Do you like to travel and are you attracted by the freedom of sleeping in your own car instead of in a hotel? If so, a car mattress will give you more comfort.

With this guide you will save yourself a lot of research time as we offer you the best mattresses for your excursions on four wheels, also checking that your back is not an accordion the next morning.

We have tested different models to share with you which are the best mattresses to use in the car and we trust that our experience will help you.

Keys to choose a good mattress for the car

What kind of car do you have? Not all cars are suitable for sleeping in them. The ideal is to have a large trunk and folding rear seats, so that a flat space of at least 180 cm deep can be created. You will also need a minimum acceptable width , of about 135/140 cm . Of course, the more, the better.

What use are you going to give the mattress for the car? The more you are going to use the car mattress, the less you should contain the budget. Sleeping in the car isn’t the same as resting in a hotel bed , so if you’re going to do it on a regular basis, you’d better invest in the best possible mattress.

Mattress type . If you are two people, you will almost certainly need a mattress for the trunk . In addition, an inflatable mattress does not occupy the same packed space as a folding one, and the inflatable requires a pump or good lungs.

Mattress Features . You must take into account other important aspects, such as that you do not want to be cold, that the smell of plastic fills the space or suffer a puncture in the mattress after the first use.

The 10 best car mattresses of 2023

We have selected for you the most outstanding models of mattresses for the car:

1.Sinbide trunk

A good choice to take advantage of a large trunk

Sinbide car bed mattress

Type: inflatable trunk

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 190 x 130 x 12 cm (head) – 6 cm (tail)

If you have a large car, whose rear seats can be folded down to form a large space, then you will also need a large mattress, such as the Sinbide , which can be your great ally thanks to its dimensions.

There are not usually many large inflatable car mattresses, but with this model the feet will not escape from below .

At 190cm in total length, you’re unlikely to miss another mattress. Of course, put to ask, we would have liked that the width had also been somewhat greater.

Functional and versatile

As expected, this Sinbide includes a useful rapid inflation pump (accompanied by 4 adapters), which is capable of filling the five bodies that make up the mattress with air in 3 minutes.

sinbide car mattress - back seatThe design of this mattress is also very versatile. Its folds in the central module allow only some of them to be inflated and used in the rear seats of the car. In the same way, you can easily convert it into an inflatable seat for camping or the beach.

Another element that we liked are the sides as wings, which allow to save the wheel arch protectors that are in every vehicle. Thus, the mattress can continue to have a flat central base, without being forced.

Finally, we would love to tell you that this mattress does not have the same flaws as other inflatable mattresses, but air leaks and punctures are always lurking. On the other hand, you will like this model if you have a lot of space available , but if not, it is better to look at a smaller one because it should not bend.


  • Big size
  • With pump with 4 adapters
  • Responsive design


  • Not for small holes
  • tends to deflate
  • single size

2. QHD

A spacious bed for two in your trunk

QHD SUV Mattress

Type: inflatable trunk

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 185 x 130 x 11.9 cm

An interesting model if you need to share space with another person in your car or want to enjoy maximum spaciousness, is this QHD brand air mattress . Its length of 185 cm makes it suitable for many heights .

It comes with a practical 12V electric pump capable of inflating the mattress in 3 minutes. In addition, you can also use it to deflate it quickly, which will save you the effort of having to do it by hand.

A practical model to use in company

QDH car mattress back seatIts design does not deviate much from the norm: corrugated mat-like surface, 2 cushions and folding side skirts , which are an extra help to adapt to the wheel arches of the rear axle of the car (which always steal space).

On the other hand, in its central construction it has 3 volumes, which makes it easy to use it as a sofa or in the back seats of the car, being quite versatile.

Although it is one of the thickest in the ranking, it is thinner than we would like, so comfort does not particularly stand out . Also, we do not recommend it for side sleeping, but this is a common problem in all models.

In general, this QHD does what it promises without being a prodigy. It’s roomy, cleverly designed and adaptive , and has a good pump, but it’s also prone to air leaks and punctures, something none of them can get away with.


  • Good size
  • Adaptable and modular design
  • Pump to inflate and deflate


  • Prone to air leaks and punctures
  • single size

3. Vinteks

 A simple option to sleep with your legs stretched out

Vinteky mattress

Type: inflatable trunk

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 175 x 135cm

If you don’t want to sleep cramped in the car seats or you travel as a couple, you have the option of an inflatable mattress for the trunk , like this Vinteky with a fairly affordable price. It stands out compared to other models for allowing you to rest with your body (more or less) stretched out , with the comfort that this provides.

