The pillow is a fundamental element in your rest since its function is to support the head while you sleep, aligning it with the neck and spine. In this way, the muscles relax and breathing becomes fluid, helping to deepen rest.

Not sure which one is best for you? Here we tell you everything to help you in your choice.

5 keys to choose your pillow

When it comes to renewing your pillow, remember the main thing: it must be the one that suits you and not the other way around.

To choose correctly, in addition to your personal preferences, you should look at:

Material: look especially at the reception (the feeling when you lie down). Both viscoelastic and latex have a memory effect, relieve pressure points in the neck and are quite adaptable if you often change posture. Hollow fiber is cheaper and fresher but also less durable.

Firmness: the pillow must be cozy and at the same time help your back to be in line. Depending on your sleeping position, choose a firmer position if you sleep on your back or side, and a softer position if you sleep on your stomach. Stockings adapt to various forms of rest.

Shape: the classic rectangular one fits all sleeping positions, although you should be careful with the height if you sleep on your stomach, as it should be thinner. If you suffer from cervical, choose one with a wave or butterfly shape, especially for these ailments.

Breathability: a poorly breathable pillow makes you sweat at night, accumulating moisture and bacteria and reducing the quality of rest. If you choose memory foam, make sure it has a ventilation system. If it’s latex, it better be natural.

Cover: it is the hardest part of the pillow, so it is important that it be removable and washable at 30ºC, because it is what will allow you to maintain good hygiene. And it is better that its composition is made of natural and hypoallergenic materials, which are friendlier.

Top 10 Pillows of 2023

We have searched among the pillows on the market to find the best ones, looking at their materials and characteristics, the price and our own experience and those of other users.

1. Almohada Kipli

Eco-friendly natural latex pillow suitable for allergy sufferers

Almohada kipli

Material: 100% natural latex

Firmness: average

Rest position: face up, side

The Kipli pillow is made with the same 100% natural latex that the Italian factory uses in its high-end mattresses.

So look at this brand if you are looking for something healthier and more ecological than viscoelastic.

And it is that in its composition there is nothing more than natural latex grown without additional chemical treatments.

When we lay down we have noticed it fluffy -typical of latex- and with good adaptability but without the head sinking excessively. This is important if you sleep on your side to prevent your face from getting “trapped” in the pillow and having trouble breathing.

Due to its medium firmness and thickness, it can be a good option if you usually sleep on your back or side.

In addition, it is firmer on the edges and softer in the center, to give extra support to the cervicals.

As latex tends to be a warm material, the core of the pillow is perforated for better ventilation.

Extra advantage of latex

The main advantage of latex is its hypoallergenic properties, since mites do not nest in it. If you’re allergic to dust, moisture, or chemicals, keep that in mind.

Organic cotton cover

As Kipli is a brand that is committed to ecology and natural processes, it completes the combo with a cover that is 100% organic cotton on the outside. The inner face is recycled microfiber and provides an extra fluffy point.

Thus, the part in contact with the skin is completely natural and the microfiber allows the interior to breathe. In addition, it allows the cover to be washable at 30°C. We do it by hand to take better care of it and extend its duration.

maintenance tips

Natural latex is a delicate material, and its care is simple but important: try to ventilate your pillow as much as possible. Especially in summer to expel your sweat and, in humid climates, throughout the year.

If you do it this way, latex can last up to 10 years or more in perfect condition.

Of course, the shipment of the Kipli pillow can take up to 10-15 days… but once you lay your head down, the wait will be worth it.


  • 100% natural latex
  • Extra cervical support
  • hypoallergenic
  • Organic cotton cover


  • shipping a bit slow
  • delicate material

2.Emma pillow

Firmness and adjustable height to personalize the rest

Emma memory foam pillow

Material: viscoelastic and Airgocell foam

Firmness: medium-high

Rest position: any

Emma mattresses take over the best-selling positions in Europe every year. And his pillow was not going to be less, since it has been chosen Product of the Year 2021.

If you only see it with the cover, it will seem like a pillow like others on the market. The surprise is inside, made up of three layers of foam that can be put on and taken off separately.

In this way you can adjust the height, depending on your sleeping position: one layer to rest face down, two up and three on the side.

