The key to a good morning is quality sleep. During relaxation, tension in the muscles is relieved, the joints become in place, the organs receive additional oxygen, the hormonal background levels out and the work of the heart improves. The best spring mattresses maintain an optimal back position, improve blood circulation, and fight insomnia.

Mattress with independent or dependent spring block: which one to choose

The system that forms the basis of the product is the most important criterion when purchasing a product. It affects the orthopedic properties inherent in the design. Let’s analyze what features the products of the two types have.

Independent block / Dependent block

Consists of individual springs packed in individual covers. Strong fixation in certain places, gives the base rigidity. Alignment of the spine occurs due to the different level of compression of the spirals, defects in the joints are eliminated. No orthopedic effect. The elements depend on each other. When pressing on one, the impulse picks up the other. The platform cannot follow the curves of the body and keep it in the correct position.
Manufacturing requires the cost of individual components and their fixing in a clearly defined area. Production technologies are cheaper. The machine weaves a single fabric, which is cut to the specified size. This affects the final cost of the product.
Withstands a load of 180-200 kilograms per bed. Designed for a weight of 100-130 kilograms. Reinforced models can withstand up to 150 kilograms.
Elements instantly react to a change in body position. They pick it up and do not transmit momentum to neighboring spirals. The back will always be in the optimal position for health. Creates a “wave” effect. When a sleeping person moves at one end of the platform, vibrations will propagate over the entire surface.
Within 8-10 years does not lose its medicinal properties. Short service life. You will have to change products every 3-5 years.
Requires careful handling. Active jumping can compromise the integrity of the structure. With strong pressure, the properties of a hammock appear. The mesh can stretch and return to its original position.
Deformed when twisted. Can be rolled up for shipping.


Spring mattress rating

Sleep products differ in the number of supporting elements in the structure, their level of endurance, and filler components. In order to understand a wide range of products and choose the best ones in terms of price and quality, the employees of went to the salon with specialized products to see how they are tested, consulted with vertebrologists about the impact of the quality of rest on the health of the joints and muscle corset. Mattress manufacturers received points according to the following criteria:

  • Number of springs;
  • Maximum load;
  • Internal filling;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • Price.

The height of the product is also taken into account when buying. It is selected according to the parameters of the bed. The depth and dimensions of the sides are measured. The platform should not rise above the ribs more than 3-4 centimeters, otherwise it may lose stability. If the base is below the side level, there is a risk of hitting during a coup in a dream.

The best box spring mattresses of 2023

1. Mr. Mattress “victor l”

Spring mattress from a Croatian manufacturer. 580 springs are placed on one berth. They are concentrated in 7 zones, taking into account the anatomical features of the spine. The metal structure is reinforced with multi-layer filler. It is located on both sides. The thermal felt serves as insulation between the coils and the natural coco coir. Gives rigidity to the platform. While resting on such a surface, the muscles relax, the joints take the correct position.

A unique development of the company’s designers is a crystal grid. It emits microvibrations that are not felt by a person. The internal reserves of the body are launched, blood circulation improves, metabolism accelerates. Sleep improves, migraines and back pain disappear. The correct rhythm of the heart is restored. Dermatologists, who were consulted, said that the natural material has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, the lymph flow is toned, and accumulated toxins are removed from the organs.

Another feature of the base for relaxation in a double cover. One preserves the integrity of the multilayer filling, prevents the fibers from spreading. The outer cover is equipped with a zipper. It runs along the edge of the product. The cotton material comes off effortlessly. Can be washed in warm water on gentle cycle. The fabric does not slip, during the rest the sheet will move out and will not wrinkle.

The manufacturer warns that products after purchase may have a pronounced odor. It is recommended to provide ventilation. After 24-36 hours, there will be no foreign odors in the house. The product is suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions. During operation, it will not provoke itching and irritation on the skin and mucous membranes.

Mr. Mattress "victor l"


  • Increased number of spirals;
  • Heals with the help of crystals;
  • The cover is removed for washing;
  • Non-slip coating;
  • Can be ordered online.


