Each of us spends about a hundred days a year in a dream. Physicians did the math. During a comfortable rest, the reserves of the body are replenished, the balance of all life support systems is restored. The best mattresses for sleeping ensure optimal functioning of organs and joints.

Sleeping mattress rating

Textile manufacturers offer customers a wide range of relaxation products. To determine worthy brands, our team participated in testing popular products, talked to doctors and collected reviews from beauty industry experts. The nominees were judged based on the following criteria:

  • The composition of the filler;
  • Orthopedic properties;
  • Case material;
  • Guarantee period;
  • Price.

The rigidity and softness of the platforms also affect the product selection parameters. The indicator is determined not only by the convenience of the location during the holidays, but doctors recommend that many buyers observe certain conditions for organizing a place to relax.

The best mattresses for sleeping in 2023

1. Ascona balance forma

One of the most comfortable sleeping mattresses . The design of medium rigidity rests on 550 springs. They are positioned to keep the spine in the correct position. Spasmodic muscles relax, pain disappears over time. In some cases, slight curvature may be corrected and osteochondrosis may decrease.

Polyurethane foam is responsible for the stability of the platform. Universal material is not expensive to manufacture. Has a memory effect. Does not cause an allergic reaction. The base is not subject to deformation. Quickly returns to its original shape after transportation. Withstands a load of up to 115 kilograms per bed. The manufacturer guarantees that the product will last at least one and a half years.

The cover is made of jacquard. Air does not stagnate in the upholstery, pellets do not form on it. You can carry out wet cleaning using household products. The fabric does not lose color and density. Will not break under heavy load. If the pollution is strong, you should seek help from professionals. Do not use liquid detergents on your own. If a large amount of moisture enters, the filler may lose orthopedic properties.

Ascona balance forma


  • Takes the optimal shape for the spine;
  • The filler has medicinal properties;
  • Withstands heavy loads;
  • Hypoallergenic cover;
  • Easy to find for sale.


  • Cannot be rolled up for transport.


2. Plitex orthosleep

Orthopedic sleep mattress is designed specifically for the needs of a growing body. Suitable for a child from 3 to 10 years old. Each side of the foundation has its own tasks. The softer one is suitable for everyday use. The springs arranged in a special order support the back in the correct position, relax the muscles and relieve spasms from them. If the platform is turned over, it will be denser due to the coconut coir. The rigidity is chosen so as to eliminate problems with the spine and correct small curvatures. Orthopedists recommend sleeping on a firm basis for up to a month. During this time, the defects should be corrected.

You can recognize the sides by stiffness by eye. To do this, unzip the cover. The soft layer will be made of porous latex. The layers of fibers are interconnected by a special impregnation. It is harmless, water-based. The cover, equipped with a zipper around the entire perimeter, is made of cotton. It does not allow odors to stagnate in the filler and passes air well. The fabric can be washed, it dries quickly and does not deform. When creating the coating, antistatic technology was applied. Even if the child rolls over during sleep, the surface will not be electrified.

To ensure better ventilation, a breathable mesh is inserted around the perimeter of the product. It allows air to circulate freely during ventilation. The fabric can also be removed and tidied up using household products. A gentle mode in a washing machine is suitable at a water temperature of no higher than 40 degrees Celsius. After the material is carefully spread on the dryer until completely dry. Can be ironed. High temperatures will not damage natural fibres. But the filler needs to be put in order only in professional dry cleaners. In summer, you can ventilate in the open air. Direct sunlight should be avoided.

Professional children’s orthopedists participated in the creation and testing of the product. They helped to design an optimal design for a growing organism with reinforced ribs. They do not deform during the entire period of operation. All components of the product have been tested for 12 quality and safety indicators. They demonstrated, in particular, that the fibers do not contain phenol and formaldehyde, which can provoke an allergic attack in children with respiratory diseases. Each of the springs is packed in a bag and secured to its place in the platform. Affects a specific part of the body.

Plitex orthosleep


  • natural materials;
  • Takes into account the needs of a growing organism;
  • Withstands up to 60 kilograms of weight per bed;
  • Recommend to use children’s doctors;
  • The design has been medically tested.


  • Intense smell at first use.


