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Sleeping on a bad pillow, or simply on one that is not the right one for you, can cause several health problems:

  • Affectation of muscles and bones, such as pain in the neck, collarbone and shoulders.
  • Problems directly related to the respiratory system: apneas, snoring and even allergies.
  • In addition, you have to take into account the dreaded headaches. The correct pillow can also prevent migraine attacks related to poor head posture when sleeping.

If you rest on a good viscoelastic pillows, then you already know the benefits of this material. If not yet, a good way to test it is to start with the pillow.

But which one is the best for you? All the information you need to decide is gathered in this complete guide.

The 10 best memory foam pillows of 2023

The most important variables that determine which pillow model is the most convenient for each person are:

sleeping position

The body’s tendency to perspire

Individual preferences regarding firmness and size

In preparing this analysis we have taken all of them into consideration along with the technical characteristics, the price and the evaluations based on the experience of other buyers and our own.

This is the result of the classification.

1. Groundhog Pillow

 Extra-resistant and high-end, ideal for people who often change their position when sleeping.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: Fresh Gel Marmota sheet + microfiber cover

alm. marmot

After having launched some of the latest mattress models with the best reputation, Marmota has designed this pillow that promises to be very cozy and enveloping.

The truth is that, after our sleep test, we have found it really adaptable, so it seems versatile enough to be able to use it sleeping in any position. Our conclusion when testing it is that it molds easily and recovers its shape immediately.

The key is in its viscoelastic, formulated by its own brand that achieves:

  • Significant attenuation of pressure points
  • Very precise adaptation to any morphology
  • Efficient temperature regulation

With regard to the latter, Marmota’s proposal incorporates another technological innovation: the Fresh Gel top sheet capable of maintaining temperature, thus providing good comfort without heat accumulation.

The interior configuration, with ventilation channels, also allows good aeration and, therefore, greater hygiene.

Lastly, the stretch microfiber fabric cover is removable and 100% breathable. It protects the core of the pillow very well and, according to the manufacturer, extends its durability.


  • Viscoelastic formulated by the manufacturer
  • Good degree of adaptability and ergonomics
  • Good temperature regulation
  • durable and sturdy


  • The price is above average, although the value for money is optimal

2.Emma pillow

 Designed for those who want to fully adjust the height and firmness.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: fiber upper lining and breathable cover


Voted product of the year by consumers, Emma offers a 100% height-adjustable pillow. In this case, in addition, we can also choose the desired degree of firmness. This is possible due to its structure made up of three interchangeable layers:

  • Layer 1: Airgocel foam, which provides maximum elasticity
  • Layer 2: Viscoelastic, adaptable and non-deformable
  • Layer 3: HRX support, highly resilient

emma layered pillowYou can use them together or separately. In this way it is easy to find that satisfactory combination for each type of user, regardless of the position adopted when sleeping.

One of the sides of the pillow is adaptable and soft, and the other, more compact. Just choose your preferred level of firmness. The selected materials ensure, in any case, good support and relief of pressure points.

However, even removing some of the layers, our feeling when trying it is that it is a rather firm pillow, so we do not recommend it if you usually sleep on your stomach.

Emma solves the issue of breathability through the cover. The quilted microfiber is soft, elastic to the touch and very cool. This allows you to rest comfortably and without sweat. You can also machine wash it.

It is also interesting to note that all the materials in the product have an Oeko-Tex quality certificate.

It can be purchased in three sizes: 70×40 and 80×40 cm (for double beds) and 90×40 cm (for single beds).

Something that we especially like are the 100 trial nights, 10-year guarantee and free shipping and returns throughout Spain. In fact, their customer service has been awarded the 2021 best service award, something that is appreciated when you have a problem or question.


  • adjustable height
  • adjustable firmness
  • Breathable and washable cover
  • Extensive trial and warranty period


  • The price is somewhat high
  • We miss that the cover had some natural fabric

3. Almohad Uttu

 The best viscoelastic cervical pillow to sleep in any position.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: Uttu Dynamic + bamboo cover

Almohad Uttu

For the manufacture of this pillow, Uttu has not only used conventional viscoelastic foam, but has used its own patented technology which they have called “Uttu Dynamic”.

What does it consist of?

