Have you ever needed an extra place for someone to sleep in your house? Sure. A family member who shows up unexpectedly, a friend who is passing through the city, a friend from your child’s school who wants to stay to continue playing…

You can improvise a hole, but the most interesting thing is to have foresight. If you can have a guest room, great! But if you do not have that extra space, or do not want to have an empty room almost every day of the year, the best thing is a sofa bed.

Being a transformable piece of furniture, it is a versatile solution that covers both uses using the same space.

For you to see it more clearly, we have made a selection of the most interesting sofa beds that you can buy online, in addition to telling you about the different options available so that you can make the most of the space regardless of the size and distribution of your home. We have also compiled all the information you need to choose the right sofa without overpaying.

5 key features of a good sofa bed

Before choosing the sofa bed that you are going to have at home, you must take into account these 5 fundamental points to find the one that best responds to what you are looking for:

  Padding quality: on the one hand, you want the sofa to be as comfortable as possible, if you are going to use it regularly in the living room and, on the other, that the bed is minimally soft so that your guests do not get up with back pain .

  Opening and folding system: your sofa bed must be easy to assemble and disassemble, ideally manageable for one person. There are several systems that we explain in the buying guide so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

  Size: whether you are going to use it as the main sofa or if it will be an auxiliary piece of furniture, check that the sofa bed fits in the available space, folded and unfolded (it is interesting that you do not have to move furniture to assemble the bed).

  Cover quality: many sofa beds include a cover to give it a better appearance when folded. Check that it is easy to put on and take off, and also that you are convinced by both the aesthetics and the type of fabric, since some tend to be too wrinkled. It is also interesting that the cover is stain resistant or, if not, that you can remove it to wash it in the washing machine at home.

  Extra storage: some sofa beds have a small drawer to store pillows or bedding, something that you will appreciate if you use it very often.

The 7 Best Sofa Beds of 2023

These are the best sofa beds based on our test results and user reviews:

1. Comfort24 John Home

  The family sofa with chaise longue to put in the living room that also converts into a bed .

Type: Sliding with chaise longue

Places: 3 for sofa / 2 for bed

Bed size: 198 x 130 cm

Due to its size, this Confort24 John Hogar is not the piece of furniture you need to put in a guest room or a passageway. Instead, it is a spacious and more comfortable sofa bed than others in its range , suitable for use as a family sofa in the living room.

Obviously this is noticeable in the price, which is higher than the average of the sofa beds that we are going to find online. But let’s keep in mind that we are buying a very solid and quality piece of furniture, which we can really use for daily use.

For what we could spend on a normal sofa for the living room, we have a 2×1 at a very reasonable price .

The chaise longue can be placed on the right or on the left, which gives it more versatility and will adapt better to your living room space. In addition, embedded in the side armrests, it has two extra puffs , very practical when we need another place to sit or we simply want to watch TV with our feet up.

The sofa is spacious: three people generously fit if we use the chaise longue, or four if we count it as a square. For added comfort, the headrests are reclining.

The upholstery is made of imitation leather, so maintenance is simple: a damp cloth is enough to keep it clean.

Beware! Pay attention to size and weight! It is a large sofa that, in principle, they do not go up to the home unless you hire it that way. However, its 118 kilos are divided into several boxes that make it a bit easier to move and, with the instruction manual, it is not complicated to fit the pieces together.

In the case of John Hogar, the Confort24 brand gives us confidence. It is a manufacturer from Portugal with a reputation for good service and quality materials and we have been able to verify this .


  • Chaise longe reversible
  • adjustable headrest
  • two extra puffs
  • spacious and comfortable


  • Does not fit in small rooms
  • Its weight and size make it difficult to move

2. Bathroom

  Discreet and elegant in artificial leather, for passageways .

Type: Click Clack

Places: 3 for sofa / 1 for bed

Bed size: 180 x 97 cm

Bagno sofa bed_original

If you need an elegant sofa with a very simple design , for a place where it will be given little use, this Bagno sofa bed may be your solution. It is a good choice for an office, for example, where you need to install a place to sleep very occasionally or take a nap.

Assembly is very simple following the instructions . Then, you will only have to transform it into a bed with the “book” or click clack system.

The black artificial leather upholstery makes it sober and discreet, easy to combine with both modern and classic furniture. In addition, you can forget about stains on the upholstery: a damp chamois is enough to keep it perfect. Its structure is made of wood and offers a correct support.


Keep in mind that the length is 180 cm, that is, a slightly shorter bed than the standard size. If your guest is a bit tall, it may be too small. And its 97 cm width is enough for a comfortable seat . We do not recommend this bed for two people as it would be a very narrow solution.