Of course, keep in mind that sleeping on your side will be problematic, as is usual in inflatable mattresses, since the weight of the body is concentrated in less space and the mattress does not have much capacity to absorb it.

Designed for two people

Vinteky interior car mattressIts measurements (135x175cm) are more than enough to be able to sleep as a couple in the car if that is what you need. In addition, its velvety surface is pleasant to the touch.

However, we have missed a greater thickness of the mattress that provides more firmness against movements. In addition, it does not get rid of suffering air leaks.

A positive point is that it incorporates a fairly efficient electric pump , capable of inflating the mattress in less than 3 and a half minutes. It also comes with two practical inflatable pillows.

Its central body is divided by a fold that is displaced from the center. In this way, it can also be used as a travel sofa , very useful if you go away for a few days on the road, or as an improvised mattress for rear seats by only inflating one part.


  • Economic and functional
  • pretty decent bomb
  • Serves as a travel couch
  • Allows you to sleep well stretched out


  • little thickness
  • Loses air with use
  • single size

4. Ediesi

A model with good stability and efficient pump

Ediesi mattress

Type: inflatable for rear seats

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 145 x 80 x 10 cm

If you are looking for an inflatable model for the rear seats of your car, comfortable and that meets the objective of being good, beautiful and cheap, this Ediesi could be a good candidate. This model has small details that make the difference , which gives it a certain advantage.

Easy and comfortable use

Edesi Mattress inflatable pumpThis mattress has a fairly decent electric pump to plug into the car cigarette lighter, capable of inflating your makeshift bed in just two minutes. Besides, it includes 3 different mouthpieces, 2 inflatable cushions and 1 transport bag to make it easier to store .

In addition, it incorporates 2 wide appendages to cover the leg holes of the rear seats, and even a third for the space between the front seats. These reinforcements make the experience go up a degree in comfort , since they provide greater stability and support when sleeping.

Good performance and comfort

It supports up to 350 kg , so the pressure of the weight should not worry you. On the other hand, despite the fact that the rear passenger compartment of the car is usually small, this mattress is slightly larger than others (145 cm) , which is appreciated and even allows 2 people to sleep on it quite comfortably.

In short, it is a model that can provide you with sufficient comfort and ease of use, although without great fanfare . Keep in mind, however, that it suffers from the same problems as practically all inflatable mattresses, such as loss of air after each use or the propensity to puncture. But, in the rest, it complies with dignity.


  • Fairly fast electric pump
  • Good strength and size
  • Stability of your supports


  • Loses air with use
  • puncture prone
  • single size

5. FMS

Ingenious way to take advantage of the back seats of your car

FMS mattress

Type: inflatable for rear seats

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 130 x 27 x 33 cm

This model is out of the ordinary and may be more than enough to take advantage of the rear seats. It is an inflatable extender of the support surface, which exclusively covers the hollow of the legs so that you do not fall over there.

If you decide to sleep directly on the padding of the rear seats, this FMS inflatable will help you not to fall through the hole. Another possible use is as a complement to give greater support to other rear seat mattresses.

Thanks to it, you will be able to cover well the rear spaces for the extremities, avoiding that, when turning over, you can fall and hit yourself with the floor of the car.

A curious idea that works well

FMS inside the carThis accessory for the rear seats will allow you to spread out some blankets and make it appear that there is more space at the same level. In addition, it supports up to 300 kilos of weight , so you will not have to worry about moving.

The design of the inflatable mattress is simple, but effective . It has a curvature in the middle area, designed to avoid the central tunnel of most cars. But if yours does not have it, we do not recommend that you buy it, because it would sink in that part.

Something that has not convinced us is that this model does not include an electric pump . In addition, it has two inflation valves that are much larger than normal, so you will need to inflate it by lungs or buy a pump with the appropriate nozzle separately.





  • compact design
  • supports weight well
  • Allows you to sleep directly on the seats
  • Supplement for rear seats


  • Does not include electric pump
  • Valves with special nozzle
  • not really a mattress

6. Sinbide

An affordable air mattress for the back seat of the car

Sinbide mattress

Type: inflatable for rear seats

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 135 x 82 x 10 cm

If you want to save as much as possible to sleep in the car but with some comfort, this Sinbide model may interest you.

Taking advantage of the rear seats of your vehicle to rest can be a good experience if you have an inflatable mattress like this one.

sinbide interior carIt is designed to cover the hollow of the legs with its inflatable appendages, thus adding some extra space. Of course, do not expect great stability in that area. In fact, the mattress also includes two pillows, which many people use to secure the hollow area, something we recommend you do.

