The popularity of hanging chairs came from Europe, where such a piece of furniture first appeared in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, such an exclusive design work has become in demand for decorating not only plots and terraces, but also apartments and different rooms. A wide variety of products has created competition in the market, making it difficult for the buyer to choose. In order to solve this problem, the top rating of 2023 was compiled. It includes the best hanging chairs according to our website .

Hanging Chair Ranking 2023

When forming the top rating, we considered hanging chairs for the home, which are in high demand. Based on the experience of sellers of consultants for such goods, we have compiled a list of criteria by which we selected the nominees:

  • materials;
  • Design features;
  • Dimensions, weight;
  • load capacity;
  • Equipment;
  • Stability of fixation;
  • Price, manufacturer.

The result of the comparative analysis was the top list of 10 positions. For convenience, we have divided the list into 3 categories, taking into account design features – these are the best cocoons, double ones, as well as rattan products. Feedback monitoring revealed the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee.

The best hanging cocoon chairs

The first category of the top represents models made in the form of a cocoon. Such a mini-hammock or a ball made of metal, plastic, rattan, etc. It is attached by hanging with an installation hook, carabiner, chains or ropes. Which of these to prefer, a fresh selection will tell you.

Laura Outdoor Sevilla Verde

The hanging chair-cocoon attracts with its modern, stylish design. It harmoniously looks not only at their summer cottage, but can also decorate the interior of any room, both in an apartment and in a private house.

The framework is made of aluminum, strong, reliable, maintaining loading to 180 kg. Does not corrode, is not afraid of temperature and moisture changes. The design weighing 22 kg has high side walls that enclose the interior of the furniture for relaxation and comfortable rest.

Cocoon 115x110x70 cm is made of artificial rattan, the long threads of which are made of polymers and rubber. The material is light, but at the same time very durable, UV-resistant and does not require special care and storage.

The stand 195×105 cm is collapsible, which simplifies transportation, the chair is all-welded. The diameter of the support tube is 51 cm. The package includes a seat made of brown polyester, which quickly takes the shape of the body.

Laura Outdoor Sevilla Verde


  • Ergonomics;
  • Comfort;
  • Full set;
  • Durability, practicality of materials;
  • Collapsible rack;
  • Inexpensive.


  • In strong winds, it can roll over;
  • Not comfortable for people taller than 170 cm.


A bowl with a clear large weaving pattern is suspended from a rack using a hook with a carabiner. Slightly swings, allowing you to relieve tension and overcome insomnia. The declared service life is over 30 years, despite the fact that the goods are sold cheaply.

Green Days Cocoon JYF17090

A stylish and compact version of the cocoon format, which can be installed not only outdoors on the site, but also in an apartment / house. It features an original lace pattern, produced by the Chinese company Green Days.

The cocoon is made of a combination of two materials – rattan, polyester. It has dimensions of 90x110x96 cm, can be disassembled into 3 parts for easy transportation. It is completed with a reliable stand 42×1.5 mm made of durable steel, diameter 95 cm. Total height 197 cm. Permissible load limit – 150 kg.

A comfortable pastime is provided by a soft textile seat, the fabric is hypoallergenic. The patterned format preserves the visibility of everything that happens outside the cocoon.

Green Days Cocoon JYF17090


  • Lace design;
  • Good endurance;
  • Compactness;
  • Collapsible cocoon;
  • Hypoallergenic seat;
  • Soft back, armrests.


  • No headrest
  • Does not tolerate severe frost.


Athena-furniture AFM-168A-XL

Round hanging chair from the company “Athena” will become a favorite place for the whole family, especially children will like to spend time in it. The bowl can easily accommodate up to 3 children at the same time.

Stand 200×100 cm made of metal, load capacity up to 120 kg. The material is durable, guaranteeing a long service life. Does not corrode, does not fade in the sun. The rack is collapsible, easy to assemble. The hook loop is made of high carbon steel, which prevents chafing at the point of contact.

The weight of the product is 26 kg, which means that the design is stable and will not roll over during rocking. Rattan bowl 112x127x73 cm brown with lace, decorative forms.

