There are so many models and so many offers that choosing a mattress is a complicated task. Regardless of your needs and budget, having the approval of the OCU is an extra peace of mind .

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) is a non-profit organization that defends the rights of consumers, so the mattresses at the top of its comparison are usually a guarantee of quality .

Surely of all of them there is a mattress that is ideal for you . For this reason, as experts in rest, we have taken the OCU comparison and analysed, tested and told you about the strengths and weaknesses of the models so that you can get it right.

Ranking of the best mattresses 2023

These are the 10 best mattresses of 2023 according to the Consumer Organization:

Next, we give you our opinion of each mattress and we tell you what type of sleeper each one is (and is not) suitable for.

1. Emma Original

A mattress so adaptable that it is (almost) for everyone

Mattress Emma Original


Materials: memory foam, Airgocell and high-density cold foam

Firmness: medium/other

Be very careful with this mattress because not only is it currently the best mattress according to the OCU , but it has been for 5 consecutive years.

One of its great assets is its versatility, since due to its characteristics it is capable of adapting to most sleepers. We talk about tastes, but also about postures at bedtime or your body morphology.

In its 25 cm thickness you will find a layer of Airgocell foam (4 cm), another of viscoelastic foam (4 cm) and a core of cold foam. This set offers comfort thanks to the uniform distribution of weight, good independence of beds ideal for couples and adequate support, suitable for both thin and robust people. Still, we wouldn’t recommend it for people over 90kg, so you don’t lose support.

It has good breathability despite its different foams, something it achieves both due to the porosity of its materials and its washable stretch fabric cover that helps regulate moisture and heat build-up.

In addition, you can try it for 100 nights without obligation , more than enough time to discover if the mattress is made for you or, on the contrary, you want to return it for free and without explanation.

Its 10-year guarantee gives us confidence, since it covers the useful life of a mattress, so it will be covered from possible manufacturing defects for as long as it should last before changing it for another.

If you would like to see the Emma Original live and hear our opinion on video, don’t miss our unboxing:

Emma Original Mattress 2023: unboxing, test and opinion (updated)

If you want to know more about this mattress, you can read this in-depth review of the Emma Original.


  • For many types of sleepers
  • good adaptability
  • Surprising breathability for its materials
  • Good value for money


  • Not recommended for more than 90 kg
  • Not the best for seniors

2. Emma One

The quality of the successful original Emma at a much lower price

Emma one

Materials: Airgocell, viscoelastic and HRX foam

Firmness: another

The German firm takes the gold and silver of the OCU comparison with a technical tie between the Emma Original and the Emma One, a cheaper model but that continues to bet on quality materials in its constitution.

Its price reduction is achieved with a lower thickness and with thinner layers of Airgocell and visco than in the Original. There are also changes in its core, with an HRX foam that surprises both for its support and its good adaptation to the body. And you will notice:

  • This is a firmer mattress , which can be interesting if you are a robust person or you like hard mattresses.
  • The feeling of welcome is inferior , since the reduction of materials takes its toll on comfort.

We liked its good breathability , the result of both the Airgocell open-pore foam and the perforations in the core. It’s not as cool as a spring model, but if you’re hot, keep an eye on it.

If the Emma Original already has good value for money, this One adds a twist to the cost, becoming a great alternative as an auxiliary mattress . Being fine, it is also suitable for trundle beds.

Another point in its favor is its 100-night trial without commitment and the 10-year guarantee , so that you experience the sensation of sleeping in it and do not be afraid that, due to its reasonable price, it will not withstand the passage of time.

You can see the Emma One live in our unboxing video:

Emma One mattress: unboxing, test and opinion


  • Adjusted Price
  • Test at home and guarantee
  • quality materials


  • It can be hard
  • Less welcoming feeling

3. Picolin City

An ideal mattress for couples and hot climates

Picolin City


Materials: Fibercel, polyether and pocket springs

Firmness: average

The PIKOLIN City occupies the bronze of the best mattresses of the OCU, a mattress of a brand and with a core of all life, but we warn you from now on that it is a model where innovation results in a high quality mattress . And it shows: it is a model that is proof of continued use, ideal for your day to day.