On the one hand, this memory foam has a greater resilience power than usual, since it is capable of recovering its initial shape in just five seconds. On the other, it avoids alterations due to temperature changes. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, the pillow does not vary in firmness.

We have tested it on its side, face up and face down, and we can confirm that it can be used in all three positions, since its height is regulated by removing or adding the intermediate layer. In this way we get different elevations ranging from 7 to 12 cm.

We also like its breathability: the elastic protector that the cover is made of incorporates a mixture of polyester and natural bamboo fiber. Although it does not have an inner cover, thanks to this combination of fabrics, moisture is quickly absorbed.

This ergonomic pillow has the Certi Pur-EU and Oeko-Tex quality certificates for its materials, both endorsed by ISPA (International Sleep Products Association).

Therefore, we are talking about a durable and safe product for the skin and health in general, which the manufacturer supports with a 96-night trial and a 5-year guarantee.

The keys that define it as the best cervical pillow are:

  • Use of premium materials .
  • Price adjusted to its quality.
  • 5 year warranty.


  • Superior viscoelastic technology
  • adjustable height
  • high quality materials
  • 96-night trial and 5-year warranty


  • It does not have an inner cover, however, the outer one is of good quality

4. Pillow The Mattress Warehouse

 The pillow for those who prioritize health and maximum hygiene.

Material: injected black memory foam (viscocarbon)

Sanitizing treatment: Sanitized + anti-mite

Breathability enhancer: active carbon


Active carbon, which is so present in the cleaning and cosmetology sectors, has also reached the world of rest. The core of this model is made entirely of injected and perforated black viscoelastic, also known as “viscocarbon”.

The main advantages of this visco have to do with the qualities of the activated carbon: it is an excellent filter of contaminating and harmful molecules. The carbon gives the pillow antistatic, antibacterial, anti-mold and anti-odour properties.

In addition to the above, the Airflow system allows permanent ventilation, reducing the humidity that the activated carbon is responsible for absorbing.

On the other hand, the Sanitized treatment reinforces cleaning even more, creating a good barrier against house dust mites and their allergens.

If you still have doubts about the hygienic protection of this pillow, you will like to know that it has a double cover: the outer one is made with stretch carbon active fabric and the fixed inner one is made with elastic fabric. Both are 100% polyester. With two safety sleeves, it is really difficult for dirt to reach the core.

After examining it for several nights, we have confirmed that it is indicated for sleeping on your back, although it is especially good for sleeping on your side (in this position it is the best way to align your head, neck and spine). We advise against it to rest face down.

Another of its strong points is that it comes in a wide variety of sizes: 70, 90, 135 and 150×40 cm, in addition to two double packs of 70 and 60 cm with which you save money.


  • Hypoallergenic and aseptic
  • good breathability
  • double cover
  • Variety of measures
  • Competitive price


  • It is not advisable to sleep on your stomach
  • The inner cover is not removable

5. Pillow Levesolls

 Orthopedic and configurable, a great option if you are looking for a cervical pillow.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: gel inside and 40% bamboo fiber in the cover


In this case, the structure can be modified by including or removing a core layer. Due to this and the inclined design that can be placed in both positions, up to four possible heights are achieved: 60 x 36 x 10-12/7-9 cm.

The core contains memory foam rubber gel particles. This material, according to the manufacturer, dissipates heat and maintains a constant temperature. It is also very elastic, so it slowly recovers its shape and ensures a good level of adaptability.

When testing the pillow, we found that it offers good support for the head and neck, regardless of the position when lying in bed. Its curvilinear design is very ergonomic and serves to prevent or improve stiffness in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back.

In addition, this pillow has a couple of extras that we consider interesting:

  • Two covers instead of one. The first adapts to the pillow when it incorporates its three layers and the second fits perfectly when used without the intermediate layer. This way there will be no excess or missing fabric, no matter which option you choose. In addition, both are non-slip and have an Oeko Tex quality certificate.
  • Washable fabric made of 40% bamboo fiber and 60% polyester (250 gr/m2). Bamboo is a natural fiber that is highly permeable and provides freshness by absorbing moisture. It repels dust, is anti-allergic and odourless.


  • adjustable height
  • ergonomic
  • two slings
  • natural bamboo fiber fabric


  • It is necessary to wash the covers before the first use
  • It is not possible to buy more covers separately

6. Pillow Todocama

 For users looking for adaptability and easy cleaning at a low price.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: anti-mite and antibacterial

Breathability enhancer: no


Todocama has this popular option in its product catalogue, which has convinced us because it is a simple and functional model.

