Throughout life, the average office worker sits for more than five years. With the spread of computers, other miles of the population are approaching this indicator. The sitting position is not natural for the human skeleton, it negatively affects posture, as well as general health. The best computer chairs included in the 2023 ranking reduce the harmfulness of sitting to the body. Deeply thought-out designs – a combination of design creativity and innovative materials.

Ranking of computer chairs 2023

When selecting candidates for the rating, we analyzed more than a hundred models that are the most popular on the office furniture market. In order to include the chair in the list of “best”, our team was guided by the assessment of its own specialists, based on the opinions of experts and user reviews. This took into account:

  • Purpose – for work, study, children’s options;
  • Ergonomics – convenience, practicality, adjustments, mobility;
  • Materials – frame, upholstery;
  • Design – design features, design;
  • Durability – manufacturer’s warranty.

We paid a lot of attention to prices, as well as the availability of products, which was reflected in a separate category.

The lack of information, which is often difficult to find even on the official websites of manufacturers, did not prevent us from revealing the best qualities of each of the nominees included in the rating.

Best Inexpensive Computer Chairs for the Home

Unlike office furniture that emphasizes the image of the company, the appearance of computer chairs for the home depends on the personal taste of the user. Strength, wear resistance of the chosen products – from the intensity of activity, which often exceeds the professional one. If the daily stay at the home PC does not exceed one or two hours, and the seating device often plays the role of an ordinary chair, the user can save on adjustments.

Chairman 698

Behind the airy, apparently weightless design of the Chairman 698, there is a solid load capacity, which in later models has been increased from 100 to 140 kg. The mesh, which functions as a backrest, stretched over a metal frame, gives the chair elegance and ensures air circulation in the back area of ​​the seated person.

A smooth-running gas lift changes the height of the seat covered with wear-resistant textiles within 10 cm, which is enough to comfortably accommodate users of various heights and ages. Originally curved armrests give rest to hands and prevent slipping.

The five-beam base prevents accidental tipping, while the perfectly fitted casters ensure easy, quiet movement on smooth surfaces as well as carpets.

Chairman 698


  • High load capacity;
  • Mesh back with rocking mechanism;
  • Trouble-free rollers Bifma 5.1;
  • Rocking mechanism.


  • Not detected.


The only drawback of the operator’s device for sitting with a stretch can be considered non-adjustable armrests. However, most users do not attach any importance to this nuance.

Brabix Prestige Ergo MG-311

Inexpensive model Brabix Prestige Ergo MG-311 best meets the conditions of a home PC operator, and also successfully serves as office furniture. Durable, abrasion-resistant upholstery in ST fabric or leatherette eliminates fading, guarantees a long-term preservation of the original look with intensive use.

Medium-hard foam filler prevents fatigue from prolonged sitting. With the help of the permanent-contact mechanism, the backrest is adjusted to the anatomical features of the user in terms of angle / height.Brabix Prestige Ergo MG-311


  • The lowest price in its class with decent quality;
  • Simple, fast assembly;
  • Easy sliding rollers;
  • Extended range of adjustments;
  • Perforated armrests.


  • Not detected.


Notes about the breakdowns of some parts, which are heard in individual reviews of users of the Prestige Ergo MG-311, are due to the negligence of delivery services.

Tetchair Comfort LT

Relatively inexpensive computer chair Tetchair Comfort LT is indistinguishable from a manager’s workplace. Solidity is achieved through pillows covered with flock. Durable non-woven textile, resembling velvet, resistant to physical and mechanical stress, quickly cleaned of difficult dirt, does not lose its original appearance with intensive use.

Thanks to the reinforced cross, strong plastic, as well as high-quality assembly, the maximum load capacity is increased to 120 kg. The synchronous rocking mechanism and soft armrests contribute to a good rest during work breaks.

The sixteen-kilogram seat, supported by five widely spaced legs, completely eliminates tipping but moves freely on polyurethane rollers.Tetchair Comfort LT


  • Reliability, wear resistance – anti-vandal upholstery, durable materials;
  • Simplified cleaning – removable cushion on the back;
  • Comfort of work and rest – effective swing mechanism, soft surfaces.


  • Difficulties in assembly.


Due to the design features, the Comfort LT model is better adapted to tall people, however, a wide range of adjustments allows you to adjust the seat to almost any user.

