Did you know that while we sleep we produce hormones that protect us from diseases, reduce weight, regenerate our cells, strengthen memory and cognitive processes, and preserve the heart by reducing blood pressure? But to get all these restorative benefits, getting a full night of quality sleep is a must .

If your mattress is no longer what it was, or worse, it never was, the time has come to get rid of it.

5 key features of a good mattress

Don’t be fooled by marketing or material names that promise more than they are. A good viscoelastic mattress must meet 5 fundamental points to guarantee your rest:

Medium Compression: The mattress shouldn’t trap you, but it shouldn’t feel like a trampoline either.

Good breathability: to prevent the accumulation of heat and humidity that promotes the proliferation of unwanted life.

 Homogeneous temperature: although the room temperature varies according to the season, your mattress should provide you with a comfortable sensation all year round.

 Speed ​​of recovery: when applying pressure, we must see how the mattress absorbs it and progressively recovers its shape in 1-2 seconds.

Correct position: the mattress has to provide the right firmness so that your body rests in a neutral position.

The 10 best memory foam mattresses of 2023

We have researched and compiled the top ten options based on features, quality, price, and real customer reviews. Find your mattress!

1. Groundhog Mattress

Adaptability and breathability in a quality mattress made in Spain.

Firmness: medium I Height: 25 cm

What we liked most about this mattress is its adaptability thanks to the combination of its 3 layers that join the viscoelastic and two types of foam in its 25 cm thickness.

Let’s look at each of the materials in more detail:

  • The upper layer is 3 cm of exclusive Marmota viscoelastic that gives it a good level of adaptability and a pleasant feeling of welcome.
  • Next we find a 4 cm layer of Airsoft-Tech foam. Its main function is to complement the first layer by providing cushioning and enhancing the characteristics of the visco.
  • Finally, the remaining 18 cm are made of high-resilience (HR) profiled foam that gives the mattress firmness, preventing it from deforming excessively and favoring a good sleeping position. In addition, the channels in the lower part of the mattress stand out, which have been strategically placed to provide adequate support to each area of ​​the body.

In addition, it gives us confidence that the brand has dared to compare it with other mattresses in a study carried out by specialist doctors from the Sleep Units of several hospitals. The results seem to indicate that, in most cases, the quality of sleep of the participants improved when they changed their mattress for a Marmota.

In terms of breathability, we have verified that both the open-pore memory foam and the profiles in the HR foam core facilitate air circulation and prevent the accumulation of heat and humidity, which is important for keeping warm in bed and maintaining good hygiene. of the mattress.

Bed independence

In addition, we liked its quick recovery, which facilitates movements at night, and the correct independence of beds that it presents, so it will be a good option for double beds, even if you have very different weights. Of course, keep in mind that if you weigh more than 95 kg, it could be a bit soft for you and you should look for a firmer mattress.

Another point that we like is the mattress cover, which is soft and can be easily removed to wash it, as this favors better hygiene of the mattress.

Warranty and test

The manufacturer offers a good 10-year warranty and a 100-night home trial period.

If you want to know more about the Marmota mattress and see it live, don’t miss the unboxing video in which we tell you more details:

Marmota mattress: unboxing, test and opinion (updated)
NoteIf you want to read an in-depth analysis with all the characteristics of the product and the opinions of sleep experts and users, you can take a look at the Complete guide to the Marmota mattress.


  • Correct balance between adaptability and breathability
  • Results supported by scientific data
  • 100-night trial and 10-year warranty


  • Not recommended for very robust people
  • If you like high-firm mattresses, it may seem soft to you.

2. Emma mattress

A mattress awarded by the OCU for the fifth consecutive year and highly versatile.

Firmness: medium-high I Height: 25 cm

enma mattress

This mattress, designed and manufactured in Germany, stands out for the quality of its materials and the practicality of its features.

Without being high-end, the Emma mattress has achieved great user ratings for its value for money.

It has the OEKO-TEXⓇ 100 quality certificate, and has been chosen by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) as the best mattress for 5 years , in a test against the 46 best mattress brands marketed in the country.