3 layers: adjustable firmness

In addition, the use of layers also allows you to modify the hardness of the pillow:

  • On the upper part: blue viscoelastic foam with firm support.
  • In the middle zone: Airgocell® foam, a material that softens the welcome and helps the other two layers breathe.
  • At the bottom: visco again, in this case low firmness to relieve pressure.

All together they add 12 cm in height, which give a lot of play. Still, if you’re broad-shouldered and a side sleeper, you probably need a few more inches.

If you are concerned about your health, the layer material is guaranteed by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, so even children can use it. In addition, the Emma pillow is vegan and hypoallergenic.

Other highlights

The lining is a breathable, elastic and cool cover and can be machine washed at 40°C. The microfiber has seemed pleasant to the touch, but we miss that they have not incorporated any natural fiber.

It should also be noted that they have four lengths to choose from, for various bed sizes: 70, 75, 80 and 90 cm, all with a width of 40 cm.

As with the mattresses, the Emma pillows have no shipping and return costs, and they have a 100-night trial, something that their competitors do not have. This way you make sure that it is the right pillow for you.


  • Adapts to all positions
  • adjustable height
  • good breathability
  • 100 night trial


  • synthetic sling
  • May be low for some people

3. Groundhog Premium

 An extra cool pillow for hot people

alm. marmot

Material: perforated viscoelastic

Firmness: medium-high

Rest position: face up, side

We have already tested several Marmota products, both mattresses and the standard pillow. In general, our impression of the brand is good and that is why the Premium pillow is high on our list, as it gives a new twist to the concept of body thermoregulation.

They do it by combining two elements:

  • Perforated viscoelastic to facilitate ventilation during the night.
  • A pillowcase that incorporates Gel-Pi® technology that regulates body temperature through the head. (according to the manufacturer, it is capable of influencing the entire body).

We have tried it in summer and confirm that it is a cool pillow; and Marmota assures that when it is cold the cover is responsible for retaining body heat.

It has a height of 12 cm and its firmness is medium to high, suitable for sleeping on your back or side. But if you like super soft pillows or usually sleep on your stomach, this model is not for you.

In addition, memory foam is doubly green: because of the color you see when you remove the cover and because it is made with natural materials, in this case soy.

Removable and highly breathable

The cover is pleasant to the touch (although too synthetic for our liking) and very breathable thanks to the 3D mesh side stripe.

It is removable and washable at 60°C, enough to kill mites that may accumulate, something very important because the core is not treated against them.

It is square in shape and fits well on standard pillowcases. That’s a plus. However, at the moment the brand only has the Premium Marmota pillow in one size: 70×35 cm.


  • With thermoregulation
  • Funda washable at 60°C
  • Good reception
  • High breathability


  • single size
  • Without sanitizing treatment

4. Liroon Pillow

  Ideal for people who sleep on their side or are hot

liroon cervical pillow

Material: viscocarbono

Firmness: average

Rest position: face up, side

What we liked most about the Liroon pillow is its good feeling of welcome. And it is that she holds her head well without sinking excessively, especially when lying on her side.

This is thanks to its soft ergonomic design, with an opening and hollow in the center to adapt to the shape of the neck and shoulders without forcing the posture too much. This allows the spine to be well aligned and releases tension from the cervicals, which will favor your rest.

We find it interesting that it is compatible with all sleeping positions because, normally, the design of this type of pillow further limits its use. With the Liroon, you can change positions as many times as you like and still feel comfortable. Even so, it is especially suitable for people who sleep on their side or who have back pain.

Is composed of:

  • A hypoallergenic visco-carbon core, in charge of its adaptability, and very perforated, favoring breathability.
  • An outer cover made of very breathable and soft Strech fabric, although I confess that its synthetic touch has not seemed the most pleasant to me (I prefer covers made of organic materials, such as cotton). Of course, its 3D mesh that surrounds the entire side gives it extra ventilation that other models do not have and that is useful, especially if you are hot. Another point in its favor is that it is removable.

It has a single size and is individual (57x38x12 cm), so if there are two of you sleeping in the bed, you will need a pair.

