Lights go out, dreams come on. We slip between the soft sheets and, when we close our eyes, nothing matters anymore beyond enjoying a well-deserved rest . This is how it should be every night. However, it is not always and not for everyone that easy.

Many factors can play a role, but nothing you do will work if you don’t start by paying attention to the quality of your mattress. Have you felt that it is losing its properties for a long time?

Changing it once and for all will add to your nights of well-being , which is why we have prepared this guide with all the essential information to choose a good pocket spring mattress.

6 Key Features of a Good Pocket Spring Mattress

Before choosing a pocket spring mattress, you must take into account these 6 fundamental points to find the most suitable one for you and guarantee your rest:

Number of springs: for a pocket spring mattress to have a correct response and provide a good rest, the number of springs should not be less than 220 m2.

Quality of the springs: the higher the level of carbon concentration in the steel and the number of turns of the wire, the better the spring will be.

Small diameter springs: take into account the diameter of the springs, since the smaller, the better they will adapt to your body. Micro pocket springs are the best option as they are the most precise.

Type of bagging fabric: the most used fabric is TNT (non-woven fabric), although high-end mattresses usually have cotton fabric bagging.

Connection between springs: the better the relationship between the springs and the type of bagging used, the greater the comfort and independence of beds. If not, they could lose their independence or break the pockets by friction, exposing the spring.

The top layer: The quality of the material that accompanies the pocket spring block determines the mattress’s performance and comfort. Normally, it is usually viscoelastic, although other materials such as latex or high-resistance foam can be added.

Top 10 Pocket Spring Mattresses of 2023

Although the web is full of data and reviews, to determine if a mattress is as good as its advertising claims, you have to use it . As simple as effective. That being the case, we tested a good number of spring models currently on sale for you in order to compile this ranking with the ten best on the market.

Of course, we have taken into account all the technical characteristics, but also something that no product description tells you: the feeling you get after taking a nap on each of them.

1. Emma Hybrid Premium

  Ideal for double beds and people up to 130 kg
Emma hybrid premium

Materials: Airgocell foam, memory foam, pocket springs and HRX foam

Firmness: average

Breathability: high

We started by spoiling , but we can’t help it: it’s one of the most comfortable pocket spring mattresses we’ve tried so far.

It combines memory foam and other types of foam with a core of pocket springs, offering:

  • Good ability to adapt to the shape of the body and changes in posture, providing adequate support without areas of excess pressure , which we have verified in our pressure relief test.
  • Pleasant welcoming sensation with a slight rebound effect when lying down. And a medium firmness that, honestly, we did not expect and we were surprised. We found it soft, but without being too soft, so we would recommend it for both robust and thin people and also for those who usually change their position when sleeping.
  • High breathability thanks to the air circulation allowed by the open pore composition of the upper layer of Airgocell together with the pocket springs. We have had the opportunity to try it in the summer and we have found it to be a fairly cool mattress.

Important: the color of the layers may vary depending on the country, but the materials used are the same.

bed independence

One of the benefits of pocket springs is that they tend to have good bed independence , something that we have verified in this mattress after putting it through our motion transmission test and, most importantly, after having slept a few nights on it.

Our conclusion is that the Hybrid Premium is a good option for double beds and especially suitable for couples in which one of the two tends to move a lot when sleeping, as in our case.

Test at home and guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 100-night trial at home .

If during this time you are not convinced, you can return it, they will refund the amount of the mattress and they will take care of the collection of the mattress (a detail that few brands offer).

And after this trial period, the 10-year warranty begins to count.

In addition, the Hybrid Premium has won the Consumer’s Choice award. It seems that we are not the only ones who have liked this mattress.

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Emma Hybrid Premium mattress: unboxing, test and opinion


  • Good adaptability and breathability
  • Good independence of beds for double beds
  • Suitable for robust people


  • Not suitable for articulated bed bases
  • Loses ergonomics in people over 130 kg

NoteDo you want more information about product features, opinions and best prices? Check out the Complete Guide to the Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress.

2. Morpheus

A core of microsprings for greater adaptability to the body and better ventilation.

Morfeo_original mattress

Materials: micro pocket springs + memory foam + foam

Firmness: medium- high

Breathability: high

What has caught our attention the most about the Morfeo mattress is its core of microsprings (greater number of springs with a smaller diameter) thanks to which the mattress offers very good adaptability, providing the correct support to each area of ​​the body, distributing the weight better. of the body and offering good ergonomics for your back.