Pikolin city mattress detailThanks to its core of pocket springs, it is interesting for hot people , thanks to its ability to facilitate perspiration. Of course, precisely because of its core it is not suitable for articulated bed bases . Its cover is not made of natural fabric, but is instead made of durable and resistant polyester, and is not removable.

Another of its strong points is its good independence of beds , or what is the same, that your partner can be turning around and you sleeping with total peace of mind because you will not notice their movement.

In general, it adapts well to the shape of the body, whether you are a lighter or more robust person. It is ideal for those who tend to sleep on their backs and not on their sides, where its medium firmness and the absence of visco can translate into less comfort.


  • for hot people
  • Good bed independence
  • good quality materials


  • Not suitable for articulated bed bases
  • non-removable cover

4. Hilding Polar Total Care

A perfect mattress for couples adaptable to each time of the year

Hilding Anders Polar Mattress


Materials: viscographene, soft foam and pocket springs

Firmness: medium/other

The fourth place in the OCU ranking goes to the HILDING Polar Total Care, a mattress with a core of pocket springs and two viscose sides for winter and summer , ideal for the hottest people but also for those who are cold.

Thus, the summer face has visco graphene and a cool fresh external fabric that facilitates air circulation and provides a greater sensation of freshness. As the core is also made of springs, the result is a good regulation of the temperature so that you do not get overheated

Hilding Anders mattress layersWhat winter comes? Turn it upside down and take advantage of the viscose and soft foam layer for a padded, fluffy and enveloping sensation , very tasty for cold months.

This combination of layers in its 28 cm thickness achieves a medium-high firmness mattress. Thus, it is capable of supporting sleepers of up to 140 kg, making it interesting for robust people .

Keep in mind that if you like soft mattresses, it may be a bit hard for you. All in all, it is firm but moderately adaptable , which you will appreciate if you have back pain, although it does not reach the levels of foam models.

It achieves this thanks to the fact that the springs are distributed in 5 different comfort zones to distribute the pressure exerted by the different parts of the body well.

We like the good independence of beds of this mattress, which is very practical if you sleep as a couple, since you will not notice the movements of the other when sleeping.


  • winter/summer faces
  • Good bed independence
  • Resists up to 140 kg of weight


  • It can be hard
  • not so adaptable

5. Groundhog

For lovers of soft mattresses

groundhog mattress

Materials: memory foam, Airsoft-Tech foam and HR foam

Firmness: average

Fifth place in the OCU ranking goes to the Marmota mattress, made in Spain and made up of several layers of foam and visco.

This combination shines for its good feeling of welcome and its adaptability . In addition, both because of the materials and because of its structure, it adapts well to movements, ideal for restless people who toss and turn at night.

Of course, the set achieves a medium firmness , so it may be somewhat soft if you come from a harder mattress.

It is important to keep in mind that this mattress, although it is indicated for people up to 115kg, offers better performance if you weigh 95kg or less. If you are around 100 kg, it may feel too soft and it does not give you all the necessary support.

Despite being a model that a priori would not stand out for its breathability, thanks to its open cell design it favors air circulation , facilitating the regulation of temperature and humidity.

There’s a 100-night trial at home , so you’ll have plenty of time to kick back and find out if you like it. As it also has an extended 10-year warranty , you make sure you have the average useful life of the mattress covered against possible defects.

You can see the Marmota mattress and know what our opinion is in this unboxing and test:

Marmota mattress: unboxing, test and opinion (updated)

And if you want to know more about this mattress, you can read this in-depth review of Marmota.


  • Extensive in-house testing and warranty
  • good adaptability
  • For very restless sleepers


  • Not suitable for very robust people
  • It can be a bit soft

6. Tediber

A mattress balanced between firmness and adaptability

Tediber mattress


Materials: polyurethane foam, visco, HR foam

Firmness: medium- high

Sixth in the OCU ranking is TEDIBER, a mattress that stands out for its high adaptability and good independence from beds thanks to the good work of its combination of foams.