It has also been chosen as the best in the rankings of the main consumer associations in France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Portugal.

Firmness and adaptability

With a medium-high firmness , a height of 25 cm and an HR foam core, it is ideal for both children and adults or the elderly. They will also notice the difference, thanks to the progressive adaptability of its viscoelastic layer , athletes and people who suffer from some type of muscle problem or spinal discopathy.

In the event that you or your partner move a lot during the night, there is no problem: the mattress has a good independence of beds. In addition, to give it greater stability, it can be placed on an upholstered base.

Can be used on reclining beds up to 45° angle.

It includes a soft removable and washable cover, a very positive point to ensure its hygiene and correct maintenance without having to incur additional costs.


Although it does not have a winter or summer side, they assure that it is not necessary since its upper layer is made of highly breathable Airgocel foam with highly breathable pores .

Did you know that… You can try it for one hundred nights and return it free of charge if you don’t like it .

If you decide to keep it, you will have a ten-year guarantee so that every night is like the first.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, don’t miss the unboxing video :

Emma Original Mattress 2022: unboxing, test and opinion (updated)
NoteIf you want to see our analysis and the results of the tests to which we have subjected this mattress, take a look at the complete review of the Emma mattress.


  • Good adaptability and bed independence
  • Suitable up to 100 kg of weight
  • Unfundable
  • 100 trial nights and 10 years real guarantee


  • Not suitable for articulated beds >45°

Important: the color of the layers may vary depending on the country, but the materials used are the same.

3. Hypnia Comfort Plus

  Ideal for those looking for a soft bed with a great feeling of welcome

Firmness: medium-low I Height: 25 cm

The Comfort Plus is Hypnia’s best-selling mattress and we understand why. Lying down, we have discovered the best reception sensation of all the mattresses we have tried so far. And it is that its 8 cm viscose are the key for you to feel great comfort and adaptability to your body from the first moment.

Its combination of visco with a core of HR foam, in addition to offering good comfort, we have appreciated that it relieves pressure points and, when two people lie down, its independence of beds prevents the transmission of movement between sleepers.

Of course, it is not a recommended option for very robust people (over 90-95 kg) or if you like to sleep in a high-firm bed.

Breathability and maintenance

Although it is not the most breathable mattress we have tested due to the thick layer of memory foam, its cover with micro-perforated fabric promotes air circulation and prevents the accumulation of moisture and heat.

Even so, if you live in a very hot climate, our advice is to use a slatted base as a base to enhance breathability.

In addition, it is not necessary to turn it over, so its maintenance is quite simple. It does not have handles but, if you do not have to change the mattress from room, you will not miss them. It is a pity that it is not removable, so we recommend that you use a cover between the mattress and the bottom sheet to facilitate good hygiene.

Test and guarantee

The manufacturer offers a generous trial period at home: 120 nights, more than enough time for you to get used to the mattress and decide if you have made a good purchase. Of course, we advise you to keep the plastic in which the mattress came during the trial period because if you want to return it, they ask you to pack the mattress.

Its 15-year guarantee also gives us confidence (5 years of full guarantee and a decrease of 10% from there until 15 years), since it is one of the longest on the market and will ensure you a mattress in good condition more beyond its useful life.

If you want to know more about this mattress and see it live, here is the unboxing video where we tell you more details:

Hypnia Comfort Plus mattress: unboxing, test and opinion
NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the Complete Guide to the Hypnia Comfort Plus mattress.


  • Heavy viscoelastic cover (8 cm)
  • The best feeling of welcome we have felt
  • 120-night trial and 15-year warranty


  • Somewhat soft firmness for very robust people
  • does not have handles

4. Pikolin Cala

A safe bet if you do not want to risk.

Firmness: medium-high I Height: 26 cm

When deciding on a long-distance brand like Pikolin, it is difficult for you to go wrong, even if its price is somewhat higher. Its products are backed by extensive experience and manufacturing of national origin.