Once converted into a bed, we have found that its stability is good and that is due to its integrated anti-tip system. When testing it, we have noticed that it is a bit hard, for that reason we recommend it to be used sporadically .


An important extra point: the manufacturer offers a 2-year guarantee for the Bagno sofa.


  • very easy to clean
  • Elegant design that blends well in different environments
  • 2 years warranty


  • It is not removable
  • For occasional use only

3. A billion

  For those looking for the cheapest option to have an extra mattress without complications .

Type: Futon (Folded)

Places: 1 for sofa / 1 for bed

Bed size: 190 x 90 cm

If space is a problem and you don’t want to shell out a lot of euros, the most economical solution is this Milliard, made up simply of a folded block of high-density foam .

Mounting? There is no assembly. You unfold the foam, which is fastened with simple side Velcro, and you already have an unfolded mattress.

What do we like about this sofa bed? On the one hand, it is the cheapest you will find on the market, which is something to keep in mind.

On the other hand, it takes up very little space . So little, that if you have a garage or a storage room you can remove it there when it is not in use. Moving it is easy. It weighs 9.4 kg, which may seem like a lot, but it is certainly much less than a piece of furniture.

Another advantage of being so compact is that you can easily move it around . For example, it will be good if you are going camping or want a mattress to sleep comfortably while doing kilometers in your camper van.

The size is fine, its 190 x 90 are the measurements of a standard mattress. And if you are going to use it as an extra bed, it is more comfortable than an inflatable mattress . Even so, if you want extra comfort, you can put a viscoelastic topper on it.

Media firm

The foam is of medium hardness (necessary for the block to have some stability) with enough density to not notice the ground at any time, even sinking your knees or elbows .

And one more thing: when you receive it, it is laminated without air , so it is easy to take home (especially considering that most of the sofas that you buy online do not include delivery to the home).

You just have to open it and in minutes it will recover its shape. Even so, ideally, before using the Milliard for the first time, you should leave it for at least 24 hours for the foam to fully expand .


  • without mounting
  • takes up little space
  • Easy to move due to its weight and shape


  • No structure, very simple
  • It is not a sofa as such, it is more of a folded mattress

4. Don Rest Reign

  Nordic design and simplicity: a solution for auxiliary rooms .

Type: Click Clack

Places: 3 small for sofa / 2 small for bed

Bed size: 180 x 100 cm

Within the range of sofa beds that we can find online, this one from Don Descanso is a good option if we want a piece of furniture with simple lines, with the characteristic air of Nordic design.

The sofa comes disassembled, but putting it together is easy with a few allen keys and a screwdriver. The armrests are positioned with a click system.

As a sofa, it is advertised for three seats… a little narrow: better two, if you want to be seated with some comfort.Same thing with the mattress. Theoretically there are two seats but, do the math yourself: 1.80 m high and 1 m wide… two people will sleep uncomfortable in half a meter for each. So our advice is to lower your expectations of the service that it is going to offer you.

The mattress is not very thick and has two cuts, widthwise and heightwise. If the person who is going to use it is a bit robust, they may notice the structure more than they would like.

If you take this into account, otherwise it fulfills its purpose well. The system is click clac, with which it becomes a bed very easily.


This particular model is an elegant light grey, although other colors are also available: charcoal and pink. The exterior is textile with a breathable upholstery that does not cause wrinkles, although it would be an extra positive point if it could be unsheathed.

The legs, in eucalyptus wood with natural varnish, and the two cushions that come as an extra, complete the piece of furniture.

An interesting extra is that, using it as a sofa, we can choose the recline of the backrest since there are different settings. It also has arms, which makes it a little more comfortable than other models without sides .

This Don Descanso sofa bed is an option for a game or guest room, a place where the furniture is not given constant use. For the rest, it fulfills its function well and saves us from trouble.


  • nice design
  • very simple assembly
  • breathable upholstery


  • It is not removable
  • Something just for the places that it advertises for both the sofa and the bed

5. Children’s sofa

  The ideal extra bed for the children’s room .

Type: Futon (Folded)

Places: 2 for sofa / 1 for bed

Bed size: 77 x 42 cm

This Kindersofa has three uses in one: it is a small sofa for your little ones (it is not comfortable for an adult), it is an ultra-simple convertible bed and it is also one more toy for your little ones , who will enjoy a piece of furniture to suit you and you will appreciate having it in your room.

The age of use recommended by the manufacturer is between 1 and 3 years, although it depends a bit. The two seats that the sofa has are a bit tight for two 3-year-olds if they are a bit big.