This 25 cm thick mattress has 3 layers:

  • Visco is responsible for the good distribution of body weight and pressure points.
  • The foam offers a soft reception sensation. Its micro-perforations help regulate temperature, more than enough for people who are not too hot or in temperate climates. An important extra if you do a lot of laps: it is especially quiet when moving .
  • Its polyurethane foam core stands out for its durability and good support for the spine for a wide range of weights. It is, therefore, an ideal mattress to use every night.

Tediber mattress detailBoth the external foam and the cover are anti-mite, but they also have antibacterial and hypoallergenic treatment, interesting for the most sensitive skin or those who spend a lot of time in bed .

One of its best assets is its resistance : according to the manufacturer it supports up to 130 kg, ideal for robust people, and they have carried out durability tests equivalent to 15 years. However, it offers an extended guarantee of 10 years and 100 trial nights for you to test it thoroughly.

With a medium-high firmness and how robust it is , if you like soft mattresses, it may feel a bit hard.


  • Extended warranty and trial period
  • For various weights and postures
  • Material quality


  • It can be a bit hard
  • Not suitable for very hot people

7. Morpheus

A firm mattress for couples suitable for hot climates

Morfeo_original mattress

Materials: micro pocket springs, memory foam, foam

Firmness: medium/other

Seventh place for the MORFEO mattress, a model that has a peculiarity: its core is not springs, but microsprings .

Or what is the same, there is more quantity but smaller, something that you will notice in that it improves the adaptability compared to the classic springs . This original structure provides better ergonomics and distribution of the weight of your body, but still does not make it suitable for articulated bases.

Thus, this is a mattress that stands out for serving sleepers of a wide range of weights and for any posture . Even upside down, something that is not very common!

If you do not sleep alone, you will appreciate its independence of beds so that no one disturbs your sleep with their movement.

As it is still made of springs, it offers high breathability, ideal for hot people . In summary: it has the best of both worlds, the good breathability of spring models and a fairly good adaptability that is close to latex, which is also helped by the visco layer.

This is a model that does not skimp on details, with a synthetic stretch cover that separates into two parts, ideal for washing, and with antibacterial, fungal and virus treatment.

So many virtues make this a great all-around mattress, but it takes its toll: it’s not a cheap mattress . The good thing is that you have 100 trial nights at home and a 10-year guarantee so that, if you dare to make the investment, it will be a sure hit.

You can see the Morpheus and know our opinion in this test and unboxing:

Morfeo mattress: unboxing, test and opinion

If you want to know more about this mattress, you can read this in-depth analysis of the Morpheus.


  • High adaptability
  • Good bed independence
  • Supports a wide range of weights
  • Long trial period and extended warranty


  • It is not cheap
  • Not suitable for articulated bed bases

8. Imperial Comfort Helsinki

A versatile and adaptable mattress for tight budgets

Imperial Comfort Helsinki

Materials: visco and HR foam

Firmness: average

Eighth place goes to the IMPERIAL CONFORT Helsinki, a model that stands out for its affordable price, showing that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to sleep on a good mattress .

We like that it has a summer side and a winter side , as it will suit both hot sleepers and cold sleepers. On the cooler side, we especially highlight the action of graphene, which dissipates heat and also repels liquid, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms.

Helsinki Comfort Imperial MattressThis is a mattress with a foam core that offers good adaptability , because it prevents the accumulation of tension in the muscles, resulting in an anatomical shape. In addition, its independence of beds is very good, ideal for sleeping with a person who moves a lot.

Of course, keep in mind that it has a medium firmness . In this sense, if you are a robust person or tend to sleep on your side, this mattress may be too soft. Consider that the Comfort Helsinki is designed to support from 35 to 95 kg.

Although it has a free trial of 100 nights so you can make sure that you are convinced with your purchase, its guarantee is “only” 2 years, much less than other models.