The best office computer chairs

When designing computer chairs for the office, manufacturers are guided by the rule that excesses in comfort impede efficient work. Seating requirements: maximum functionality, strength, reliability, wear resistance of materials. When providing jobs for staff, many managers are trying to reduce costs by devoting a lot of time to finding a model with an optimal price-quality ratio.

Bureaucrat CH-330M

Absorbed maximum qualities for intensive, productive office work. The absence of additional adjustments, the rocking mechanism, armrests, brings it closer to the chair, but does not damage functionality, as well as appearance.

The office chair made of eco-leather is designed for long-term operation, which is confirmed by a guarantee of at least two years. Stitched wear-resistant upholstery eliminates the displacement of the lining, evenly fits the body. Chrome-plated metal cross, equipped with plastic rollers with a diameter of 50 mm, guarantees stability, as well as easy movement of the structure under a load of up to 120 kg.Bureaucrat CH-330M


  • Attractive look;
  • Low price;
  • High load capacity;
  • High-quality, pleasant to the touch upholstery;
  • Simple, fast assembly.


  • Difficulty turning rollers on a smooth surface without load.


With minor flaws in the design, as well as some assembly difficulties, the Bureaucrat computer chair leaves the most favorable impression.

Riva Sakura

Japanese motifs are seen in the elegance of the forms of the Riva Sakura model. External lightness does not in the least detract from the reliability of the design, which combines high-quality plastic, wear-resistant, non-staining fusion fabric and high-quality mechanics. The high back with holes provides optimal coverage of the back, without compromising air circulation.

The fragile-looking crosspiece confidently holds a load of more than 120 kg, and the rollers protected from contamination guarantee a smooth rolling even on slippery surfaces.Riva Sakura


  • original design;
  • Reliable rocking mechanism “Top Gun”;
  • High ventilated back with an anatomical curve;
  • Comfortable armrests;
  • Closed rollers.


  • Not detected.


Due to its unusual design and features, the Sakura computer office chair often appears in the category of the best office furniture for an executive.

Hara Chair Nietzsche

A high-tech approach to creating a flawless workplace for office workers. The model will be of interest to managers who value staff and care about the health of their subordinates. Some bulkiness, randomness in the arrangement of the mass of elements pays off with ergonomics, functionality, as well as orthopedic properties.

Simple adjustments optimally adjust the seat to the user’s anatomy. Physical comfort, expressed in the coverage of the back, lumbar support, headrest, soft armrests, is complemented by effective ventilation of both the upper and lower body.

The steel base combined with durable plastic inspires confidence in the reliability of the design, which, despite the external massiveness, retains high mobility.Hara Chair Nietzsche


  • Maximally meets the requirements of a long stay in a sitting position;
  • Orthopedic effect;
  • Futuristic design;
  • Careful execution;
  • Simple, intuitive assembly;
  • Soft rolling rollers.


  • High price – up to 30 thousand rubles;
  • Significant weight – 25 kg.


The Hara Chair Nietzsche takes some getting used to, after which the rest of the computer chairs seem uncomfortable.

The best children’s computer chairs

Long stay at the computer is especially harmful for the growing organism. To reduce the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle on children, the developers have created a separate class of chairs, which differ from adults in smaller dimensions, increased safety, special elements, etc.

Mealux Mio-2

Designed by an expert in children’s furniture, the Mio-2 is designed to best meet the needs of a four-year old PC user. The orthopedic backrest, consisting of two halves, provides a comfortable position for the lumbar-spinal region. The removal of soft pads adapts the chair to the hot season, and also makes it easier to clean.

Perforated elements and breathable fabric upholstery provide comfortable air circulation, protecting the body from fogging. The adjustable footrest allows you to adjust the height of the child, which is also facilitated by changing the height through a quality gas lift. The automatic system of retarding the rollers prevents careless movements of the carried away baby.Mealux Mio-2


  • High orthopedic performance;
  • Advanced transformation;
  • Ecological materials;
  • Safety.


  • Not detected.


In addition to the direct purpose, the universal model can be used as an ordinary chair, which the child can use at the discretion of the parents.