The sensation when trying it is firm on the high side , being suitable for a fairly wide range of weights (up to 95-100 kg) and suitable for sleeping in any position , even face down, something that we especially liked since they are not comfortable mattresses are so common in this position.

In addition, it presents an excellent independence of beds that makes it a good option for double beds because it hardly transmits movement.

Of course, quality is paid. So if you are looking for something cheap for a sporadic use bed, this is not the mattress you are looking for.


Its 26 cm thickness combine:

  • Upper layer of 4 cm viscoelastic of 80 kg/m3 . It is the highest density we have tested so far and effectively lowers the hardness of the spring core.
  • Pocketed micro -spring core : offers good ergonomics and high breathability.
  • Bottom layer of support foam .

The stretch synthetic fabric cover is soft to the touch and padded. In addition, it separates completely into two parts -which makes it easy to remove to wash and put back on- and it has the Sanitized treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

You can use it on any base except articulated bed bases.

Test at home and guarantee

You can try it for 100 nights at home and if you are not convinced, the manufacturer takes care of the return costs (something rare). In addition, it has a 10 year guarantee.


  • Optimum adaptability
  • Excellent bed independence
  • Suitable for a wide range of weight
  • Long trial and warranty period


  • You have to wait 3 days before using it
  • High price

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Morfeo mattress: unboxing, test and opinion
NoteDo you want more information about product features, opinions and best prices? Check out the complete Morpheus Mattress Guide.

3.Hypnia Hybrid 

  Two firmnesses to choose according to your tastes when sleeping
hybrid hypnia mattress

Materials: hypersoft foam + viscographene + high density foam + mini pocket springs

Firmness: medium and medium-high (to choose)

Breathability: high

Thanks to its two faces with different degrees of firmness, the Hypnia Hybrid is a good option for a wide range of sleepers , whether you are slim or robust, even if you weigh more than 100 kg.

And it is that what we liked most about its design is that it is reversible , offering greater versatility of use:

  • White face: more supportive and fresh , thanks to the thinner foam layers and closer to the core of pocketed micro springs. The sensation when lying down is of medium-high firmness , but without becoming a hard mattress. It relieves pressure points well and is comfortable, especially if you usually sleep on your back or stomach. We recommend it if you move a lot while sleeping, if you have a high weight, you like firm mattresses or if you are hot.
  • Gray face: it is softer and warmer , with a medium firmness that gives it comfort without being too soft. The viscographene layer facilitates thermoregulation. For all these reasons, it can be a good option for you if you sleep on your side, move a little at night or to use in winter.

In addition, the core of mini pocket springs , combined with the foams and viscographene, provides good bed independence , so if two people sleep in the bed, you will not notice the movements of the other during the night.

Material quality

This is another aspect that has caught our attention.

And it is that its support foam has a density of 45 kg/m3 , clearly higher than what we usually find in mattresses (between 25 and 30 kg/m3). This translates into greater durability, avoiding deformations over time.

Another notable point is the high density of springs it contains: the higher the number, the greater adaptability to the body. And here we also give the mattress an outstanding.

However, the viscographene layer is thin , so don’t expect a great feeling of welcome when lying down.

Maintenance and cleaning

Although its cover is made of synthetic fabric , it feels soft to the touch and padded when you lie down. In the summer face it is quite breathable.

In addition, it has an antibacterial treatment , which we find very useful because it is not removable, helping to maintain hygiene.

In short, we found it to be a nice mattress with good finishes , especially at the seams. 

Although, being a reversible mattress, we miss some handles on the sides that would make it easier to turn it over to change faces.

Warranty and test at home

It has an extensive 120-night home trial period . And both shipping and returns are free in Spain.

And the 15-year warranty is one of the longest we’ve seen, although watch out for the small print: it’s only complete for the first 5 years, then it decreases by 10% annually.


  • Firmness to choose
  • Suitable for slim and robust people
  • Good adaptability but no entrapment
  • hypoallergenic materials
  • With thermoregulation


  • It is not removable
  • Basic sin

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Hypnia Hybrid Mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

4. Marmota Hybrid

  Three materials for those looking for global ergonomics with complete independence of beds.
Marmota Hybdrid

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam + Airsoft-Tech foam

Firmness: average

Breathability: high

This mattress is a perfect example of innovation in product development. The Marmota Hybrid stands out on several levels, starting with the good note that its combination of viscoelastic, foam and pocket springs gets. With this model it is not necessary to choose between one or the other, since it has the benefits of the three materials gathered .