It is made of foam. It has no rigid parts that children can hurt themselves with and no separable parts. It is a single soft block, without edges, completely safe for your children .

Despite not having a frame, it is stable. The foam is firm and the armrests give it solidity . Also, the backrest is high enough for a child.


It has a decorative cover (this model in particular has a star print that we find very cute) that is adjusted with zippers and can be removed to wash at 30ºC, something recommended for all sofa beds and essential in this case considering that It is for children’s use.

We also like its lightness. It weighs only 1.4 kg, so you can imagine that with one hand you can place it where it suits you without any effort.


The bed is assembled simply by unfolding the seat foam, which is folded in a Z shape. The surface of the bed is 77 x 42 cm, enough for a child to sleep comfortably .

It is not exactly a piece of furniture, it is a piece halfway between an extra mattress and a toy seat. But we like the Kindersofa because it gives us an extra bed for a little guest . It is also a portable solution for when we want to have the child with us, playing or taking a nap.


  • Good price
  • Very light, moves with one hand
  • washable cover


  • It is small, its lifespan is limited

6. Axel from Astan Home

  Economical and design, a simple sofa bed for transit rooms or second homes .

Type: Click Clack

Places: 3 for sofa / 1 for bed

Bed size: 203 x 113 cm

Astan Home sofa bed

As a sofa it officially has three seats, although to be a little more comfortable it is better for two people to occupy it . 

The bed opens by lowering the backrest with a simple click-clack system. The mattress is a little more than a meter wide, so its use is better for an adult or, at most, two children .

It is sufficient for sporadic use, although it has not seemed especially robust to us, so it may not be the most suitable if you anticipate that it will have a lot of jogging. The mattress, being the very base of the seat, is rather firm and will tend to weigh down a bit if it is used frequently as a sofa. In addition, the indentations in the center and in the middle can be somewhat uncomfortable if the guest sleeps in it several nights in a row.

Be careful if you use it as a two-seater because, when lowering the backrest, if you put weight on it, it can destabilize a bit. An idea for this case is to reinforce it by placing a stool that acts as a “fifth leg”.

It is a simple sofa at a good price, with an attractive design in gray upholstery (although it is available in sand and denim blue). In addition, it comes with two matching cushions with the same upholstery.

The Astan is for what it is: a solution for very sporadic use at an economical price . And a very nice design that gives a nice touch to the living room or an auxiliary room.


  • Good price
  • nordic design
  • It has a couple of extra cushions


  • It is not removable
  • Streetside delivery

7. Komfortland Black Night

  Two places to sleep without restrictions .

Type: Click Clack

Places: 3 for sofa / 2 for bed

Bed size: 190 x 135 cm

If you need a simple sofa bed that offers you space to sleep, this could be the Konfortland. It’s affordable, within its range, and we like it because when it becomes a bed it has a standard-size mattress for a double bed .

The opening system is click clack. The manufacturer emphasizes that it opens by pressure, which would give it greater resistance, but the truth is that it looks like a “book” opening system similar to others. Beyond that, the important thing is that it is easy to convert into a bed .

The outer part is a removable textile cover. These types of covers have the drawback that aesthetically they do not look as good as an upholstery. They don’t stretch out completely and give the impression that they are always wrinkled. However, the fact that it can be put in the washing machine is a plus point, since you will not depend on the dry cleaner .

We also like that the lower part of the sofa has been used for a chest, a good storage solution that takes advantage of the space. And one more point in its favor is that the structure that holds the mattress is metal and made of slats, which makes it more comfortable than other options.

Advice It is highly recommended to ensure the conditions of delivery, distribution and replacement in case of damaged parts, before making the purchase. Sometimes, the transport can cause a problem and it is convenient to know, for example, that they do not upload it to our house unless we reach another agreement.

Once at home, assembling it is not very complicated, although we were surprised that the instructions are not included and that you have to ask the manufacturer if you encounter any difficulties.

The Konfortland is a simple piece of furniture, but it is a good solution to have an extra bed without making a large outlay .


  • Has a storage chest
  • Large double bed
  • Two extra cushions for the armrests


  • The cover tends to wrinkle
  • a little flimsy
  • Does not include assembly instructions, although it is very intuitive

recommended models

Any of the 7 models on this list is a good buy if it suits your needs. If you are looking for something specific, here are the most outstanding, taking into account their characteristics and possibilities of use.

Best quality-price sofa: Confort24 John Hogar

Go ahead, the John Hogar by Confort24 is the most expensive sofa bed on this list… but the truth is that it is worth the outlay for the enormous service it will provide you.

Keep in mind that for practically what it would cost you to have a large and comfortable sofa for your living room (including the chaise longue and the two puffs that come as an extra), you also have two extra places to sleep at home.