Specifically, Cala is a high-performance model that has a core of HR foam and a top layer of viscoelastic, offering adaptability, memory effect and progressiveness .

Its stretch fabric cover is highly breathable and provides a very pleasant silky touch.

Its height of 26 cm and its medium-high firmness provide good support even for more robust people. And we especially liked that it is reversible, being able to use a softer face with the visco, or a firmer and fresher one, with the 3D mesh fabric, which we would recommend for hot climates or for summer.

Hygiene is provided by the patented anti-mite, antibacterial and antifungal triple barrier, making it a good option for people with allergies.

Keep in mind, however, that it comes rolled up and vacuum packed inside a box, so you will need at least 48 hours of rest before you can use it.


  • Recognized brand
  • Reversible
  • good breathability
  • Triple hygienic barrier


  • High price
  • Need rest after unpacking

5. Simpur Relax

The luxury you can afford.

Firmness: medium-high I Height: 30 cm

Simpur relax

This model is not one of the cheapest on the list. However, for what it costs, it is well worth it. Everything about it, from the outside to the depths, has been designed with high standards and quality materials in mind.

With a total height of 30 cm, it is made in multilayers with the aim of creating eleven different rest areas that relieve pressure points in the parts that support the body. For this reason, it is ergonomic and anatomical.

This system also achieves total independence of beds : move as you want without disturbing your partner at odd hours.

The upper part also has a visco floating system . What does this give you? A progressive feeling of comfort .

Breathability and hygiene

The core of the mattress, made with Bio Sense  Resilence foam , has an open-pore microcellular structure. This feature helps proper air circulation : the manufacturer ensures ventilation up to 40% better than in other models made of similar materials.

In addition, we especially like the cover, which is safe for you and the environment, since the layers are made with ecological natural fibers that absorb moisture.

The active carbon microparticles in this area regulate sweating and static electricity. But if this were not enough, the sanitized system is responsible for fighting fungi, mites and bacteria.

With this model, aesthetics, comfort, hygiene and durability go hand in hand.


  • Excellent bed independence
  • ergonomic and anatomical
  • Sanitized treatment
  • quality finishes


  • Price above average
  • It has no face of summer and winter

6. I sleep with Zafiro  

A smart choice: proven quality at a competitive price.

Firmness: high I Height: 21 and 24 cm

I sleep with a sapphire

This mattress promises optimal adaptability thanks to the thermosensitive properties of the 2 cm thick viscoelastic with which it is made. Relieves muscle tension and promotes healthy and restorative relaxation.

Its eliocel core is highly resistant, which gives it high firmness . Together with the three-layer padding, the total height is 21 cm, although it is also available in 24 cm. You choose which one you prefer, there are many measures in both options.

Are you worried about the heat? Not with its open pore technology, its 3D side fabric and its outer stretch fabric , both of which are breathable .

Another of its characteristics, typical of high-end models, is the anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-mould, anesthetic and, of course, also anti-allergic treatment.

In addition, it has the certificate of trusted textiles Oeko Tex and Aitex in all its materials. To sleep peacefully.

Its adjusted price is due to the fact that this is a national product, and, therefore, there are no import taxes or transport costs that affect the final figure.

Going with him is a good decision.

NoteIf you want to see an in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions and best prices, you can take a look at the complete guide to the Dormio Zafiro mattress.


  • Competitive price
  • Two heights available: 21 and 24 cm
  • Variety of sizes available
  • With quality certificates


  • It can be a bit hard for skinny people
  • Not the best option for couples of very uneven weight
  • He only has visco on one face

7. Imperial Deluxe Viscographene Mattress

High range at a popular price, an unmissable opportunity.

Firmness: high I Height: 28cm

Viscografeno Imperial

What do we mean? To the special viscographene sheet padding , a material used in premium mattress models . Carbon is used in its manufacture, which provides better thermal conductivity and releases static electricity due to its ionizing effect. This translates into less heat and less discomfort at night.