Rifforma Comfort-32

Children’s computer chair for the student Comfort-32 is intended for use from four years to the full adulthood of the user. Designed for a load of up to 100 kg, it provides a comfortable sitting position for heights from 100 to 175 cm.

Ergonomic, divided into two halves, the backrest takes care of posture, which is also facilitated by a semi-circular base, providing for a comfortable setting of the feet on the floor. Auto-lock casters prevent inadvertent movement and reduce the risk of injury, while removable textile covers make cleaning easy.Rifforma Comfort-32


  • Nice appearance;
  • Equipped with interchangeable covers;
  • Assembly available;
  • Height adjustment from 30 to 51 cm;
  • Rollover exclusion;
  • Safety.


  • Not detected.


Some parents note that for children of four to six years old, a 15-kilogram design creates problems with movement, which, in other respects, should not happen without the participation of adults.

Duorest Kids MAX

After spending some time in the Duorest Kids Max chair, a teenage computer user looks with disdain at other seating aids. An interesting model in all respects is perceived by kids as a toy, and as they grow older, they begin to appreciate its benefits.

Tight-fitting body double orthopedic back prevents violation of posture, promotes the development of perseverance. Reliable mechanisms, durable, wear-resistant materials provide for the operation of the product for ten years. Wide base eliminates tipping. Polyurethane rollers provide soft rolling, fixed by automatic stoppers.

The gas cartridge eliminates the circular rotation of the seat by too playful kids. The same system automatically returns the structure to its original state. With a height of less than 100 cm, an adjustable footrest comes to the aid of the user.Duorest Kids MAX


  • Orthopedic effect, maintaining the correct posture of the child;
  • Possibility of application from preschool age to obtaining a certificate;
  • Unusual design;
  • Wear-resistant environmentally friendly materials, reliable mechanisms;
  • Safety.


  • Insufficient height adjustment.


According to buyers, the model of the South Korean manufacturer deserves the highest rating. The purchase and operation of Kids Max for a student is not accompanied by negative reviews, and the failure of individual nodes is considered an exception caused by careless handling.

The best computer chairs for the head

The fact that the commanding staff spends more time in a sitting position than the subordinates is not a discovery. The workplace of the director, where one of the leading roles is assigned to the chair, is comparable to a business card that forms the initial impression of the owner of the office, as well as of the organization subordinate to him.

Everprof Deco

It changes the idea of ​​a director’s workplace, furnished with an emphasis on solidity, black color, an abundance of genuine leather. Modern leaders prefer lightness, manufacturability and ergonomics. At the heart of the chair is a steel frame, over which a strong textile mesh is stretched. This solution reduces the weight of the structure, provides elasticity with a uniform coverage of the body, and also promotes free air circulation.

The upper part of the high back is equipped with a comfortable headrest made of perforated eco-leather. The same material is used to upholster the soft lining of the original chrome-plated armrests. The gas lift and backrest are controlled by two ergonomic levers located under the seat. The massive five-beam base made of metal gives stability, and trouble-free rollers guarantee smooth movement on any surface.Everprof Deco


  • Orthopedic pillow that reduces the load on the lumbar;
  • Natural ventilation;
  • Elimination of blockages;
  • Reliability of mechanisms;
  • Efficient swing mechanism;
  • Stylish appearance.


  • Weight – 18.9 kg.


Numerous positive reviews about the Everprof Deco computer chair confirm the absence of fatigue after continuous sitting for three to four hours, the high quality of the materials used, as well as the design that emphasizes individuality.

Chairman 668 LT

Eco-leather upholstery and soft cushions give the Chairman 668 LT a solid appearance. A high back with a headrest and a spacious seat take the shape of the body of the seated person, which contributes to a long stay in a comfortable position. Comfort is increased by original armrests equipped with softening pads.

Designed for a load of 120 kg, the five-beam base guarantees stability as well as unhindered movement on smooth surfaces with high-quality castors. In addition to height adjustment, the model provides for changing the angle of the backrest.Chairman 668 LT


  • Strict, neat appearance;
  • Durable, wear-resistant environmentally friendly materials;
  • Quality rollers;
  • Comfortable swing mechanism;
  • Relatively low price;
  • Easy assembly.


  • A creak that gets worse with use.


Despite minor shortcomings, occasionally shown in some products, the Chairman 668 LT is classified as the best due to comfort and relatively low cost.