The mint-colored seat is made in the form of a chair with a backrest, for a more comfortable stay, a headrest is provided. The fabric has a water-repellent impregnation, which means that during rain it is not necessary to bring it into the room.

Athena-furniture AFM-168A-XL


  • Easy installation;
  • Full set;
  • sustainability;
  • Pillows with water-repellent impregnation;
  • Weather resistance;
  • Fastener quality.


  • You cannot adjust the height of the bowl;
  • Load capacity is low.


The bowl of the chair is all-welded, its dimensions pass through any doorway. Even a novice in this business will cope with the installation. The location of the furniture can be changed, the design in light colors will decorate the interior of the room.

The best double hanging chairs

The second category includes products calculated in terms of dimensions, capacity and load capacity for two people at once. When selecting nominees, we focused on the strength of the frame, the resistance of materials to deformation and weather conditions. 3 products became the best.

Big Garden Gemini

The popular suspension chair from the Bigarden company has a feature – it can accommodate 2 people at once. It is allowed to use in the room, on the balcony, veranda, street, as the material is heat-resistant.

The cocoon 135x75x195 cm is made of artificial rattan, which retains a presentable appearance during long-term operation. Openwork semi-dense weaving is rigid, does not bend under the pressure of the body. Rectangular seat with a soft inner filling made of waterproof material, cleaning in a washing machine is allowed.

The frame is made of thick-walled metal, can withstand up to 150 kg. The manufacturer offered a choice of colors, which means that the shade can be matched to the interior. The weight of the product is 45 kg, the design is stable, even with a strong wind it will not roll over.

Big Garden Gemini


  • Weather resistance;
  • Choice of colors;
  • Good capacity in width;
  • Easy care;
  • Soft seat made of waterproof fabric;
  • Long service life.


  • The case is not included in the set;
  • Small load.


It is not difficult to take care of the product, it can be washed with any mild detergents. Avoid contact with cleaning agents that contain acetone, in order to avoid damage to the color of the frame. Installation is recommended on a hard, level surface.

Promo Z-06

Double hanging chair from the Chinese manufacturer does not require special care, easy to assemble. Suitable for 2 people at once. Made in modern eco-design, the manufacturer offered a choice of colors.

The stand and base are made of durable steel. Designated load capacity – up to 140 kg. The design weighing 30 kg is collapsible, which simplifies the issue of transportation. The chair swings due to the pendulum mechanism, providing a comfortable rest, relaxation.

Teardrop-shaped cocoon 128x70x122 cm made of artificial rattan. Openwork semi-dense weaving maintains visibility of what is happening outside the structure through the walls. There is resistance to moisture, frost, sunlight.

Additionally, an original pillow made of moisture-repellent, odorless polyester is provided. Bright shades do not fade over time, do not fade in the sun. The filler is soft, the metal frame under it is not felt.

Promo Z-06


  • Ecodesign;
  • capacity;
  • Resistance to moisture, frost, sun;
  • Choice of colors;
  • Moisture-repellent pillow;
  • The presence of headrests.


  • Price;
  • Small load.

Comfortable headrests, attached to the bowl of the structure with ropes, increase comfort. Even with rain and showers, the product can stand on the street. The exception is winter, plastic does not tolerate severe frost.

Good Large 2XL

Roomy double model from the domestic company “Astela Mebel”. It differs from other nominees in its increased capacity, stylish openwork design, delicate pastel shades.

The dimensions of the seat are 150x125x75 cm, a large and soft round-shaped pillow with a back and headrests is additionally attached. The stand is made of strong steel, openwork weaving made of artificial rattan, resistant to weather conditions and ultraviolet. All elements are colored.

The reliability of the installation is guaranteed by a semicircular base, as well as two fasteners for hanging at once. Permissible load – 300 kg, an excellent indicator in comparison with other nominees. There are several pillow colors to choose from.Good Large 2XL


  • High load capacity;
  • capacity;
  • Two reliable fasteners;
  • Openwork pattern;
  • Pastel shades;
  • Comfort seat.