  • double sided
  • Adjusted Price
  • good adaptability
  • High bed independence


  • Suitable for people between 35 and 95 kg
  • Only 2 year warranty

9. Lo Monaco Viscolatex

A fluffy mattress ideal for cold ones

Viscolatex Lo Monaco mattress


Materials: cryolatex, viscoelastic and HR foam

Firmness: average

The Lo Monaco Viscolatex is for those looking for a mattress that adapts well and has a pleasant feeling of welcome without losing good posture, which according to the OCU is the ninth best mattress you can buy.

We highlight the quality of the materials used and the 3 versions of different heights , ideal for the most demanding.

Of medium firmness , we especially liked its good ergonomics, achieving an interesting balance between firmness and respecting the natural curves of the body.

We like how soft it is and how it progressively distributes the weight , avoiding areas of high pressure thanks to the effect of visco and offering a pleasant feeling of welcome. Of course, due to its structure and medium firmness, we would not recommend it to robust people and/or who toss and turn a lot in bed.

Although the cryolatex of the outer layer helps with thermal regulation, this is not the best mattress for hot people , offering medium breathability. The good thing is that its cover is removable, so you can wash it whenever you need it.


  • Nice welcoming feeling
  • quality materials
  • good ergonomics
  • 3 heights can be chosen


  • Not recommended for hot people
  • Little support for robust people

10. Flex Nimbus Visco

A firm but adaptable mattress ideal for couples

FLEX Nimbus mattress


Materials: viscogel, foam and pocket springs

Firmness: another

This Flex mattress closes the list, a brand that is an institution in the matter, and it does so with an innovative pocket spring model that shines for the quality of its materials, firmness and breathability . Although yes, being from such a popular brand is also paid for.

However, it is a long-term investment for your rest, since pocket spring mattresses have greater durability than other materials such as foam.

FLEX Nimbus in detailThis is a high-firmness mattress , so it gives us a feeling of elevated support and may be more comfortable for robust people. Of course, this takes its toll on the adaptability compared to other models in the comparison, being somewhat hard. However, the visco and the System+ layer minimize this sensation.

Thanks to the action and quality of the springs, its bed independence is good . Or what is the same, that it is perfect for sleeping as a couple even if one of the two is a restless sleeper.

If you are a hot person, this mattress can be your great ally against summer nights: the springs favor breathability and the memory foam gel promotes a sensation of freshness. Of course, since it is not removable, we recommend that you use a cover between the mattress and the sheets to take better care of its hygiene.


  • good breathability
  • quality materials
  • high durability


  • It is not cheap
  • non-removable cover

How the OCU evaluates

This is how we analyze mattresses at OCU

The OCU is specialized in consumer products and has an exhaustive and detailed way of working and analyzing them. If we talk about mattresses, it is worth getting to know their modus operandi in depth to know what we can expect.

  • First, it carries out a market study to select the best-selling and most interesting models for the consumer .
  • Later, it sends them to a specialized laboratory to carry out a battery of tests to determine their quality.

Important. This is a key point, since although it allows us to verify (or not) the technical characteristics of a mattress, it is not an experiential analysis . For this reason, having a more personal review that reflects its use on a day-to-day basis is so important.

These are the characteristics analyzed in the laboratory:

Firmness , that is, whether the mattress is hard or soft . After quantifying this data, the OCU reveals that some manufacturers claim that their mattresses are harder than they really are so that the potential buyer thinks that they better resist wear and deformation.

Pressure distribution , thanks to a pressure-sensitive mat, which allows knowing the points where more weight is concentrated per surface unit . Although the pressure is especially concentrated on the shoulders and hips, there are models that distribute the pressure more evenly than others.

Stabilization , dropping a weight and counting the number of rebounds. The fewer rebounds the mattress offers, the better it will absorb impacts. Lots of bouncing means the mattress wobbles as you move around in bed. The ideal is to hit the middle ground .