Keep in mind that when unpacked, it gives off a rather strong smell. So I advise you to leave it between 12-24 hours in a well-ventilated place before using it.

One detail that we like is that it includes a bag with a handle to store or transport it, protecting it so that it is always in good condition. And also that it has a guarantee of 3 years.


  • good adaptability
  • Ergonomic design
  • very breathable
  • Unfundable


  • synthetic sling
  • Strong smell when unpacking

5. Original combat

For those looking for a high-quality cervical pillow

Tempur Pillow_original

Material: viscoelastic

Firmness: another

Rest position: face up, side

Did you know that NASA invented viscoelastic to absorb the pressure that astronauts suffer against the backrest at the time of takeoff? Well, Tempur was the first to use this material in its pillows, and it is the only brand recognized by the space agency.

Thus, the strong point of this cervical pillow is the quality and long-lasting material. In fact, Tempur offers an extended 3-year warranty.

It’s important, because a Tempur pillow costs a bit more than the average pillow, so it’s a long-term investment.

We must admit that when testing it we have been surprised by its excellent adaptability. With extra support and maximum recovery, it picks up and accompanies the shape of your head so that the posture is as natural as possible.

Ergonomics and premium design

Tempur pillow detail_originalThe design is also thoroughly studied and has a wave shape that is more pronounced at the top, and very smooth at the bottom.

It is designed to support the head in the correct position and relieve cervical pain, whether you sleep on your side or on your back. Face down can be uncomfortable.

Precisely to adapt to the shape of your body, the Tempur cervical pillow is available in various heights.

This ergonomics makes it recommended for people with neck or back pain, although if you have a specific injury it is best to consult your doctor first.

Something that could be improved: it does not have any treatment, neither to make it fresher nor to sanitize it. The good thing is that the cover is removable and washable at 60°C.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • High quality memory foam
  • Height to choose


  • Price above average
  • Not suitable for sleeping on your stomach

6. Aznar Butterfly

A pillow with different heights to accommodate the neck

Butterfly Pillow Aznar_original

Material: viscoelastic

Firmness: average

Rest position: any

The Aznar visco cervical pillow is different from the rest on this list: it has a curious butterfly shape, which is far from the traditional wave shape of cervical pillows.

In each of the 4 holes that are formed there are unequal heights so that you can change it during the night, or simply choose the one that best suits you.

The goal is to relieve neck and back pain, and also reduce snoring. For this you have to do a little to it, especially if you move a lot and usually roll on the pillow, because it can fall short.

In return, it favors the lateral posture and facilitates the placement of an arm over the head. We have also found that it adapts well to sleeping on your back, leaving your head well embedded in the center.

Upside down it works well because it leaves your mouth and nose free, but it may be more difficult for you to find the position between its undulations.

When lying down it feels comfortable, of a medium hardness that adapts to most people.

The memory foam of the core is enveloping and quickly recovers its shape. In addition, it has perforations to make it cooler, causing air to circulate inside and moisture to be carried away.

Peculiarities of the cover

The cover is made of polyester and can be machine washed at a maximum of 60°C. It is a bit difficult to remove and put on, and this is one of the biggest drawbacks that we can put on the Aznar pillow.

It is difficult to find covers to match your sheets, since it is not a common shape and the brand does not sell them.

In our case we have used a thin cushion cover with a stretch effect. The adaptation is not perfect, but it is easier to remove for washing and allows us to have our Aznar butterfly pillow in good condition.


  • for all postures
  • Different heights to choose
  • promotes breathing
  • For cervical and back pain


  • Small if you move a lot
  • Finding covers is hard

7. Senso G Relax Premium

To combat tinnitus or listen to music without headphones

Pillow Senso G S75

Material: viscoelastic

Firmness: another

Breathability: high

The Senso G relax Premium pillow is designed in a C-shape, slightly sunken in the center, which gently fits the shoulders and supports the neck very well, especially for side sleepers.

Its material is high-density memory foam and open cell, so it prevents the accumulation of heat and moisture from the body. However, the texture changes depending on how hot or cold it is, so keep that in mind if you live in an area with extreme climates.

To protect the visco it has a beige inner cover and a blue outer cover. Both from Drytex, which is 100% polyester and therefore washable. It has the advantage of being breathable, but it is not a natural material.

