The health of the spine, the usefulness of rest, general well-being and mood directly depend on which mattress you sleep on. Orthopedic models that support the correct position of the body are especially in demand. There are a lot of developers of such designs, as well as the proposed goods. To make your search easier, our team has compiled a top rating. It includes the best orthopedic mattresses of 2023.

Rating of orthopedic mattresses

When choosing nominees, the reviews of specialists – orthopedists, traumatologists, surgeons and other doctors were paramount. With their help, we selected reliable manufacturers, identified the main characteristics for comparing models:

  • Design features;
  • Filler, how many layers and what;
  • Degree of hardness;
  • Mattress cover, its composition, properties;
  • Dimensions, number of beds;
  • Permissible weight load;
  • One or two sides are working;
  • Terms of use, care;
  • Warranty period of operation;
  • Price, manufacturer’s reliability.

The result of a comprehensive study was the top list of 8 nominees. For your convenience, we have divided it into 2 categories – springless, spring models. Monitoring reviews from different sources helped to highlight the features, weaknesses and strengths of each product.

The best spring orthopedic mattresses 2023

A pronounced orthopedic effect is given by designs with spring blocks. They have increased thickness, softer base. The higher the density of the springs, the more durable the service of the product, the stronger the shape. Which orthopedic spring mattress is better , the nominees from will tell you .

Mooniq Matrix 2.0

Hybrid double-sided mattress made of hypoallergenic natural materials, designed for a weight of 150 kg. Rectangular spring block with anatomical combined filler has a memory effect.

The spring block consists of 7 zones. On one side, a natural latex layer with perforation of gel foam is used, on the other side, viscoelastic polyurethane foam is used. For a massage effect, coconut, carbon foam with absorbent properties, as well as ribbed latex impregnated with aloe are used.

Under the weight of the user’s body, the mattress takes on the shape of the body without exerting pressure. This is important for people with circulatory disorders and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Perforation gives a feeling of coolness, which is important in hot summer.

On top there is a cover made of quilted jersey with excellent thermoregulation parameters, it is easily cleaned from dirt. Impregnation “antistress” prevents static stress. Block height – 25 cm.

Mooniq Matrix 2.0


  • Hypoallergenic premium jersey;
  • High spring block;
  • memory effect;
  • Increased breathability;
  • Antistatic layer;
  • 2 sides of different hardness.


  • Price;
  • Heavy.

The latex side is much stiffer than the memory side. The product is delivered in a twisted state, after unpacking it quickly takes the desired shape in a few minutes.

Askona Balance Form

Popular model on spring blocks with anatomical effect with the effect of “hourglass”. Suitable for people with back problems. Weight per seat – up to 110 kg.

The filler material is combined. Between the layers of elastic foam and cotton felt is a block of springs in the form of a cylinder of increased strength. Loading it, each spring acts separately, regardless of the neighboring ones. Instantly reacting to the weight, the load is always in balance.

There are 256 springs per square meter. The degree of rigidity on both sides is medium. Non-removable cover made of cotton jacquard quilted on padding polyester. It adds softness.

The shape of the mattress is rectangular. The size range is varied: width from 60 to 200 cm, length from 120 to 205 cm. The height is always standard – 17 cm. Suitable for use in the country, in a private house with seasonal residence, since the spring blocks are short-lived.Askona Balance Form


  • Anatomical effect;
  • Combined filler;
  • Load balance;
  • Breathable, soft cover;
  • Large size range;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Difficulty of transportation;
  • Over time, a creak appears.


It is forbidden to bend such a structure. You can not jump, walk on it, as some blocks under pressure may become unusable. For long-term preservation of cleanliness, it is recommended to use mattress toppers.

Mr.Mattress Victor L

Orthopedic mattress for daily use with medium firmness on both sides. A feature of the model is the presence of a crystal lattice that improves the human immune system.

