A high-quality mattress will be the key to a calm, sound sleep, which will allow a person to spend a more productive day. The health of the spine depends on its elasticity, because any irregularities contribute to the development of curvature of the supporting element of the skeleton, pinched nerves. Modern bed elements are complex engineering structures; in their production, recommendations from doctors are taken into account in terms of matching their characteristics to a comfortable rest. To make the choice easier, the project team has compiled a rating that includes the best double mattresses .

Manufacturers of double mattresses

There are models from different manufacturers on the market. According to experts and users, the best products are produced by companies that take into account quality standards and advances in medicine in the field of healthy sleep during production. The products of the following companies attract not only with good characteristics, but also with an affordable price:

  • Promtex-Orient is a manufacturer of furniture and various sleep products. The main direction is the manufacture of custom-made orthopedic mattresses. They are valued for the quality of materials, fillers, the introduction of innovative technologies that provide the user with effective rest.
  • Askona is the leader in the production of orthopedic mattresses and sleep accessories. The share of goods on the market is 33%. It is part of the Swedish concern Hilding Anders Group, which supplies products to Europe and Asia. Due to strict quality control, the brand guarantees a good rest for each client.
  • Dreamline – a group of companies produces a variety of bedding. All models are equipped with high-quality fillers. Sellers will always offer a good mattress pad, which will keep the original appearance of the removable bed element longer and increase its hypoallergenicity. The assortment includes goods at different prices, but the cost of products does not affect their quality.
  • Beautyson is the assignee of the Atlas furniture and mattress factory. The products combine quality, ease of use, affordable price. The advantages include the use of American assembly technology, which excludes the use of glue. All materials are valued for environmental safety, anatomical support for the spine.
  • Lonax is a manufacturer of beds and bedding. The range includes exclusive design and inexpensive, but high-quality, practical, functional models. The advantages of products users include durability, comfort of use, safety, compliance with technical standards.
  • Ormatek is a factory for the production of furniture and goods for sleep. It is equipped with high-tech modern equipment. The range of the brand includes more than 150 mattresses. There is also the possibility of placing an individual order. In production, only environmentally friendly and safe materials are used.
  • Magniflex is an Italian company that produces high-quality orthopedic mattresses. Production is carried out at the most technologically advanced plant in Europe. The company is constantly increasing investment in the development of new materials and technologies, which allows the production of innovative models.
  • Intex is an American manufacturer of leisure and sleep products. The success of the brand is due to strict product quality control, the use of durable materials, high-tech equipment. The advantages of mattresses include safety, low price, versatility. On inflatable models, you can not only sleep, but also swim.
  • Bestway Group is an American-Chinese corporation that is a major manufacturer of inflatable products for summer holidays. The range includes pools, boats, circles, accessories for water games, beds and mattresses. The latter are suitable for tourism and sleep at home. Products are valued for quality, bright design, safety.

double mattress rating

According to the design, models with a dependent, independent spring block, springless, inflatable are distinguished. The former are considered the most budgetary, but less safe for health. The popularity of the second type is due to the correct distribution of body weight, which eliminates the development of curvature of the spine. Springless double mattresses for sleeping consist of several layers of different densities. They are recommended for overweight people. The advantages of inflatables include the possibility of using without buying a bed. When testing the review nominees, our team took into account the following characteristics:

  • Rigidity;
  • The size;
  • Type of filler;
  • Weight for which 1 bed is designed;
  • Type of outer skin;
  • Number of springs;
  • Functional features;
  • The presence of handles that provide ease of movement;
  • Price.

The rating of double mattresses includes 10 models, divided into 3 categories based on the type of construction. Each presents a description, pros and cons of products according to user reviews.

The best spring double mattresses

Structures with a bonnel-type base are inexpensive. In the design, all the springs are interconnected, so changing the position of one affects the state of the others. This option is considered less comfortable if 2 people sleep on it at the same time. They will feel each other’s movements, which does not always allow them to fall into a deep sleep. Mattresses with an independent spring block have the best orthopedic properties, as they provide point support to the spine. Their price is an order of magnitude higher, depending on the number of springs per 1 m2. Based on the results of comparative tests, 5 models have the best characteristics among the 10 nominees.

Promtex-Orient Rest Standard 170×170

A design with a bonnel base is produced in a square shape. Its length and width are 170 cm, height – 20 cm. All springs are arranged with a density of 164 pieces. per 1 m2. High-quality and hygienic eco-foam filler is used in the production. The set includes a non-removable jacquard cover with edging, quilted on synthetic winterizer. The level of rigidity on each side is below average, so the mattress can withstand no more than 90 kg of weight per 1 bed.

Promtex-Orient Rest Standard 170x170


  • The perimeter of the model is reinforced with polyurethane foam carbon fiber;
  • Low price;
  • Able to take the form of a person during sleep;
  • Softness, environmental friendliness of the filler;
  • Durability;
  • Weak sensitivity to moisture, increased load.


  • There is no “winter-summer” effect.


Users note the quality, ease of use of the nominee, the absence of an unpleasant odor. Ecopen meets high safety requirements for health, is able to withstand high loads, so children’s jumps will not damage the product.