The surprising thing about this Senso G relax Premium pillow is that it has been designed to combat tinnitus through sound therapy. The sounds retrain the brain, so that it focuses on them and not on the annoying beeps.

To achieve this, it wears a bone conduction speaker that transforms the electrical signal into vibration and thus travels through the bones until it reaches the auditory nerve. It can be heard even by a deaf person who doesn’t have that nerve damaged.

It has a plug at the end to connect to your smartphone or tablet. From there you can activate an app designed to combat tinnitus, or simply put on music or a podcast.

But it does not include Bluetooth, so you need a 3.5mm jack or get an adapter.

We do not suffer from tinnitus, and we have not been able to verify its effectiveness in this aspect, but we have verified that it is heard very well and that the person sleeping next to it does not hear anything.

With this system, the use of headphones in bed is eliminated, reducing the hearing loss they generate over time.

This pillow has a standard size of 55 x 35 cm, but it is possible to consult other special measures if you prefer it larger.

In summary, the Senso G Relax Premium does not advance much in the materials of the pillow itself, but rather it is committed to differentiating itself in relieving tinnitus. If you don’t suffer from them, but you like to listen to sounds to relax before going to sleep, it also has its advantages.


  • fight tinnitus
  • You can listen to music without headphones
  • C-shape around the shoulders


  • Sensitive to temperature changes
  • Sin Bluetooth

8. Viscoelastic Seasons

A pack of 2 pillows with good value for money

Best pillows_Season pack 2 pillows_original

Material: viscoelastic

Firmness: average

Breathability: medium-low

If you sleep with another person, the ideal is that each one has their pillow to their liking. But sometimes you are looking for a standard solution that is generally suitable. In that sense, this Seasons model made in Spain is a great option.

On the one hand, it has the classic rectangular shape, very adaptable thanks to the 50 kg/m3 memory foam, which gives it a good density and high durability. Its firmness is medium and it is not very high either, with its 13 cm.

In parallel, its good adaptability is also valid if you are looking for a cervical pillow without the typical wave shape. We have verified that it gently picks up the neck and releases pressure from the cervicals.

However, the core is not perforated, which makes it a little warmer than others that are better ventilated.

Seasons pillow cover_originalAs a plus, note that the price of these pillows is excellent. They sell them in a pack of two units, which costs you little more than what you would pay for one. An excellent option for your double bed.

And if the standard 70×35 cm doesn’t suit you, they have other sizes. Even to cover the entire width of your bed with a single pillow.

It is a model highly valued by users, which arrives at your home with a previous ozone treatment.

In addition, the visco is foamed in such a way that mites, bacteria and fungi cannot nest. This makes it hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it suitable for allergy sufferers, and reduces the appearance of bad odors due to use.

To extend this function, it has a double cover. A fixed interior and a removable and washable exterior, in stretch fabric with aloe vera-based treatment that provides softness.

We do not recommend it if you need a specific design or material or if you tend to have back pain, but we do, for example, for a guest bed or a second home.

Seasons pillows are a good solution if you don’t want to invest a lot in your pillows but you don’t want to give up comfort either.


  • Good value for money
  • Pack of 2 pillows
  • variety of sizes
  • anti-allergy treatment
  • double cover


  • standard materials
  • poor ventilation

9. Home Heavenly viscoelástica

Pillow to promote sleep by discharging static electricity

Almohada Home Heavenly_original

Material: memory foam with active carbon

Firmness: medium-high

Breathability: high

The Home Heavenly is a pillow made in Spain, which is committed to viscoelastic with active carbon.

You already know the benefits of visco: total adaptability and a good reception when you lie down. In this case, on a rectangular-shaped pillow. You bring your shoulders closer to the edge and when you support your head, your neck adopts a natural position.

The different point that this pillow provides is the incorporation of active carbon into the foam. The properties of this material are two:

  • It prevents bacteria and mites from proliferating in the core, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers and does not require you to be so keen to ventilate it.
  • It reduces the static electricity that we accumulate daily which, according to the manufacturer, gives an anti-stress effect that allows us to sleep better.