  • At the beginning of operation, a pungent odor is felt.


2. Dreamline “kombi 2 tfk”

The mattress with the spring block is calculated on weight to 110 kilograms. Joint health is provided by 512 elements. The design instantly adjusts to the features of the curve of the back, stretches the joints. Orthopedic properties are also enhanced due to the double-sided filler.

For relaxation and normalization of blood circulation, medium hardness is suitable. The layer consists of holofiber and coconut fibers. Natural and artificial materials are highly resistant to wear. Do not gather in lumps, do not harm the respiratory tract, do not provoke irritation of the mucous membranes. Suitable for daily leisure.

If correction of defective joints is required, the rigid side of the model will help to correct them. Filler – coconut and thermal felt. This combination withstands high loads. The doctors we interviewed recommend sleeping on such a surface for at least 3 months a year. Changing the sides of the platform is not only good for health. Extends the service life of the product. The wear of the elements and their coating will occur evenly.

The cover is made of jacquard. Synthetic material is not demanding to care. Surface stains can be removed with a damp cloth and foam or soap solutions. The consistency should not be liquid. If it hits an iron structure, it can ruin it. If there are old stains, it is better to entrust cleaning to specialists from the dry cleaning service.

Dreamline "kombi 2 tfk"


  • Heals the spine;
  • Multilayer filler;
  • Natural ingredients in the composition;
  • Not whimsical in care;
  • Light weight product.


  • Not removable cover.


3. Ascona “balance forma”

This orthopedic box spring mattress model has undergone 20,000 cycles of tests simulating long-term stress before reaching specialized sales salons. This complies with the requirements of European standards. The platform is equipped with 550 spirals.

Filler with different hardness. Made from 2cm polyurethane foam. This is a versatile material for creating bedding. Remembers posture. It affects the bioactive points of the body. Eliminates clamps in the joints, maintains the internal organs in the correct position.

The side with soft components relaxes the body, the restless sleep syndrome disappears. The hard side has a healing effect. Supports the back, improves the functioning of blood vessels and the heart. The surface is sheathed in jacquard with holofiber lining. The proprietary interlacing of the fibers makes the material resistant to wear. The model is transported unfolded. Weight is 31 kilograms. The resting place is ready for use immediately after delivery.

Ascona "balance forma"


  • Different rigidity of the sides;
  • Filler with orthopedic effect;
  • The product has passed quality tests;
  • Optimal height;
  • Long service life.


  • Over time, spools form on the cover.


4. Everest “restfom bicoco tfk”

Spring independent mattress for a single bed. The orthopedic effect is provided by 512 spirals packed with dense fabric. The elements act independently. The structure is highly durable. Gently bends under the weight of a person. Artificial latex is used as a filler. The material can be given any density and height. Takes into account posture. When turning over to the other side of the body, it picks up and adjusts to the particular position of the joints and organs.

Biococo is made from artificial components that mimic natural fibers. They give additional rigidity and stability to the basis for sleeping. The platform needs to be turned over after 4-5 months. This way you can extend the service life. The surface covered with cotton fabric does not slip. The sheet will not move out during the rest. The product has a one and a half year factory warranty.

Everest "restfom bicocos tfk"


  • Multilayer filler;
  • Hypoallergenic materials;
  • Non-slip fabric cover;
  • Universal thickness;
  • Neutral smell.


  • The side seams on the cover may diverge.


5. Dimax “optimum strutto”

The spring mattress for a bed possesses the strengthened stability. At the heart of the Bonnel block. This design is used for the manufacture of various furniture. Consists of dense wire, intertwined in a special way. Keeps its shape under load up to 100 kilograms. On both sides, the iron frame supports the struttofiber. Durable modern material replaces foam rubber. Gives the product medium hardness. Withstands pressure under pressure of various strengths. Suitable for children’s bedrooms.