Adaptability is analyzed with wire rods connected to sensors that record the up and down movement of the mattress under the weight of the user . It is measured both from the side and face up. Once these data are recorded, they are compared with the shape of the back of healthy people. It is key to its quality .

The thermal sensation is analyzed in a climate chamber under controlled conditions. The objective is to quantify the energy needed to maintain a device placed on its surface at a stable temperature of 37ºC. This test is essential to know how to differentiate mattresses for hot and cold people . Likewise, the response of viscoelastic materials to different temperatures and how is the absorption of sweat is also measured.

Durability is determined with a 140kg roller rotating on the mattress 60,000 back and forth cycles. At the end, the properties of the mattress and possible damage to the core and inner layers are measured. Its average life is around 8-10 years .

Construction . All the layers of the mattress are checked, from the textile in contact with the body to the different layers and their characteristics . To investigate its composition and density, a certain piece is cut out to weigh it. It is also verified that the stipulated dimensions correspond to reality.

Foam analysis : even if they have spring cores, all mattresses contain some type of foam. A study of the volatile compounds emitted and their nature for health is carried out.

How to choose a good mattress

Once we know the tests carried out by the OCU, it is time to put them into practice. Or what is the same, what characteristics are important when choosing a mattress and why.


Firmness is the opposition that a mattress presents to your weight. Or what is the same, how much it sinks when you lie down. Question of taste or health? Well, both things.

Best mattresses firmness_okThus, the ideal is that your mattress provides you with a correct position of your spine . In this sense, it should adapt to you to help you distribute your weight evenly to maintain a neutral posture. The shoulders and hips deserve special attention, which, being the most prominent areas, are the ones that have the most ballots to sink.

If you opt for a mattress that is too hard , that is, with a very high firmness, then it will not adapt to you, causing the accumulation of pressure due to poor posture, which will result in poor blood circulation and, consequently, numbness and headaches. back.

If, on the other hand, it is too soft , or of very low firmness, your body will not have the necessary support, so that the spine will curve in an unnatural way (although at first it seems very comfortable). The result will also be back pain.

In order not to complicate you with this question, there are a couple of tricks to get it right:

  • your weight If you are a light person, you can opt for the less firm ones. If you have more weight, better bet on firmer mattresses. Because weighing 50 kg is not the same as weighing 100 kg.
  • What position do you sleep in ? If you sleep on your back, a rather hard mattress is better. If you do it upside down, a soft mattress is better. And if you sleep on your side, a model of intermediate hardness is better.


As you will see in this comparison, mattresses are an (almost) perfect work of engineering and it is normal that they are not made of a single material, but of a combination of several.

Here are some of the most used materials in the layers of a mattress and their properties:

Springs , but not like the ones on your grandmother’s mattress: these are protected (pouched or pocketed) and distributed to offer comfort and durability. This material gives it stability and breathability. Of course, if you have an articulated bed base, don’t even think about opting for a mattress with springs because they don’t have the flexibility to bend.

latex . They stand out for their flexibility and adaptability, which is why they are so popular for articulated beds. Of course, in return its breathability is low. If you like the natural, bet on natural latex.

Viscoelastic . Its strong point is adaptability and comfort, generating a very pleasant enveloping sensation as a complement to other materials (otherwise the mattress would be too soft). Look at both its density and its thickness.

HR foams . Developed to withstand pressure and maintain shape. The good thing is that there is a wide range of densities and firmness.

Mattress cover and hygiene

On the outside of the mattress there will be a textile that surrounds and covers it in its entirety: the upholstery or cover. It is not a trivial issue, given its proximity to our skin .

The most important thing about a good cover is that it facilitates breathability and helps thermal regulation to achieve comfort in temperatures and humidity without neglecting the condition of the mattress.

Ideally, the cover is made of natural materials , such as cotton or wool, although it is an extra that is paid. However, there are artificial materials with hypoallergenic treatments that offer good sensations at a more attractive price.

Another important aspect is whether the cover can be removed . This is a point that we always recommend, since it allows you to maintain the hygiene of the mattress much more easily, especially if the cover is suitable for washing in a washing machine (some need dry cleaning in a dry cleaner).