Home heavenaly detalle material_originalWe don’t know if it’s due to the latter or to the comfort of the visco, but you certainly rest very well with it. Although the manufacturer says that it is of medium firmness, we found it to be a little harder than others rated as such.

It is quite tall: 15 cm, which makes it suitable if you sleep on your side, even if you are broad-shouldered. It will also do you good if you sleep on your back, but it is not a good option if your posture is on your stomach, because you will strain your neck and cervicals.

As for breathability, it has a perforated core, which, added to its mesh-shaped microfiber cover, achieves correct ventilation. Its weak point is the zipper: if you take it out a lot to wash, it ends up failing.

One of the great advantages of the Home Heavenly is its very competitive price in relation to its features. In addition, they sell it in various sizes, both individual and for beds of 135 and 150 cm.


  • Good price
  • Good reception
  • Various measures
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers


  • The zipper on the cover is fragile.
  • Not suitable for sleeping on your stomach

10. Pikolin Home

The evolution of the traditional pillow, with a lower firmness and double pack

Best pillows_Pikolin pack 2 pillows_original

Material: hollow fiber

firmness: low

Breathability: high

Viscoelastic or latex seem to be the fashionable materials, but we do not want to forget the classic fiber pillows. The Pikolin Home takes over from the usual pillow and gives it a twist, improving the materials.

What are the advantages of fiber?

  • Breathability, which is maximum here. For this reason Pikolin has not added extra ventilation, because it is not necessary.
  • Minimal maintenance. Being so breathable, it doesn’t need too much care.
  • You can wash it in the washing machine. Add a few tennis balls to the drum to prevent it from caking and let it dry flat (not hung) in the sun. You can even put it in the dryer on low heat.
  • Fiber pillows are usually more affordable than other materials. In this case they are sold in a pack that includes two pillows, in different sizes.

In return, the disadvantage is that the fiber has a shorter duration than viscoelastic or latex. It doesn’t hold its shape for long, so you’ll have to change it more often.

If you want to extend its useful life, shake it often to fluff up the fiber and prevent it from making “balls” inside.

If we look at this Pikolin Home in detail, we see that the composition of the pillow is made of a hollow siliconized fiber called Ecolofil, very light and with a feathery feel.

Pikolin Home pillow detail_originalResting your head sinks you much like you would on a down pillow, so it’s comfortable if you move around a lot at night and aren’t looking for a stiff pillow.

This pillow is quite high (18 cm). But in return its firmness is medium, pulling low. As soon as you put your head down, it sinks a lot and is more flattened.

This model is good for sleeping on your side and on your back. If it’s so soft, why don’t we recommend it for lying on your stomach? Because being so high the head is very buried, making it difficult to breathe.

On the one hand, the fiber has the OEKO-TEX® certificate that guarantees that no harmful substances have been used in its manufacture. On the other, the cover is 100% cotton and has an anti-mite treatment to minimize allergies.

It is a pity that the cover is not removable, so if you want to maintain hygiene, you must wash the entire pillow, as we have explained.

If you don’t want to complicate yourself and are looking for an economical and effective pillow, the Pikolin Home has a brand guarantee and gives a more than correct result


  • Good price
  • machine washable
  • very breathable
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not suitable for sleeping on your stomach
  • It deforms quickly
  • It is not removable

recommended models

Our tests tell us that these are the most outstanding pillows:

The best memory foam pillow: Emma

Emma memory foam pillow

The Emma viscoelastic pillow convinces us that it is customizable in height and firmness, playing with the three layers that it includes.

The most interesting thing is that they are removable layers, so that you can adapt the shape to your liking and achieve maximum comfort.

Thus, you have a very firm layer of viscoelastic and a softer one, and in the middle a foam with a gel-like touch to ventilate the other two and soften the welcome.

Generally speaking, use one layer to rest on your stomach, two on your stomach, and all three on your side.

In addition, it is a hypoallergenic and very breathable pillow.

Best Neck Pillow: Original Tempur

Tempur Pillow_original

It is the cervical pillow of a lifetime, with that wavy shape designed to support the neck comfortably.

We stay with the Tempur because, as its name says, it is the original. Here you will find high quality viscoelastic, good reception and memory effect that recovers its shape instantly.