Askona Balance Practice 160×200

The bed element with a dependent spring unit is designed for people who prefer to sleep on a flat, hard surface. The level of rigidity of each side is average, in terms of weight per berth, the model is identical to the previous nominee. The special clip technology of the springs eliminates their friction against each other, which prevents the occurrence of squeaks. The combined filling consists of cotton felt and eco-foam. The first gives the necessary rigidity, while the anatomical layer and the surface of the quilted jacquard provide sleeping comfort.

Askona Balance Practice 160x200


  • Low price;
  • Appearance;
  • The size corresponds to standard beds;
  • There is no unpleasant smell.


  • The quality of materials;
  • Handles are missing.


In reviews of a double mattress, there are often complaints about excessive softness, leading to pain if the user has back problems. Also note the appearance of deflections, dents during operation less than the period specified by the manufacturer. Sleeping on it is convenient only for people who do not have health problems. For durability, build quality, respondents put average marks.

Dreamline Classic +10 BS 140×200

Model with a classic bonnel spring block. In width and thickness, it is inferior to the previous nominees. At the same time, the number of springs per 1 m2 has been increased to 240 pieces, which makes the design more comfortable for people with spinal problems. The combined filler on each side of the block consists of thermal felt and ecofoam. The protective layer of flax jute fiber prevents its contact with the springs, which prolongs the life of the material. The maximum weight per berth is 90 kg.

Dreamline Classic +10 BS 140x200


  • Average level of hardness;
  • Low price;
  • Rectangular shape;
  • It is completed with a cover from coarse calico;
  • The quality of materials.


  • Low degree of anatomy.


Reviews about this model are all positive. All characteristics correspond to the parameters declared by the manufacturer. Users note a comfortable sleep, no smell, quality materials.

The cover protects from dust and stains, provides comfortable rest in hot weather. A good double mattress is recommended to buy by 100% of respondents.

Beautyson Comfort 160×200

It is based on a bonnel block with a spring density of 120 pieces per 1 m2, which allows it to withstand up to 90 kg of weight. In terms of shape and size, the model corresponds to the Ascona brand nominee. The main filler is the airfoam material, which provides a high level of ventilation and has good antibacterial properties. The spunbond insulating layer guarantees a comfortable sleep in any position. The cover is made of synthetic jacquard.

Beautyson Comfort 160x200


  • Suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • Aerators eliminate the accumulation of moisture in the inner layers;
  • Average price;
  • Takes the shape of the body during sleep;
  • The size;
  • Cover quality.


  • There are no handles to move.


Most users confirm the quality of workmanship, ease of use of the mattress. The price corresponds to the durability of operation. There are also reviews in which they note its increased rigidity. People with a large weight model is not recommended to buy.

Lonax Hollo-Cocos S1000 170×170

The design is identical in shape and size to the first top nominee. But it has a different degree of rigidity on each side, which ensures ease of use for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Most of the time they sleep on the soft part, and when exacerbated, they turn over to the hard part. The combination of artificial and natural materials, which are polyurethane foam, thermal felt and coconut coir, allows you to achieve a good orthopedic effect.

Lonax Hollo-Cocos S1000 170x170


  • wear resistance;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Low susceptibility to deformations;
  • Point elasticity;
  • 510 springs per 1 m2;
  • Maximum load – up to 140 kg;
  • jacquard cover;
  • Carrying handles.


  • Heavy;
  • High price.


Users have no complaints about the characteristics of the nominee. Rigidity is above average, so the model is suitable for relaxation for a teenager with an emerging posture and a person with overweight. The combined filler provides sleeping comfort at any time of the year.

The best springless double mattresses

The support of the spine in such models is provided by the filler. According to the type of filler, latex, vacuum, coconut and combined are distinguished. The former are considered softer, the latter have a good level of rigidity. The hardest are bed elements with coconut filler. They are chosen by people who care about back health. The general advantages of springless structures are increased strength, ease of transportation, storage, lighter weight compared to spring ones, and the ability to use it to level an old bed. A comparative analysis of user reviews made it possible to single out 3 best double mattresses from 10 nominees.

Ormatek Flex Standart 160×200

A model with a high degree of rigidity is produced on the basis of ormafoam synthetic material, which is comparable in elasticity and elasticity to latex. At the same time, its price is several times lower. Specially developed orthopedic foam meets strict hygienic requirements, evenly distributes weight over the entire surface of the mattress, returns to its original shape after the load is removed. The removable element of the bed can withstand up to 120 kg per 1 bed.

Ormatek Flex Standard 160x200


  • Comfortable sleep in any position;
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • Possibility of storage in a twisted form;
  • Soft jersey cover;
  • The quality of materials.


  • No side handles
  • High price.


Users highly appreciate reliability, quality, ease of use, although some customers may find the product too rigid. There are also reviews about its fragility, so the period of use usually does not exceed 3 to 5 years. No more than 70% of respondents recommend buying a model.

