Good health in the morning largely depends on the comfort of sleep at night. The best springless mattresses will help you maintain the correct body position, improve your spine and even slow down skin aging .

Which mattress is better: spring or springless

The filler directly affects the service life of the product and the benefits it can provide to the body. Rigidity and softness are built into the design. Consider the similarities and differences between the most common types:

Springless Mattress / Spring Mattress

Distributes the person’s weight over the entire surface Takes shape of body position
wear resistant Requires careful attitude to the filler
Not pressed through voids may form
No metal construction Metal elements often fail
different price segment There are economy, middle and luxury classes
Not suitable for people weighing over 170 kilograms Withstands a load of more than 200 kilograms


Rating of springless mattresses 2023

There are hundreds of models on the market for specialized products. They vary in size, filler, weight and upholstery. To understand which mattress is better to choose for sleeping, the publication team visited the production site, talked to vertebrologists – medical specialists working with back diseases, and participated in testing popular brands. The nominees were evaluated according to certain criteria:

  • Compound;
  • Medical properties;
  • Rigidity;
  • Coating;
  • Guarantee period;
  • Price.

Also, when buying, the weight that the product can withstand is taken into account. For each model, these parameters vary. If the calculation is incorrect, the efficiency and service life will be reduced. Experts with whom we spoke during the study advise to take this parameter into account with a margin. Then the filler will not be constantly in the mode of limiting possibilities, but will have an additional margin of safety.

The best springless mattresses of 2022

1. Askona megatrend hard

One of the best nominees in the quality rating of springless mattresses . For many users, the product is recommended by doctors as an additional method of treatment. Reinforced design allows you to withstand up to 150 kilograms of weight. The filler consists of several layers: latex alternates with coconut coir. They take the optimal shape for the health of the spine and joints. The material does not deform during the entire period of operation. For optimal service, turn the product several times a year. The procedure ensures uniform wear throughout the entire service life. The manufacturer guarantees at least 7 years of use.

Suitable for consumers who prefer products of medium hardness. Requires specialized care. Household products can violate the integrity of the structure of the filler. Surface shallow stains can only be removed from the cover. For this, it is better to use dry mixtures or foam sprays that act purposefully on the stain. In the instructions, the manufacturer strongly recommends not to install the mattress close to cold and wet walls. Moisture and low temperatures can break the density of the filling, there is a risk of mold.

Askona megatrend hard


  • Orthopedic effect;
  • Universal application;
  • Withstands heavy loads;
  • Natural materials used;
  • You can buy in company stores and marketplaces.


  • Need specific care.


2. Beautyson roll foam 10 cocos

The base is made from a combination of artificial and natural fillers: polyurethane foam and coconut coir. Tandem creates a medium degree of rigidity thanks to a special alternation of layers. Creates a platform up to 12 centimeters. Suitable for shallow beds. The base is designed for a maximum weight of up to 110 kilograms. To extend the service life, the product should be turned over after 1.5-2 months. It can be ventilated outdoors at a temperature around + 15 + 20 degrees. Avoid contact with water and moisture on the coating. Multi-layer filling may deteriorate.

It has good medicinal properties. For this, several reinforced sections are provided. They support the back and joints in the correct position. The first signs of relief from pain symptoms can be felt after the first night. The platform helps to normalize sleep and get rid of fine wrinkles on the face. This will be facilitated by the optimal placement of the cervical region.

Beautyson roll foam 10 cocos


  • Natural materials used;
  • Small thickness;
  • The material is unpretentious in handling;
  • Hypoallergenic cover material;
  • Neutral smell.


  • Short service life.


3. Dreamline dreamroll

Springless orthopedic mattress provides a comfortable and safe body position during sleep. Rigidity is created by polyurethane foam. It is denser on one side and does not allow the surface to be pressed through. If you want a softer sensation, it will be enough to turn the product over. Plates 7.5 centimeters thick are glued together. Withstand up to 130 kilograms of weight. The product has a healing effect. The developers have strengthened several anatomically adjusted zones. They support the spine in the right position for health.

Upholstery jacquard. It has good durability properties. For cleaning, universal means are used. The fibers do not lose elasticity and color. You can carry out dry wet cleaning.

Dreamline dreamroll


  • Different degrees of hardness;
  • Retains shape;
  • Universal filler;
  • Wear-resistant cover;
  • Easy to find for sale.


  • There is a chemical smell during initial use.


4. Dimax twist roll memory

The manufacturer guarantees that the product will last at least 10 years. Latex is responsible for comfortable placement on it. Adjusts to the features of the figure and its position during sleep. It has medium hardness. The doctors we interviewed recommend using this for people from 40 to 60 years old. Many during this period require support for the spine and joints. Withstands loads up to 140 kilograms.

In the reviews of springless mattresses, buyers note that the tone of the body is strengthened, the feeling of fatigue after sleep disappears. The quality of rest improves, back pain decreases, minor curvature of the vertebrae disappears. Also, many take the product on a trip. Easily folds into a roll, does not deform and does not take up much space during transportation. Quickly returns to its original shape after spreading in a tent or car.