The layers are distributed in the following order:

  • The 3 cm of viscoelastic is responsible for providing the body with adequate adaptability and relieving pressure points.
  • The 4 cm Airsoft-Tech foam is the ideal solution to enhance the effects of superior viscoelastic. It serves as a shock absorber and is highly resilient .
  • The pocket springs are the “heart” of the mattress. We have been able to verify that thanks to them good ergonomics is obtained without compromising the independence of beds.
  • The bottom foam and perimeter reinforcement  protect the springs and reinforce the mattress so that it will last in good condition for many years.


In addition, the padded cover adds extra comfort to the set. Although it cannot be fully machine washed (it can be dry-cleaned), the upper white part -which is the one that tends to get dirty the most- can be washed in the washing machine.

There is no need to worry about the temperature: the memory foam is open cell and the core of the mattress is made of pocket springs so that the air can circulate freely.

In addition, it has a 10-year guarantee that begins with a 100-night trial so you can check with the pillow if it really is the right option.

If you want to know more about the Marmota Hybrid mattress and see it live, don’t miss the unboxing video in which we tell you more details:

Marmota Hybrid mattress: unboxing, test and opinion


  • Combination of viscoelastic, foam and pocket springs
  • High ergonomics
  • Very good bed independence
  • Good temperature regulation


  • Only the upper part of the cover can be washed in a washing machine
  • High price

5. Aznar Queen

 Good combination of comfort, support and breathability ideal for robust people and double beds.

Aznar Queen

Materials: pocket springs + cotton virgin fiber + supersoft

Firmness: medium- high

Breathability: high

If you are looking for a mattress that gives you good support and ergonomics, especially in robust people, the Queen can be a good option.

And it is that by having a core of pocket springs combined with a layer of soft foam padding, the Aznar brand has found a correct balance for those people who usually sleep on their backs or stomachs, move a lot, have a high weight or are hot.

Although the manufacturer indicates that it has a medium hardness, for us it is somewhat higher and we consider its firmness to be medium-high . That is why it can be hard for thin people, especially if you sleep on your side or if you are looking for a very soft bed.


Its 28 cm height combine:

  • Upper layer of 3 cm of supersoft foam : It does not have a memory effect but it does have good adaptability and helps reduce the firmness of pocket springs, making the mattress more comfortable.
  • Intermediate layer of virgin cotton fiber : Covers the core of springs to insulate it and favor the regulation of temperature and humidity inside.
  • Core of pocket springs : the individualized springs segmented into 3 differentiated comfort zones offer good adaptability to the pressure of each area of ​​the body.


Its stretch synthetic fabric cover seemed elastic, soft and breathable, thanks to the micro-perforations it has. In addition, it has the Sanitized treatment that prevents the proliferation of microbes.

Of course, as it is not removable , you will have to take a little more care of its hygiene, (we recommend using a protective cover between the mattress and the bottom sheet).

When two people lie down, we have verified that it has a correct independence of beds , so it will be a good option for double beds.


Due to its distribution of layers, you will not need to turn it over, although we do recommend turning it from head to toe every 6 months, for which its robust side handles will be very useful.

Its price is in the mid-range, making it a good option for daily use .

One point in its favor is that you can try it for 100 nights . And if in the end you are not convinced, the manufacturer offers you the possibility of returning it and changing it for another mattress of the same brand (paying the price difference if any). It also has a 3-year warranty.

If you want to know more about this mattress, see its  unboxing and know our opinion, do not miss our video:

Aznar Queen mattress: unboxing, test and opinion


  • good support
  • Correct thermoregulation
  • High breathability
  • hypoallergenic cover
  • Suitable for robust people


  • Can’t draw
  • Not recommended for very thin people
  • modest guarantee

6. Visco Cloud Flex

  High range for people looking for a low firmness mattress.
Flex Cloud Visco Gel

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: low-medium

Breathability: high

Chosen as one of the best mattresses of 2019 by the OCU, Flex has called this mattress “Nube” and the truth is that they do not lack reasons to choose such an evocative name.