The manufacturer himself states that its most outstanding feature is adaptability. The 100% high-density viscoelastic core provides an experience that we have found soft, fluffy and cozy; sufficient in most cases (if there are no specific injuries) to be able to get rid of cervical pressure and discomfort.

Another point to note is that it is the only pillow that we have found with a fully removable double cover. This means that not only can the outside be washed, but the inside can also be removed for complete household cleaning. As easy as putting a washing machine.

Although its data sheet does not make any mention of the system it uses to achieve good breathability, it did not seem like a hot pillow to us, although it must be said that we have tested it in months that are not excessively hot. What we can confirm is that the stretch type fabric with aloe vera is treated against bacteria and mites.

As a final detail, it is available at a reduced price and in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for all kinds of beds: 67, 70, 75, 80, 90, 105, 120, 135 and 150 cm x 36 cm. In addition, it is possible to save by buying a pack of two units of 70 or 75×36 cm.


  • good adaptability
  • Fully removable double cover
  • antiallergic
  • Wide variety of sizes


  • No system to enhance breathability

7. Seasons Pillow

 Mid-range double pack ideal for tight budgets.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: no


Seasons Camapolis has focused on optimizing the degree of adaptation and we believe that the firm has achieved a good result. Lying on the pillow we do not notice a sinking, but a smooth and quite comfortable adaptation.

The height is adequate for sleeping on your side and on your back: we have been able to verify how the cervicals remain in the correct position, helping to dissolve tension in this area. However, be careful if you are one of those who sleeps face down. In that case, it will not be your best option because you would be adopting a forced cervical posture.

Ideal if you don’t like wavy designs. Its flat, simple and more traditional format also incorporates high-density memory foam (50 kg/m3).

It comes in a pack of two units, practical both for those who sleep alone and for couples with similar needs or preferences. There is nothing written about taste, so for those who want to have a single long pillow in their double bed, the brand also offers this same model in 135 cm length, perfect for beds up to 150 cm.

It also incorporates a double cover for greater hygiene. The interior is not removable, it is heat-sealed so that it does not slip or generate involuntary movements during the night. The exterior can be washed and its stretch elastic fabric treated with aloe vera provides softness and comfort.

The good price has caught our attention, very tight considering that this is a quite interesting mid-range option.


  • very adaptable
  • Inner and outer protective cover
  • Competitive price


  • The inner cover is not machine washable, but the outer cover is.
  • Suitable for sleeping on your side and on your back, not on your stomach

8. Pillow TextileHome

 The simplest and cheapest option, ideal if you are looking for a pillow for sporadic use.

Material: viscoelastic foam

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: Organic aloe vera fabric

The combination of high-density memory foam and medium firmness is especially suitable for sleeping on your side or back. We would not recommend it for sleeping on your stomach because, in this position, the cervicals would be somewhat forced by the height of the pillow.

Thanks to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic treatments, it is a good model for people with allergies.

And although it is a simple model, the outer cover is made from an ecological aloe vera fabric. This helps dissipate heat that can be generated from skin contact, especially during the hotter months.

Also, we like that the cover is easily removable with a zipper, and can be washed at home.

The price is one of the lowest we have found, and it offers different designs, from cervical, for legs or for traveling, as well as different sizes: 70, 75, 90, 105, 135, 150×30 cm.


  • Removable, breathable and soft organic aloe vera cover
  • Variety of measures
  • cheap price


  • The firmness may be excessive for sleeping on your stomach

9. Don Rest Pillow

 Viscoelastic in flakes with à la carte finishes to adapt it to your needs.

Material: viscoelastic cups

Sanitizing treatment: optional

Breathability enhancer: optional

gift rest

Don Descanso makes this striking proposal that deserves to be part of our selection.

To begin with, the core of this pillow is made up of viscoelastic flakes, not a single block.

The feel of the flakes is different, and we assume that it will largely depend on personal taste, but they also have the ability to provide comfort and correct posture for the neck and head. It has shown us that it can be comfortable and very ergonomic, however, we believe that its adaptability is somewhat lower than that of compact core models.