And above all, guaranteed ergonomics, with a shape that follows the natural posture of your body to keep your spine aligned and avoid neck or back pain that bothers you while you rest. For that you can choose between several heights.

Of course, we do not recommend it if you usually sleep face down; just up and to the side.

The best anti-mite pillow: Kipli

Almohada kipli

There are many reasons to prefer natural materials: high sensitivity, ecological awareness or simple taste. In any of these cases, the 100% natural latex Kipli pillow is a great choice.

But if your thing goes beyond taste and we enter the field of health, you should look for something that has anti-mite treatment to avoid allergic reactions.

The Kipli pillow responds very well in this regard, because it does not contain synthetic foam or chemical treatments of any kind and is very durable. And above all because mites do not nest in natural latex, and this is 100%.

The quality of the material is noticeable (a little) in the price but, with minimal care, this Kipli will last you many years and you will pay off your investment.

Best Cheap Pillow: Home Heavenly

Almohada Home Heavenly_original

Who says you have to spend a lot to have a good pillow? With a great value for money, the Home Heavenly allows you not to give up memory foam under your head, and includes an interesting addition with active carbon.

The viscoelastic provides a good reception and adapts to the shape of your neck so that you keep your back aligned all night.

On the other hand, carbon prevents the accumulation of mites and bacteria, and reduces static electricity so you can rest better.

With a medium to firm firmness, the Home Heavenly is very comfortable for side or back sleeping. However, it is quite tall so we don’t recommend it if you tend to sleep on your stomach.

Comparative table of the best pillows

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.


Almohada kipli
See price natural latex Rectangular Media Media Organic cotton and recycled microfiber
See price Viscoelastic and Airgocell foam Rectangular High average high Polyester
alm. marmot
See price viscoelastic Rectangular High average high Polyester
liroon pillow
Be there
See price Viscocarbon waves Media high stretch fabric
Tempur Pillow_original
See price Tempur® Viscoelastic waves high Media Polyester
Butterfly Pillow Aznar_original
See price viscoelastic Mariposa Media high Polyester
Pillow Senso G S75
See price viscoelastic waves high Media Polyester
Best pillows_Season pack 2 pillows_original
See price viscoelastic Rectangular Media Middle-low Polyester with Aloe Vera
Almohada Home Heavenly_original
See price Viscoelastic with active carbon Rectangular High average high Microfiber
Best pillows_Pikolin pack 2 pillows_original
Pikolin Home
See price Siliconised hollow fiber Ecolofil Rectangular Short high Cotton

Live test of the best pillows of the year

And if you still have doubts about which is the best pillow for you, we have prepared this video in which we reveal the best value for money pillows along with their most outstanding features and our opinion after trying them.

Guide to buying the right pillow

Choosing a good pillow seems simple but it is not. Partly because there is so much on offer on the market that you can get lost among so many features if you don’t know how to “translate” them to your needs.

To help you, we have created this guide with all the information you need before deciding on your model.

First thing: what is your sleeping position?

The position in which you rest best is essential when choosing a pillow, because it must accompany the correct curvature of the neck to prevent you from getting up with discomfort in the morning. And, from a postural point of view, sleeping on your back is not the same as sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

If you move around a lot at night, take a cue from how you wake up. It’s the position your body tends to unconsciously, and probably the one you spend the most time in at night.

If you sleep on your back

In this case, the chosen pillow should support your head, the natural curve of the neck and shoulders. Choose a pillow of intermediate firmness and thickness, better visco or fiber. The recommended height is a maximum of 13 cm.

It also helps to place a small cushion under the back of your knees to reduce stress on your spine and support the natural curve in your lower back.

If you sleep face down

It is the least recommended position for resting, since the spine does not maintain its natural position… but there are people who do not conceive of another position.

In this case, choose a flat and low pillow (10 cm maximum), which is also soft. Better if it is fiber.

If your thing is to sleep on your side

The neck should be straight with respect to the back, so the pillow should pick up the shoulders and head naturally.

In general, it is best if it is firm and medium or thick, although this depends on your physiognomy. If you are corpulent, look for something taller, about 15 cm.