Metta Samurai S-3.04

Sitting in the Samurai S-3.04, the leader does not experience the inconvenience associated with physical stress. The ergonomic model, equipped with a mesh back and seat, creates optimal conditions for long-term work. Stretch material NewLeather instantly reacts to the slightest changes in body position.

An adjustable 3D headrest is responsible for the comfort of the head, and the lumbar support eliminates back pain. Sitting is regulated on rigidity, a tilt angle and depth. The “MultiBlock” rocking mechanism synchronizes the movements of the unrelated backrest and seat. The cast five-beam base, with polyurethane recoilless rollers, prevents the chair from tipping over, which can withstand a load of up to 120 kg.Metta Samurai S-3.04


  • Stylish design;
  • Ergonomics, orthopedic effect;
  • NewLeather mesh – aramid fiber;
  • Mirror chrome finish;
  • Sturdy steel frame;
  • Extended set of adjustments;
  • Ten year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Difficulty moving without load.


Although the model is designed for a 2 meter user, many buyers whose height exceeds 185 cm experience inconvenience with lumbar support. Otherwise, it deserves the highest rating in all respects.

How to choose a computer chair

Mistakes in choosing a computer chair are accompanied by disappointment, inconvenience and, turned out to be useless, costs. Since sellers do not provide the opportunity to “test drive” far from cheap devices for prolonged sitting in front of a computer, buyers have to be content with information from the Internet, brochures and other sources. In order for the purchase to meet the needs and not lose relevance for a long time, the user has to take into account a lot of characteristics, among which attractiveness and maximum load are considered far from being the most important.


Most computer chairs are similar in design. The differences lie in the addition of elements and nodes that expand the functionality and also increase comfort. The original design includes:

  • Base (cross) equipped with rollers;
  • Gas lift connecting the top to the base;
  • Seat and back.

For modernization use:

  • Headrest;
  • armrests;
  • swing mechanism;
  • Knots for adjusting the positions of the back, seat;
  • Stoppers for rollers;
  • Footrest.

The increase in detail complicates the design, which increases the risk of malfunctions. Saturated functionality is not always justified from the practical side, and you have to pay a lot of money for additional features.

upholstery material

With all the advantages, almost no material used as upholstery for chairs can do without drawbacks:

  • Genuine leather guarantees a long service life, but significantly increases the cost of the product;
  • Inexpensive PVC leatherette is not inferior in appearance to natural counterparts, it is easy to clean, but wears out faster, cracks and crumbles over time. The best alternative is “eco-leather”, represented by polyurethane-coated cotton fabric;
  • Pleasant to the touch fabric upholstery does not interfere with air circulation, reduces perspiration. Cons – does not differ in high wear resistance, demanding in care.

The most practical materials include a mesh based on elastomer and polyester. With sufficient strength, elastic, resilient material provides excellent ventilation, eliminates the accumulation of dust.

Back and seat

In the best case, the back should completely repeat the shape of the user’s body, which is typical of anatomical models equipped with lumbar support. The lack of elasticity is compensated by an orthopedic pillow. In products designed exclusively for work, the back height may not exceed 45 cm, since the lumbar region plays a major role in maintaining back comfort. If the office chair is periodically used for relaxation, the choice is stopped on high backs equipped with headrests.

Too hard sitting causes pain and other signs of discomfort. Soft – relaxes, promotes a rare change in body position, which is accompanied by muscle numbness. Therefore, the semi-rigid option is taken as the optimal one.


The convenience of the seating position determines how much time the user will spend at the computer without experiencing physical stress and fatigue. Although the criterion is considered subjective, depending on the needs of each individual, some provisions apply to everyone:

  • Adjustable height.
  • Fixed position of the lower back.
  • Medium firm seat.
  • Feet rest on the floor.
  • Ventilated upholstery.

What is the best computer chair

Based on our research and comparison of ‘best’ computer chairs, we have selected the 2020 winners in each category:

  • For the home – Tetchair Comfort LT.
  • Office staff – Riva Sakura.
  • Children – Rifforma Comfort-32.
  • Managers – Metta Samurai S-3.04.

The rating compiled by our team does not advertise individual manufacturers, but serves as a guide to the office and work furniture market. We hope that our rating will allow you to avoid mistakes and make a worthy choice.