But its authentic originality lies in the finishes of its four cover options, one for each type of user/need:

  • Aloe vera: gives a very soft touch, has soothing properties and offers greater protection for sensitive skin.
  • Gel Fresh: provides extra freshness avoiding excess moisture. The manufacturer guarantees that this pillow reduces heat by 20% compared to a conventional memory foam pillow.
  • Active carbon: keeps dirt away, is hypoallergenic, antistatic and neutralizes bad odours. In addition, it is also breathable.
  • Lavender flower: contains a natural perfume with relaxing properties, ideal for enjoying aromatherapy while you sleep.

All covers are made of stretch-type fabric . Each model is available in a double pack of 70×38 cm at a really low price.


  • Good sense of ergonomics and comfort
  • Cover customization
  • The lowest price of all the models analyzed


  • Less adaptability
  • There is only option of pack of 2 pillows

10. Sleep Pillow

 Ideal for those looking for a basic and economical model.

Material: viscoelastic polyurethane

Sanitizing treatment: no

Breathability enhancer: optional

I sleep

Something that the different versions of this model have in common is the compact viscoelastic core formed by a single block.

The conformability and thermosensitivity are acceptable. The firmness has been rather low for us and this makes it suitable for sleeping on your stomach, although at the same time it makes its support not recommended if you usually sleep on your back.

Although it is a basic viscoelastic pillow, its quality is enough that we can recommend it to those who do not want to complicate themselves or spend too much. Or if what you are looking for is a pillow for sporadic use.

So far the virtues of the simplest design end, but Dormio offers two more versions:

  • The breathable: with a perforated core that allows better interior ventilation.
  • The washable: we are not referring to the cover, but to the core of the pillow itself.

All three options include an inner mesh for moisture absorption and an outer cover treated with aloe vera. The latter has a zipper to facilitate its washing at home.


  • Low firmness ideal for sleeping on your stomach
  • Inner mesh and removable outer cover
  • The washable version can be completely put in the washing machine


  • The simplest version is not very breathable
  • Can be wonky if you usually sleep on your back

recommended models

Still not clear? According to our evaluation and experience, these are the most outstanding models in the ranking :

The best quality-price viscoelastic pillow: Marmota Pillow

alm. marmot

This is your choice if you don’t want to take risks by compromising quality on account of price. Marmota is not a cheap choice, but after using it several nights in a row we concluded that it is well worth what you pay for it.

The concept of this pillow is based on two technological innovations: the exclusive memory foam and the top sheet of Fresh Gel. Two advances developed and manufactured by the company itself and that represent a plus only reserved for high-end models.

Adaptability and breathability, two of the key qualities we look for in a memory foam pillow, were far outclassed in our review. As much as we have varied the conditions to make it more demanding, the grade has always been high.

This is a model that is very resistant to use and the passage of time, which we appreciate as fundamental data to calculate the amortization of the investment that it entails.

The best viscoelastic cervical pillow: Uttu pillow

Almohad Uttu

The UTTU is not only a good viscoelastic pillow, but it is also an excellent cervical pillow (we will explain the differences between one and the other later).

If you wonder what makes it so special, the answer is concise: its exclusive memory foam Uttu Dynamic has been developed by expert sleep scientists and has three benefits that stand out above other options:

  • It improves the fit to the natural curve of your body and supports the head and neck very well.
  • Retains firmness intact throughout the year. It does not cake or stretch with changes in ambient temperature.
  • It guarantees its qualities for 5 years of daily use.

It is suitable for you to sleep in any position, you only have to remove or put on the middle layer. This adjustable height, together with the soft natural bamboo fiber cover and, above all, the quality of its materials, makes us consider it a master purchase.

Comparative table of the best viscoelastic pillows

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

alm. marmot
See price viscoelastic foam Fresh Marmot Gel
Microfiber Sling
Microfibra strech
See price viscoelastic foam Fiber lining + breathable cover Polyester and elastane
Almohad Uttu
The fog
See price viscoelastic foam Utto Dynamic
Bamboo cover
bamboo and polyester
See price Injected viscoelastic Sanitized + anti-mite Airflow system
active carbon
Active carbon and polyester
See price viscoelastic foam Antibacterial
and anti-dust cover
heat dissipating gel bamboo and polyester
See price viscoelastic foam Antibacterial and anti-mite Polyester
See price viscoelastic foam stretch and aloe vera

See price viscoelastic foam breathable cover Aloe vera organic fabric
gift rest
gift rest
See price Memory foam flakes Optional Optional Stretch, 4 finishes to choose from
I sleep
I sleep
See price Viscoelastic polyurethane Perforated core option Aloe vera

Live test of the best pillows of the year

And if you still have any doubts about which pillow to choose, we have prepared this video for you in which we reveal the 5 best pillows in value for money along with their most outstanding features and our opinion after trying them.