Viscographen is a state-of-the-art material that allows you to easily reach the REM phase of sleep and improve rest. Plus, it’s 100% antibacterial , so you always feel and smell fresh.

The sanitized treatment completes this function with anti-allergy. As if that were not enough, it is also anatomical and electrobiological. It adapts to your body and its natural electromagnetic charge.

The super-nature core is made up of open cells that allow breathability. Its high firmness and density contributes to the total height of 28 cm of the mattress.

The upper and lower cover and the sides are reinforced and made of quality, heavy-weight fabrics that prevent the accumulation of temperature and humidity .

Durable, strong and healthy. Just what you need.


  • high-end materials
  • good breathability
  • Sanitized  treatment


  • It has no face of summer and winter
  • Limited adaptability
  • May be too firm for slim people

8. Memory Fresh

Viscoelastic that is suitable throughout the year, wherever you live.

Firmness: medium-high I Height: 22cm

memory fresh mattress

If there is a good difference in degrees in your bed between January and August, you will know very well that the temperature between the sheets is not the same every month. It needs to be modulated.

This mattress can be your solution, since it is reversible and has a winter and summer side. You will find it in all sizes.

On the most suitable side for the cold season, the padding is 2 cm viscoelastic. Incorporates high quality stretch fabric , soft touch and white. On the ideal side for the hot season, the padding is 2 cm of viscosoft . The tissue? 3D ultra-breathable and black. Impossible to go wrong!

Let’s talk about the core. It is made of high-density HR foam and is breathable and thermoregulable, perfect for getting rid of the sensation of heat.


The firmness is medium-high , so the vast majority of users will notice comfort, since the level of adaptability is quite good. The total height is around 22 cm.

Microorganisms are not welcome in your bed: the hygienic and anti-allergic treatment will keep them far away.

Another relevant aspect of the mattress: it has the Oeko Tex certification that guarantees that none of its materials are harmful to health.

And the core, in addition to being anti-mould, anti-mite and antibacterial, is certified by Certi Pur.


  • Reversible: summer and winter face
  • Correct independence of beds
  • Competitive price


  • plain composition
  • May suffer small variations in height

9. Imperial Comfort Oslo 21

For users looking for firmness without losing ergonomics.

Firmness: high I Height: 21 and 24 cm

imperial comfort oslo 21

The first thing to know about this viscoelastic mattress is that it has a fairly high firmness . This inevitably implies less adaptability, so if you are looking for a soft mattress, this model is not for you. However, it is a good option for users who require good stability, such as heavy people and those who prefer to sleep on a firm mattress.

The core is made of high-density Sensopur HR foam. Both its upper and lower parts are surrounded by padded fiber of TST fabric.

The two useful rest sides contain Air-Fresh stretch fabric treated with aloe vera. This means that the mattress can be placed on both sides. Its outer layers benefit the perspiration of your skin at the same time that, according to the manufacturer, they take care of it while you sleep.

It is also hypoallergenic and highly resistant to warping. You will have it with you for many years and also without making a large outlay when buying it.

In both its 21 and 24 cm high versions, the ergonomics of the body are well respected, unless you are a slim person, especially if you sleep on your side. In this case, it will not be able to properly relieve pressure on the heaviest areas of the body (hips and shoulders).


  • Two helpful faces
  • Two heights to choose from: 21 and 24 cm
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable


  • Limited adaptability
  • It can be uncomfortable in double beds if you move a lot while sleeping
  • Not recommended for skinny side sleepers

10. Slumber Elixir

A simple mattress, but with all the functions you need.

Firmness: medium I Height: 24 cm

doze elixir

Although it does not have the luxury finishes that other brands integrate, do not be fooled: this model does not lack anything to meet your expectations.

To begin with, it has a summer side (3D fresh gel fabric ) and a winter side (3 cm viscosoft and TNT fabric). You can turn it as the seasons progress, in this way you will control the temperature.

The height is 24 cm. Inside, the open -pore eliocel core ensures breathability , as do the sides made of 3D fabric. Remember that freshness is essential to achieve optimal rest.