A simple and functional inflatable mattress

This inflatable mattress includes an electric pump (with three adapters) to help with inflation, as well as a practical transport bag, something that is appreciated.

Of course, we have verified that the pump has little flow, taking between 3 and 5 minutes to inflate the mattress. Also, if you really want some firmness, you’ll need to finish the job by blowing yourself anyway.

On the other hand, although it supports 250 kg, we do not recommend its use for two people because the space does not give much. Also, be careful not to force it, as it is prone to deflation and quite sensitive to punctures .

In short, an affordable and unpretentious model that can give you a good service if you are not very demanding . Without a doubt, we recommend it for sporadic use, never intensive.


  • Simple and effective
  • Includes pump and carry bag
  • Cheap to get out of trouble


  • low pump flow
  • You will need to also inflate the lung
  • Can deflate a bit

7. Sale Of Mattresses HR30

For those who prioritize comfort and good rest

Type: folding

Material: hard canvas sling, HR30 foam and memory foam interior

Dimensions:  various sizes to choose from

Within the range of folding mattresses, it is difficult to find one that is attractive to sleep more than one night on. If we had to choose one, it would be this one.

Mattress Sales Cover30The strong point of this model is its internal composition: a base of high-resilience foam (HR30) and an upper layer of 3 cm of viscoelastic , which favors adaptation to our body and greater comfort. Without a doubt, these two factors make a big difference, since they will allow you to sleep with superior comfort , and are not usually present in other car mattresses.

We like that it is removable , as it allows better mattress hygiene and is very easy to remove thanks to its zipper. It is also easy to clean. It has a carrying handle and also has a strap that allows it to be converted into a briefcase.

As it is only 10 cm thick , its absorption capacity is limited. Its firmness is medium but it can be hard for thin people or people used to sleeping on soft beds. On the other hand, the hard canvas is a fabric that is not very breathable and gives a lot of heat .

The use of materials of a certain level also has an impact on the price, being one of the highest in the comparison, although its quality and good finishes are worth the investment. You have it available in various combinations of width and length.


  • greater comfort
  • Well finished finishes
  • good adaptability
  • Various sizes available


  • highest price
  • Poorly breathable cover
  • Something hard for skinny people


To optimize the sleeping space of your Fiat Ducato

kfoam mattress

Type: folding for front seats

Material: foam mattress + MDF board

Dimensions: 160 x 74 x 7 cm + 1 cm of the board

This model is special. Firstly, because it is a product for use in the front seats , and secondly, because it is designed for some specific vehicles, such as vans or motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato (2002-2018 models) and Citroën Jumpy models. and Peugeot Boxer (from 2006).

To make the most of space down to the last centimeter

We have verified that the mattress has been designed to optimize the space available between the seats and the front console of these models. This will allow you to take advantage of the front seats to be able to sleep there, which is not very common.

However, the downside is that it won’t work for you (or will work poorly) if you have any other model of van or car.


kfoam front seatThis mattress includes a base in wood conglomerate (DM) to bridge the gaps between seats and improve comfort when resting on a flat surface. But it also makes it more inconvenient to install or store , since the board is quite heavy and there are no handles or a bag to store it. What it does have is an easy-to-remove cover for washing.

On the other hand, this model will require you to fasten the passenger seat belt to provide more resistance. However, we have observed that it does not have reinforcements in the wells for the legs of the seats, so it loses stability.

Finally, it must be said that its foam interior is only 7 cm thick , so the comfort or the ability to adapt to the body are quite fair. In addition, its 160 cm width may be a bit tight depending on your height. This makes it ideal for children , but a bit of a compromise for robust adults.


  • Perfect adaptation to compatible vehicles
  • space optimization
  • For the front passenger compartment


  • Only for specific vehicles
  • the board is heavy
  • something small to sleep
  • poor adaptability

9. Sale Of Mattresses D25

A functional mattress to use on short breaks


Type: folding

Material: Hard canvas sling and DR25 foam interior

Dimensions: various sizes to choose from

This model from VentaDeColchones is a good option to be able to rest in the car without spending too much and with sufficient padding.

We have to highlight its foam interior with a density of 25 kg/m3 , which offers good firmness. This, together with its 10 cm thickness , will allow you to have better support for your back than other thinner models. Despite everything, it lacks materials that provide greater adaptability, such as viscoelastic, so it remains a functional mattress.

Easy to transport and clean

sales of mattresses 25 foldedWe like that it is very easy to transport , as it folds like a briefcase thanks to a practical connecting strip, although it takes up a lot of space, 120 x 63 x 30 cm.