3. Sontelle kinni many

Many parents think about which mattress to choose for a comfortable sleep for the baby . The nominee we are considering is suitable for those who want to maintain the health of the child’s spine from childhood. The springless platform will serve from the first days of life and up to 10 years. The product has two degrees of rigidity. One of them is denser. Designed to correct existing joint and muscle problems. Based on latex and thermal felt. They have antibacterial properties. With proper operation, insects will not start in the layers, mold will not appear.

The other part of the base is softer, suitable for everyday use. Has a memory effect. Adjusts to the individual characteristics of the body, supports the vertebrae, corrects the functioning of organs. The filler consists of several layers of eco-foam and coconut coir. They are absolutely safe even for the smallest. Do not cause irritation and allergic reactions. Pediatricians, with whom we consulted during the study, confirmed the effectiveness of the design. It keeps the optimal shape for a growing organism. Posture is corrected, sleep is improved.

The platform is suitable for low beds. The thickness of the layer is 9 centimeters. At the same time, the load can withstand up to 90 kilograms. The cover is made of polycotton. Non-slip, breathable and breathable. In order for the products to serve longer, it is recommended to arrange ventilation in the fresh air in dry weather. Must be protected from direct sunlight. When heated, the natural filler may deteriorate, the sheathing fabric will turn yellow.

Sontelle kinni many


  • Suitable from the first days of life of babies;
  • natural ingredients;
  • Has antibacterial properties;
  • Adjusts to the individual characteristics of the body;
  • It has two degrees of hardness.


  • The new product has a pronounced smell.


4. Promtex-orient strutto 3

The mattress on the sofa for sleeping can withstand a load of up to 120 kilograms. Does not take up much space thanks to a specially designed design. The division into sections allows you to roll up the product and fold it into a box for bed linen. At the same time, in the unfolded form, the solid firmware is not felt. The material smooths out the transitions of the folding elements of the seating area. The filler has a medium degree of softness. Supports the spine in an optimal position for health.

The cover is sewn from jacquard. The material can be cleaned well with household products with a damp sponge. Machine washing is prohibited. This may compromise the integrity of the filler. Struttofiber has a memory effect. Takes the correct form after opening. Tightly fastened to the sofa with rubber loops around the perimeter. The product is suitable for transport. Can be used for camping trips. Lays inside the sleeping bag. Waking up in the morning will be more comfortable. Suitable for long-term fishing, if you need to spend the night in the car.

Promtex-orient strutto 3


  • Possesses orthopedic properties;
  • Folds up compactly
  • Relieves back pain
  • Easy-care material;
  • Withstands a lot of weight.


  • The cover surface is slippery.


5. Mr. first mattress

One of the best hard mattresses for sleeping . Independent springs are packed in individual covers, provide an even distribution of body weight. Withstands up to 140 kilograms of weight. The platform is 21 cm high and double-sided. Based on polyurethane foam. It keeps its shape, has a memory effect. Synthetic coconut coir is attached on top. It has a healing effect. Maintains the correct position of the body during rest.

It is recommended to change the side of the base every 3-4 months. This will avoid the formation of voids in the filler. We recommend airing the products once a year in sunny weather. Foam or sprays are suitable for cleaning. Cleaning with water or liquid products is prohibited. If they get into the deep layers, the integrity of the material may be violated.

The cover of the product is made of cotton. Natural fabric allows air to circulate inside the filler. Thanks to this, odors do not stagnate. The mattress must not be rolled up. This can damage the integrity of the springs. It is transported unfolded in a polyethylene case. The platform can be bought in specialized stores or ordered on marketplaces.

Mr. first mattress


  • Possesses orthopedic properties;
  • Bilateral product;
  • Adjusts to individual body parameters;
  • The cover is made of natural material;
  • Easy to find for sale.


  • Special requirements for transportation.


6. Dreamline eco hol tfk

The product with a memory effect can withstand up to 120 kilograms of weight per bed. Possesses average degree of softness. Each spring is packed in a separate case and is located at an equal distance from the others. This ensures optimal distribution of the load on the structure. The spine is maintained in the correct shape. The main points that affect the health of the joints are fixed. Tense muscles are relaxed, small curvatures are leveled, sleep is gradually getting better.

