A sound healthy sleep largely depends on the choice of a mattress, but it can be difficult for an ordinary buyer to find a suitable option for the type of block, filling, dimensions and performance properties. The “golden mean” among products is models made of polyurethane foam, an environmentally friendly, moderately elastic and soft and at the same time inexpensive material.

We studied the level of demand for goods, after which we made a top rating of leaders. These are the best polyurethane foam mattresses in 2023.

Rating of polyurethane foam mattresses

When studying products offered by different factories and factories, we relied on the characteristics indicated by experienced experts in the sale of mattresses and other sleep products. The most purchased products were evaluated on the following parameters:

  • materials;
  • Height;
  • Density indicators;
  • Permissible load limit;
  • Convenience;
  • Suggested dimensions;
  • Price, market availability.

The result of a comprehensive analysis of all characteristics was a list of 10 titles. These are the best single and double polyurethane foam mattresses, approved not only by experts, but also popular according to customer reviews.

The best polyurethane foam mattresses of 2023

1. Dimax Practitioner Chip Roll 10

A springless polyurethane foam mattress is offered by the company Dimax. Slim design with medium stiffness and good elasticity, shipped rolled for easy transport.

The base is made of Balance foam Certipur orthopedic foam, height 11 cm. It combines elasticity with softness and elasticity. The material does not cause allergies, it passes air well, quickly returns to its original shape after being crushed and deformed.

The top cover is made of jacquard quilted on synthetic winterizer. The maximum load capacity is 110 kg. With dimensions of 60×120 cm, the model weighs 5.6 kg, the shape of the structure is rectangular.

Dimax Practic Chip Roll 10


  • Softness and elasticity;
  • Orthopedic foam;
  • Fast recovery of the form;
  • Delivery in a roll;
  • Two pillows as a gift;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Thin base;
  • Only 2 years warranty.

The company specializes in the production of various accessories for sleep. The top spring mattresses also feature a made nominee. According to buyers, this is the best combination of price and quality.


2. Dreamline Classic Roll Slim

The standard springless model is presented by the leading company for the production of furniture and mattresses for sleeping Dreamline. It also combines medium-soft stiffness with a height of 11 cm, delivered rolled up.

The PPU block is thin, so most often this product is recommended for use in children’s bedrooms. The maximum load capacity declared by the manufacturer is 100 kg. Artificial latex has anatomical properties, durable and hypoallergenic, keeps its shape well.

The upholstery is made of synthetic jacquard, the fabric is well cleaned from dirt. The catalog offers different widths from 60 to 105 cm, lengths from 110 to 220 cm. There is the possibility of double-sided operation.

Dreamline Classic Roll Slim


  • Thin base;
  • Moderate hardness;
  • Anatomical properties;
  • Vacuum twist;
  • Large selection of sizes;
  • Price.


  • More suitable for children;
  • Electrostatic.


3. Ascona Trend Roll

A double-sided PPU mattress with a stiffness below the average level, presented by Ascona, the largest manufacturer of sleep products. The model is also supplied as a roll, but differs in height by 16 cm.

A good layer of highly elastic foam can withstand loads up to 110 kg. Artificial material has anatomical properties, durable, does not cause allergic reactions. Top covered with jacquard quilted on synthetic winterizer.

The size range is varied, the width can be 60-105 cm, length 110-230 cm. To extend the service life, it is recommended to periodically change the side on which the user is placed.

Ascona Trend Roll


  • Lasting;
  • Light in weight;
  • Lack of smell;
  • Size range;
  • Quick restoration of the original shape;
  • Availability.


  • Insufficient upholstery density;
  • Requires frequent turning.

Ascona is represented in many VyborExpert.ru ratings, for example, Ascona balance forma, a spring mattress for sleep, has a high purchasing power.


4. Fixed Flex Foam 7 Roll

A thin polyurethane foam mattress with a polycotton cover, both sides of the construction promise a medium level of resilience and firmness. It has a height of only 7 cm, but at the same time can withstand a load of up to 120 kg.

The foam monoblock is thin, but durable, not much inferior in wear resistance to spring modifications. Evenly distributes the load, does not create static stress. The upholstery of the mattress pad is sewn of a beautiful fabric that fits snugly and is effortlessly cleaned of dirt.