The material is safe for the sleeper, passes oxygen, foreign aromas do not appear in the deep layers. Additionally, a layer of polyurethane foam is laid. It enhances the healing effect of the product. Remembers the features of the body. It affects the active points of the spine, stretches the joints, relieves muscle clamps.

The natural cotton cover has a holofiber lining. Protects against penetration into the depths of dirty particles, has a moisture-repellent effect. If a small amount of liquid gets on the surface, it will not be absorbed, but will slide off the fabric. Used antibacterial impregnation. Does not allow the development of pathogenic microflora in the filler. A foam solution is suitable for cleaning. The platform can be conveniently transported when rolled up. After delivery, the product must be deployed, the structure will straighten out within 40-60 minutes.

Dimax "optimum strutto"


  • Antibacterial impregnation;
  • Combined layers;
  • Withstands heavy loads;
  • Quilted cover;
  • Can be rolled up for transport.


  • Short service life.


6. Benartti “orto kombi tfk”

A spring mattress is suitable for a child. It has different hardness. It is achieved by interweaving natural and artificial fillers: coconut fibers and latex. The first remembers the features of the body. Supports the correct curvature of the spine. Natural ingredients provide the rigidity of the base. Created for young households prone to allergic reactions. With constant contact with the fibers, it will not cause itching on the mucous membranes. The spirals are pressed under the weight of the resting person and preserve the health of the organs.

The elastic side of the platform helps to get rid of back pain. Aligns and stretches the joints, preventing compression. Soft filler relaxes the muscles, takes the form of the body and fixes it in its several points. As pediatricians told us, to prevent the appearance of curvatures, a side with an average degree of rigidity is suitable. You can sleep on it all the time. For medicinal purposes, the course of rest on a dense surface is 3-4 months.

Product dimensions 60*120 centimeters, height 16 centimeters. The parameters are calculated for a shallow bed. Suitable for children from 8 months to 7 years. The orthopedic effect is created by 512 iron spirals. Each is packed in an individual bag. The cover for the platform is made of jacquard with an antibacterial coating. It does not let dangerous microorganisms into the deep layers of the filler. It also prevents the development of colonies of pathogenic colonies on the surface.

Benartti "orto kombi tfk"


  • Designed for the characteristics of the child’s body;
  • Influences bioactive points of the body;
  • Reinforced construction;
  • Water repellent surface;
  • Affordable cost.


  • Short service life.


7. Alitte “battista tfk hm-21-k”

Products can withstand loads up to 110 kilograms. It is optimally distributed over 512 iron spirals. They are concentrated in 5 zones. They are located taking into account the anatomical features of the spine. The filler is multilayer. Based on synthetic hollocon. It is obtained from polyester raw materials. The fibers are intertwined vertically and horizontally. The mesh is highly durable. Withstands heavy loads, remembers the forms that were in contact with it. Has hypoallergenic properties. Does not smell, does not absorb odors from the environment. Repels moisture, prevents the appearance of fungi and mold.

Natural coconut coir with orthopedic properties is responsible for the rigidity of the platform. The material is laid in two layers of 2 centimeters. Cotton cover with a matte surface. The sheet does not move on it. In the instructions, the manufacturer indicated that the product had undergone numerous medical studies. The material is safe for health, suitable for people with sensitive respiratory organs.

Alitte "battista tfk hm-21-k"


  • Universal size;
  • Moisture-repellent filler;
  • Non-slip case;
  • Suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions;
  • Does not absorb odors.


  • Pellets may form on the cover.


8. Comfort “line eco classic tfk”

In the production of the model, proprietary technologies were used. Multi-layer “ecofoam” has increased elasticity. Has a long service life. Removes muscle spasms, improves sleep quality, speeds up metabolism. Thermal fabric gives the product additional rigidity. Consists of intertwined natural and artificial fibers that provide ventilation. Do not let moisture and odors from the environment into the filler.