In general, cervical pillows will work well for you, with some type of undulation to fit the curve of the neck. And as for materials, go for something latex or visco, which molds but maintains firmness.

Do you want more help? Raise your knees slightly together towards your chest and place a firm pillow between them so that your legs do not misalign your spine.

If you change your position a lot during the night

If you do not stop even during the night, our recommendation is that you choose a flexible pillow that adapts to your movements, and then recovers its shape.

Neither too high nor too low; neither too firm nor too soft. Your pillow has to be all terrain. Try to try several options, but perhaps latex is the best answer in this situation.

What to value in your new pillow

The material

Although there are more and more materials that include technological extras, these are broadly the most common:

  • Hollow fiber. It is a very deformable and breathable polyester padding. It gives rise to soft pillows, which do not last long because the interior accumulates in small balls. They are washable and cheap. Recommended for children and small people or as a pillow for a guest bed or with little use.
  • Foam. The material used is polyurethane. Depending on the density, we distinguish between “normal” foam (cheaper and not recommended for pillows) and HR (High Resilience) foam. The latter is the one we recommend: with different firmness to choose from, they are long-lasting and usually have a very pleasant memory effect.
  • Viscoelastic. Although it is a type of foam, it deserves its own section because it is one of the most common materials in quality pillows. They have a memory effect, relieve pressure points in the neck and therefore prevent cervical pain.
  • Latex. There is natural, synthetic or a mixture of both. It is very adaptable, cool, on the firm side and goes very well if you change your posture a lot. If it is natural, it does not allow mites to nest in the pillow, which makes it a good option for allergy sufferers. In addition, there are two types, the Dunlop and the Talalay.
  • Although they are becoming less common, you may find a feather pillow. They are very soft and adaptable, so they sink a lot when you put your head down. You have to hollow them out so that they return to their natural shape and can be put in the washing machine, with some care. They are not the best choice if you are allergic or have a robust constitution. And, if you are concerned about animal welfare, you should stay away from natural feathers.


While some brands will indicate the firmness (high, medium, low), others choose to indicate the density of their core.

Although there are nuances, in general terms, both are related: for example, if the density is low, the firmness is also low, so we are dealing with a soft pillow.

Density is measured in kg/m3. A higher number makes the pillow hard, and a lower number makes the pillow soft.

For example, in the case of memory foam, a value of 50 kg/m3 corresponds to medium firmness. In a foam, as a general rule, High Resilience is considered from 25 kg/m3.

And which is better, hard or soft?

Here taste has a lot to say, since it is usually related to what gives you the most rest.

If that criterion does not work for you because you have new back or neck pain, your sleep patterns have changed or your current job affects the way you sleep, we leave you with some general recommendations:

  • Very firm pillows are usually good for back or side sleepers, and you are heavy. They will give you very good support, as long as you do not have bone or muscle problems.
  • Soft pillows are only recommended if you sleep on your stomach, weigh little, or have low bone density, such as the elderly.
  • And those of medium firmness are usually the most adaptable to different ways of sleeping and weights. If you have doubts, start with these.

The height

It is closely related to your resting posture, physiognomy and height. In any case, when you lie down, the pillow should keep your spine straight.

  • A 10 cm pillow is considered low and should be your choice if you sleep on your stomach, or on your side if you are small and skinny.
  • The 13 cm pillows are of medium height and are good if you sleep on your back, or if you sleep on your side and are not robust.
  • And the high ones are pillows from 15 cm and up. If you’re broad-shouldered, tall, or stocky, you probably need one of these.


An important point to pay attention to, especially if you tend to sweat at night or live in a hot climate.

Excessive heat can wake you up and not let you sleep well, something to avoid if possible.

In addition, a pillow that does not breathe well tends to accumulate moisture and mites.

If you choose a memory foam pillow, keep in mind that it is a material that gives off heat. And the denser it is, the less it transpires.

If this point is important to you, check to see if the model includes a breathability-enhancing system, which are the brand’s innovations to keep it fresh. It is achieved by perforating the foam or adding refreshing components.

Any mid-range and high-end viscoelastic pillow usually includes some type of treatment in this regard.