For optimal product safety, it is recommended to turn it over every 3-4 months. This will ensure even wear. There will be no voids. The inner layers do not crumple.

The multilayer filler consists of coconut coir (it has orthopedic properties), thermal felt (it keeps the shape optimal for the spine), holofiber (provides a layer between the springs). The jacquard cover is equipped with a zipper all around. The cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine with household products. A gentle mode is suitable at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees Celsius. In reviews, buyers praise the product for its durability. For many, he serves for 5-7 years.

dreamline eco hol tfk


  • Relieves many problems with the spine;
  • Helps to improve sleep;
  • Removable cover;
  • Hypoallergenic filler;
  • Withstands heavy loads.


  • Sliding coating material.


7. Ormatek optima classic evs 420

At the heart of 420 independent springs. Each of them is placed in an individual case. The design can withstand up to 130 kilograms of weight. The platform is equipped with reinforced points. They keep the joints in an optimal position for health. Distribute the load over the surface. Coconut coir has an orthopedic effect. Holds its shape well and doesn’t wrinkle. The double-sided platform has an average degree of rigidity. Suitable for comfortable daily use. Helps to improve sleep, eliminates small defects in the spine.

The layers form a base 22 centimeters high. Suitable for beds with medium side depths. The cover is sewn from jacquard. Not removed. Wet cleaning using foam and special sprayers is suitable for it. Our surveys among doctors showed that they recommend a rigid platform to many patients as a prevention of back and joint diseases. Suitable for teenagers. Does not cause allergic reactions. Has a neutral odour.

Ormatec optima classic evs 420


  • Withstands heavy weight;
  • Reinforced construction;
  • Filler with memory effect;
  • Both sides of the platform can be used;
  • Has hypoallergenic properties.


  • Sliding cover.


8. Clermont dream base s 23

High product with independent springs. Both sides have orthopedic properties. Medium softness is suitable for daily rest, relaxes the muscles, ensures the optimal position of the spine. The hard layer is designed to correct joint and back problems. Minor curvatures may improve within a few weeks. Withstands up to 140 kilograms of weight.

Used for beds with high sides. Products are bought for adults and teenagers. The latter helps to form the correct posture during the intensive growth of bones and muscles. The springs are arranged according to a special pattern that maintains the back in the right position for health. A natural filler made of coconut and latex is attached on top. They have a memory effect. They take into account the anatomical features of the body and adapt to them. The manufacturer guarantees that the platform will last at least two years.

Dream base Clermont s 23


  • Relieves problems with the spine;
  • Filler with memory effect;
  • Suitable for teenagers;
  • natural ingredients;
  • Hypoallergenic composition.


  • Not always on sale.


9. Sleep virtuoso light plus

The base is made from a single layer of polyurethane foam. It has a memory effect, well retains the optimal shape for the spine. Withstands heavy loads. Our tests have shown that the filler is not deformed when exposed to 120 kilograms per bed. Medium hardness. Suitable for daily leisure. Relaxes muscles and supports joints. After a few weeks, back pain may disappear, sleep is getting better.

Product height 19 cm. Suitable for shallow beds. To extend the life of the base, it is recommended to turn it over every 3-4 months. Thus, wear will occur evenly. The cover is sewn from jacquard. Universal material does not cause irritation and redness in contact with the skin. Contaminants are well removed from it with the help of household products. Lets air through. It is recommended to ventilate the product once a year in the open air. We recommend doing this in dry, sunny weather. After such procedures, you will feel freshness.

Sleep virtuoso light plus


  • Withstands heavy loads;
  • Has anatomical properties;
  • Maintains healthy joints;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Easy to find for sale.


  • Bed linen can slip on the cover.


10 Lonax lx-10

Another nominee for the rating of sleep mattresses with orthopedic properties . Suitable for sofa beds. Smoothes out differences between structural elements. The platform is two-sided. Medium softness ensures a comfortable back position during rest. The 10 cm high filler is made of artificial latex. It is several times cheaper than natural, but in terms of operational properties it is not inferior to it.

Withstands loads up to 120 kilograms. Takes an anatomical shape, has a memory effect. It is recommended to turn the product over at regular intervals. This allows the platform to wear evenly. The users of this product we interviewed said that they managed to get rid of many problems with the spine. The pain has gone, the muscles have stopped spasming, the sleep pattern has improved.

