held by the elastic band placed around the entire perimeter. Suitable for mattresses with side heights up to 30 cm. The sides of the mattress cover itself are sewn from knitted fabric. The model is quickly put on, well fastened due to refueling under the mattress. The sheet due to contact with the terry surface does not move out, even if a person tosses and turns during sleep.

The cover can be washed in an automatic washing machine without spinning at temperatures up to +40°C. It can withstand up to a hundred washes without losing the declared properties.

Oltex AquaStop, ОННК-180


  • Quality manufacturing;
  • Waterproof;
  • Elastic band around the perimeter;
  • Washing machine;
  • Does not retain air.


  • It rustles a little, since the bottom surface is not covered with a cloth.


Askona Cotton Cover

The manufacturer is a well-known company Ascona. The Cotton Cover model is waterproof, designed to organize the protection of a sleeping place from moisture and any type of pollution with a size of 120 x 200 centimeters. Thickness is one centimeter.

The upper surface is sewn from cotton terry fabric, which increases the comfort of the product. The cover, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, is suitable for any mattress with a side height of up to 40 centimeters.

The Miracle membrane layer is responsible for moisture resistance. The latter is a unique development in the format of a multi-layer layer consisting of polyurethane. The membrane does not interfere with air exchange, distributes heat, maintaining a comfortable body temperature for sleep. Additionally, it provides protection against dust mites, bedbugs and irritants that provoke an allergic reaction.

The mattress cover is easy to put on and take off, as the manufacturer chose an elastic band sewn around the entire perimeter of the model for the method of fastening. Thanks to this feature, it will not move during sleep. The burlet is sewn from a well-stretched knitted fabric and “sits down” well even on high sides.

Askona Cotton Cover


  • moisture resistant;
  • Wear resistant;
  • Waterproof membrane;
  • Elastic burlet;
  • Fixation around the perimeter due to the sewn-in elastic band;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Provides high-quality thermoregulation.


  • Not suitable for sofas.


A good mattress pad, the model gets good reviews. Buyers note a pleasant terry surface, good protection against leaks, which is especially important if there are small children in the family. Does not rustle, does not move out. The sheet also “sits down” firmly, does not roll or twist.

The best mattress toppers

Topper is a thin mattress. It is used to regulate the rigidity of the bed, and also removes irregularities. It does not have a removable cover, so only dry cleaning is allowed, but there are exceptions. Attaches with rubber bands. Can be used as a mattress topper on a sofa. 

IQ Sleep Easy Care

The manufacturer is the IQ Sleep brand. It belongs to the category of toppers and solves several problems at once, but the leading one is smoothing out irregularities and increasing the comfort of the bed. Size – 160×200 cm, height – 1 cm. It will be a great addition to your mattress. Service life – 5 years.

The manufacturer chose the easiest method of fastening – rubber bands at the corners. This makes it suitable for boards of any height. Rubber bands provide a good fit.

The product is two-layer. The upper is 100 percent microfiber, a man-made hypoallergenic material. The bottom is Sky Cell Lite stretch foam. It easily takes the form of a sleeping person’s body, increasing the comfort of a bed and a night’s sleep in general. The degree of rigidity is medium.

Sky Cell Lite foam is capable of withstanding heavy loads. Topper can be advised to people suffering from obesity. The product can withstand weight up to 150 kilograms per berth without deterioration in performance during the entire service life.

The foam and fabric used for the cover have been certified and meet the current international OEKO-TEX standard. Therefore, even babies can be put to bed on such a topper.

IQ Sleep Easy Care


  • Thin;
  • Medium hardness;
  • Fastening with corner rubber bands;
  • When folded, it does not take up much space;
  • Withstands loads up to 150 kilograms;
  • Certified materials.


  • Sometimes there is not enough rigidity;
  • Only dry cleaning is allowed.


This mattress topper gets good reviews. Buyers note compliance with the international standard, the ability to withstand a large load on the bed.

German Grass Topper Wool

The manufacturer is German Grass. Dimensions: width – 180 cm, length – 200 cm, height – 4 cm. Seasonality – winter.

Product with two layers. The upper part is 100% merino wool, the lower part is polyester fiber. The total weight of the filler is 1.8 kilograms.

For tailoring the cover, the manufacturer used satin. The latter is a 100% white cotton canvas. To prevent wool from rolling, the surface is quilted in the form of a large square. The type of fastening of the product is wide elastic bands at the corners. This simplifies the process of putting on and taking off.

Laundry is allowed. Permissible temperature indicator – up to + 30 ° С.