Magniflex Merino (Merinos) 160×195

A springless mattress is produced with a combined filler, which provides a high level of rigidity on 2 sides. The length of the model is 195 cm, width – 160 cm, height – 16 cm. Weight per 1 bed does not exceed 180 kg. The summer side is made of 100% cotton, which provides strength, durability, and the ability to absorb moisture. The winter part is made of merino wool, which reduces pain, promotes proper body heat exchange, and regulates humidity. Such features guarantee a comfortable sleep in the cold season. Filler Elioform with a thread density of 35 kg/m3 has good breathability, low deformation, anatomical and orthopedic effect.

Magniflex Merino (Merinos) 160x195


  • Effect “winter-summer”;
  • The quality of materials;
  • Ease of use;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Can be used in beds with adjustable base;
  • Does not cause sweating;
  • Prevention of diseases of the joints;
  • Protective coating against dust mites.


  • High price.


The elastic, dense product meets the expectations of most users with back problems. It does not bend under heavy weight, takes the shape of the body during sleep, the service life corresponds to the period declared by the manufacturer. Buy goods recommend 92% of respondents.

Dreamline Dream Roll 150×195

A model with a level of rigidity above average has a height of 15 cm. As a filler, high-density polyurethane foam is used, which is placed in a durable jacquard case. Withstands weight up to 120 kg per bed. If necessary, storage, transportation is conveniently folded into a roll. The comfort of sleep is due to the ability to take the anatomical shape of the body.

Dreamline Dream Roll 150x195


  • Wear resistance of the cover;
  • The porous structure of the filler passes air well, removes moisture;
  • Withstands significant loads;
  • Easily recovers after deformation;
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • Average price.


  • There have been cases of the manufacturer using caustic glue.


Almost all users are satisfied with the purchase. Minor flaws, which include the easily soiled white color, they consider insignificant. The company claims to have changed the supplier of the adhesive, so the odor problem has been eliminated.

The best inflatable double mattresses

Such models are chosen by people who do not have the opportunity to buy an extra bed for guests or the square meters of the apartment do not allow it to be placed. The advantages include their versatility, because air mattresses can be used during summer holidays on a pond, compactness, light weight, low price compared to the previous review nominees. The main disadvantages are low strength, the inability to fix the spine in an even position. The site team, taking into account user feedback, selected 2 best models out of 5 nominees.

Intex Classic Downy Bed (68755)

A mattress with a longitudinal frame is produced in the size of 208x183x22 cm. The model is designed for 2 people, can withstand a load of up to 273 kg. The wave-like design ensures a secure fit, while the flocked finish prevents bed linen from moving out. The thickness of the material is 0.52 cm. There is a valve that provides quick inflation. The pump is not included.

Intex Classic Downy Bed (68755)


  • Low price;
  • Big size;
  • Soft;
  • Lasting;
  • Ease of use.


  • Dirt adheres well to the top coat;
  • Small creaks.


More than 90% of users are in favor of buying this model. They are attracted by the size that can accommodate 3 people, the strength of the material. The design withstands the load of the child’s jumps.

In the reviews there are complaints about frequent deflation after a month of use, the difficulty of cleaning the upper side.

Bestway Airbed King 67004

The model is produced with a cellular frame. The internal structure is equipped with reinforced baffles, which provides good rigidity, resistance to stress. Made of vinyl, almost identical in size to the previous nominee. The difference lies in the length, which is 203 cm. At the same time, it can withstand a load of up to 295 kg, and 0.5 kg less in weight. Double air mattress can be used with any pump.

Bestway Airbed King 67004


  • flocked coating;
  • Equipped with a universal valve for inflation;
  • Soft;
  • Low price;
  • Big size.


  • The pump is not included;
  • Creaks.


The main disadvantage of the model is the quality. Sometimes the product quickly deflates on first use, users find punctures in various parts after unpacking.

Which double mattress is better

Rigidity is an important selection criterion. Which mattress is better to choose for a double bed depends on the weight of the person, his state of health. Solid models are recommended for users with diseases of the spine, weighing more than 90 kg. The average level of rigidity is suitable for people of average configuration. Soft designs are bought for the elderly, children, teenagers, lovers of sleeping on their side with a weight of up to 55 kg. Quality products have a thickness of at least 18 cm. Comfort of use is determined by the type of filler, size. If the model does not match the length, width of the bed, then sleep will be restless. The appearance of the product, its durability depends on the skin. The best in this regard is jacquard, coarse calico, high-quality synthetic counterparts. The following recommendations take into account a number of nuances when buying:

  • The most inexpensive and largest model is Intex Classic Downy Bed (68755);
  • Option with the effect of “winter-summer” – Magniflex Merino (Merinos) 160 × 195;
  • The best filler quality is Lonax Hollo-Cocos S1000 170×170
  • User Choice – Dreamline Classic +10 BS 140×200;
  • The best price/quality ratio is Promteks-Orient Rest Standard 170×170;
  • High ventilation design – Beautyson Comfort 160x

The quality of the model affects the health of a person, his well-being, behavior during the day. Weight, age, features of the user’s sleep determine the characteristics of the product. How to choose a mattress for a double bed and answers to other questions about the purchase can be found in the rating .