Or directly choose an athermal material, such as hollow fiber.

The cover

It is the essential complement to the filling of the pillow, since it protects the core. And it is also what is most in contact with your skin and what allows you to maintain proper hygiene.

The points you should pay attention to are that it is breathable, removable and washable (better at 60°C).

Then, whether it is synthetic or natural, it is up to you. The former breathe well and are usually elastic, which prevents fabric wrinkles.

The natural ones are very fresh, easy to maintain and provide different properties. The most used are those of aloe vera or bamboo, although it is normal to put another one on the original cover to protect it (and match the sheets) and its benefits are lost a little.

And beware, pillows with different shapes, such as butterfly ones, sometimes do not have a replacement cover. Before buying it, find out if the brand sells them separately or if there is another house with a similar model that has them.

Before buying

You already know what you have to pay attention to, now we give you a few tricks to keep in mind before going through the checkout.

Do you sleep in a couple?

If the answer is yes, better forget about that pillow that goes from side to side of the bed. It is very aesthetic, but it is difficult to accommodate both.

Each one needs their differentiated pillow to rest like a king, move it and adapt it to their characteristics.

If you see that they are very uneven, you can always put a matching cover on them with the duvet and make them look like cushions during the day. It usually happens when one of the two uses a cervical pillow.

the length of your pillow

As a general recommendation, try that the length of the pillow does not exceed that of the mattress. It is unsightly and if it protrudes a lot you are forcing the pillow and its shape will last less.

Therefore, if it is for a double bed with two pillows, you have half the width of the mattress as a stop (you can also negotiate with your partner and scratch a few extra centimeters).

For a single bed, the same: maximum the width of the mattress. Even a little shorter is not bad.

beware of allergies

The pillow is a source of mites, bacteria and fungi. If you have an allergy, feather or fiber padding is not recommended, unless the latter has been treated and is washable.

A viscoelastic pillow is usually treated to prevent unwanted proliferation, but if you want to be sure, stay with a natural latex one, which repels these microorganisms.

If you are allergic to latex, do not worry, because if it is 100% natural, it does not give off particles that you can breathe; in any case, the cover prevents it from coming into contact with your skin.

How to take care of your favorite pillow

washing machineIn general, with minimal care you can extend its useful life.

As a recommendation, ventilate your pillow weekly, taking advantage of the fact that you ventilate the mattress. Simply removing the sheet and leaving a window open is enough. If it’s sunny, the better, unless it’s made of latex.

Also wash the protective cover often. As for the pillow core, the way to wash it varies depending on the material. In this article we tell you how you should wash each type of pillow.

And turn it over whenever you can, to prevent it from taking shape. This step cannot be done on the cervical ones, which are used only on one side, but it can be done on the rest.

How long does a pillow last?

It is common to know the recommended duration for a mattress, which is around 10 years. On the other hand, the average time to renew the pillow is every 2 years, even earlier if it is made of hollow fiber and you wash it often in the washing machine.

In general, with use, time and washing, the pillow loses its original shape and the firmness it had when you bought it. So if you no longer remember how long it has been in your bed, the time has come to renew it.

The exception is high-end viscoelastic pillows and natural latex pillows, which continue to maintain their properties for a few more years.

When to sleep without a pillow?

Children under 2 years of age should sleep without a pillow, as their small size easily balances the spine and helps them strengthen the muscles of the neck and spine.

The exceptions to the use of the pillow in an adult can be the following:

  • If you sleep face down
  • If you are petite
  • If you don’t move much at night

By fulfilling one (or more) of the three cases, you will probably rest well without it, although you can use it if it is comfortable for you.

One last piece of advice: the pillow is not everything

If you really want to sleep well, the pillow is important, but it is of little use if the mattress is not in good condition. Check how well you rest on it, and if the answer is “not very well”, consider changing it.

In case you need help, here is our list of the 10 best quality-price mattresses.

Other elements that influence are the fabrics of the bedding, the temperature of the room -which must be kept cool- and that the degree of darkness is to your liking.

Do you already have a clearer idea of ​​what your ideal pillow is? We hope we have helped you with our selection of the 10 best pillows on the market and the buying guide. You just have to decide and sweet dreams!