German Grass Topper Wool


  • Warm due to natural wool filler;
  • With orthopedic effect;
  • Washable in warm water;
  • Height 4 cm;
  • You can buy cheap at a discount.


  • Not suitable for summer – hot to sleep.


The best orthopedic mattress covers

Models help to level the surface, smoothing out deformed areas or an overly embossed pattern. Products increase comfort of a berth and improve its microclimate.

Promtex-Orient Cocos 2

The manufacturer is Promtex-Orient. Product size 90×190 cm. Topper height – 2 cm.

Promtex-Orient Cocos 2 is an orthopedic mattress topper for the bed. To fill and give the model orthopedic properties, a slab of coconut coir was used. It allows you to increase the rigidity of the bed to the maximum. The model creates optimal support for the spine during a night’s sleep. The cover is sewn from jacquard.

The topper is universal – suitable for all types of mattresses, as well as sofas. Fixation is carried out due to the corner elastic bands. This option prevents misalignment and twisting.

Bilateral. Both surfaces have high hardness values. The model can be recommended for organizing a bed for a child. Coir, creating a dense hard surface, will ensure the correct development of the child’s spine.

The filler material has bactericidal properties, which provides the product with high hygiene.

Promtex-Orient Cocos 2


  • Orthopedic;
  • High rates of rigidity;
  • Filler – coconut coir;
  • Case – jacquard;
  • Fastening – corner elastic bands;
  • Height – 2 cm.


  • Some may find it too harsh;
  • Expensive.


Comfort Line Ortopedica 3

The manufacturer is the Comfort Line company. Dimensions: width – 80 cm, length – 186 cm, height – 3 cm. Belongs to the group of orthopedic.

The manufacturer chose natural latex for filling. Latex layer – 3 centimeters. The material prevents the accumulation of moisture, allows air to pass through and does not cause an allergic reaction. It performs its task of correcting stiffness and leveling the bed perfectly.

The model can be used to adjust a regular mattress and sofa. For fastening, corner elastic bands are used. If necessary, it can be rolled up and put away for storage if there is no need to use it.

Cover with a zipper. Sewn from jacquard, which are “planted” on the hollocon and additionally quilted. Sleeping on such a surface is comfortable and not hot.

Comfort Line Ortopedica 3


  • Natural latex as a filler;
  • Jacquard cover with stitch;
  • Orthopedic;
  • Provides high-quality air exchange;
  • Thick.


  • Can’t be erased.


The best children’s mattress covers

Covers are sewn of dense cotton fabric and moisture-proof microfiber. Fillers can be either natural or artificial. We selected three representatives in this category of the review.

Shimmer, terry with elastic

Producer – the company Merzana, Ivanovo. Product dimensions: width – 160 cm, length – 200 cm. Designed to protect mattresses with sides up to 20 cm high.

Mattress cover on the bed with an elastic band sewn around the entire perimeter. Therefore, he tightly “sits” on the mattress and does not move out. The burlet is sewn from an elastic, well-stretched knitted fabric.

The product is two-layer. For sewing the top, the manufacturer used high-quality terry fabric (cotton 80%, polyester 20%). The material is soft, and thanks to the “roughness” characteristic of terry cloth, it does not allow the sheet to move out and crumple.

Waterproof. This property of the product provides an inner layer in the form of a polyurethane membrane. The peculiarity of the material is that it does not retain air, but does not allow moisture to pass through. Thanks to this, the cover perfectly protects the mattress from getting wet and creates a pleasant microclimate for sleeping.

The product can be washed, choosing a delicate mode and heating water up to + 30 ° C.

Shimmer, terry with elastic


  • Waterproof;
  • The top layer is a terry fabric that is pleasant to the body;
  • Laundry allowed;
  • Wide burlet.


  • Slightly rustling.


SN-Textile Muleton Aquastop with sides

Waterproof children’s mattress topper, produced by SN-TEXTILE. Size: width – 70 cm, length – 140 cm. Soft.

The product is sewn of pleasant terry fabric, and a special membrane is responsible for water resistance. The latter, despite the fact that it retains moisture qualitatively, perfectly passes air without creating a greenhouse effect.

The model is attached to the mattress due to the elastic band sewn around the entire perimeter. Burlet fixes the product well and does not allow it to move. The terry surface holds the sheet, so no matter how actively the baby spins in a dream, it will remain in place.

SN-Textile Muleton Aquastop with sides


  • Does not pass moisture;
  • Provides good air exchange;
  • The size is suitable for children’s beds;
  • Upper surface in soft terry cloth;
  • With an elastic band.


  • It rustles a little.