In addition, the material of its hard canvas cover is very easy to clean and remove from the padding, facilitating maintenance of the mattress. But it is not a very breathable material, so it causes a greater sensation of heat .

In summary, we are faced with an attractive model for its quality / price ratio . Although it does not shine especially in any aspect, it does not have great cons.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to fold, transport and store
  • Easy cleaning and removable cover
  • Various sizes available


  • low adaptability
  • The bow gives heat
  • Takes quite a lot of folding

10. Beautissu Campix

A good option for the tightest budgets

Colchón Beatissu

Type: folding

Material: Polyester cover and foam interior

Dimensions: various sizes to choose from

If you need an economical but functional mattress for the car, without having to suffer discomfort, this folding model from Beautissu may be for you.

It is a mattress with a very thin foam interior (between 7 and 10 cm, depending on the version), so it is a fairly basic model. This affects the quality of rest, since the thinner the thickness, the less capacity for adaptation.

For this reason, we believe that it is a more suitable model for children and thin people and that the best use will be sleeping on your back or face down , since the pressure will be better distributed over its surface. Sleeping on your side can feel pressure points on your body such as your shoulders or hips digging in, so we don’t recommend it for this position.

Its foam core offers medium firmness, so you won’t feel it too hard and it will adapt a little better.

Simple but fulfilling

Throw the mattress to BeatissuDespite its fairly low price, we were surprised that it has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which guarantees the absence of toxins and the sanitary quality of its components.

It has a removable cover that can be washed at 40ºC , although we must point out that it is too thin and we believe that it could be easily damaged.

On the other hand, its assembly is extremely fast. It is also very easy to fold and store in any corner, thanks to a built-in velcro strap. Although you should know that when folded it takes up more space than an inflatable one.

It is a good mattress if you want to spend just enough and use it in the car sporadically , as long as you do not weigh much. Otherwise, you’re better off looking for a thicker, more supportive model. It is available in various width and length measurements so you can find the one that best suits your vehicle.

ProsEasy to assemble and disassemble

  • Removable cover suitable for washing machine
  • Affordable price
  • Various sizes available


  • cover too thin
  • little thickness
  • Not suitable for robust people

Comparison of the best car mattresses

Note: if you see it on mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Name Price Size Thickness  Materials Maximum load

sinbide trunk
sinbide trunk
See price 190×130 cm 12 / 6 cm PVC 250 kg
See price 185×130 cm 11,9 cm PVC 260 kg
See price 175×135 cm PVC N/D
See price 145×80 cm 10 cm PVC 350 kg
See price 130×27 cm 33 cm PVC 300 kg
See price 135×82 cm 10 cm PVC 250 kg
See price desde 80×190 cm
hasta 120×190 cm
10 cm HR30
and viscoelastic foam
See price 160×74 cm 7 cm (+1 cm base) Foam
See price desde 80×190 cm
hasta 120×190 cm
10 cm Foam
Beautissu Campix
Beautissu Campix
See price desde 60×190 cm
hasta 120×195 cm
10 / 7 cm Gomaespuma

Our car mattress recommendations

Best folding mattress: SaleOfMattresses HR30

This VentaDeColchones offers a remarkable ability to adapt to the body and provides extra comfort thanks to the use of viscoelastic .

We have also been convinced by its HR30 high-resilience foam in its core, something that favors back support and is not common among its competitors.

Without a doubt, it is a model that stands out for being among the most comfortable car mattresses on the market , as well as being easy to clean and transport everywhere.

Best inflatable mattress for rear seats: Ediesi

ediesi_carSleeping in the rear seats of the car is not an easy task, but the Edesi makes it a little easier with details such as the slightly larger size than the rest (145 x 80 cm), the remarkable resistance to continued use, the wide reinforcements and a good quality in its finishes.

We value the good stability it has and its efficient electric pump to inflate it. Without a doubt, it is a good choice to take advantage of the rear seats of your vehicle.

Best Trunk Mattress: Sinbide Trunk

SinbidecocheIf your option for sleeping in the car is to use the trunk and be able to stretch your legs (or sleep with your partner), this Sinbide model is our recommendation.

You have a huge space of up to 190 cm , which will be more than enough for almost everyone.

In addition, we like its design intended to fit the interior of the car, with folding side skirts .

It is easy to inflate with its electric pump and its 4 adapters, you can turn it into an improvised camping or beach sofa , and once it is folded up, it takes up almost nothing.

Car mattress buying guide

If the purchase of a mattress for the home must be done carefully, choosing one for the car is also delicate .