If the mattress has a configuration of specific layers with a certain order, the logical thing is that it is not necessary to turn it over. But there are also totally symmetrical ones that should be turned every 3 or 4 months. For this, it is interesting that it has handles.

Will you sleep alone or accompanied?

Sorry for the indiscreet question but your answer has an important consequence when choosing a mattress.

And it is that aside from specific issues, if you usually sleep with someone, you have to consider aspects such as their schedules and sleeping habits .

Sleeping with a light person who barely moves is not the same as sleeping with a robust person, who turns a thousand times before falling asleep and also gets up early.

If your partner is one of the latter (they do not have to comply with all the sections), then you are interested in a mattress with good independence of beds , that is to say that it only sinks and adapts in the area where the pressure is exerted, and not in all the mattress. The goal is to avoid upsetting the other person .

In this sense, the best mattresses are quality pocket spring models.


sleeping manIt seems obvious and it is not so obvious. It is true that most of us are familiar with the classic single beds of 90, those of 135 and the bedroom beds of 150 cm wide (Queen Size). But there are more options for lovers of sleeping spread out or simply, for tall people .

If we talk about height dimensions, the standard is 190 cm, but you can find mattresses up to 2.20 m. In terms of width, if it fits you and you like to sleep with plenty of room, you have the 2 m wide King Size beds.

In any case, when choosing the size of a mattress consider:

  • If you are going to sleep alone or as a couple.
  • The space available in the bedroom.
  • The type of mattress you have.
  • The height of the sleepers.

After-sales service: warranty, trial period and more

Although the ideal is to try a mattress before buying it, the reality is that on the internet you will be able to find the best prices , (more or less) fast deliveries, a guarantee that you can take advantage of in case of factory failures and the best thing: being able to try it and return it if you are not satisfied.

First of all, it is important that you read the experiences of other people to know what to expect, from comments on the web about the product to reviews and comparison guides like this one. The opinion of the OCU can also guide you.

If you have decided on a mattress, in addition to its characteristics, pay attention to the following:

What trial period do you have? It is, in our opinion, a fundamental extra that not all models offer. Buy it, unpack it, try it out for several nights, and make sure you like it. We recommend that you try it for at least a month, so that your body can make the change from the old model and get used to the new one. A good trial period might be 100 nights. If you are not convinced, being able to return it without problems or costs gives greater peace of mind.

Shipping conditions . Personally, I’m not a fan of paying extra shipping or waiting. If you need a mattress now, you should know that you can find candidates who come home “flying” and to your door (beware, because others may charge you an extra for uploading it to your floor).

In addition to offering the 3-year guarantee established by law, there are manufacturers who are so sure of the quality of their product that they provide extended guarantees of up to 10 years, precisely the average lifespan of a mattress.

Bed in a box. Transporting and storing a mattress just as you have it at home is unfeasible for logistical reasons, which is why it is sent vacuum packed and in a box, very practical for handling. Of course, afterward it takes time to get back in shape, something to keep in mind if you need it for tonight.


What mattress does the OCU recommend?

Although the mattress with the best score according to the OCU is the Emma Original, consider that this assessment is obtained after carrying out several general tests and that there are aspects that it does not consider, such as your circumstances or tastes, if you have back pain or a wide constitution, the type of bed base or if you have a preference for soft models.

In any case, consider that, of the 10 best mattresses according to the OCU, seven of them have a foam core, so it may be a type of material that works well for most sleepers.

What brands of mattresses do you recommend?

In the ranking of the 10 best mattresses according to the OCU, you will find from brands of great prestige and trajectory such as the Spanish Flex or Pikolin, to others that have enjoyed great popularity on the Internet in recent times, such as Emma or Marmota.

What is the best mattress to sleep and rest?

According to the current OCU ranking, the Emma Original is the best mattress. Designed to adapt to the majority of users, it achieves a high score in adaptability, breathability, bed independence and durability.