Amarobaby Water Stop

The dimensions of the baby mattress pad from AmaroBaby – 75x125x12 – indicate that the model is designed specifically for cribs. The product is waterproof and this is another advantage.

The surface is sewn from soft terry, the composition of which is 100% cotton fabric. The side in contact with the mattress surface is a waterproof breathable membrane. The latter retains moisture, but does not interfere with air exchange.

The product is washable. Permissible temperature maximum for heating water is up to + 30 ° С.

Amarobaby Water Stop


  • Waterproof;
  • Oval shape;
  • Breathing;
  • Washable;
  • On an elastic band;
  • Doesn’t wrinkle.


  • Only for oval mattresses.


How to choose a mattress pad

The our team has identified several leading characteristics that will help you choose a quality product.

Mattress cover type (special, orthopedic, protective)

Depending on the purpose, several varieties are distinguished:

  • Protective. Avoid contact between mattress and sheets. They are sewn from durable fabrics and have a stitch made of synthetic winterizer, wool, holokon. Often offered in the “winter – summer” format. One side of the product is quilted with warm material that warms in the cold season, the other is cotton.
  • Waterproof. Doesn’t leak liquid. Made from double layered fabric. Top – any material that is pleasant to the skin – cotton or microfiber – a waterproof membrane is placed inside.
  • Orthopedic (toppers). Used to level the surface of the bed. They are made of latex or coconut coir, which allows you to adjust the degree of softness: the first option is soft, the second is harder.
  • Corrective. Bilateral. To fill one of the sides, coir is used, which provides moderate rigidity. The second side with a universal stiffness index.

Mounting method

Manufacturers implement in several ways. On sale you can find mattress covers that are covered like a sheet, i.e. just tuck under the mattress. Impractical because they move out.

Possible mounting options:

  • Corner bands. Easy to attach, hold quite securely. Suitable for high and low mattresses.
  • Elastic band around the perimeter, zipper. Eliminate product displacement. Mattress covers with a zipper are mostly premium products.
  • Buttons, buttons (metal, plastic). Simple and reliable way. But it will take a little longer to close.

Case material

The material of the cover determines the tightness of the fit to the mattress. Manufacturers use:

  • natural fabrics – satin, cotton, viscose, calico, bamboo, silk, cambric;
  • synthetic materials – polycotton, polyester, microfiber.

The first group of fabrics is environmentally friendly, well passes air and absorbs moisture, pleasant to the touch.

The advantages of synthetics are high wear resistance, strength, hypoallergenicity.

Type of filler

The type of filler is determined by the type of mattress cover. For orthopedic models choose:

  • coconut coir – tough, provides an anatomically correct position of the spine, antibacterial;
  • natural latex – elastic, slightly springy, does not retain air due to industrial perforation;
  • memory foam – takes the shape of the body, does not exert pressure on soft tissues;
  • polyurethane foam – soft, elastic.

The following varieties can be used as an inner layer in other types of products:

  • sintepon – soft, well breathable;
  • hollon – slightly springy, comfortable for sleeping;
  • bamboo – light, with an antibacterial effect;
  • silk – soft, light, belongs to the premium class;
  • fluff – warm, soft, since it undergoes special processing, it does not cause allergies;
  • cotton – breathable, absorbs sweat well;
  • wool – creates a useful microclimate, warms.

Among artificial materials, they have proven themselves well:

  • holofiber – soft, creates volume, wear-resistant, with a long service life;
  • struttofaiber – more rigid, levels out small unevenness of the bed;
  • polyurethane foam – elastic, with a good service life;
  • memory foam – takes into account the anatomy of the human body, increases the comfort of sleep.


The longest service life of models filled with coconut coir, foam and natural latex. If the recommendations for operation are followed, they will last up to 15 years.

A slightly shorter period of use for quilted options is up to 10 years. Thin waterproof models will last no more than 5 years.

Which mattress topper is better

When choosing protection for a child or adult bed, you should be guided by personal needs. After all, someone needs to create a comfortable bed for bedridden patients, and someone is interested in organizing a comfortable sleep on the couch.

The our team recommends taking a closer look at the following models:

  • Dream Time Muleton DT-NMR-180 – waterproof, designed for a double bed;
  • IQ Sleep Easy Care – topper, can withstand a load of up to 150 kilograms per bed;
  • Promtex-Orient Cocos 2 – orthopedic with coconut coir filler, hypoallergenic;
  • Amarobaby Water Stop – for children, does not allow moisture to pass through, designed for oval mattresses.

Mattress covers protect the mattress from dirt and increase its lifespan. Therefore, this accessory is a really useful thing, the purchase of which is definitely not worth refusing.