The basis is spring blocks, consisting of 7 parts, each corresponding to body zones. They are placed in separate covers, which prevents the springs from rubbing and creaking. Coconut coir filler with excellent bactericidal properties. The cover is made of cotton with a clasp, which allows you to see the contents inside.

16 natural crystals in the structure (including silver, gold) contribute to the healing of the body, help to relax, and are useful for skin tone. The spring density of the SSP 580 7 zone block is 290 units per square meter, 580 per place.

The shape is rectangular with a wide size grid: from 70 to 200 cm in width and from 160 to 220 cm in length. Height 21 cm. Cannot be transported rolled up. Weight load per seat 100 kg.

Mr.Mattress Victor L


  • Biocrystals for healing;
  • 7 isolated zones of the block;
  • Noiselessness;
  • Uniform load distribution;
  • Size range;
  • Zipper on the cover.


  • Short warranty period;
  • No flip handle.


It is recommended to buy a mattress pad with an antibacterial coating to protect the goods from dust, moisture, dirt . It is necessary to vacuum it 3-4 times a year, turn it 180 degrees for a more uniform operational effect.

Ormatek Balance 3-zone 160×200

A product from a well-known manufacturer “Ormatek” with independent zones, combined stiffness. On the one hand – medium, on the other – low. Supplied in a vacuum packed roll.

Combined filler. A layer of Ormafoam foam is responsible for elasticity, followed by spunbond, which prevents rapid wear. The next layer is a block of 3 zones of springs that balance the load. Thermal felt is an insulator that guarantees strength. Coconut coir is responsible for the orthopedic effect, ventilation.

The mattress topper is made of synthetic jacquard with high breathability, durability, and is quilted with a honeycomb print. The allowable difference in weight between two people is up to 20 kg.

Rectangular shape with dimensions 160x200x20 cm. Maximum weight for 1 sleeper 100 kg. As for the density of the springs – 512 pieces per bed. You can store rolled up no longer than 90 days from the date of issue.Ormatek Balance 3-zone 160×200


  • Different rigidity of the sides;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Silent;
  • Roll supply;
  • Breathable materials;
  • Soft hypoallergenic cover.


  • Price;
  • Weightiness.


Additional softness is given by a cover with a hypoallergenic high-volume filler. When the roll is deployed, the structure quickly takes the desired shape, it needs to be given a day to stabilize.

Relax Giotto

Orthopedic mattress for a sick spine with the highest possible rigidity on both sides, independent spring blocks with better balance. Permissible load for 1 berth – 120 kg.

As part of a voluminous cover made of jacquard, which is impregnated with antibacterial substances. Between 2 layers of coconut and thermally bonded fiber is a “Pocket Spring” block. Independent springs allow the body to take the correct position, which creates an orthopedic effect.

Among all the nominees, this one has the highest rate of rigidity. This is facilitated by the increased thickness of each layer, as well as a protective box around the entire perimeter of polyurethane foam.

The size grid is large: from 80 to 200 cm in width, from 186 to 200 cm in length. Standard height – 20 cm. It is distinguished by natural breathability, hygiene. Does not have an unpleasant foreign smell.

Relax Giotto


  • Good endurance;
  • Antibacterial impregnation;
  • Orthopedic properties;
  • breathability;
  • No foreign smell;
  • Hygiene.


  • Price;
  • Inconvenient transportation.


Operating conditions, storage – lack of humidity in the room. Or you will need to purchase an additional waterproof protective case. To avoid deformation, the model must match the size of the base.

The best springless orthopedic mattresses

The most popular solution today is to buy an orthopedic springless mattress . These designs are flexible, but thinner and more rigid. If you like to sleep on a hard surface, taking care of your posture and spinal health, our team has compiled the top of such models.

Blue Sleep Сoncept 140×200

Mattress in a roll from the British brand “Blue Sleep” with a springless base, a combined filler for a comfortable sleep. Weight limit – up to 120 kg. It has orthopedic properties due to the absence of a metal frame.