Guide to buying the best viscoelastic pillow

several pillows

Knowing how to buy well is an art that can be cultivated. To give you the support you need before making a final decision, we have prepared this guide with all the information you are interested in knowing.

Do not lose detail.

5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of memory foam pillows

Viscoelastic pillows offer a good number of benefits, some of which we have already mentioned to you during the model analysis. However, before making the purchase, you probably want to be aware that there may also be some disadvantages.

Since this is a subjective enough topic, only you can decide which way your balance tips.

To make it a bit easier for you, here is a schematic overview:


  • Eliminate pressure on the cervical vertebrae
  • They improve cranial blood circulation by up to 80% and relax muscular tension in the neck
  • Promote an anatomically correct position
  • They do not suffer deformations due to use or changes in environmental temperature, therefore, they last longer
  • They prevent and relieve allergies and snoring, they are hypoallergenic


  • For some people it is difficult to get used to them the first few days
  • They cannot be washed by machine or by hand, although their covers can be when they are removable.
  • Low-end viscoelastic pillows can produce a sensation of heat
  • Since they are firmer, they also weigh more than other materials
  • They are more expensive than conventional hollow fiber

Differences between a viscoelastic pillow and a cervical pillow. Is the same?

design pillowA cervical pillow is one that has been specially designed to mitigate discomfort and relax the entire neck area. Its main purpose is to achieve correct cervical support.

The spine starts from these vertebrae, so it makes a lot of sense to say that good body alignment depends not only on the trunk, but also on the correct posture of the head and neck.

Now, not all cervical pillows are viscoelastic: sometimes they are made with another type of material, such as foam or latex. However, visco is widely used in its manufacture because its inherent properties make it perfect for achieving the objectives of optimal adaptability and support that define and characterize cervical pillows.

memory foam pillowIn turn, not all viscoelastic pillows have to be cervical, although they usually are for the same reason.

In summary: although we can find some honorable exceptions, as a general rule, mid-range and high-end cervical pillows are usually made with a viscoelastic core.

What should you take into account when selecting a viscoelastic pillow?

The material

recovery pillowIf you are going to make the leap from a traditional pillow to a viscoelastic one, it is most likely that several of the benefits of this material are still unknown to you.

Either because the doctor has prescribed it for you, on the recommendation of a relative or because you are simply curious to see if it is for you, it is reasonable that you have some previous notions before experimenting in person.

Due to its viscous and elastic properties, viscoelastic is a non-deformable and highly adaptable material. This is why it is also ergonomic and therapeutic in itself.

Upon coming into contact with it, the natural heat that our body gives off activates its molecular structure, since it is thermosensitive. This is how adaptability works, which in turn allows pressure points and related tensions to be relieved.

When we talk about resilience we refer to the ability to recover the form with greater or lesser speed. The best viscoelastic is the one that is very resilient, since it is also the most non-deformable. It ensures greater durability while maintaining the same conditions of ductility and firmness.

Memory foam pillows have a shelf life of at least 4 years if used and cared for properly. Do not worry about this! Below we will give you some tips to extend the life of your pillow to the fullest.

The density

Some manufacturers indicate the exact density in relation to the number of grams per m³, others simply speak of firmness. This is because both are closely related: the greater the density, the greater the firmness, and vice versa. The adaptability of the pillow depends on the firmness/density to mold itself fluently to the body structure.

It is not necessary to obsess over numbers, just know that an average firmness is around 50g/m³. This is the one that should be used by all those who suffer from cervical pain.

Above this figure we will already be talking about medium-high and high firmness, only for sleeping on your side or back and, in general, for adults without health problems.

Below 50g/m³ the firmness is medium-low and low, a recommended option for stomach sleepers and people with low bone density, for example the elderly. However, it is not recommended for overweight people.