Dimax twist roll memory


  • Normalizes sleep;
  • Adjusts to the features of the body;
  • Withstands a good load;
  • Easy to pack;
  • The filler does not provoke allergic reactions.


  • The smell of a new product lasts for several days.


5. Lonax cocos-9

Hard springless mattress with natural filler . Coconut coir is intertwined in a special way. Creates a platform that can withstand loads up to 150 kilograms. The height is small – 9.5 centimeters. During operation, the product must be turned over so that wear occurs evenly. Helps to eliminate violations with posture and pain in the spine. Maintains the correct position of the back during rest. The muscles do not overstrain to keep their own weight and joints in the optimal position. Has hypoallergenic properties. Does not cause irritation of the integument and mucous membranes when inhaled microscopic particles. To clean the material, you need to use special tools so as not to disturb the structure of the natural material.

The cover is sewn from jacquard. Valued for wear resistance. Does not let natural fibers through. For safety, we recommend using an additional removable cover so that you can carry out regular washing.

Lonax cocos-9


  • natural filler;
  • Increased rigidity;
  • No age restrictions;
  • Unpretentious cover material;
  • Nice smell.


  • Cannot be rolled up.


6. Mr. mattress prolive soya

Multi-layer product of medium softness. Has a massage effect. Based on polyurethane foam. It gives elasticity and keeps the optimal shape for the back. On both sides, a memoriform is attached to it. He remembers the features of the spine and joints. Adjusts to their position during sleep. Withstands loads up to 170 kilograms. For optimal service life, the platform must be turned over. So the load and wear will be uniform.

Special care is required. Wet cleaning is only suitable for a jacquard cover. It is important that cleaning fluids and water do not get into the orthopedic layers. This may affect their medicinal properties. Suitable ventilation during dry and sunny weather. In case of severe pollution, you will need to use the services of professionals.

Mr. mattress prolive soya


  • Relieves back pain;
  • Adjusts to the anatomical features of the body;
  • Folds up compactly for transport
  • Universal upholstery;
  • Can be ordered remotely.


  • High price.


7. Albero roll max

Made from monolithic polyurethane foam. Synthetic filler does not cause itching and allergic reactions. Often used to equip a children’s recreation area. It does not retain odors. You can ventilate. Suitable for beds of different depths. The height of the product is 19 centimeters. Possesses average indicators of rigidity from two parties. It is worth turning over periodically so that the wear passes evenly.

Has good elasticity. The product can be rolled into a tight roll for transportation. After unpacking, it takes on its original shape within a few hours. The cover is made of natural light-colored jacquard. The fabric can be refreshed with damp cleaning and non-aggressive chemicals. This cleaning method prolongs the life of the product. The manufacturer promises at least 8 years of use.

Albero roll max


  • One-piece filler plate;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Suitable for different bed depths;
  • Long shelf life;
  • You can take it with you on trips.


  • Not always on sale.

8. Promtex-orient roll standard

Equipped with a jacquard cover with a zipper. This feature greatly simplifies the operation. Can be removed and washed in household machines on gentle mode or by hand. The product consists of several layers. Base in polyurethane foam. It bears the main load. Withstands up to 120 kilograms. On the one hand, a memoriform is attached to it. It remembers the features of the body position and takes the optimal shape for the health of the spine and joints. On the back of the product – latex. It also has the ability to adapt to the anatomy of the body.

The sizes of a product optimum are suitable, both for children, and for teenagers, and adults. Products serve at least 8 years, so many parents buy it for the prospect of a child’s growth. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the optimal length and width for any bed.

Promtex-orient roll standard


  • Orthopedic properties of the filler;
  • Removable cover;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Long service life;
  • Different degrees of rigidity of the sides.


  • In the early days, a rich odor may be felt.


9. Ormatek flex standart

Suitable for those who prefer hard surfaces. Keeps original forms during all service life. For the health of the back and joints, the developers have provided for zoning. 5 reinforced points adapt to the curves of the spine and keep it in the correct position. Used with beds with low borders. The maximum depth is 11 centimeters.

The design can be compact. Monolithic polyurethane foam is rolled up for transportation. It does not deform and quickly expands when opened. You can take it with you on a hike or use it for bedrooms in unheated country houses and summer cottages. The material is not afraid of temperature changes. Keeps integrity from 0 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius.

Ormatek flex standart


  • Wear-resistant filler;
  • Guarantee of service of a product not less than 7 years;
  • Will not deteriorate at low temperatures;
  • Wide size range;
  • Easy to find for sale.


  • The rigidity is the same on all sides.


10. Correct standart

Thin product of medium hardness. The maximum height of the sides of the bed for which the base is suitable is 4.5-5 centimeters. At the same time, it can withstand a lot of weight – up to 130 kilograms. Polyurethane foam has orthopedic properties. Helps restore back and joint health. Both sides are working. You need to turn over at regular intervals. This prolongs the life of the filler.