Orthopedic functions are performed by 500 independent spirals. They ensure the correct position of the spine, stretch the joints and return them to their place. The iron structure does not create a “wave” effect if one of the partners moves in a dream. Supports the health of internal organs, straightens the chest. Regular sleep on this basis launches internal reserves of immunity, clamps in the joints disappear. In reviews of the product, buyers indicated that thanks to the use of the Comfort model, the number of migraine attacks decreased, and insomnia disappeared. The platform is lightweight. Her weight is less than 13 kilograms.

Comfort "line eco classic tfk"


  • Branded filler;
  • Restores body reserves;
  • Relieves muscle spasms;
  • Does not create a hammock effect;
  • Affordable cost.


  • Slippery upholstery platform.


9. Mattresses RF “careful”

The metal frame is equipped with insulated spirals. There are 210 pieces per square meter. They are arranged according to a special scheme that provides optimal support for the spine and muscle corset. The filler is multilayer. Thermal felt consists of natural and artificial fibers. Serves as a gasket between the orthopedic elements and the cover. Provides optimal air circulation, retains moisture and protects spirals subject to corrosion from its ingress.

Rigidity of production is given by synthetic foam. She remembers the structural features of the spine. Heals with the right support. The platform is made of a material that does not provoke itching and redness on the skin. Suitable for people with sensitive respiratory system. The fabric of the cover is not whimsical in care. Doesn’t stretch. Case color is white. Does not shine through bedding.

Mattresses RF "careful"


  • multilayer product;
  • Corrects defects of the spine;
  • Improves the quality of rest;
  • Filler with air circulation function;
  • Universal form.


  • There is no zipper in the case.


10. Sontelle “vivre custom flex”

Products of combined hardness. One side is designed for relaxation, relieves sleep problems. The inner layer consists of natural latex of different densities. Corrects posture by supporting the spine at several bioactive points. Removes the increased load from the organs. If one of the partners rolls over on a tight base during sleep, the second person will not feel the vibrations of the surface.

The reverse side of the platform consists of a solid slab of artificial foam with a massage coating. The therapeutic effect is provided by soft convex hemispheres located over the entire surface. They do not interfere with the rest. Blood circulation improves, lymph quickly removes toxins from the body. The metabolism is accelerated, accumulated toxins are removed. In the morning there is a feeling of cheerfulness, enough energy for the whole day. Natural and artificial fibers pass air well and repel moisture.

Sontelle "vivre custom flex"


  • Platform with massage coating;
  • Passes air;
  • Eco-friendly materials;
  • Improves the condition of the circulatory system;
  • Product warranty 3 years.


  • In the early days, it has a pronounced odor.


What to look for when buying

A high-quality sleep product can solve a complex of health problems: it improves the functioning of organs, aligns the spine, and restores internal reserves of immunity. There is a wide range of models on the market for leisure products. They differ in filling, cover material, weight. And when the question arises before the buyer: which spring mattress is better to choose, you should rely on expert advice.

Mattress type

The main difference is in the type of construction. Spirals can be interconnected to form an integral web. A dependent block is cheaper to manufacture, since you do not need to spend money on equipping a place for a spring, sewing an individual cover. The wire is intertwined in a special way, creating a single platform. The disadvantage of such products is that if several elements fail, they can pierce the upholstery and even lead to injury.

Separated from each other, metal links have independent stability. They are placed in separate compartments. The compression of one of them is not transferred to the others. Designs have a healing effect. Applies to users of all ages. Align posture, maintain optimal body position during rest, withstand increased load.

The size

It is selected according to the parameters of the bed. Length, width and depth are measured. The platform must not exceed the received criteria. If they are less than 2 centimeters, there may be a space through which the product will move. There are common dimensions of platforms:

  • Children’s mattresses. Their width is 60 centimeters, length is 120-140 centimeters. Suitable for ages 1 to 9 years old;
  • Single. Dimensions along the horizontal edge vary from 80 to 90 centimeters, along the vertical 190-200 centimeters;
  • One-and-a-half beds occupy up to 120 centimeters of the headboard, the length is up to 2 meters;
  • Double rooms. They start from 140 centimeters in width, this figure reaches a maximum of 220 centimeters. Length from 195 to 225 centimeters. 160×200 is considered the standard size in this segment of spring mattresses.