Compact, supplied in a roll package, which simplifies the issue of transportation and storage. When deployed, quickly restores its original shape. On sale are sizes from 60×120 cm to 220×230 cm.

Correct Flex Foam 7 Roll


  • Lightweight;
  • Slim but strong block;
  • Beautiful mattress topper;
  • Reliable firmware;
  • The fabric does not “cool” the body;
  • No static.


  • Small block height;
  • Requires frequent turning.


5. Ormatek Compact Roll

Rigid polyurethane foam mattress manufacturer “Ormatek”, approved by independent expert organizations. Differs in the bilateral increased elasticity and hardness.

With a height of 13 cm, the load capacity declared by the developer is 110 kg. Ormafoam foam is as close as possible in characteristics to natural latex, it has high hypoallergenic properties, elasticity, good elasticity. During sleep relieves tension and pressure, improves the quality of sleep.

The composition of the mattress cover is jacquard with polyester fiber and spunbond. Supplied in the form of a roll, it recovers its shape within a day. Various sizes are offered – from 80×200 cm with a weight of 6 kg to 200×200 cm with a weight of 14 kg.

Ormatek Compact Roll


  • High rigidity;
  • High quality foam;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Long service life;
  • Soft case;
  • Size spread.


  • Long time weathering of the smell;
  • Takes time to level.


6. Mr.Mattress Compact L

A medium-rigid model for comfortable sleep for people of average build is offered by the company Mr.Mattress. This is a universal option for both children and adults.

With a polyurethane foam monoblock height of 15 cm, a weight load of up to 100 kg is permissible. Artificial material does not provoke allergies, combines softness with density. A cotton mattress cover does not collect static, it is equipped with a zipper, so you can easily remove, wash, buy a new one to replace.

The catalog offers different sizes – you can choose the width from 60 to 110 cm, the length from 115 to 240 cm.

Mr.Mattress Compact L


  • Universal format;
  • Cotton mattress cover;
  • Cover with zipper;
  • Ease of care;
  • Large selection of dimensions;
  • No static voltage.


  • Smell;
  • Price.


7. Sontelle Libre Roll 12 R

Springless polyurethane foam mattress, which the factory “Sontelle” offers to buy. It has a height of 12 cm and can withstand a user’s weight of up to 80 kg. Both sides have an average level of rigidity.

The difference of the nominee is a multi-layered basis. This is RelaxFoam massage foam with a relief cellular surface, stimulating lymph and blood flow on both sides, 3 cm thick. Inside, there is a dense 6 cm EcoFoam foam, which evenly distributes the load, maintains the anatomically correct location of the spine.

In the role of protection against pollution, a prime jacquard cover on a layer of hypoallergenic fiber is used. The fabric does not wash for a long time, does not become covered with spools.

Sontelle Libre Roll 12 R


  • Multilayer block;
  • massage effect;
  • Increased comfort;
  • Spine support;
  • Dense weaving of a cover;
  • Volume stitch.


  • Softer than the declared level;
  • Price.

Professional equipment provides vacuum safe twisting. Restores its original shape within a day. The double layer of polyethylene reliably protects the goods.


8. Matratex Junior Orthopedist

A children’s mattress on a spring block is offered by the domestic manufacturer “Matratex”. Independent springs create optimal support for the body, with medium stiffness on both sides. Height 12 cm.

The spring block consists of 256 independent elements per square meter. Thanks to the orthopedic properties, the model guarantees the correct position of the spine. The cellular structure guarantees air circulation, prevention of the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

The cover is sewn from a fabric consisting of cotton and jacquard. Quilted on the basis of synthetic winterizer. During operation, it does not collect pellets, it is pleasant to the touch. The size range starts with 60×120 cm and ends with 80×160 cm.

Matratex Junior Orthopedist


  • Block with independent springs;
  • Orthopedic properties;
  • Cellular foam;
  • Air circulation;
  • Long service life;
  • Delivery in a roll.


  • Slowly the smell dissipates;
  • It takes a long time to straighten out after twisting.


9. Comfort Line EcoRoll

Orthopedic springless mattress with a height of 14 cm and a load capacity of up to 90 kg. On both sides it has an average parameter of hardness and elasticity.