  • The weight;
  • Price.

If desired, even 3 people can be accommodated inside, despite the fact that the product is double. The textile component is waterproof. The product is supplied in soft packaging.

EcoDesign Promo Z-06

Garden hanging chair for two from a Chinese manufacturer. Suitable for sleeping, comfortable reading and even work. The increased durability of materials guarantees safety, long term of operation.

Stand and base made of black metal can withstand loads up to 140 kg. The location is low, which is safe when used by children. The product is delivered unassembled, the assembly is simple and does not require special skills. The overall dimensions are 120×195 cm. It can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors.

The braid of the drop-shaped cocoon is made of artificial rattan, which does not fade and does not fade in the sun. The textile seat has a light brown upholstery shade. Lies in a chair well, does not roll down, does not slide.

Headrests are tied at any distance with ribbons. The weight of the structure is 29.9 kg, two people can handle the transportation. All necessary hardware for installation is included in the kit.

EcoDesign Promo Z-06


  • Long service life;
  • Easy assembly;
  • Headrests with adjustable straps;
  • Full set;
  • sustainability;
  • Frame strength.


  • Textiles are not waterproof.


The garden tool is mounted on a hook and 2 chains, with which it is convenient to adjust the height of the location. The eyelet and carabiner are made of carbon steel, which means that you can not worry about the reliability of fastening.

Best Hanging Rattan Chairs

The third category represents stylish models with interesting weaving from high-quality rattan. Such manufacturing guarantees lightness, flexibility, aesthetics and durability along with ease of care and safety. Based on user feedback, we approve 3 nominees.

Derong 4

Hanging single chair made in China offers 3 types of basket. A large basket with dimensions of 117x105x80 cm is suitable for tall people. Medium size 105x95x63 cm and small size 90x80x60 cm only for children.

The frame and base are made of durable steel, resistant to deformation. Permissible maximum load up to 150 kg. Powder coating protects against climatic conditions. The pendulum system is adjustable in height with 4 links of the chain, it is easily adjusted for both a child and an adult.

The frame of the bowl is rigid, does not sag under the weight of a person, does not change its shape. Made of artificial rattan, resistant to temperature extremes. Weaving resembles a web, well transmits sunlight and air.

The set includes a pillow of a comfortable shape made of high-quality textiles with armrests and a headrest. The filling is soft, helping to relax while relaxing. The total weight of the structure is 30 kg with dimensions of 190×100 cm.

Derong 4


  • Selection of baskets according to dimensions;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • Powder coated steel;
  • Seat with armrests and headrest;
  • Structural stability.


  • Few links for height adjustment.

Installation is recommended away from fragile items and equipment, in order to avoid damage. For children, this is a useful way of spending time for developing motor skills, training the vestibular apparatus.

Xiaomi MWH Ellz Hanging Basket Rattan Chair Black

With this Chinese-made model, you can equip a rest room for children and adults. Increased comfort is provided by the original shape of the cocoon, the back, which completely repeats the curve of the human body.

The base and frame are made of carbon steel, which has increased strength and resistance to corrosion. The design is reliable and durable to protect the floor from damage, rubber inserts are used at the base. This prevents slipping during swinging, minimizing the noise level.

The cocoon made of fabric polypropylene has an oval shape with a straight line of the seat. The material is wear-resistant, does not wear out. The basket is foldable for easy transport and storage. The weave transmits air and light well.

The pillow repeats the shape of the chair, has armrests and a headrest. Made from soft-touch fabric with highly elastic polypropylene padding. The total thickness is about 10 cm. The dimensions of the structure are 105x105x196 cm.

Xiaomi MWH Ellz Hanging Basket Rattan Chair Black


  • Creative shape;
  • Protection against moisture and temperature difference;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Anatomical shape of the back;
  • Comfortable pillow;
  • Folding basket.


  • The height of the cocoon cannot be adjusted.


The design is collapsible, the total weight is 28 kg. Attaches to the frame with a strong hook. Special fasteners included in the kit will insure the cocoon during rocking.

