A folding bed can be a real salvation when moving, lack of beds upon arrival of guests, as well as in nature. Modern models guarantee not only comfort, but also ease of storage and transportation. Expensive products are generally equipped with orthopedic mattresses. To simplify the search for the buyer, our team has compiled a top rating, which includes the best folding beds for sleeping.

Rating of folding beds for sleeping 2023

When selecting nominees, we took into account the design features, the service life specified by the manufacturer, and functionality. Then they compared these parameters with the price. Priority were those products where the cost fully justifies the quality.

When arranging the ranking positions, we compared:

  • Frame features;
  • base type;
  • Functionality;
  • The presence / absence of a mattress;
  • Filler;
  • Dimensions;
  • Permissible load;
  • Mobility;
  • Promised service life;
  • Ease of use.

The result of a comparative analysis and careful selection was the top list of 8 positions. These are 3 budget products, 3 models that come with a mattress, as well as 2 best deals for children. Customer reviews helped to weed out products of dubious quality, identified the pros and cons of the nominees.

Best Inexpensive Folding Beds for Sleeping

If price is the determining factor for you when choosing goods, we suggest starting your acquaintance with the budget segment. These are inexpensive, but high-quality sliding beds of a standard sample from trusted manufacturers. We recommend 3 nominees.

Olsa Stefania

The first position of the rating is occupied by a folding metal bed. Differs in ease of use, compactness of the folded state, adjustable backrest height.

The design consists of a rectangular metal frame (steel with a polymer coating) and an awning, which is stretched with special springs. For storage, it can be folded into 3 sections, which significantly reduces its dimensions. The headrest area provides for height adjustment with latches.

Bed size – 192×65 cm, height 24 cm. Total weight 5 kg. The maximum allowable load on the bed is up to 120 kg. The textile fabric is made in different bright colors.Olsa Stefania


  • The metal is protected from corrosion;
  • Compactness of the folded type;
  • Backrest height adjustment;
  • Bright design;
  • Lightweight;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Low location;
  • No mattress.


The berth is provided by a rather dense, tarpaulin-like fabric. It is easily washed off stains with a brush, dries quickly.

Medvedev and Co. Economy-M300

The second in the top is a tourist folding folding bed on a metal frame with a non-removable mattress from the economy series from the Medvedev & Co brand. The age category is designed for both children and adults. Made in China.

The base is made of dense fabric – an awning. Steel frame with polymer coating. Filler – holkon. This is an eco-friendly insulation that does not cause allergies, does not absorb moisture, and does not accumulate pathogens. Due to its strength, it quickly restores its original volume.

Folding bed single on three legs. Dimensions 192x65x24 cm and weighs only 5.4 kg. Designed for loads up to 90 kg. The dimensions of the folded state are 80x65x12 cm. The thickness of the non-removable mattress is 3 cm, and the diameter of the pipe is 2 cm. There is a headrest.Medvedev and Co. Economy-M300


  • Light weight;
  • Compactness;
  • Eco-friendly insulation;
  • The ability to adjust the headrest;
  • Easy to fold;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Only up to 90 kg;
  • Not available on all sites.


The product is packed in a plastic bag, which reliably protects it during transportation. The bed is soft, it is firmly held on the springs. It has 2 color options – red or yellow with patterns and a gray frame.


In third place is a folding single bed of Ukrainian production. Differs in the high durability and compactness in the folded state. Designed for people of all ages, children and adults.

The base is a two-layer fabric (the top layer is coarse calico / cotton, the bottom layer is durable Oxford fabric). It is attached to a steel pipe frame with elastic springs. The headrest has four positions. Springs with straps are located under the folding bed.

The total weight is only 5.7 kg, however, the maximum load that the product can withstand reaches 100 kg. The size is 195x65x24 cm. The diameter of the pipe is 2 cm. A polymer powder coating is applied on top to extend the service life.



  • Double layer fabric;
  • High tension;
  • Adjustable headrest;
  • Compactness;
  • Light weight;
  • Ease of folding.


  • No mattress;
  • No wheels for transportation.


The advantage of this product can be safely called a good base fabric. The calico is very pleasant to the body, and the polypropylene material is distinguished by its durability. It is also worth noting a wide range of colors.

The best folding beds for sleeping with a mattress

For permanent use, manufacturers offer models that are equipped with a mattress. They are also equipped with special stops for fixation. This format provides a restful sleep without slipping. According to our version, 3 nominees became the best in this top category.