Affects orthopedic properties. The denser the filler and the more stable the spirals, the greater the load the product will withstand and the better it will keep the joints in the correct position. There are 3 types of fillers.

Degree of elasticityProperties

Increased rigidity Such foundations for sleep are used for medicinal purposes. They can correct the curvature of the spine, reduce the volume of hernias.
Medium hardness Serves to prevent the development of joint diseases. Normalizes blood circulation, accelerates the movement of lymph.
Low hardness Suitable for daily leisure. It has a relaxing effect, relieves restless sleep syndrome.



Natural and artificial fibers are used. They should be safe for health, since they are in contact with the skin for 5-9 hours a day. Popular components include:

  • Coconut coir. Gives rigidity to the platform. Holds the body in the correct position. Has a neutral odour. Used in the production of children’s products;
  • Biocoke is made from synthetic fibers. The structure is reminiscent of nature. Increases the density of the foundation. Does not provoke irritation on tissues and mucous membranes;
  • Latex can vary in density. Remembers the features of the spine. The ingredients do not have a pronounced aroma;
  • Polyurethane foam. One of the most common materials used in the manufacture of bed frames. It is cut into whole plates to a certain size. Keeps the back in the correct position;
  • Struttofiber resembles foam rubber in structure. Modern filler is many times stronger than its predecessor. Does not become thinner within 5-7 years.

Question answer

Which mattress is better: spring or polyurethane foam?

It is necessary to rely on the load experienced by the base. If it exceeds 110 kilograms, products with a metal frame are suitable. If the mass is less, a foam filler is suitable.

What brand mattresses are considered the best?

It is worth relying on consumer reviews and the reputation of manufacturers. The longer a company has been on the market, the more proven and diverse the assortment it offers. Among the popular ones, we will highlight: “Ascona”, “Dreamline”, “EveRest”, “Mr. Mattress”, “Benartti”, “Alitte”.

Which mattress to buy for a child: spring or springless?

Children’s doctors advise buying products with a metal frame. They optimally take into account changing weight, adapt to the load, and prevent the appearance of curvature of the spine. recommends

Shopping for sleep products can be time consuming. It is important to determine the type of frame, filler and optimal size. The health of the household depends on these indicators. In order to highlight worthy ones among the variety of models, the team of our site analyzed user reviews, tested several dozen products and learned from doctors about how proper sleep affects the quality of life. And here are the nominees included in our rating of spring mattresses:

  • Mr. Mattress “victor l” is equipped with 580 springs located in 7 zones. The metal structure is reinforced with multi-layer filler: thermal felt and coconut coir. Create an elastic base. The company’s proprietary development is a crystal grid. Improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, improves skin quality. The model is equipped with a removable cover. Can be washed on gentle mode;
  • Dreamline “kombi 2 tfk” with different degrees of hardness. One side is designed to prevent back diseases. Rigid helps to eliminate existing problems with posture;
  • Ascona “balance forma” has passed numerous medical tests. The orthopedic effect of independent springs is enhanced by stable synthetic foam. Influences bioactive points;
  • Everest “restfoam bicoco tfk” with hypoallergenic filling. Made from odorless artificial fibers. The upholstery of the platform does not slip. Can be cleaned with soapy water
  • Dimax “optimum strutto” with a dependent block. Spirals are interconnected by special weaving. Filler – strutofiber. Remembers the features of the location of the body. Stretches the joints, removes the load from the internal organs, improves lymph flow;
  • Benartti “orto kombi tfk” is made for children. Coated with antibacterial impregnation. Prevents the development of pathogenic microflora on the surface and in the deep layers. Does not provoke cough and runny nose.

A healing rest will be provided by a mattress with an optimal structure and reinforced filler. The recommendations given in our review will help you choose the best products.