The multiple layer system and the use of memory foam have been decisive. In this case we have 7 different layers on each side of the core of pocket springs interacting with each other, with a total thickness of 31 cm:

  • Optigrade stretch fabric upholstery: soft to the touch, thermoregulatory, clean and very elastic.
  • Hypoallergenic fibers: good option for people with allergies or sensitive skin. In addition, they promote good ventilation and absorb moisture.
  • Viscoelastic with gel particles: achieve progressive adaptability while keeping temperature at bay.
  • Commodo+ System: it is a technology patented by the brand that consists of a high-consistency profiling that avoids pressure points and allows a healthy rest.
  • TNT or “non-woven fabric”: it is a recycled and recyclable textile, ultra-resistant, antibacterial and water-repellent that significantly extends the useful life of the mattress.
  • Comfort System: high-density material that favors maximum adaptation to the silhouette.
  • Encapsulated: a covering of HR (high resilience) foam that provides resistance and extends the life of the mattress.
  • Core of pocket springs: the springs serve as shock absorbers and are capable of absorbing weight and movement, achieving adequate support for each body and avoiding the transmission of movement if two people sleep in the bed.

Beyond the diversity of technologies that have been used in its design, the truth is that we believe that the feeling of welcome is impeccable. This is one of those mattresses that is hard to leave in the morning.

Of course, since it is a low-firmness mattress, if you are very robust (Body Mass Index greater than 30) or you like mattresses that sink little, our advice is that you opt for a medium or medium-firmness model. high, like the Hypnia Superior Wellness.

If you want to know more about this mattress, see its  unboxing and know our opinion, do not miss our video:

Flex Nube Visco Mattress: unboxing, test and opinion


  • Reversible: same layers on both sides
  • hypoallergenic fillings
  • High bed independence
  • Excellent degree of adaptability
  • good thermoregulation


  • Due to its structure, it should not be used on slatted bases or articulated beds
  • Not recommended for robust people (BMI>30)
  • Modest warranty (3 years)

7. Picoline Connection

  Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding in terms of hygiene and rest.
Picoline Connection

Veza is one of the premium models of the Pikolín brand.

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: medium- high

Breathability: medium

Its padding is made of athermal fiber sheets, polyester foam, Viscofoam Soft and Viscofoam Firm. The manufacturer assures that this combination is the one that generates a sensation of extra soft comfort and allows a good level of ventilation . Our feeling when trying it has been well received but without sinking too much, ideal if two people are going to sleep in the bed and have quite different weights and also for robust people (over 80 kg).

The pocket springs are made of hardened steel. They have been ultrasonically welded and bagged one by one in a very resistant fabric. The technology used to manufacture them is called Adaptech : it facilitates point-by-point adaptation to the morphology of the body without altering the firmness of the mattress, which is medium-high.

therapeutic rest

According to the manufacturer, the homogeneous distribution of pressure areas contributes to muscle regeneration after, for example, a sports session or a strenuous day’s work. For this reason, we believe that this mattress will live up to the expectations of those who fundamentally seek to obtain a therapeutic rest .

Although it has two sides ( stretch for winter and mesh for summer), we agree with the opinion of other users that breathability during the summer months could be improved.

It also has a triple barrier to achieve high and long-lasting hygienic protection , as it acts against the main microbial agents: mites, bacteria and fungi. Thus, you will never have to worry about disinfecting it.


  • Excellent degree of adaptability, very good feeling of rest
  • Reversible
  • Permanent hygienic protection


  • No handles to flip
  • Improved breathability

8. Tecno Spring Visco mattress

  For those who tend to feel hot at night.
Tecno Spring Visco technomattress

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: average

Breathability: high

If you live in a place where temperature changes between winter and summer are quite pronounced, or you are simply a hot person, this is an interesting option for you.

Tecnocolchón presents a model with a micro- perforated three-dimensional fabric rear face , which also has an inner air chamber that regulates temperature and excess heat.

We have put it to the test in demanding conditions and it does not disappoint: the degree of breathability is very good .

In addition to the aforementioned 3D fabric, the other side incorporates ergonomic elastic fabric made with ceramic microcapsules. According to the manufacturer, this material improves blood circulation and also helps regulate body temperature.

Ergonomics and welcoming feeling

The set is completed by a layer of 2 cm of viscoelastic added to both sides of the pocket springs and which gives it greater ergonomics for a correct alignment of the spine. Of course, if you are looking for a mattress with a high feeling of welcome or that is rather soft, this will not be the best option for you.

The mattress and the core of the mattress are joined by a high-pressure, maximum-density polyurethane perimeter. This maintains the stability and firmness of the entire block.