Look, if you sleep in the car improperly, the next day you could end up with considerable back, neck or hip pain . Or all at once. Let’s not say if the trip lasts more than one day in a row or many throughout the year.

Maybe the younger ones can recover from it faster, but nobody is invulnerable. An inappropriate choice of car mattress can guarantee you a one-way ticket to the nearest physical therapist.

If you do not want to go through that, we advise you to pay attention to the following information.

What is a car mattress?

Man drinking coffee in the carA car mattress is one specifically designed to be used inside a vehicle, trying to take advantage of the limited space available. Of course, this limitation determines their size and characteristics, and they are usually suitable for generally sporadic conditions of use.

What users value most in them is the ability to rest on the spot without having to pay for, for example, a hotel room.

The main thing you should know is that they are usually placed in two possible ways depending on the model:

  • Transversally , in the space of the rear seats of the vehicle.
  • Longitudinally , occupying the space of the rear seats and the trunk.

Finally, there is the possibility of also placing them on the front seats of vans , since these sometimes have an extended bench seat that allows it. However, this is not usually the case in almost any car.

Types of mattresses for the car

Mattresses designed for use in vehicles are relatively simple.

Due to the limited space and the need to adapt to all types of cars, these products seek to offer the greatest possible comfort within these limitations. But, in general, they are not mattresses designed for regular use .

As there are many qualities of car mattresses, we will tell you everything you need to know to choose correctly.

As for types of mattresses for the car , there are two large groups:

folding mattresses

folding mattress for carThese types of products are usually made with foam inside. Its quality depends largely on its thickness and, above all, on its internal components.

A point to highlight is the use of viscoelastic foam , since sleeping in the car is already complicated in itself, so any extra that gives us greater adaptability and comfort will always be welcome.

The bad thing about this type of mattress is that, no matter how much they fold, they will always take up more space than inflatable ones. And the bigger they are, the worse, so keep this in mind when planning your trip.

On the positive side, a good-quality folding mattress can make sleeping in the car an enjoyable experience, as well as being much more durable in the long run.

inflatable mattresses

These types of models work, roughly speaking, as a somewhat more evolved version of the beach mats that we have all tried at some point.

Inflatable mattress for carThe good thing about inflatable mattresses is that they take up very little space when stored, and they fit anywhere. In addition, they have quite cheap acquisition costs in general.

Unfortunately, stability and comfort are not its strong points . In addition, unless it is a one-time use, the need for an electric pump is almost essential, since doing it by lung can take a long time and make you dizzy.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that inflatable mattresses are usually quite fragile . They all generally lose air with each use, so if you thought leaving it on was going to prevent you from inflating it, forget about it. Also, punctures are quite common, unfortunately.

Sleeping in the car is uncomfortable (but can be fun too)

If you have this clear, you are already on the way to winning ground, because the truth is that you cannot expect the same quality of rest in your bedroom as in a vehicle.

To begin with, no matter how big your car is, sleeping in the rear seats is going to mean sleeping a little more cramped and that, from the outset, already implies a sacrifice in comfort.

Couple sleeping in the carEven if you are lucky enough to be able to put a transverse trunk mattress in your vehicle and that allows you to stretch your legs, do not expect miracles either. The width is what it is. Keep in mind that rear axle wheel arch covers will always take up precious space.

If you are going to sleep as a couple in the car , the space will be even tighter, so you better be fond of each other or be very good at playing Tetris.

Sure, sleeping on wheels can be kind of a fun adventure, but adventures weren’t invented to be comfortable. It also doesn’t mean that the experience has to be hell if you choose the right car mattress, but understand that you will never feel like home .

Frequent questions

Is it legal to sleep in the car in Spain?

Yes, it is . The conditions for this are that the vehicle is properly parked in a permitted place, that it has the documentation in order and that the activity inside the car does not affect the outside.

Is it bad to sleep on a car mattress?

Well, as we have already mentioned, it is not the most appropriate to use this type of mattress on a regular basis.

Although a good car mattress used sporadically does not have to affect our well-being. However, with long-term use, the chances of back and neck pain or injury increase.

Is a memory foam or memory foam car mattress better?

Undoubtedly, a mattress with a viscoelastic layer will always improve its adaptability to the body and, therefore, the comfort it offers. There are not many car mattresses that have this material and, in general, they tend to be somewhat more expensive .

Is it safe to sleep in the car?

For greater security, if you plan to sleep inside, we recommend covering all the windows of the car , for privacy and to discourage theft.

On the other hand, keep in mind that, although it is allowed in Spain, the local regulations of certain places could prohibit the practice of sleeping in the car on public roads . Something to keep in mind especially if you travel abroad.