The leatherette upholstery also makes cleaning very easy and you do not have to worry about stains on a sofa that is going to be used daily. Also, when you unfold it, your guests will appreciate the comfort and that you do not put a measly mattress in any corner.

In summary: the Confort24 John Hogar is a good sofa and a good bed . You will get the most out of your investment.

Best Cheap Sofa Bed: Milliard

If you want to spend little, without a doubt the best option is the Milliard. For just over a hundred euros you have a standard size foam mattress for one person .

If it folds, it is compact enough to store it, although you can leave it in plain view and it can function more like a beanbag than a sofa .

The foam is of medium hardness , perhaps a little too rigid for those who prefer to sleep soft, but considering that there is no internal structure, it needs to have a little consistency.

Another point in favor is that you can take the mattress in the car to a second residence, use it camping or lend it to someone, because it does not weigh too much and can be easily transported .

The truth is that, as an economic option and to have a workaround at home for the guests , you cannot ask for more from this sofa bed.

Comparison of the best sofa beds

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Model Price Type Sofa Measurements Bed Measurements Outdoor Material

See price Slider with chaise longue 260 x 90 x 95 cm 198 x 130 cm leatherette
Bagno sofa bed_original
See price Clic clac 180 x 76 x 36 cm 180 x 97 cm Artificial leather

See price Clic clac 190 x 94 x 100 cm 190 x 135 cm Textile

A billion
See price futon (folded) 90 x 64 x 34 cm 190 x 90 cm Textile
gift rest
See price Clic clac 206 x 74 x 83 cm 180 x 100 cm Textile

children’s sofa
See price futon (folded) 77 x 34 x 42 cm 81 x 77 cm Textile
Astan Home sofa bed
Astan Home
See price Clic clac 203 x 83 x 87 cm 203 x 113 cm Textile

Sofa beds: how to choose without making mistakes

Having a piece of furniture that is 2 in 1 is really practical . If you don’t have space to leave an empty room at home, it’s a great solution because you never know when you’re going to need an extra place for someone to sleep over.

There are many models that you can buy online without having to go to a furniture store, and to be able to choose (and get it right) you just have to know a couple of important things.

I’ll tell you below.

But if you don’t have time to read the whole guide, here’s a handy quiz that will recommend your ideal sofa bed based on your needs and budget. It will take less than 30 seconds to answer!

How do you know if it is what you need?

It seems platitude to ask yourself this question when you are already reading the buying guide, but it really is not so much. And I’ll explain why.

A sofa bed is a piece of furniture that can be used for two uses in one. It is important to keep this in mind because, most likely, it is neither the best sofa nor the best possible bed. It will be a more versatile hybrid but somewhat less comfortable than if you bought the furniture separately .

I’m telling you this because the number one complaint from sofa bed users is that they are uncomfortable.

And yes, they can be, at least the cheapest ranges. Because they are not designed to sleep many nights in a row or to sit down to watch a full season of your favorite series.

They are designed to solve a specific need and, incidentally, serve as a seat .

In general, if you want maximum comfort in both uses, you will have to go to separate furniture: you will gain comfort but lose versatility.

And aren’t there sofa beds that have it all? Of course, there are different qualities… and prices. The high ranges improve all aspects .

What use are you going to give the sofa bed?

The frequency of use will greatly condition the purchase, therefore the first thing is to define why you need a sofa bed.

These are the most common reasons:

  • For occasional use: you have your house set up and you want one or two extra places to sleep: guests, friends who are passing through, a family member who is staying a few days… You do not want to have a guest room or you do not have space to set it up but, without However,  having an extra bed comes in handy .

Or maybe you need it for a second residence or to have in the office, with which you will also use it sporadically.

And  the use as a sofa will also be secondary . It will be in a second room or in a passage room, but it will not be your main sofa.

  • For everyday use: maybe you live in a small apartment and  space is a priority . You need transformable furniture and the sofa bed is going to be your usual resting place (or that of your children, for example). Sofa by day, bed by night, to make spaces 100% versatile.

Another possibility is that you use it daily as  the main sofa in the house , in that case you will also want it to be comfortable because you are going to spend many hours sitting.

In any case, it is the use that you are going to give it that sets the priorities.

In the first case, it is understood that your sofa bed will not have intensive use. Therefore, although you obviously want it to be comfortable (who doesn’t!), you can look at cheaper options that are worth it to get you out of trouble.

But in the second case, if it is going to be a piece of furniture that you use daily (whether in a sofa, bed or both version), the recommendation is that you stop a little longer to choose better and expand the budget.