A couple of included extras have positively caught our attention:

  • Its  handles allow it to be turned more easily.
  • The  Oeko-Tex certificate , which guarantees that the mattress textiles are free of substances harmful to health.


  • Reversible and highly breathable
  • Ergonomic ceramic fabric that could improve circulation
  • Good option for overweight people
  • Oeko-Tex certificate


  • No case, you need to buy one
  • For some people, the 2 cm layer of visco may not be enough, experiencing a feeling that is too firm.

9. Simpur Relax Magestic

  The best economic option of progressive adaptability.
Living Sofa Mattress Visco Magestic

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: medium progressive

Breathability: high

The Simpur Relax Magestic is a solvent proposal at a contained price. As a strong point, the brand itself highlights its acceptance of progressive firmness . This means that the mattress gradually adapts to the sleeper’s body, providing a personalized rest.

That is why it is a good option for people who suffer from a lumbar, muscular or joint ailment.

Its Multi Progress system consists of the strategic distribution of 9 layers. As we have seen, there are actually the same four above and below the pocket springs:

  • High density memory foam .
  • Viscoelastic with graphene for better air circulation (we know from experience that graphene is quite effective in this regard).
  • High density foam.
  • Special support layer.

We particularly like this last special bracket that wraps around the pocket springs. It facilitates adaptability and perspiration, it is hypoallergenic and contains a natural anti-mite, antibacterial and antifungal treatment . In addition, it is certified by Oeko Tex, Cetem and ISO 9001. There is no doubt that a base like this will make the springs keep their properties intact for much longer.

Suitable for winter and summer

The mattress, with a total thickness of 30 cm, is covered on one side with quality stretch fabric with a very soft touch for the cold months and, on the other, with a breathable 3D fabric for the warm months.

Thus, it is possible to turn the mattress according to the season of the year ( it incorporates four very well sewn handles).


  • Very low price
  • Good performance in hot and cold climates
  • Quality and certified support that protects the pocket springs and extends their useful life
  • Fits most body shapes and weights


  • Only the special support has a 10-year guarantee, the core has a 5-year guarantee.
  • It is quite a high mattress, some bed furniture and sheets might not be compatible

10. Sleep Great Comfort

 A wide layer of visco for those looking for a plush feel on a budget
Go to sleep Great comfort

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: another

Breathability: medium

The Duérmete Gran Confort is a mattress made in Spain that combines well the support of the pocket springs with the great feeling of welcome of its 6 cm visco layer , whose density of 75 kg/m3 is higher than the average, which is usually be 50kg/m3.

It might seem like a soft mattress but it really is very firm thanks to its core. Its 7 rest areas allow greater adaptation and relieve pressure points.


If you are hot or live in hot climates, this mattress may be a good option for you because it has good breathability and also prevents the accumulation of heat and humidity.

Of course, it is not removable , so you must take special care of its hygiene. We recommend that you look for a protective cover to keep your mattress in good condition.

Something that we value positively are its natural treatments, such as its stretch fabric cover with apicell -which comes from beeswax that gives it softness and freshness.Duérmete Great comfort apicell

Its padding is made of natural fibers to make it softer and prevent static electricity. In addition, it has antibacterial and anti-mite treatment , so it will be a good option if you have any allergies.

Due to its layered structure, it is not reversible , but we do recommend that you rotate it from head to toe a couple of times a year.

Something that seems improvable to us is its 3-year guarantee , since as it is a product with a useful life of around 10 years, it falls short.


  • Wide layer of visco
  • good breathability
  • Good balance between firmness and adaptability
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers


  • Can’t draw
  • short warranty

recommended models

As we have just seen, there are enough good options on the market. However, we understand that sometimes ten can be too many choices. If what you need is an even more specific selection, here are our two recommended models:

The best quality-price pocket spring mattress: Hypnia Superior Wellness


Yes, the Hypnia is the second most expensive mattress in our analysis, just a dozen euros from the first. So why propose it as the best value for money model?

The short answer is that each cm³ of its composition is worth its price.

The high range is evident both in the quality of the materials used and in the design chosen to combine them.

This is the mattress that will be loved by all those who usually wake up with discomfort in the body , particularly in the lumbar, dorsal or even trapezoidal muscles. And if it’s good for them, it’s good for everyone else: no matter the weight or the position adopted, the high density and multi-zone surface are ready to meet the expectations of any type of sleeper for many years.