Material – hypoallergenic polyurethane foam “Blue Foam”, which is 90% air. Its advantage is lightness and elasticity. Thanks to these qualities, excellent support is created for the musculoskeletal system. The product is convenient for transportation, it is rolled up.

The “SleepCool Memory Foam” layer is designed to distribute pressure pointwise. Due to this, blood flow is not disturbed, skin tone increases. Low pressure zones and air channels create an optimal microclimate.

The shape is rectangular, dimensions 140x200x21 cm. There is a transverse zoning. The tight cover is removable with a zipper, it is made of a combination of jacquard with jersey. There is no winter-summer effect.Blue Sleep Сoncept 140×200


  • Orthopedic effect;
  • Durable, resilient filler;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • Rolling up;
  • Removable cover.


  • Weight limit;
  • Price.


The mattress will last a long time if it is properly maintained, a guarantee from the manufacturer for 10 years. It can only be ventilated and stored in a horizontal position. Sometimes cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is allowed, but you can’t knock it out.

Dreamline Orto 15

Standard springless mattress from the Dreamline brand with a high degree of rigidity and natural filler. Load per seat – up to 90 kg. The basis is not deformed at long operation.

Material – coconut coir (5 layers), impregnated with latex. It provides good breathability, which is important for people with allergies. Fibers block the appearance of mold, various insects, fungi. The product is placed in an “Elite” case made of cotton jacquard quilted on anti-allergic holkon.

The manufacturer indicates that the anatomy parameter is low. This means that the design may not seem soft enough. The double-sided base allows you to regularly turn the product to maintain shape.

The shape is classic rectangular. The buyer is presented with a wide choice of dimensional grid: width from 55 to 200 cm, length from 100 to 230 cm. Height is always 16 cm. High orthopedicity is an important condition for the prevention of back diseases.

Dreamline Orto 15


  • Maximum orthopedic effect;
  • High rigidity;
  • breathability;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Springless block.


  • Price;
  • Weight limit.


Since there are no springs inside the base, it is impossible to increase the weight load. To remove small contaminants, it is enough to treat them with soapy water. From dust just use a vacuum cleaner. The service life depends only on the condition of the cover.

Virtuoz Symphony

Springless latex mattress from the Virtuoz brand for people suffering from back pain, as well as for the prevention of posture in childhood / adolescence. The load capacity must not exceed 120 kg.

The filler is a monolithic block of perforated latex through which air passes freely. The presence of microcells gives the maximum orthopedic effect. The risk of infection with microbes, fungi, dust mites is minimal. So, the product is hygienic, environmentally friendly.

The “Lux” cover in double cotton jacquard protects the filling from dirt. It features a non-slip surface, wear-resistant fabric, and deep stitching for added comfort.

Bilateral anatomical base has different rigidity – 1, 2 degree. Sizes from 60 to 200 cm wide, from 140 to 200 cm long. Height 14 cm. Subject to the rules of operation, the service life is up to 20 years.Virtuoz Symphony


  • Maximum orthopedic effect;
  • Ventilation;
  • Antibacterial properties;
  • Different rigidity of the sides;
  • Non-slip comfort cover;
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Price;
  • No winter-summer effect.


When buying a new product, it must be turned over for the first 4 months every 2-3 weeks from one side to the other to evenly distribute the layers. Then this procedure is repeated only in seasons 4 times a year.

Dimax Twist Roll Soft Side

Sufficiently soft springless mattress from the Dimax brand with a reliable, durable base. This is a roll model that simplifies the issue of storage and transportation. The load on the bed is up to 120 kg.

Combined filler. Between two layers of natural, elastic latex, 3 cm thick, there is 14 cm of Balance foam. Durable and durable, the material does not accumulate dust, breathable, antibacterial. When deformed, it has the ability to quickly restore its primary shape.

The rigidity of both sides is moderately low. At the top there is a non-removable cover made of jersey, quilted on holkon. Its outer layer is adorned with a diamond print for a rich look.