Dametex Eleonora-M

The fourth folding double bed in the top has a better load capacity. Wide and comfortable. Brand “Dametex”. The age category is not limited.

Bed base – 14 machined thickened steel slats with a polymer coating. What is important, there is a mattress, its cover is made of polycotton, filled with hypoallergenic Holcon. The main elements of its fixation are Velcro. There is a headboard, it is made of chipboard table top.

Size 200x90x43 cm, folded 91×90.5×31 cm. Designed for loads up to 200 kg. The diameter of the frame pipe is 2.5 cm. The thickness of the mattress is 9-10 cm, which is an indicator of good softness and elasticity. Total weight 20 kg.Dametex Eleonora-M


  • High structural strength;
  • capacity;
  • The presence of restrictions;
  • Headboard made of chipboard;
  • Additional materials in the set;
  • Hypoallergenic filler.


  • Not too convenient assembly;
  • heavyweight.


For a small fee, you can purchase the necessary additions to the product – a fixing strap, a sheet and a cover with an elastic band, a set of metal wheels for transportation (4 pieces).

The basis of the Dream

Fifth place is occupied by an orthopedic clamshell sofa , you can buy it with a removable mattress. Does not require assembly. The manufacturer is the Osnova Sna company with high positions in the ratings. Suitable for adults, children.

The base rests on lamellas. The frame is made of high density veneered beech. Metal legs, headboard and footboard made of HDF (bleached beech). The filler is holofiber, which consists of hollow polyester fibers that feel like springs.

Sleeping place 80×190 cm. The height of the bed with a mattress is 43 cm. The total size of the structure is 190x80x40 cm with a weight of 20 kg. When folded, the parameters are reduced to 115x82x32cm. Withstands weight up to 130 kg. The set includes iron rubber wheels.

the basis of sleep


  • Orthopedic effect;
  • High strength;
  • Quality material;
  • Ventilation thanks to lamellas;
  • Variety of design;
  • Add-ons included.


  • Not very convenient transportation;
  • Big weight.


Plastic heels on metal legs protect the floor from scratches. All screws are covered with heads, the mattress is securely fastened to the base with Velcro to prevent displacement. A strap, a cover and a sheet with an elastic band are included as a bonus.

LeSet Model 202

Folding bed with a mattress and increased comfort trademark “LeSet”. Three legs, no wheels. Suitable for all age categories.

The basis is a galvanized armored mesh, thanks to the elastic springs of which uniform flexibility is created. The frame of the folding bed is made of steel pipe. Its polymer powder coating is shock and moisture resistant and easy to clean. Mattress 10 cm thick upholstered in polycotton, filled with hypoallergenic chalcon.

The pipe diameter is 2.5 cm. The bed has a special strength and can withstand loads up to 150 kg, its weight is 15.3 kg. Folded dimensions 97x82x14 cm, unfolded 190x80x42.5 cm.LeSet Model 202


  • Increased degree of comfort;
  • Strong base;
  • Hypoallergenic filler;
  • Compactness;
  • Ease of assembly.


  • Heavy;
  • Small legs.


The shell mesh, on the basis of which the frame is made, guarantees reliability, hygiene (the material eliminates the risk of dust accumulation), as well as long-term operation. The product will last at least 20 years.

The best baby cots for sleeping

Children’s folding beds are compact, lightweight, comfortable and safe for baby’s health. Responsible manufacturers focus on a flat surface, soft mattresses for the correct position of the back, use hypoallergenic fillers, natural fabrics. We consider 2 nominees to be the best.

Arno Karinochka

Seventh place – a children’s folding bed from the brand “Arno”. Comes with a beautifully designed mattress. High quality materials guarantee long-term use, safety for the health of the child.

The frame pipes are made of durable stainless steel, additionally protected by an anti-corrosion polymer coating. The basis of high-quality Oxford fabric D600. The filler that guarantees softness, but elasticity and crease resistance of the fibers is foam rubber and holofiber.

The bed is small, single. Withstands loads up to 60 kg. The weight is only 5 kg, and the dimensions are 150x60x26 cm. When folded, it will take up 2 times less space. Pipe diameter and mattress thickness – 2 cm.Arno Karinochka


  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Ease;
  • Convenience;
  • Compactness;
  • Sustainability.