And that’s another interesting topic. Is it worth investing more for a better product that we are sure will not deteriorate quickly? We think so.

The best cheap pocket spring mattress: Simpur Relax Magestic

Living Sofa Magestic

The first place for the best economical mattress goes to the Simpur Relax Magestic, a model below €300 (150 x 200 cm).

By spending only what is fair and necessary, it is possible to take home the comfort provided by the high-density viscoelastic foam, which, together with the progressive firmness, promotes a more than acceptable rest. So much so that this mattress is also recommended for those who suffer from back pain.

All this without sacrificing the freshness of the mattress, which has several systems that optimize efficient breathability .

This is a competitive model that can function without problem as a main mattress during any time of the year. Plus, the built-in kickstand makes this a very sturdy option, and therefore a good value for money.

Comparison of the best pocket spring mattresses

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Model Price Firmness Core and padding Cover Sanitizing  treatment

Emma hybrid premium
Emma Hybrid
See price Media Bagged muelles + viscoelastic + Airgocell stretch fabric
Morfeo_original mattress
See price High average Bagged micromuelles + viscoelastic +foam stretch fabric
See price High average Hypersoft foam + viscographene + high density foam + mini bagged muelles stretch fabric

See price Media Bagged muelles + memory foam + foam Removable and dry cleanable
Aznar Queen
Aznar Queen
See price High average Pocket springs + virgin cotton fiber + supersoft stretch fabric

Visco cloud
See price progressive mean Bagged muelles + memory foam Optigrade stretch fabric

See price High average Bagged muelles + memory foam Upper stretch fabric + polyester mesh

See price Media Bagged muelles + memory foam Ceramic microcapsules + 3D microperforated

Simpur Relax
See price progressive mean Bagged muelles + memory foam Tejido strech superior + 3D inferior
Go to sleep Great comfort
See price high Bagged muelles + memory foam Stretch tejido with apicell

Live test of the best pocket spring mattresses of the year

And if you still have any doubts about which mattress to choose, we have prepared this video for you in which we reveal the 5 best models of pocket springs along with their most outstanding features and our opinion after trying them.

Pocket spring mattresses: how to choose without making a mistake

woman on visco pillowResting well can (and should) be a pleasure to enjoy every night of your life , hence the importance of the choice you are about to make.

We trust that the points collected in this guide will be of great help to facilitate your choice.

But if you don’t have time to read the entire guide, here’s a handy quiz that will recommend your ideal mattress based on your needs and budget. It will take less than 30 seconds to answer!

Hit the material

Why pocket springs?

This type of core continues to be the preferred choice for millions of people around the world . There is an explanation for this: the docks, far from being left behind, have been modernized.

Now they have little or nothing to do with those noisy and uncomfortable mattresses that ended up digging into the side over time.

Why are the new pocket springs different?

Each spiral is encapsulated separately within a small textile bag. Thus, each one is completely independent of the others. Unlike older interconnected systems, pocket springs do not transmit pressure or movement.

They are also called pocket springs or pocket springs , as you will see written on many product data sheets.

3 essential benefits of pocket springs

  • The degree of ergonomic adaptation is very high , due to the flexibility and autonomous operation of each spring. The experience is superior because the sensation of firmness and that of welcome coexist in perfect balance.
  • Pocket spring core mattresses are the ones with the best bedding independence on the market . Sleeping as a couple is as comfortable as sleeping alone. No matter how many times the other wakes up, gets up or changes posture, the movements are not perceptible.
  • They are highly breathable on their own . The springs allow the air to pass between them freely. The heat is not concentrated as it is in other types of cores, for example, foam or latex.


Who can use a pocket spring mattress?

Taking into account the benefits they provide, pocket springs are recommended for people with back problems .

Also for those who sleep with a partner and for those with a tendency to sweat or who live in an area with several months of high temperatures.

1 pro and 1 against important

Pocket spring mattresses are very strong and durable . They are prepared to resist many years and proof of this are the extended guarantees that manufacturers usually offer.

On the other hand, it is vital to worry about the padding that accompanies the pocket spring block. It is usually viscoelastic combined with other foams and fabrics.

The quality of these materials determines the overall performance of the mattress .

What to consider when choosing a pocket spring mattress

The height

Generally, the higher the height, the higher range and greater firmness. Layers “take up” space and cause the height to increase.