Dirt and allergens will not be a problem to think about, since this mattress is treated against bacteria.

The soft and fluffy sensation will be the same on both beds, but not shared: you will not notice what happens on the other side of the bed.

All in all, this is a good alternative at an average price.


  • Reversible: summer and winter face
  • Good bed independence
  • Breadth of measures


  • basic finishes

recommended models

It is possible that among so many options you have lost a bit. If you want us to make it even easier for you, these are the two models that we recommend depending on whether you are looking for the best value for money or a good option for tight budgets.

The best quality-price viscoelastic mattress: Simpur Relax 

Simpur relax

When we value a mattress solely for its price, we do so knowing that, obviously, its qualities cannot be compared to those of higher-end models.

However, when the evaluation is based on a value for money, we look for mattresses with characteristics typical of more expensive models.

In this case, Simpur Relax is the mattress with which you can get the most performance for your money. It is not the cheapest, but it is the most complete for the price it costs .

The exterior presents quality finishes and attractive aesthetics.

The interior is not far behind, since its structure is divided into eleven rest areas and is made up of an HR core and open-pore microcellular material. This allows it to maintain a good level of adaptability as well as a medium-high firmness.

It is ergonomic and anatomical, as well as highly breathable thanks to the ecological natural fibers, the active carbon, the perspiration channels on the sides and the aforementioned open cell.

A complete sanitized treatment could not be missing , which is responsible for cleaning and disinfection so that you can rest safely.

Although it does not have summer and winter faces, it does have a good separation of beds . Essential fact that you must take into account if you want to sleep straight.

The king of value for money is, without a doubt, Simpur Relax.

The best cheap viscoelastic mattress: Memory Fresh 

memory fresh mattress

Considering its features and extras, Memory Fresh has an unbeatable price.

We love this model because it offers a more than correct product . Although its functions are basic and it cannot be compared with a high-end mattress, it does not lack anything.

We value very positively that it is reversible with two sides to use at different times of the year. They are differentiated by fabrics and colors; the summer one is ultra-breathable and black.

Despite being an economical model, it has an appropriate bed independence . Unless you sleep alone, this is a vital point to achieve a deep sleep free of interruptions.

The high – density core is very resistant , breathable and temperature – regulating . In addition, it is hygienically treated against bacteria, mites and mold.

None of the materials it contains is harmful or detrimental to health, as certified by Oeko Tex and Certi Pur . You can breathe easy.

The manufacturer warns us that its height may vary. This is due to the softness of the padding and happens in most viscoelastic mattress models.

Adaptable, healthy and durable. Anything else? Yes, three-year warranty for intensive use.

In short: perfect if you want a good mattress without investing too much.

Comparison of the best memory foam mattresses

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at the features of each mattress, let’s compare the key features of the best mattresses on the market.

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.


Marmot Mattress
See price Media 25 cm HR foam
emma mattress
See price High average 25 cm HR foam
Marckonfort supreme
Comfort Plus
See price Middle-low 25 cm HR foam
Pikolin cove
Pikolin Cala
See price High average 26 cm HR foam
Simpur relax
Simpur Relax
See price High average 30 cm Bio Sense HR, open cell
I sleep with a sapphire
I sleep with Zafiro
See price high 21 y 24 cm Eliocel
Viscografeno Imperial
Imperial Deluxe
See price high 28 cm Open cell super nature
memory fresh mattress
Memory Fresh
See price High average 22 cm Sensopur HR
imperial comfort oslo 21
Imperial Confort
See price high 21 y 24 cm Sensopur HR
doze elixir
Snooze Elixir
See price Media 24 cm Eliocel

Live test of the best memory foam mattresses of the year

And if you still have any doubts about which mattress to choose, we have prepared this video for you in which we reveal the 5 best memory foam models along with their most outstanding features and our opinion after trying them.

Guide to buy your viscoelastic mattress

Have you already taken a look at a rest store? You may have noticed that the number of brands, models, materials and particularities is considerable.