TipIf you still don’t know what might be best for you, ask your physiotherapist or specialist doctor for any questions. You can also start by trying a memory foam pillow of medium firmness, from there you can determine if you need more or less density.


wave shaped pillowWithin this section we include the internal structure, shape and size.

The core can differ a lot from one model to another. Some have several layers or memory foam of different composition and format. Pay special attention to this point, it will largely define the qualities of the pillow.

The external shape can be flat and oval thus resembling conventional pillows. The advantage of this type of viscoelastic pillows is that for many people it is easier to adapt to them. In addition, aesthetically they do not represent any change for your bed.

But we also have viscoelastic pillows in the shape of a wave or with slopes or reliefs. These are usually, in turn, cervical. Their design focuses on neck support, so they are preferred to loosen contractures and relieve muscle pain and for those who have cervical problems.

The most common size is the one with a length of 70 cm, both for single and double beds (where two are used). As it is already known that there is nothing written about tastes, for couples who prefer to share even something as personal as the pillow, many manufacturers have measures of 135 and 150 cm, useful in beds of these same dimensions.

The cover is also essential. It must include at least one that is removable and its fabric should be, at a minimum, elastic, breathable and washable. The best covers are those that include natural materials in their composition such as cotton, bamboo fibers or aloe vera.


Although it is true that viscoelastic is a very hygienic material, due to its characteristic density it can be poorly breathable. Most brands that sell mid-range and high-end models are concerned with finding a way to solve this aspect: it is what we call a “breathability-enhancing system”.

Surely, while reading the analysis of the models, you have realized that many of them show very different solutions: micro-perforations in the core, gel sheets, natural fibers, breathable fabrics for the covers…

If you are a warm person or live in a climate that is temperate in winter and hot in summer, then you must give the corresponding importance to this matter: it will be of vital importance to achieve good comfort.

before choosing

Now that you’re up to date on all the technical stuff, it’s time to move on to more practical issues. This is how you will get the most out of your pillow:

The relationship between density, breathability and adaptability.

The golden rule of memory foam is: + density = + adaptability and – breathability. Do not be alarmed, as we have just seen, there are multiple systems to increase the free flow of air and maintain good reception at the same time.

Attention to measurements. 

pillow sizesThere is usually no middle ground: some brands only make one size and others have a wide variety of lengths, even the most unusual ones. 

The pillow can be as long as the bed or a few centimeters shorter. Be careful, before buying, measure the covers of your sheet sets well.

Complete rest equipment.

A viscoelastic pillow can make the difference between a restful and pleasant rest and one that is not at all, but remember that it is not the only element that has an influence. The mattress, the box spring and even the bedding also have a lot to do with it.

Two people, two pillows.

In general, sharing is a good idea, but when it comes to resting at your leisure, there is nothing like doing it with your own pillow that you can reposition, hug or remove quietly and without disturbing your partner. Do you love her very much and do not want to distance yourself or sleep? The individual pillows can be placed together without sacrificing the independence of each one.

Above all, protection.

pillow protectorI recommend that the cover is always breathable and elastic. The use of stretch fabric is very common , which favors movement during rest, has a soft and pleasant touch and breathes very well. It also guarantees that the pillow is always well ventilated and free of mites, dampness and bad odours.

But the material of the cover is not everything, remember to wash it frequently to maintain its hygiene!

Caring for your viscoelastic pillow

To maximize the life of your pillow, you should follow these simple guidelines:

 Never place the pillow too close to a heat source like a radiator or stove. The sensitivity that memory foam has to heat could damage it irreversibly. Similarly, try not to subject it to frost. In short: no extreme temperatures.

 In the analysis of this guide we have seen a model with a removable and washable inner cover and even another model that can be completely cleaned in the washing machine. But generally, the only part of the pillow that can be machine washed at home is the outer cover. If dirt has accumulated on the non-removable fabric, take the pillow to a dry cleaner and have it professionally dry cleaned.

 So that things do not reach that point, try to always keep the pillow covered: use the one that is incorporated and also the one from your set of sheets.

If you follow all these tips, I guarantee that you will enjoy your pillow in perfect condition for a long time.

physical and mental rest

We hope that this guide has been useful to clarify the physical and mental benefits of using a viscoelastic pillow. If you finally decide to buy one, look for the one that meets your requirements and covers your most personal needs.

Sleep well!