A thin mattress (less than 24 cm) will hardly be able to maintain ideal firmness and adaptability.


A person loses every night between 50 cl. and 1 liter of water. After several years this amounts to a considerable amount of sweat. As we have seen, the springs are breathable in themselves, but if you usually sweat in bed, it is important that you choose a model that incorporates technologies and systems that enhance ventilation.


It depends not only on the pocket spring matrix, but also on the type of lining or contour that surrounds and protects it. ​​For example, viscoelastic foam adapts perfectly to the body to distribute pressure points evenly.

The thicker the viscous layer and the higher the density (above 50 kg/m3), the better the ergonomics of the mattress.

The density

It is the number of springs for each m³. The higher this number, the better: more sensitive and better motion control and support. This translates directly into more comfort.

Beware! Attention, because not all manufacturers provide data in this regard. Our advice: in general, if a mattress has a good density of springs, the manufacturer will advertise it. If you don’t say anything about it… you will rarely have a high density; )


It is not exactly the same as the density of the springs, since it also depends on other factors, such as the type and quality of the filler layers.

Manufacturers are free to decide on the designation of the degree of firmness, there are no fixed rules, so numbers are usually not helpful. It is better to be guided by adjectives such as “high”, “medium” or “low”.

hygiene treatments

The premium ranges do not usually carry them, since their fabrics are already hypoallergenic. In any case, they are always a plus, since a mattress is not something that can be put in the washing machine (normally only the surface can be disinfected).

Another aspect that you should take into account is if the mattress has a removable cover and if the cover can be washed at home or if it needs to be dry cleaned at the dry cleaners.

Keys to choose your mattress

If you still have doubts about which is the best mattress for you, we have prepared this video in which we tell you what you should take into account when deciding.

5 keys to choose your mattress and buy without making a mistake

Practical tips for a good choice


Before making a final decision, take into account the weight of the person or people who will sleep on the mattress.

Be careful! The low firmness is only indicated for those who weigh less than 55-60 kg or if for some specific reason, your doctor or physio would have recommended a mattress of this type.

This point is crucial when you are overweight , because the mattress must have all the properties that guarantee a suitable support that does not sink or soften over the years. In this case, look for mattresses with medium-high firmness.


Pocket spring mattresses are very flexible , which is why they can be transported in a box, compressed and ready for delivery. Don’t worry, they can remain rolled for up to 3 months without spoiling and without their qualities spoiling.

Receiving your mattress vacuum packed is very practical because:

  • The components of the mattress are preserved during transport, there is no need to fear that it will be hit or that its packaging will be torn or dirty during the journey from the factory.
  • The reception is easier, since as it takes up little space it can be carried in the car, easily carried up the stairs or entered in the elevator.
  • The price is lower, by reducing storage and delivery costs.

Once at home, the instructions are clear: unpack and allow a minimum recovery period of 24-48 hours to elapse, depending on the model, and… ready to use!


We have talked a lot about the importance of the interior, but the exterior of the mattress also provides a lot of information.

Always pay attention to the seams : the seams must be strong, without threads out of place and the perimeter must be well sealed.

Reject mattresses whose finishes do not look impeccable, no snags or strange marks. Of course, the surface must be completely smooth , without lumps or cavities, and remain so over time. If this does not happen, it will be time to claim the warranty.


Two minutes in a store will never be enough to choose a mattress on which we are going to sleep, at least, a decade .

Similarly, the body needs a minimum adaptation period of three weeks to get used to a new bed.

For these two reasons, brand models that allow us to make a generous test in our own home are preferable . It is convenient that this test at home extends for at least a month!


If you want to keep your mattress in perfect hygiene conditions, never use it without a cover . You will have to buy it separately because almost no model includes it, but it is worth it.

Remember that those that are the bottom sheet type are much more manageable than the full ones.

Don’t skimp: a wonderful mattress deserves a quality, breathable, soft and hypoallergenic cover.

If you want to know the keys to maintaining the hygiene of your mattress and some tricks to extend its useful life, you can take a look at this complete guide to cleaning and maintaining a mattress.

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There is no doubt that all dream companions are valuable: the pillow, the base and, of course, the blessed mattress that cradles us every night.

Now you know that the pocket spring core is a guarantee of satisfaction due to its autonomy of zones, freedom of movement and the absence of heat or noise. A safe bet, in short.

We hope we have guided you in your decision. You are just one step away from recreating yourself in bed again!