The cover is made of organic cotton in floral colors. The material allows the fibers of the inner layers to breathe. Well ventilated and easy to clean. You can take the product with you when you travel. Rolls up compactly. Rubber bands are provided for fastening. They come in a set. The product does not take up much space in the trunk of the car. Suitable for use in a country house or in the country. Temperature fluctuations will not violate the integrity of the fibers. The platform will last at least a year.

Lonax lx-10


  • Bilateral production;
  • Takes a compact form;
  • Suitable for travel;
  • Cover made of natural fabric;
  • Affordable price.


  • Short service life.


11. Bestway pavillo flocked air bed 67374

Inflatable product with a reinforced design. The shape consists of concave cylinders spaced at equal distances from each other. Ensure proper load distribution over the entire surface. Gives products stability and endurance. The flocked finish makes the surface non-slip. It holds a blanket or bed linen well.

The kit includes a foot pump. It allows you to prepare a platform for rest in a matter of minutes. A rubber patch is also provided, which will help to immediately repair the product in case of a puncture. The universal base will help out if a large company came to visit with an overnight stay, you can take an inflatable platform with you on vacation to a country house, to the country house, on a trip with tents or for swimming in reservoirs. For comfortable use, manufacturers have provided two matching pillows.

It is inflated manually or with the help of electrical or mechanical devices. When deflated, the set does not take up much space. Easily transported in a car trunk or travel bag. Store in a closed box in a well-ventilated area. Avoid prolonged exposure to frost. Temperatures below zero degrees Celsius can adversely affect the integrity of the rubber product. Synthetic fibers become brittle and break down.

Bestway pavillo flocked air bed 67374


  • Withstands up to 215 kilograms of weight;
  • Does not take up much space;
  • Easy to inflate;
  • Pillows included;
  • Suitable for various types of recreation.


  • It is necessary to periodically pump up the platform.


12. Intex classic downy airbed 6475

The mattress is suitable for sleeping on the floor. It is inflated by the manual or automatic pump. Gets the perfect shape in minutes. It is convenient to take with you on a hike or on vacation in a country house. Does not take up much space in the car trunk or travel bag. The product is created using Fiber-Tech technology. The fibers are intertwined according to company standards. This strengthens the frame without weighing it down. The cover is made of flocked fabric. It creates a non-slip layer. Bed linen will hold tightly on the platform.

Our tests have shown that the products can withstand up to 140 kilograms of weight. At the same time, the form does not crease and is not blown away, unevenness on the floor or ground is not felt. The inflatable platform is popular with tourists. Provides a comfortable stay in a tent or outdoors. Do not be afraid of sharp stones and branches. Does not get wet, can be used for recreation on the water.

Intex classic downy airbed 6475


  • Compact dimensions when folded;
  • Universal application;
  • Branded materials;
  • Withstands heavy loads;
  • Affordable price.


  • Actual dimensions may not match those advertised.


What to look for when buying

Sleep can heal. This has been proven by scientists from all over the world. But for this you need a comfortable rest. At this time, all joints and organs must be maintained in the correct position. To decide which mattress is better to choose for sleeping adults and children , before buying, you should pay attention to a number of parameters.

Spring or springless

The main difference is in the composition. Structures have properties that distinguish products from each other. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages.

Spring / Springless

At the heart of the iron structure. Components can be woven together, and can be located independently of each other They are made up of fibers. Natural and synthetic materials can be used
Withstand loads up to 350 kilograms The maximum weight is 200-250 kilograms
Maintain optimal back position Have an orthopedic effect
Cannot be rolled up for shipping Folds up compactly for transport
Can create vibration Hold their shape firmly
Requires care and compliance with the rules of operation No extra care needed
Can make noise when turned over Do not create sound when moving on the platform


One of the main parameters that affects the performance properties and cost of products. Components can be artificial and natural. The effect that the product will have during the rest and the cost of the goods depends on the technology used. And here are the main varieties:

  • Latex. Natural is created from the resin of rubber trees. Gives medium softness to the base. Has a memory effect. Expensive component. Often a synthetic analogue is used in production. It has the same properties, but is less expensive to manufacture. Goods are cheaper;
  • Struttofiber. Produced on the basis of chemical compounds. Gives the platform medium rigidity;
  • Memorix. Hardened foamy consistency. It results in a monolithic structure. Remembers the nuances of the location of the body, corrects the position of the spine;
  • Coir coco. Gives maximum elasticity to the filler. Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Biococo. Combines natural and synthetic fibres. They do not retain air, they are well ventilated.