And it is that the rest sector in Spain is made up of 145 different manufacturers. With so much variety, it is not always easy to interpret what is best for you, right?

For this reason, we have prepared this guide to help you distinguish what you need among all the options available on the market.

First step: choose the material

mattress paddingThe feeling of comfort depends on many factors, starting with the sleeper’s tastes and preferences, continuing with the state of the mattress and continuing with the choice of materials.

It is on the latter that we are going to focus.

You buy it where you buy it, the first of your decisions goes through the choice of material. The technology has developed in an amazing way and today mattresses are made with many types of components, even with different combinations of them.

Do you know them all?

mattress materials

A few decades have passed since the times of the wool mattresses used by our grandparents. Now bed bugs and other insects have it more complicated.

In terms of rest, much progress has been made with regard to hygiene and, of course, also in comfort.

spring mattresses

spring mattressThey have been the most used for a long time. Traditionally they were combined with polyurethane foam, or even without anything and hence the classic discomfort of sticking the springs.

There are three types: bionic, cylindrical or bagged and compact housing.

The biconical and compact case have the disadvantage that the springs wear out faster than other materials.

When this happens, the consequences on the body and also the annoying sounds begin to be noticed. Another of the most common problems in traditional spring mattresses is the lack of independence of the beds.

Pocket spring mattresses, the most modern and with the best performance, are a good option for hot people, since their core allows greater air circulation than more compact materials such as foam or latex.

Many have a viscoelastic layer, latex or other padding that provides greater comfort and adaptability.

latex mattresses

latex mattressThey are made up of a block of this material sheathed in a padded fabric. There are synthetic, mixed and natural latex mattresses, with two types, the Dunlop and the Talalay.

The higher the percentage of natural latex used in the manufacture of the mattress, the heavier it will be and the more likely it is to accumulate moisture. Therefore, it is important to air this kind of mattress daily.

Synthetic latex is cheaper than natural latex because it comes from oil, it is somewhat warmer since it perspires worse and it is also not as adaptable and ergonomic as natural latex.

Organic material mattresses

They are not very common in Western culture, but they are in Eastern culture. Mattresses filled with feathers and vegetable compounds such as cattail and rice are common in Korea, Japan, China and some countries in Southeast Asia.

Being organic fibers, they have several drawbacks. The main ones are the lack of sanitation and null resilience and flexoelasticity.

Air and water mattresses

They are hardly used. They offer no support and their durability is questionable at best.

They are not recommended even for a single night.

The benefits of memory foam mattress

topper viscoelásticoViscoelastic is a material that is defined in one word: adaptability .

Due to the force of gravity, the body feels pressure on those areas on which it rests. This occurs both while standing and lying down.

Pressure points depend on the position we adopt when sleeping. They can be different in each person and also vary in the same sleeper throughout the hours of rest.

Viscoelastic significantly relieves the pain caused by the push and compression that is created between the rest surface and the human body.

Another of its great advantages is the absorption of movement , although the degree of bed independence depends on the models and the thickness of the viscous layer.

Thermosensitivity:  means that it uses body and environmental heat to further improve its adaptation qualities.

Innovation, health and rest. This defines the main benefits that you can obtain when deciding on a mattress made with this material.

What should you take into account when choosing a viscoelastic mattress?

In order to keep the selection process simple and not make it more complicated than necessary, we have reduced all the requirements to four key points .

1. The height

pyramid mattressesSurely you know precisely what width and length you need, but what about the thickness? Which is the most suitable?

The total height of the mattress depends on the height of the core, its density and the other foams that make up the inner layers.

All in all, firmness has nothing to do with height , as many people mistakenly believe. A thin mattress can be firm and a thick one soft.

Current legislation indicates that, in order to sell a product as a mattress, it must measure a minimum of 17 cm . Below this measure we would be talking about a mattress or topper.

As a reference, viscoelastic mattresses usually measure between 21 and 27 cm.

The lower the height, the more important the choice of the base is, because, logically, it will be felt more. It is advisable to have a good solid base when the mattress is less than 25 cm high. Above this figure, the base influences less.