The range of dimensional grid allows you to choose a model for both adults and children. Width parameters are from 60 to 245 cm, lengths are from 90 to 230 cm. Height is always 21 cm. Warranty period from the manufacturer is 3 years.Dimax Twist Roll Soft Side


  • Roll model;
  • Combined filler;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Wide dimensional grid;
  • Diamond pattern;
  • Price.


  • The mattress topper is not removable;
  • Lack of handles for turning.


To protect the product from dust, dirt, moisture and stains, it is advisable to buy an additional mattress cover. The design is anatomical due to the latex flooring, alternating with foam.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress

It is quite realistic to determine in absentia which orthopedic mattress is better. To do this, you need to pay attention to several criteria – is it spring or springless, what kind of filler is inside, the degree of rigidity and dimensions, the composition and characteristics of the mattress pad, the permissible load capacity.

Spring or springless

If orthopedic properties and service life are a priority for you, consider spring products. The springless base is stiffer, thinner, lighter. If you hesitate, he suggests going through the pros and cons of such varieties.

The advantages of the spring model:

  • expensive natural raw materials;
  • body support of the proper level;
  • comfortable height;
  • diversity and adaptability;
  • high weight endurance;
  • support for the patient’s spine.

There are much fewer cons, this is the exactingness of careful handling, the risks of tearing the cover, the ban on jumping, walking on the structure.

Advantages of the springless model:

  • versatility, comfort;
  • lack of vibrations;
  • noiselessness;
  • roll delivery;
  • strength of the structure;
  • breathability;
  • sustainability.

There are also few minuses, except perhaps the price, which is higher than that of the previous type of product, the absence of a zonal effect, which is why the weight restrictions are more stringent.


Comfort, useful properties, service life depend on the internal content. Manufacturers most often use latex, polyurethane foam, coconut fibers (coir), spunbond, holcon, synthetic winterizer, felt. It can also be artificial materials.


The level of rigidity determines not only the comfort of sleep, but also the support of the spine, resistance to crushing and wear. The parameter directly depends on the combination of fillers and can be moderate, medium, high.


Before buying a model, check whether its dimensions correspond to the parameters of the bed niche. For your convenience, the length of the product should be 20 cm more than the height, and the width of one sleeping area should be at least 80 cm (respectively, a double model from 160 cm and more). Your body composition plays an important role.


The main function of a mattress topper is to protect it from dirt. Therefore, ideally, it should be removable. If this option is not available, you will have to buy an additional option. Models with elastic bands or zippers are the most convenient to use. Pay attention to the fabric, it is good if it is pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic.

load capacity

Each manufacturer indicates how many kg of body weight the mattress can withstand. The minimum threshold for one bed is 80 kg, the maximum is 180 kg. This parameter must be indicated on the label.

Which orthopedic mattress is better

If you are still looking for a comfortable orthopedic mattress, then we will offer 9 win-win ideas. Which of these is better is a purely individual decision, depending on your needs and preferences. Summing up, we suggest once again going through several categories:

  • Mooniq Matrix 2.0 is a double-sided mattress with independent springs, different firmness, high-quality mattress pad made of hypoallergenic knitwear.
  • Dreamline Orto 15 – high orthopedic effect of a springless design, rigid, hypoallergenic, bilateral basis;
  • Dimax Twist Roll Soft Side – a roll model with a combined filler, antibacterial properties and a high load level;
  • Ascona Balance Form – effect “Hourglass”, double-sided block of springs of increased strength;
  • Mr.Mattress Victor L – a lattice of 16 natural crystals in the structure, a healing effect, different hardness of the sides;
  • Relax Giotto – daily support for the spine, elimination of pain, the best indicator of stiffness.

Remember that the quality of rest, well-being, and working capacity directly depend on the correctness of your choice. Therefore, give preference to proven brands, follow the recommendations regarding the evaluation criteria. And before choosing a good mattress for sleeping, read the reviews, look at the reviews.