M-group round with rattan

The rattan hanging chair features a graceful cocoon shape . Can be used both outdoors and indoors. The round base is located strictly in the center of gravity, so the structure is securely held.

Load capacity up to 120 kg is designed for one person. Frame and base in powder coated metal. The material is strong and durable. The manufacturer offered a choice of colors not only for the metal part, but also for pillows and braiding. The dimensions of the model are 106x69x186 cm, the total weight is 28 kg.

The artificial rattan bowl is made of several vertical ribs and many fine threads of random weaving. The pendulum system can rotate in any direction or in a circle by 360 degrees.

A large pillow is enough to accommodate the torso and head. The inner filler is soft, but requires occasional whipping. The structure is fixed with 2 bolts, no special skills are required for assembly and disassembly.

M-group round with rattan


  • Loose cocoon weaving;
  • Long service life;
  • Large comfortable pillow;
  • collapsible design;
  • Pendulum rotation system;
  • Choice of colors.


  • Small load capacity;
  • Textiles are not waterproof.

How to choose a hanging chair

You can choose such goods in absentia if you know what characteristics to pay attention to in the first place. We recommend taking into account 4 indicators – the type of structure, the materials from which it is made, load capacity and dimensions. Let’s consider each item in more detail.

Construction type

The models presented in retail outlets differ in several varieties:

  • classic – imitate a standard chair, having armrests and a back, but do not have legs, while guaranteeing a high level of comfort;
  • swing – rocking chairs, elegant in design and form factor, mounted on both sides at once, suitable for a country garden, plot or terrace;
  • balls – hemispheres like a cut egg, they are single or double, they are distinguished by a closed design with soft pillows for the comfort of the back;
  • cocoons – comfortable drop-shaped forged hanging chairs, suitable for work, reading, spending time outdoors.

There are separate varieties without a rack, they are attached to the ceiling, which means they require installation only indoors. Which one to choose is an individual decision. Here you need to rely on personal preferences.


Durability, quality, comfort of operation are determined by what the product is made of. If you are considering a frame, it can be from:

  • steel is a durable metal, it is good if it is protected by an anti-corrosion layer (usually it is a powder coating);
  • artificial rattan – shows resistance not only to temperature extremes and ultraviolet radiation, but also to humidity, precipitation;
  • polyrattan – if the stripes are 10-16 mm, then this is a smooth weave, if up to 6 mm, in this case, a semicircular rod, the second option looks textured.

Pillows should be made of textile with a cover that is resistant to wear and fading in the sun. Reliable products also guarantee moisture resistance.

load capacity

Usually this indicator varies from 120 to 180 kg. It is not worth exceeding the maximum allowable weight limit, as this can cause the fasteners to break. When buying a product, consider in advance who will use it, compare the total weight of adults and children.

The size

Volumetric large models provide comfort, coziness, but at the same time they can only be placed in open spaces – a terrace, a garden. Compact lightweight options will easily fit into a house, a small apartment, without creating clutter.

Which hanging chair is best

Once you’ve got to know the top ten nominees of 2021 and the selection criteria, buying just one will be much easier. We do not give unambiguous recommendations, since everything is individual, but comparing the pros and cons, it highlights several rating positions:

  • Laura Outdoor Sevilla Verde – an inexpensive hanging chair made of practical materials, collapsible design, good equipment;
  • Promo Z-06 – a two-seat model made of weather-resistant raw materials with a pendulum swing mechanism;
  • Bueno Grande 2XL – roomy seat with a high load limit, if desired, you can accommodate three people at once;
  • Derong 4 – several baskets of different sizes, high level of comfort, steel stable frame;
  • Xiaomi MWH Ellz Hanging Basket Rattan Chair Black – anatomically shaped backrest, creative cocoon shape made of fabric polypropylene;
  • M-group round with rattan – original weaving, pendulum rotation system, large comfortable pillow.

Remember that a quality product is always accompanied by a warranty card from the manufacturer, as well as detailed instructions for assembly, care, and operation. It is good if you have the opportunity to try out the item in action to make sure it is comfortable.