The thinnest mattresses are also the most advisable for adjustable beds, since they are the ones that can curve more easily.

2. Breathability

perspireViscoelastic is an athermic and thermosensitive material, but our body releases heat that can accumulate and be annoying. To avoid this, mattresses made with this material incorporate innovative systems that promote breathability.

In each model you will find a different technique, but the use of the open cell is very common , which, although it reduces some firmness, allows the air to circulate and the heat simply evaporates.

It is also very common to use breathable fabrics such as 3D with an interlocking structure or elastic and comfortable stretch fabric , natural fibers that wick away moisture, ventilation channels on the sides or even the use of carbon microparticles, which improves the Thermal conductivity.

3. Adaptability

It is that quality that allows the mattress to adapt to your body, and not the other way around . It is one of the basic characteristics of memory foam. For this reason, mattresses made with this material are very adaptable.

However, there are always degrees. A high-firm mattress has a higher density and a more limited level of adaptability.

A mattress of low firmness can go to the other extreme and cause an undesirable boxing effect. The body must be able to move freely at night.

Although it depends on tastes and your specific needs, a medium firmness is usually ideal and recommended. With it, you get the correct position of the spine and the relief of all pressure points. All without feeling trapped.

Are you worried that the adaptability will end up deforming the mattress?

Fear not, viscoelastic has a wonderful resilience capacity , so as soon as you get up, everything will naturally fall back into place.

4. The quality of the finishes

mattress closeIf a mattress is good on the inside, its external appearance will be impeccable. Look at the seams, finials, and welts on the perimeter zipper. They must be perfectly finished, without threads or unsewn edges.

Touching you will be able to intuit the quality of the textiles used in the elaboration of the superficial layer. The perception must be of softness, the patterns and reliefs must keep a clear order and the structure must be homogeneous.

On the other hand, never put the bottom sheet directly on the mattress. It would be an invitation for mites and bacteria to nest just below, as they would have everything they need to survive: warmth, moisture and dead skin to feed on. You sure don’t want them around.

Few mattresses include a removable and washable cover . Make sure you buy a good cover, one that can be easily removed and put on and that has a bactericidal treatment. Wash it once a month with hot water and disinfectant soap.

In this way you will protect the finishes of your new mattress and its appearance will remain intact for much longer.

Practical tips for a good choice

Mattresses bought online (and also in many physical stores) come vacuum-rolled. This is an excellent alternative that retains all its properties and is also very easy to transport.

You just have to unpack them and let them rest between 12 and 24 hours for them to recover all their properties. The environment will thank you too!

 Due to the softness of their padding, viscoelastic mattresses can suffer small variations in height . Don’t worry. It is totally normal and does not affect its performance.

 Not everyone has a winter and summer face . If you live in an area with a large temperature difference between seasons, this may be a good option for you. Although it is not essential if you make sure that the mattress has a good aeration system.

 What are you going to do with your old mattress? Some sellers remove it at the same time that they give you the new one and donate it to charities.

Consider this option before getting rid of yours. In any case, always respect the days and times for collecting used items that your municipality has established.

Keys to choose your mattress

If you still have doubts about which is the best mattress for you, we have prepared this video in which we tell you the keys so that you can make the right decision.

5 keys to choose your mattress and buy without making a mistake

A dream come true every night

Now you know everything you have to pay attention to before going through the checkout. But there is one last indication that is perhaps the most relevant of all.

It’s impossible to make a good buying decision by putting a mattress to the test in a minute that will sleep with you for a decade.

Therefore, it does not matter if you go to an online or physical store. The bottom line is that the vendor and/or manufacturer allow you to try it at home for a sufficient number of nights.

Alone, as a couple, with pajamas, with your sheets and duvet. A long Sunday nap or a short night in the middle of the week. Read a book in it, stretch, laze around. Set the alarm five more minutes.

Be that as it may, but try it well.

Start now to pay more attention to the quality of your rest.

Whether awake or asleep, dream big!