Suitable for compact transportation. Rolls up into a tight roll. This does not affect the integrity of the product. Quickly returns to its original shape after straightening. The cover is made of synthetic fabric. Differs in wear resistance. You can carry out wet cleaning. Complete cleaning should be entrusted to professional organizations. Household products can ruin the fibers.

Correct standart


  • Bilateral production;
  • Takes an optimal shape for the body;
  • Can be taken with you on trips
  • Compactly folds without harm to the filler;
  • Affordable price.


  • Dimensions of products may not correspond to the declared dimensions.


The best mattress covers

What to look for when buying

In order for the rest to bring the long-awaited relaxation, you need to decide in advance what qualities the products should have. We recommend testing the products in the store. In the exhibition hall, consultants offer to lie down on the product and feel the whole gamut of sensations that it gives. To understand which springless mattress to choose , a number of parameters should be taken into account when buying.

The size

Suitable for bed. As a rule, its parameters are standard. The platform should not be narrower, otherwise it will roll and bring discomfort during the rest. Measure the depth of the bed. If the base is much lower, then there is a risk of bruising during awkward turning. If the length and width of the furniture does not match the average, most manufacturers can make products to order.


Directly affects performance. The stronger the fibers, the longer they will last and the more comfortable the rest will be. Manufacturers use natural and artificial ingredients. Experiment with their combinations. Let’s consider the most common.


Coconut Possesses high properties of coupling. Holds weighty loads thanks to the elastic weave of threads. Won’t deteriorate if splashed with a small amount of water
Sisal Obtained from tropical plants. Holds its shape, quickly recovers after deformation
Biococo Combines natural and artificial fibres. Reduces the cost of finished products. Enhances the rigidity of the base
Latex Resin foamed in a special way gives softness. Works well with other materials
soy foam One of the most expensive fillers. Has a memory effect. Easily returns to original parameters after deformation
Polyurethane foam The most common type of platform. Has various properties. Depending on the density, it gives rigidity or softness.


When choosing, you need to rely on several aspects. Age is taken into account. For children and adolescents, during the formation of posture and joints, products are selected that will keep their shape well. From 20 to 55 years, softer fillers can be selected. For older residents need comfort during the holidays. Orthopedists advise using a combination of elastic and soft materials. The attending physicians can recommend the structure of the platform. Many patients with back problems need a base that will not collapse and change volumes. And someone, on the contrary, needs to relieve muscle spasms, pliable materials are needed to relax.

Case material

Natural or synthetic fibers may be used. The former will cost more, and they do not always guarantee a long service life. Pellets form on cotton and calico, color is lost over time. Most often, jacquard is used as a cover. Differs in resistance to external influences. Matte fibers do not slip, can be cleaned with household products.

Question answer

Single block or multi-layer mattress: which one to choose?

Monolayer platforms are universal. Used for healthy people. If diseases of the spine are identified, a combination of various fillers provides an orthopedic effect. The textures adapt to the features of the body and keep their shape, relax the muscles.

What filler is better for a springless mattress?

Depends on request. If getting rid of health problems is a priority, fibers with a memory effect and orthopedic properties are suitable. For a comfortable sleep, universal elastic foams are suitable. They allow you to vary the softness and rigidity.

What filler is better for a springless mattress?

Diseases may get worse. Starting from the spine, which will receive an additional load, ending with the respiratory organs. Taking the wrong position during sleep, the lungs are deformed. Sleep is disturbed, the body does not have time to recover and is in stress mode.

We recommend

Somnologists have proven that a comfortable rest can get rid of many problems in the body. The work of the brain improves, it receives a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients. Veins and arteries get rid of clamps and distribute the necessary vitamins to all organs. Muscle spasms on the spine and joints go away. To select high-quality products,  employees took part in product testing, talked with famous doctors. And here’s who of the nominees got into the rating of springless mattresses :

  • Ascona megatrend hard restores the balance of the joints, relieves small hernias. The multi-layer filler optimally adapts to the peculiarities of the position of the body during rest. Relaxes muscles;
  • Beautyson roll foam 10 cocos is a springless mattress for children. At the heart of the tandem of artificial and natural fibers. Normalizes sleep, improves posture, ensures the correct position of the neck, relieves spasms from veins and blood vessels;
  • Lonax cocos-9 is suitable for hard platform lovers. Natural filler withstands heavy loads. Does not deform during long-term use. The model is often chosen by people suffering from allergic reactions. Fibers do not provoke respiratory disorders;
  • mattress prolive soya has a massage effect. The multi-layer base is used on both sides. Improves blood circulation. Stimulates brain activity;
  • Ormatek flex standart is designed for shallow beds. Withstands temperature fluctuations. Is suitable for operation in country unheated houses. Folds up compactly for transport. You can take it with you on trips.

It is worth buying sleep products from trusted large manufacturers. They care about their reputation and guarantee a long service life of products. We constantly improve developments, offering customers new fillers and designs. Based on the tips we have described, it will be easier to choose a quality product among a variety of brands.