You are going to need it to be really comfortable, with the precise degree of hardness so that you can rest and wake up refreshed when you use it as a bed. And if it is a sofa, a good backrest, armrests and headrest. Your back will thank you.

Therefore, go towards higher quality materials and, above all, try it. Make sure they  allow you to return it if you buy it online .

Types of sofa beds

To get an idea, we are going to review what are the main opening systems to convert our sofa into a bed, and with that we will have a criterion to be able to choose the one that convinces us the most (and best fits our budget).

Click-clac (the book type)

It is one of the most common systems, due to its simplicity. The seat and back of the sofa transform into a mattress when it is opened for sleeping. The two surfaces simply open to form the bed or close in an L shape to become a sofa , as if they were the pages of a book.

The click clack refers to the mechanism . To extend the mattress, the backrest is pushed forward slightly until a click is heard indicating that the lock has been released and can be fully opened. Then a clack is heard indicating that it has been placed in a stable position, with the mattress completely horizontal.

Some models have another click clack on the armrests , which are raised slightly in the sofa position, and left horizontal for the bed position.

It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, neither as a sofa nor as a bed (although in recent times padding has improved a lot), but it has the advantage of being easy to assemble, saving space and lower price. That is why it is one of the best-selling models .


As its name already indicates, the base of the sofa slides forward easily , if we pull it. When we have pulled it out to the top, we already see that in its lower part it keeps a complement, which is the other half of the bed. There is usually some tab to help us get it out.

Therefore, the mattress (which is usually for two people) is divided into two parts by an intermediate slit.

In addition to that, you have to take into account that one of these two parts is the base of the sofa, so over time different levels of wear can be noticed between the one that is always in use and the one that is hidden.


If you are going to use your sofa bed a lot, this may be the model that interests you.

They are more expensive, of course, but they have a fundamental advantage: they have an independent mattress that is “hidden” when it is collected and left visible when the bed is assembled.

The sofa seat foam is not part of the mattress. That means that you can choose a mattress to your liking and in which you feel really comfortable. The only precaution is to choose one that does not have internal springs so that it can be folded completely. You also have to watch that it does not exceed the maximum thickness indicated by the manufacturer.

As the mattress is independent, you can replace it with another whenever you want, for example when it is damaged by use. This will greatly extend the life of your sofa bed.

Another advantage is that, by picking up the bed and folding it in on itself, you can leave it ready . That is, you do not necessarily have to remove the sheets. So if it’s where you usually sleep, you save time at night by not having to set it all up again.

In addition, depending on the model, the sofa bed can have extra space to store, for example, the pillows, which comes in handy so you don’t have to look for an extra place like a closet or a chest to leave them for the day.


A futon is a mattress that, in the Japanese tradition, is laid directly on the floor to sleep on. The simplicity of the Japanese concept has been copied (and adapted) to create different models of futons, but it is still the simplest and most minimalist version of a sofa bed.

Japanese futons consist of a base of wooden slats. When we extend this base it looks like a slatted base at ground level on which we place the mattress. When we fold it up, it transforms into a floor-level sofa with a backrest. The mattress folds back on itself to fit the frame and is usually fastened with a few simple laces. They can be one seat or two.

The cheapest models forget the slatted base and consist only of a mattress (usually foam) that folds on itself. When it is folded up it is a small sofa or puff and, if you want to lie down, you will simply have to stretch it out and put a sheet.

Here the quality of the foam is very noticeable but you must bear in mind that, in general, they are not comfortable mattresses. Of course, they quickly solve that extra place to sleep.

There are different models of futons, but they all have one thing in common: the simplicity of design, assembly and use .

Important advice for online shopping

When you buy a sofa bed online (and, in general, any furniture or heavy object), make sure you know the delivery details.

Why? Well, because that way you will avoid surprises when, for example, the carriers tell you that they are not going to upload it to your home and that they leave it at the portal.

In general, transport companies do not bring it to your home if you do not have an elevator. And even if you have it (and assuming it is large enough for the sofa to fit in), it is possible that the carrier will not want to upload it to you if you have not previously agreed.

Therefore, check the delivery conditions before making the purchase, especially if you cannot take care of the rise if they leave it at street level.

Some companies allow you to contract the rise to the floor and the assembly separately , but you have to check it or contact the supplier.

Be careful! And one more thing: in all probability they will give you a delivery note to sign. Also check if you are signing the conformity with the product, because in that case, it is possible that if something goes wrong, the manufacturer will not be responsible. And it is difficult to know that if you are on the street and with your purchase still packed.

The best thing is that before checking out you make sure exactly what the delivery and claim conditions are.