The monolithic base is made of a safe material – Ecofoam foam, which has anti-allergic properties. Well relaxes the back, promotes comfortable sleep. Cotton jacquard with Holcon stitch increases the level of comfort, protects the product from dirt.

The goods are delivered in a compact vacuum, it takes time to level the surface. During operation, it is advisable to regularly change the side in order to evenly distribute the load on the monoblock.

Comfort Line EcoRoll


  • Orthopedic properties;
  • Medium hardness;
  • Point body support;
  • Quilted cover;
  • Compact twist;
  • Safe for allergy sufferers.


  • Smell;
  • Weight restrictions.


10. Promtex-Orient Biba Standard

Springless inexpensive mattress for children from the company Promtex-Orient, where both sides have an average elasticity and hardness. With a monoblock height of 10 cm, a load of up to 80 kg is allowed.

The filler for the mattress here is Eco Foam foam, which maintains a balance of anatomy and orthopedics. Rigidity is comfortable for the child, contributes to the physiologically correct location of the spine during sleep. Ecofoam does not accumulate dust, moisture. Due to the lack of springs, it does not deform longer.

The mattress topper is sewn of polycotton cotton quilted on a hypoallergenic padding polyester. It features printed cartoon character designs and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Dimensions – 60×120 cm.

Promtex-Orient Biba Standard


  • Lightweight;
  • The strength of the monoblock;
  • Combination of hardness with softness;
  • Beautiful mattress topper;
  • Pillow as a gift;
  • Inexpensive.


  • The service life is short;
  • Only for children.


What to look for when buying

It is important to choose a product of this format taking into account personal needs. Pay attention to the dimensions declared by the manufacturer, the degree of hardness and rigidity, and also take into account the level of convenience.

The size

The product is selected in dimensions corresponding to the base of the bed, even if the length is greater than the user’s height. The width should correspond to double the width of the shoulders, the standard starts from 80 to 200 cm. The length can be 190-200 cm. For two users, a width of 180 cm is recommended.


Hard – Recommended for obese people. It is also a good support for people with problems of the spine, musculoskeletal system.

Medium – A universal option, most often used in hotels, hotels. Well supported, but at the same time guarantee a comfortable stay.

HardSoft – Suitable only for people with a small body weight. If a person does not like hard mattresses, then this is the best modification.


For greater convenience, manufacturers offer new modifications with multilayer filling. These can be cellular, embossed surfaces for micromassage, good air circulation and protection from the accumulation of microbes, dust and moisture. For many users, height is important, the higher it is, the more comfortable the sleep.

Question answer

Which mattress is better: spring or polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane products, provided they are of good quality, have a better service life. If you compare prices, then the spring ones are cheap, there are much more of them on sale.

Polyurethane foam or holcon filler: which is better?

Holcon differs in price, but is affordable and inexpensive. PPU is stronger, higher in density, can be folded and easier to store. When used, polyurethane foam crumbles over time, Holkon is more durable due to wear resistance.

Why is a polyurethane foam mattress harmful?

The main harm is insufficient rigidity and support, which, if used for too long, can cause problems with posture and back. Due to the softness, numbness, tingling of the limbs and muscles is possible.

Sizebeds recommends

The proposed top rating by VyborExperta.ru not only showed 10 top products of the year, but also outlined the main characteristics by which you can choose which option to buy. For example:

  • Dimax Practitioner Chip Roll 10 – a state employee with optimal characteristics for use by children and people of average build, two pillows as a gift;
  • Corretto Flex Foam 7 Roll is a thin but strong monoblock with increased load capacity, which is in no way inferior in parameters to spring analogues;
  • Ormatec Compact Roll is the most durable and rigid modification in the top for people with spinal problems, which can withstand a lot of weight;
  • Sontelle Libre Roll 12 R – a multi-layer block with a massage effect and good air ventilation, good support for the spine and a volumetric cover tie;
  • Matratex Junior Orthopedist – a model for children, characterized by a block with independent springs and cellular foam, orthopedic properties;
  • Promtex-Orient Biba Standard – the best review price, a budget offer for a children’s bedroom, a beautiful mattress cover and a pillow included.

Remember that springless mattresses with single-layer blocks are demanding on the base, it must be even and firm. The nominees of our review are not suitable for use in beds with shell mesh, slats. It is also a good addition to a pull out sofa or armchair.