  • Difficult to find in stores;
  • No additional parts included in the kit.


Hollofiber provides strength, environmental friendliness (aggressive chemicals are not used in production) and elasticity (it is able to keep its shape, and therefore it is very difficult to deform).

Owlet M

The top is completed with a children’s folding folding bed from the LetoLux trademark. It is possible to adjust the headrest in 4 positions. Mattress included.

The base of the clamshell is durable fabric. The frame is made of steel pipes. Sheet foam filler provides good support for the spine. This material does not mold, does not emit dust, does not contain substances that can provoke allergies. Dust mites, pathogenic bacteria do not live in it.

Dimensions 152x64x24 cm. The Owlet collection also includes children’s beds in other sizes (for example, 166 cm). The weight is only 4.5 kg. The height of the mattress is 1 cm. The diameter of the frame pipe is 1.8 cm. The maximum allowable load is 50 kg.Owlet M


  • Orthopedic effect;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Little weight;
  • Compactness.


  • No additional parts included;
  • Rigidity.


A baby cot will replace the bed if there is not enough space for it. It is small in volume, not at all heavy, so even a fragile woman can easily fold or move it.

How to choose a cot for sleeping

To determine in absentia which clamshell is better is quite realistic . To do this, you need to understand the design features and performance characteristics. When getting acquainted with such products, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria – dimensions, availability of a mattress, permissible load level, type of base, degree of comfort.


First look at the dimensions of the structure. Modern models can reach 2 meters. The length parameters are adjusted to the height of the sleeper, the width should ideally be at least 70-80 cm for an adult. There are options for 2-bedroom folding structures up to 120 cm wide. The optimal height is 40-50 cm.

The presence of a mattress

If you need frequent use, we recommend products that come with a mattress. His choice determines the level of comfort, safety of the bed. Pay attention to its height, softness / rigidity depends on it.

There are 3 types:

  • springless;
  • spring;
  • orthopedic.

Also, the type of filler decides a lot. The budget option is a non-woven synthetic base, it is excessively soft. Average in price and quality – holofiber with good strength and rigidity. The best choice is a spring block.

Permissible load

The permissible load of the folding bed depends on the strength of the frame, the base. Beds for an adult audience can withstand approximately 80-250 kg (single, double). For children, this parameter is compared with the number of years, there are separate series for schoolchildren and adolescents.

Base type

The type of foundation is responsible for the strength, load capacity, durability of service. Modern products can be divided into 3 types:

  • standard – a metal base with springs that tightly stretch the fabric, the average service life, subject to frequent use, is 3-5 years;
  • mesh – the design is approximately the same as in the previous case, but instead of a tightly stretched fabric, a closed-weave metal mesh is used here, due to which the service life is much longer;
  • on lamellas – a new type, where wooden plates are fastened into niches on an iron base, guaranteeing the correct position of the spine during sleep, hygroscopicity and thermal conductivity, and the longest possible service life.

If you need a bed for the purpose of regular use, consider a product with slats. We give the same recommendations when it comes to children. The mesh type is only appropriate if it comes with a mattress. The first option is cheap, consider it if periodic use is implied.


The degree of comfort of such an analogue of a bed depends on several factors. This is the strength of the base, so orthopedic mattresses, slats are a priority. Also, lightness, transportability, the possibility of multilayer assembly. Well, if the height of the legs is not less than 40 cm, too low a frame is not very comfortable.

What is the best bed for sleeping

After getting acquainted with the leaders of 2021 and the criteria for choosing them, it remains only to make the final decision and buy the right option. Couldn’t decide? In this case, we suggest viewing several nominations:

  • Olsa Stefania – a convenient, compact model for a tent, going out into nature, to the country house;
  • Medvedev and Co. Economy-M300 – a budget offer to tourists, equipped with a comfortable mattress;
  • Dametex Eleonora-M – sufficient width, length, carrying capacity to accommodate two people;
  • The basis of Sleep is an orthopedic folding sofa with excellent ventilation;
  • Owlet M – orthopedic children’s model, the best support for the spine, compactness, light weight.

A folding bed is a versatile alternative to furniture. Thanks to it, you can quickly and easily organize a bed in any room outside the home. You just need to choose the right design according to your needs. Our rating is a great way to narrow down your search, avoiding mistakes, buying errors.