There are single-layer and multi-layer. Products with an iron support always contain several types of fillers. They complement the products, make metal parts invisible and enhance the orthopedic effect. In springless bases, a mono-composition is often used. Most often it is latex or polyurethane foam. They are of medium softness.

If you need a hard base, coconut fibers are added. All platforms can be used from two sides. It is recommended to turn them over several times a year. So the operation will be more even.


The degree is indicated in the product description. The orthopedists we interviewed advised to consult with specialists when choosing a product. If the layers are too soft, they can exacerbate existing problems with the spine and joints. Elastic layers will keep your back in the correct position. Clamps will go away, in some cases hernias and curvature disappear. Doctors also recommend that both children and adults sleep on the hard side of the platform once a year for 3-4 weeks. This is a good prevention against diseases of the spine.


Before purchasing the product, we recommend that you test the products in the store. As a rule, in showrooms, potential buyers are offered to lie down on the platform and feel all its features. You can touch the cover and see all the nuances of the filler on the model in section. Such squares go to each product name.

It is worth learning about possible side effects. For example, which materials can irritate the skin or provoke allergic reactions in the respiratory system. Once you have collected all the information, it will be easier to make a choice.

Question answer

Which mattress is best for back pain?

Orthopedists who consult us recommend choosing rigid or moderately rigid platforms. These will be able to put the vertebrae and joints in place. Muscles will get used to the correct position, spasms and tension will go away.

What is the best mattress material?

It is worth stopping the choice on hypoallergenic materials. These will not provoke existing diseases or those that are in remission. Doctors recommend paying attention to the combination of artificial and natural fibers. They practically do not emit substances into the atmosphere.

Which mattress is better for the back: hard or soft?

For daily rest, products of medium softness are suitable. These do not have a therapeutic effect, while they will not lead to problems with the spine. To eliminate curvature or hernia, elastic bases with orthopedic properties are used.

What is the difference between an anatomical mattress and an orthopedic one?

The first variety adjusts the platform to the individual characteristics of the body. The material envelops the back, arms, legs and takes the optimal shape. Orthopedic are designed to eliminate problems with the joints and vertebrae. For this, there are built-in reinforced support points.

We recommend

Rest platform manufacturers are constantly improving product models and designs. To understand which company’s mattresses are considered the best, we took part in testing popular products in one of the large specialized stores, went for a consultation with orthopedists, and talked with customers. And here are the nominees included in the list of deserving ones:

  • Ascona balance forma maintains the optimal shape for the spine due to the action of 550 independent springs on it. Facilitates osteochondrosis and is able to get rid of small hernias;
  • Plitex orthosleep is designed for children from 3 to 10 years old. Adapts to the needs of the growing organism. Keeps the correct position of the spine, corrects posture. The density is created by the coir of the coconut. It does not give in to pressure, it serves the entire warranty period;
  • Sontelle kinni many. The springless base is made for kids. From the first days of their life, it maintains the optimal position of the back and internal organs. Helps to open the lungs, ensures the proper development of the joints;
  • Mr.mattress first can withstand up to 140 kilograms of weight. The high platform is suitable for deep beds. Polyurethane foam has a memory effect. Adjusts to the individual characteristics of the body;
  • Ormatec optima classic evs 420 optimally distributes the load over the entire surface of the product. The double-sided platform has different degrees of softness. One is suitable for daily rest, a more rigid one corrects the position of the vertebrae, puts them in place;
  • Sleep Virtuoso Light Plus is used in the treatment of diseases of the skeletal system and internal organs. The reinforced design creates pressure on the right points, as a result of which the muscles relax, sleep improves.

It is important to follow the rules for the operation of products so that they serve the entire warranty period and bring only benefits to their owner. The parameters are written in the instructions. And the tips presented in our study will help you decide on a working product.